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Full Version: Series you've watched recently
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I watched Mr Robot.

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Sorry you didn't enjoy that, Mash.

Watching X-Men, the Fox Kids 1992 version.

I love Wolverine's one-liners.
I just recently finished watching season 6 of Sanford and Son, and I gotta say, its one of the best sitcom to have ever aired.

They just don't them make like this anymore. 
I've been doing some binge watching to catch up on stuff I've missed out on due to life getting in the way...

Breaking Bad all 5 seasons and first season of Better Call Saul...what a rollercoaster of a ride! great show and should have watched it sooner. Better Call Saul is forming up to be just as good along a slightly different vein than BB was. looking forward to season 2 big time!

Hell on Wheels all 4 past seasons and waiting with baited breath for the new episodes each week of current season 5. This is a spectacular historical fiction period continuing drama show. I come from a family that on one side consists of 3 generations of railroad men. When I compare the show to the stories my great grandfather and grandfather and uncles tell me of their experiences in how the Union Pacific and Central Pacific were built, the great railroad strikes just after the turn of the 20th century, and the crisis of the railroad systems today due to lack of investment in rebuilding it's infrastructure, I can tell you that this show is pretty darn accurate in terms of how life was for the men who built it, the historical events concerning the different racial groups that worked on them, the key players that invested and ran the companies that built them, how President Grant figured into all of it, costuming, firearms, steam engines, building procedures, and how they built the sets for those little pioneer towns that sprouted up along the route. This is the Wild West done right!

Hawaii Five-0 the new ones, watched all 5 seasons, and look forward to the new season premiering Sept 25. I watched these in the interest of developing common interests with my man. This is one of his favorite shows, and I had enjoyed the original series as a kid, so gave it a try when he said I might like this. It is a bit of an obvious formula action/drama show, but not so you mind it that much. The acting, scripts, actions sequences are top notch production value. And the best part is the sweeping panorama views of the islands in establishing and transitional shots sequences. It really does remind you why Hawaii is considered America's own personal Paradise, and one of the top ten most beautiful states on our country. The show isn't just a gratuitous show of bikini clad babe's and testosterone based action sequences. It does look at things that impact not just the islands but our society and our nation as a whole, it does so unblinkingly and honestly laying bare that it isn't always easy to tell just who the bad guys are these days. great show well worth the time to fit into your viewing schedule.

Heroes did all 4 seasons, during original airings life got in the way and wasn't able to keep up somewhere along season 3. So I watched the whole thing over from the beginning since a reboot Heroes Reborn is due to premiere Sept 24. This was always a spectacularly awesome show, and it was ground breaking for it's day when it first came out, changing the face of how sci fi was treated in main stream prime time television. The trailers for the reboot looks as though it will continue to do the same in new and fascinating ways. can't wait for it to premiere later this month.

Turn: Washington Spies is a unique look at the Revolutionary War, and how some of how we won against British Tyranny actually came about. So as an historical fiction action period drama, it is a very very good one. The framework of what happened when by whom of the larger events during the Revolutionary War are extremely accurate, but as to how things unfold for the cast of characters is an amalgam of things historically accurate by over a 100 individuals in historical documents, mixed with fictional conjecture by the writers all boiled down to fit into the lives of our main characters. There are literally millions of people in the USA today that have forgotten what we fought and sacrificed so that they can complain and take for granted what we have today. If for no other reason, everyone should watch this show to be reminded of just how good we got it, and how much we still have to RE-gain back taken from us by the fear and greed mongers of the 1%ers and the G.O.P. The production value is excellent along with being extremely historically accurate for early colonial America.

Leverage all 5 seasons is an older show I found surfing around Netflix. great premise and well executed throughout all 5 seasons of the show. if only i could find a group of folks like that to help me right some wrongs and injustices today my life would suck a whooooole lot less lol.
No, not Blu Rays. The local libraries are too cheap to keep those. Besides, I don't have a Blu Ray player.

EDIT: Anyhow, I've also been watching Deep Space Nine. I love the fact that the storytelling is different from Gene Roddenberry's style. However, things get interesting at the start of third season, where the regular antagonists are the Dominion.
Just finishd Narcos. I recommend that serie!

Also just started mr robot also do recomm that
(Sep 13, 2015, 08:37 am)EddieXTC Wrote: [ -> ]Just finishd Narcos. I recommend that serie!

Same here, very good show.
I have just started Sense 8 - Hoping it pulls together the numerous threads it is dangling out... so far it has left me feeling scattered after 4 episodes.
I watched Another Period, it was off its head. Looking forward to the second season. Big Grin
All Creatures Great and Small (1978–1990)

The trials and misadventures of the staff of a country veterinary office in 1940's Yorkshire.

A very true adaptation of life in rural England vets in the 40's and 50's England.

Imdb 8.4
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