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Full Version: Series you've watched recently
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Post any show you watched recently and tell us whether you liked it or not.
You are welcome to post a link to Imdb, TVdb, or any TV database as well as to torrents that might be available for the show(s), but is not mandatory.

Discussion is allowed up to a reasonable level, everything beyond will be voided or trashed.
Let me start...

I just finished Strike Back and I got to say, this show is AWESOME!
Highly entertaining: sex and violence, suspense and drama - all you need for an exquisite action show cocktail Tongue.


Imdb: 7,6
Me: 8,0
I finished the first 2 seasons of "Homeland" and i'm currently watching the 3rd.
Great fu**ing series, job well done so far.
I just finished season 5 of Breaking Bad... omg! That final episode was just awesome. I recall mentioning Ted, Skylar's boss, who had this hilarious epic trip over a rug in season 4. When I saw him in this season I nearly choked. Ted and his head. Ted's head. Big Grin

Also watched 'How TV ruined your life,' which was brilliant. If you're very cynical in nature, you will love this show, Charlie Brooker is spot on. In episode 3: Aspiration, he describes MTV's 'My supersweet 16,' "Not so much a show, more an orchestrated smear campaign against humankind in general," and suspects "the programme is an Al-Qaida recruiting tool.' Celebs, btw, are "huge balls of anti-matter." Very, very funny.



TPB torrent link
Fringe serias is amasing, love that kinde stories, whether a similar one that we propose? Wink
I just caught up on a couple shows I was watching - Nurse Jackie and The Neighbors.
I kind of lost interest but then when I started doing a catch-up, I fell back in like with them.
I finished the 1st season of "person of interest"
I didn't like it much at first but kept watching and it got much better.
I'm going to stat the 2nd season soon.


I finished the 2nd season, effing great series, it got much better than the 1st season.
How I Met You Mother S09E11 (Bedtime Stories) - A whole episode in verse. Terribly Ingenious ! The pace of dialogue delivery and timing is stunning. One of the best.

Poirot - S09E04 - The Hollow
Am watching Poirot after a very long time and it was very fulfilling. A treat to the eyes and "grey cells".
Two and a half men is my favorite !
With Charlie in it !
Romance of the Three Kingdoms:

Still watching it. I don't know how much it concurs with real history, but it does make for a good show. If you can find a version with English subtitles or whatever your language is, my advice would be to watch it.
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