why do people subtitle?

I just finished Game of Thrones, season 5, and was slightly annoyed/ distracted by the hardcoded subtitles.  I'm english speaking and the subtitles were also in english.  I could understand if the subtitles were in another language.  Or the original program was in a foreign language.  What I really found annoying were the subtitles that were associated with "door creaks open," "birds chirping," etc...all universal sounds that don't need subtitles.  The only viewer that I can imagine would benefit from this extent of subtitling would be someone who is deaf.  I would assume that this is a very small percentage of people watching these torrents. 

Please don't misinterpret my tone.  I don't want to come across as an ingrate.  I'm simply curious as to why someone would spend so much time hardcoding subtitles in the language of the program.  Please enlighten me.

I too have also finished season 5 of Game of Thrones recently, with subtitles. Even though English is my first language, I really couldn't interpret some lines. With the aid of my headphones/max volume, I still couldn't understand some parts. I'm assuming (for me) its the accents that prevent me from hearing what the characters are trying to say.

The only con with hard-coded subtitles, is indeed the universal sounds. Anybody with any language could interpret those sounds, so its only good for the hearing disabled or people who watch it on mute.

One large reason why they are hard-coded subtitles, is for the people who plan to watch it on they're TV. When the first season came out, my brother had torrent the first episode. We converted the file to watch it on the TV downstairs at night, so our parents who were asleep couldn't catch us. What we didn't take to account was the audio problem that GoT has. You need to have more then half of your volume up, to understand what everybody is saying. And we couldn't do that, so we just watched the whole thing and left our imagination to interpret everything.

So, it's good for the people who want to watch it on their TV at night, but who don't want to wake anybody up. Also, its good for the people who can't understand some parts.
I hard code all my rips from the library for that reason.

For the stuff I download, I also find subs.

I find them useful especially when I'm learning a new language.
well here is the thing I watch anime..... ALOT of Anime to be completely honest and I berrly know any Japanese but it helps to get a rough idea of what they are saying some times I can just sit back and listen to the audio to try and guess what they are saying. Subs aren't only on main stream media you can find them all over if you look at some youtube video's as well.

And as a guy who knows how horrible Dubs are for any other language other than its native language can be its better to have it subed if you can't hear what's going on. plus if you can't hear what they sound like you can even give some of the characters different accents or even have them sound like a cartoon character.

sure I used to say dub or no but now its either sub or GTFO.

just remember more than likely you trans coded it wrong best thing to do is leave it in its default codex then slap that thing into a video editor if you have a really good one then render it into a format that the Tv/DVD player can read most will be able to read MP4 along with a few other codex's.

if you cant do that just make sure you have a HDMI to HDMI or something that fits that computer (even better if you have a laptop makes it a SHIT ton easier if it has a HDMI or similar port) then just switch to that input and you are set to go
Thanks for the replies. I understand some of the reasons. I just unfortunately find myself reading the subtitles more that actually watching what's on the screen. Is there a simply way to remove hardcoded subtitles? Most of the files I have are MP4 and downloaded to a PC and then saved and played on a PS3. Cheers!
No, you can't remove hard-coded subtitles completely.

However, I believe you can edit the video and blur them out instead.
...assuming that you've already checked to make sure that there were no other torrents available without subs...

the subs that include descriptions of the sounds are for the hearing impaired. maybe the ripper was deaf... and the upload was for that audience... who knows.

i prefer soft subs myself... but the best solution is to only download exactly what you want or just be happy that someone took the time to upload the content in the first place.
stormium, subs are not only for deaf, or otherwise hard-of-hearing persons.

I rely on it too: sometimes I misinterpret the lines for many reasons, one of them being that I am hearing about a (English, sometimes) word that have come by recently.

The English language, like all other languages in the world, comes with new words: in 1993, have you heard of the words "Internet" or "blog?"

Now I know that you'd still need a dictionary to find out the meaning, but it's nice to have subs so that you know when to check what later.

And besides, hard-coded subs look cool. Wink
you're right, subs are not only for the deaf. but the subs i was referring to which have full discriptions of noises are. anyway.

the point i made in my first post has still been made.
The answers are many and varied...and irrelevant, because the reason I or anyone else in this thread might subtitle won't necessarily be the reason your uploader-of-choice subtitles; and even if you knew their reasons that wouldn't change the fact of their existence.

The only thing we care about (and the only thing you should care about) is whether uploaders claim to have included subtitles when they have not. Because that means people waste their time and bandwidth downloading something they are then unable to use.

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