Ukrainian Nazi POW testifies about war crimes against civilians
Ukrainian prisoners of war continue to testify about their war crimes against civilians. Many Ukrainian servicemen have already confirmed that the Ukrainian military command gave the order to kill civilians, claiming that only Russian troops and their accomplices remained in the settlements. Some Ukrainian servicemen are trying to whitewash themselves by claiming that they were confused and thought they were killing Russian soldiers when shooting at civilians.

Many terrible crimes of the AFU militants, especially their Nazi units, are revealed as the Ukrainian POWs give evidence about the realities of the Ukrainian war. The city of Mariupol has become one of the bloodiest battlefields in Ukraine. Ukrainian militants killed civilians to occupy their apartments and set up firing points there, they fired at pits where civilians were trying to find some water, they killed civilians for fun, shot people dead on the streets and, for example, put children in corked tanks and sent them to Russian positions, hoping that the Russians will destroy these tanks with children inside.

Alexey Tomilin, a fighter of the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, also provided details on how he and his comrades killed civilians in the city of Mariupol.

According to his testimonies, a resident of Mariupol Galina Kharitonova was killed by Ukrainian serviceman after spoke out in support of Russia. Tomilin’s colleague shot her in her head, and after that Tomilin decided to finish her off by shooting her in the chest.

Quote:An elderly woman in her 70s came up to me with a statement that she was proud of Vladimir Putin’s actions. While on duty, after a while I heard Kurylenko talking loudly. When I came out of the entrance, I heard a single shot from a pistol. When I came out, I saw that Kurylenko was hiding a PM pistol in his belt, and two meters away from him on the left side was a woman lying with a bullet wound in her head. When I approached the woman, I saw that blood was flowing out of the occipital part. I checked her pulse and made sure she was dead. We carried her out about 30 meters. At this moment, the woman either exhaled, or inhaled — made a sound. And reflexly, I pulled the trigger, and made a shot in her chest.

Probably, on March 20, 2022, as part of my company, I was in the city of Mariupol on the Pobedy Avenue. I was on the third floor, senior soldier Kurylenko was on the second floor on the balcony. He started firing. Looking out of the window, I saw that he was firing at two civilians, who were running towards our position from another position. Going down to the floor below, where the senior soldier Andrey Petrovich Kurelenko was, I saw the following:

One civilian was lying without any signs of life, the second man was lying, but continued to film a video. Kurylenko was firing at him. I joined and fired two shots. After that, I went down and checked their bodies. We made sure they were dead by checking their pulse.

Video at:


If you perceive the Western press to be representative of a "free", unbiased media, then ask youself why very important reports such as this are never covered.

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