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Full Version: [XP 10/11] Eliazzzzz's Aircraft Library with Cracks
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Where did you guys get the license generator?
Any chance you have the JARDesign updated for full support for xp11? (V3 A320, V2.3 A330)

EDIT: nvm, new to the forum, didn't read the other pages.
@eliazzzzz do you happen to have FlyjSim Dash 8 Q400.

Thanks alot for the other aircraft, I am currently using them all.

When you announced a v2 coming out, I was crossing my fingers for the Q400 

Cheers man
Are you able to upload the VMAX 787 for XP 11?
BTW all the other aircrafts work great, thanks a lot

Name: FlyJSim Bombardier Q400

[Image: JPtOwGb.jpg]


Direct Torrent Download (Magnet/.torrent file):!apcjAQ7Z!V2T8i-K-FD1Li...ksNXCso9Qs

upload to mega pls, torrent bad
SSG 747 or embraer 170,195 ssg or xcrafts?
You rock Eliazzzzzz

gGggg The torrent works fine. Downloaded fast.

One issue is the FMS, I cannot bring it up. I read other places even with the paid version that you need to program a key to toggle "FMS Popup"
I programmed a key on the keyboard. Works for other planes to toggle the FMS, however not working on the Q400..
No FMS kinda sucks, touch and goes were fun though
how can i get activator.exe to work on a mac? i tried wine but i dont think its working. can someone give a good guide on that or provide an alternative mac activation option

wine creates a serial.key file in the aircraft folder but the plane is still not activated when i run xplane and neither does the key in that file work when i try to activate manually
I downloaded the 757 and it has no activator... What should I do??