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Full Version: Series you've watched recently
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I LOVE Walking Dead, we bury the ones we love and burn the rest .
Also love Lucifer, and Suits. Cant wait 'till the Blindspot starts again. SOA was epic...
so many series to watch, so little time.
I don't know if it counts, but I downloaded all the episodes of "Monday Night War."

It talks about the last years of WCW's fight with WWE when WCW launched their Monday Night answer to WWE's (back then it was the WWF) Raw, Monday Nitro.

Each episode focuses on an aspect of the war. One episode focuses on Steve Austin, then another would be the NWO, and then Bill Goldberg, and so forth.

It's a worthy download, for those who are trying to learn about wrestling history, albeit a slightly-distorted version.
I finished watching Freaks and Geeks. It's simply amazing, I wish they could've continued the show.
Limitless! I think it's pretty good. Not five stars, but maybe four stars. Best episode was 'Bezgranichnyy'. S01E18.
Mr.Robot Season 1. So good and underrated.
Currently binge watching my way through Outrageous Fortune and have just started season 5. Can't get enough, it's brilliant. Big Grin


Just watched season 4 of Vikings... damn, what a wowwtf cliffhanger. I didn't realise that the makers are doing 20 eps for this season, with the last 10 eps to be shown later this year, otherwise I would have waited so I could binge-watch the lot in one go.
Not watched Lost. Check
Not watched Prison Break. Check
Not watched Sons of Anarchy. Check
Not watched Breaking Bad. Check
Not watched Game o Thrones. Double Checked
Watched Lucifer. Check
Still a virgin. Triple Checked...
I mostly stick to movies   tv shows take longer to rate but have watched about 50% of the entire tv show

[Image: nx9ifo.png] 
At long last, Season Two of Gomorrah (Italy) has finally begun, but it has been so long in coming I am re-watching Season One first.
Only as far as re-visiting the first two episodes,  it is even more brilliant than I remembered it. Highly recommended crime drama.

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