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Full Version: Series you've watched recently
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Let me take the time to thank you for your sharing your opinion on German History X. I implore anyone reading this to watch that series. if they have any interest in WWII or how some people still really feel...   As far as OZ, The grimmnes as you described is what makes it real and epic.. In a style like the sopranos, they make these characters real, Grooming, primping them into lovable or ha table characters, then , like you say bring them to a conclusion of doom. Off topic, from this, but I believe Tony Soprano got shot in the final episode... Talk about grim.... I love Tony!!!

No Limit huh, I'll check it out. You've never steered me wrong. We need more writers like Luc Besson, Dick Wolf and David Chase (among MANY others)

to keep this post in time with the topic of the thread, another series I've watched, am watching is :

Law and Order - SVU

This intertwines with my blurb above with Sopranos and OZ. Epic writing and storylines. Characters made and groomed for you to love or hate. I'm an Elliot Stabler fan... But the post Stabler Episodes I'm learning are just as well written, some even better...and Ice-T.. all I can say is he is nothing more than an epic performer doing what he does best.. Entertaining his fans. 

Christopher (epic name) Meloni, was a perfect fit for Stabler, but those of you like Spud who has watched OZ, knows his acting range, going from a psychopathic murderer with women issues , mixed up with the Arian nation, before he falls in love with another man As Chris Keller, Switching Gears from OZ to SVU ,  Elliot Stabler, which I'll describe as the last boy scout on steroids. Protecting the women in another life he so loathed... This was interesting to me so I looked him up... 

Christopher Meloni , while hetero, fights for gay and rights for all as a human. Ahh, the answer. The reason he's such a great actor capable of jumping from part to part is that he's real, open minded, and he cares for all humans... He seems like a great guy.. And he and Hargitay, (Benson) are friends in real life.. 

Benson is my love, I can't write anything that would properly give the credit she deserves, but she is the glue to that show.. She is the Seinfeld... If she goes, the show goes...

Anyway, I wanted to talk about IceT and his role. His part is genuine, unique and fits perfectly into the cast. Banters with Him and Munch are Epic!!  He's more real or... down to earth than Stabler... Stabler is a bulldog that does the wrong things in the face of righteousness, Fin is a step back, maybe not as intelligent, but he's more of a thinker than Stabler is.. This chemistry gives it a great balance to the show.  I recommend if you never watched this series to just watch... See this is a series that plays 1 case an episode, so if you miss one, you can still be engrossed in the next episode and come out with a worth that you watched a great show. HOWEVER, you won't get the nuances unless you watch from beginning to end... That's where the epicness comes in... It's a series you can miss and still see a great show, but if you watch from the beginning, you get it all!   Can't say enough good stuff about it....
just started Carnivàle 

[Image: image.png]
[Image: 160481348_56cdc8.jpg]
started The Twilight Zone *2002

 [Image: tttt.png]

and watching The patty duke show

[Image: ppp.png]
(Jan 21, 2014, 06:08 am)Spud17 Wrote: [ -> ]I endured seasons one of Revolution and  Under The Dome. Revolution was dull and drawn-out with a stupid ending, while Under The Dome was only marginally better. The ending to that sucked too, so I definitely won't be watching any further episodes.

IMDb Revolution

IMDb Under the dome

I also watched season 2 of Frasier, which never fails to make me lol. Big Grin

I watched them too...they are cool seasons

Hey just started with SHAMELESS season 7...soo funny, specially seeing Frank
'Mike Tyson Mysteries'

A perverted take on 'Scooby Doo' and absolutely hilarious.

So f-ing funny.
Just started Orange is the New Black. Hooked!!!
I recommend these tv shows:

Quarry = great show, has a bit of everything in it ... violence, comedy and a great story line .... IMO

Westworld = not too different from the 70s movie in some ways, but different in others. I am hooked on this one, Anthony Hopkins is in it ... so there you go.

The Fall = quite good, 3 seasons now, worthwhile watching ...

I hope this helps someone find something new to watch Smile

if you know what you are doing, youll know where to find em ... Smile
Just Finished Fringe and I will admit it took about entire first season before I realized Fringe is the Best!
Just finished watching the entire series of Full House. Ahh, the trip down memory lane of my childhood in the 90s. Friday nights watching the show with my family and after school watching the reruns. Good innocent times. I love you Stephanie Tanner :-)
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