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Full Version: [XP 10/11] Eliazzzzz's Aircraft Library with Cracks
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Please anyone can give me IAE sounpack for Jar A320?
When getting into the A350, the panels do not turn on after turning on the battery. Also the FF767 is asking for an activation key. Can you try to fix this.
I hope that soon someone can put here the A320FF totally complete, anxious waiting.
(Feb 26, 2018, 04:48 am)Bassetti Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys. Still no crack for FlyJSim 732 TwinJet v3?

(Feb 26, 2018, 04:01 am)kiki66666y Wrote: [ -> ]any cracks for and ?
For World Traffic 3 you should look a few pages back and you will find it. For FFA320 there is nothing yet.
 ok thank you
Hi! Does anyone have Flyjsim 727 v2? Someone posted a PirateBay link here before, but PB is banned in my country.
SmartCoPilot from sky4crew?
Anyone have the Aerosoft EDDL ?
Hi everyone. 
This thread is going to be a mess. It is hard to search and follow up because it´s mixed up with scenery, aircrafts, plugins, tools and requests. Huh

I think the original poster had an idea about why he called this thread .....Aircrafts. Sorry for messing up your thread Eliazzzzz.

Can we clean it please.

We need to create different threads under the member forum in "Promote Your Shares". Because in there is just one thread per user allowed we need help. I already created one for Aircrafts.
So please who creates another one of the following threads?
  • X Plane 11 Sceneries
  • X Plane 11 Plugins
  • X Plane Tools
My thread:

Please post in those threads your links even if you already did it in here. But please check if someone else created one in the meanwhile. If someone will do or already did please let us know and share the link here.

As you can see there is already a section for requests in this forum.

In there I already created different threads for requests.

Aircraft Requests:

Scenery Requests:

Plugin Requests:

Hope you guys follow up.

Eliazzzzz maybe you can close this thread when it is done? You get a fame of hall Big Grin

Happy flying Angel
good idea.