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Happy New Year everybody. We survived 2022. Isn't it great? I filled my tank for $2.27/gallon. Never mind that I filled my tank for $0.75 when I was a kid. I'm feeling very generous these days as I spill money all over the place. You know, all that stimulus money we been getting. Don't you just love all those Democraps? Picking cash off the money tree just for all of us and our votes. Who could ask for more? Wait, the gas stations are asking for more? Say what? Gas jumped up to $3.27 again? Already????? What the hell for? Democraps beat the Red wave, Russia is almost defeated, Trumps illegal taxes have been outed, the stars are lining up, etc, etc. So why is prices of everything going back up? Say what? The midterms are over? Trumps taxes don't show squat? Russia is actually winning? And Saudis still crapping on Biden? Jeez. And here I thought we finally left the crap behind...

Russians keep advancing on three difficult fronts General Staff report

Xi Jinping is 'preparing the Chinese people for war,' Trump-era National Security Adviser says

The Pentagon’s New Report Sums Up China’s Big Goals: More Nukes and Pacific Forces

China's military has been spending a lot more time working on how to forcefully capture an island, Pentagon says

The UN has said nuclear war is 'back within the realm of possibility.' Here are the places in the US most likely to be hit in a nuclear attack.

A nuclear attack would most likely target one of these 6 US cities — but an expert says none of them are prepared

Here’s a list of Putin critics who've ended up dead

Russia is destroying Ukraine's economy, raising costs for U.S. and allies

Russia grinds on in eastern Ukraine; Bakhmut 'destroyed'

Russia scrubs Mariupol's Ukraine identity, builds on death

Exclusive-Russian-annexed Crimea showers Syria with wheat, Ukraine cries foul

Pope compares Ukrainian suffering to WWII Nazi death operation

Ukraine Is Putin’s ‘Tool’ to Put Europe on its Knees, Albanian Premier Says

Satellite images show new Russian military facility in Mariupol

Finnish leader says the brutal truth is Ukraine shows Europe isn't 'strong enough' without the US

“In war, they say truth is the first casualty,” Broocke said, noting he discounted about 50% of what he heard. “But the Russian savagery will water your eyes.
“They’re like locusts – they steal everything in sight.”

After a month in Ukraine, what this 77-year-old wants his fellow Americans to know

The U.N. is sending Ukrainians aid in crypto. Should it?

Bwahahahahaha. UN sending crypto to Ukraine. Bwahahahahaha. I guess beggars can't be choosers, but they certainly complain. Remember Zelenski crapping on Teslas while using his free Starlink internet, that Russia can't shoot down? Hah, that's a libtard for you. Always gime gime gime. But I know what's going on. The worlds biggest money laudering machine. Ukraine gets crappy crypto while Democraps haul away the $45 Billion additional war cash. That's $45 billion on top of the $80 billion they already can't account for. A last second cash grab before the Democraps loose the purse string powers. And yup, truth is the first casualty of war. You have to be weeding thru the mountain of libtard mediacrap to really see what's going on. Putin aint dead and Russia aint lost. That's why 2023 aint looking any better. And now that the GOP has a toe hold on a tiny bit of power, you see the swamp calamity that has them burried. The world in nuclear peril and they can't even agree on who will be the speaker. That's why Trump really wants to drain the swamp. There's war on our door step and Congress is too petty to give a shit.

So enjoy buying top dollar gas and food and everything else that's inflated. Because that's what happens to prices when there might be no tomorrow. And don't be slackin just because it's not been WW3 for a year. China is still on the move behind the scenes, North Korea is going crazy in a nuke build up, and Iran has never seen such a massive influx of cash into their own war machine. With Russia buying all it can get it's hands on. You know that can't be good for world peace. There's just too many idiots in the mix "smoking" at the ammo dumps. All it takes is one stoned idiot and we all could be paying the price...

World news flash. That waddling mental zombie in the white house that called Trump irresponsible on world TV, had his own stash of classified material he stole from Obama when he was Vice President.

I remember a time when the media was going ape shit telling the world how physically bad off Trump was and declaring Trump physically unfit to be president. Then Trump had to get his doctor to write a letter saying Trump was the healthiest guy he knew.

Doctor: I wrote Trump’s bill of health in 5 minutes

But later he changed his story. Hmmm. The FBI must have gotten a hold of him for a bit of persuasion. Like they got a hold of Twitter for even more persuasion.

Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says physician Harold Bornstein

After Trump won, the media continued to warn that the country was in danger from an unhealthy president. The Navy doctor assigned in the Bush years and who also served Obama, announced that Trump was in glowing health with great Genes. That spelled the end of Dr Ronny Jacksons Navy career. He came up for promotion twice and twice the Senate Democraps rejected him. That ment automatic retirement. So Jackson was forced out and won his election as a new GOP Texas Congressman.

Fast forwards to NOW. And we got this dying walking zombie in the white house that is now discovered to be doing just what Trump says everybody else has been doing all along. And now we got the entire government running around in damage control, instead of running our country properly.

And how does this matter to anything since Democraps are so happy with their handout checks? It matters because China is seeing all this. They are seeing all the incompetence and the zombie action and the deep national distraction. And they are desperate to invade Taiwan, even though they are buried in Covid hell and economic upheaval. But they see us dumping a ton of our arsenal into Ukraine and the mess of our government at home. So they have to make a decision. Invade now while the USA is buried in other matters, or wait until Covid is cured and their economy is much better. A later time when the USA may also be more focused and militarily stronger.

That's what China is thinking about right now. World war escalation. At a time when we really can't do squat about it. It will start in a flash and massive shooting will blow away anything Russia has done to date. And guess what Russia will do. They will launch their own huge offensive, since they already been resupplying to do something big. An offensive to show China that Russia is a big dog too.

And what do you think the USA is going to do? We can't shoot at China or Russia. And we can't be running out of toilet paper. We got Biden with his head buried in his hands about classified documents. We got Democraps trying to keep Biden locked in the basement. And we got the entire justice department in turmoil to cover up collusion with Democraps. And we will have ignorant generals begging for the nuclear keys to take the invasion problems off of Bidens hands.

And what is the Vice President doing? Washing dishes, laughing funny, and staying away from Biden so he don't fall on her. What e freakin leaderless mess. And we don't have a clue what all the other dictators got on their minds.

So there you go. You can't live your life without politics because it can get you killed either way. The day China invades Taiwan is the day gas prices will double and triple. And very quickly the mobs will hit all the stores and clean them out.

And that's just us. Think of the hell going on with the people actually under attack. With the incompetence going on right now, we could all be part of the front line. War is going on because nobody in power had the brains to stop it. And if we don't band together and elect anti war brain power, then we are likely to simply get more war.

Top US general says Ukraine war has become an 'absolute catastrophe' for Russia, estimating it's suffered 'significantly well over' 100,000 casualties

I looked all over the internet for a video from anybody, even the liars, of the "catastrophe" going on inside Russia. I couldn't find any. Instead, over and over, the only "catastrophe" I found were videos of Ukraine. So I got no faith in what that traitorous US General Milley is blabbering about. But I do know, by his own braggings about the treason he plotted in collusion with Nancy Pelosi. Yet this lunatic still commands all of our military might, as the world recklessly prances around the threat of nuclear war. And the only President that was smothering the threat of war, had his re-election stolen and faces endless attacks to his freedom and livelihood.

Video after video. So many videos you can even type in theme songs of your choice and get tragic videos playing to it. Videos Like this one...

Well, Youtube is woke and censored and not under Elon Musks control. So it's ironic that kids are being maimed and killed, and social media refuses access to that truth unless you prove your not a kid. I don't see the point as we march full speed into the path of nuclear damnation. But here's more videos, easy to find, all showing the same thing. And that is that Ukraine is the loser in this shit show that could take the rest of the world down with them.

And the shit show keeps getting deeper...

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he's 'tired of the s*** show' and that the US and Germany should send tanks to Ukraine: 'World order is at stake'

US General Says It Will Be 'very Difficult' To Eject Russian Forces From Ukraine This Year

Germany starts deploying Patriot air defence units to Poland

CIA chief told Zelenskyy in secret meeting that vital aid fueling Ukraine's fight could become harder to obtain: report

Why Russia may be taking Ukrainian children

Russia says it will assess any possible retaliation for the Western oil embargo in early 2023

Ukraine's plea to the U.S. and NATO from the frozen trenches near Russia's border: Send tanks

Russians shell Nikopol district – 60,000 households without water

As Russians Steal Ukraine’s Art, They Attack Its Identity, Too

I said thru all my postings that Ukraine no longer had the means to defeat Russia. Yet Ukraine still pounds at them with only the free weapons they get from the free world. While their country continues to crumble around them. Free weapons brokered by the Democrapic US leadership that hates Putin like no other enemy. Solely because libtards are furious Trump beat them in 2016. So the entire world is in jeopardy over insane revenge. And the war fever is spreading. The rabid disease in once peaceful Democraps is lighting fires in the hawks of the GOP. And the weapons being sent are escalating. Europe really wants out of all this and the infighting is furious. Now Congress is flipped just barely, with tons more infighting on the menu. While the Russians continue blasting with stuff that was predicted to run out long long ago.

The free people need to stop with this woke crap and rise up against what is really important. Car emissions are just laughable compared to war emissions. Only the Russians can stop their own army, and there is no sign that will happen. So we have to be sane about this for the good of people still living. I don't know the proper way to stop this insanity. It has turned into a sick mutated octopus. I keep writing a solution then deleting it. The only thing that makes sense now is to elect Trump again. He doesn't want war. He wants to make money. Something else the Democraps can't stand. It makes sense to me that putting business men in charge of peace is a good thing. They have the gift of gab to make deals. Lucrative deals. Deals that could get the Russians to finally stop all this. If not with Putin, then other powerful Russians enticed to force change that would be profitable for Russia. We already know they are obsessed with Yats. So I say there is room to think that the nuclear threat could be bargained away. And it's worth electing leaders that would be capable of fiercely working that angle. Rather than electing those that can't keep their war mouths shut. Yea, yea, Trump was crazy talk with Kim at first. But he had a way about him that disarmed the whole mess that was already a mess when he showed up. You can't be forgetting that being a pussy is no solution either. Reagan said Peace thru strength. Trump could say Friendship thru business. I would love to shove that up those free handout libtard asses. And that idea would be worthy of my votes.

So you can't say all I do is bitch. I got ideas too. If not solution ideas, then voting ideas on who could get us out of this mess. Right now I'm just a pee on. But when the elections get near, everybody and their mother wan't to kiss my butt. Or trick me with fake news. So be smart and don't let incompetent fakers steal your vote. Demand peace now. Then we can all argue about handouts later.
So the forums got taken down. Surprise. Aint nothin set in stone. And the world has gotten worse in that tiny blip in cosmic time. Russians still not loosing, dead Ukrainians not rising from the dead, Ukrainian kids kidnapped still lost in the twilight zone, and more shit going down. So what's up with all those missing kids that Ukraine can't seem to get back? What if it was your kids that got kidnapped? Wouldn't you be going Rambo all thru out Russia to get them back? I sure don't hear any news leaking out about those kids. I guess Ukrainians are just not as much as all the bragging has been claiming. As the world concern slowly leaks away.

No sweat. I bet those kidnapped kids are in safe hands. Even as I type. I bet they are already well settled in brainwash school. Learning all the lessons of how to spot Russian traitors. The ones that wear blue/yellow flags, speak Ukrainian, and talk smack about the honorable mother Russia. Yup, those kids I'm sure are being well fed and loved. And they will eventually graduate and be turned loose to go back to Ukraine. Where they will be skilled in using their smart phones to report intelligence from behind enemy lines. While they are being embraced by the fools that think their kids have come home. Yup, another powerful weapon the Russians will eventually release onto Ukraine, to further cut away at their guts.

Yup, the war will eventually be over, I am quite sure. And on that day, the Ukrainian flags will be ripped down and all the leaders hauled away to fill holes in the ground. While the Russians rove around and gather up the US weapons that they will inherit. Just like all the weapons of ours the Taliban inherited. Thanks to the fecklessness of the Democraps.

Speaking of fecklessness, seems China has been busy too. Flying balloons over our heads unimpeded. Why?? Because they can. And what did all that Chinese electronics do while flying overhead? Who knows. But I'm sure they were not wasting their own time and money. At the very minimum they were taking pictures. Of everything. We already got Google earth from satellites. I can look on that and see my house. You can even count the number of shingles that were blown off 3 years ago. The insurance company even used those pics to deny my tornado claim saying my roof was already in need of replacing back before the tornado. Bunch of rotten fucks. I could have filed a claim back then. But since I didn't all future claims have been classified as void until I pay to have a new roof installed. Those are some powerful satellite pics.

But that China balloon wasn't way up in orbit. On a satellite with limited weight restriction. That balloon was way closer and able to carry whatever camera China saw fit to hang from it. So it's not hard to figure that China now has a photographic map of our country so detailed that they can count the ants involved in ant wars. All thanks to the fecklessness of the Democraps that are consumed with free handouts and putting Trump in prison.

Folks, the tyrant countries of the world have indeed been watching the Russian war and are reacting to it. As such, the peace meetings with China have now been canceled. China isn't interested in peace with the US. So they instead must be preparing for war. There is no middle ground. The Chinese see the fecklessness in our leaders and are making their move. It's unknown what Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan or Syria have in mind. But you can bet that they, along with Russia, will likely pounce in their own way against the interests of the free world when China starts shooting. And the American libtards are as unprepared as the libtards that are running Ukraine. Some American general has already announced as such.

Russia prepares large-scale offensive in next 10 days

Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing 'a clip' at a target, and 'aim for the head'

Yup, I posted long ago that I expected the Russians would be putting the freeze pressure on Ukraine come winter while Russians bulked up for a big push to further crush Ukraine. And I also posted that this war would spread to other tyrant nations bent on their own conquest plans. If China were left to invade Taiwan, then our entire electronics infrastructure would be at the mercy of the Chinese. With all the negative consequences that go with it. So there will be war of sorts with China when they start their invasion plans. I just don't know the extent of our pussy response to Chinese aggression. A bad response could mean a long ugly fight like what Russia is buried in. Or an especially chicken shit response could end up with China holding Taiwan with both sides spinning up nukes and Cuban Missile crisis type threats. The Russians ended up caving in on that one. I don't expect the same spinelessness from the Chinese. Which means we have to pounce the right way the first time, or we loose a massive part of our national security. We will not get a do over on feckless screw ups. As we see in Afghanistan.

None of this would be happening if Trump was our president AND he was surrounded by patriots instead of traitors. Even Trump is no king. He cant fix anything with generals colluding treason with house speakers, and national media pulling the plug on his voice. Things in this country are such a bloody mess that it would be a miracle if even Trump could fix it now.

I'm going on a long vacation. It would seem that it could be my last chance for one of those.
Holly shit, the forums are back. I didn't expect it. Last I read they were hosted in Ukraine and I figured they were seized to stop Anti Ukraine talk. Whatever. Glad free speech is still king. So lets get right to it, there is no time to waste. Things are just way worse and getting worse daily.

So since its been down, all kinds of things the libtard media lies about been going on. Balloons from china been spying on us. China been working more with Russia, as has North Korea and Iran. Biden still saying Russia is loosing, while we hand them our most prized drone. And the libtard media spreads the news that it's a toy that means nothing at all. So we don't shoot back because Russia is loosing and no need to shoot back. So you see how we now got a zip tie cutting off our dick and we can't even pee if we had to?

China, Russia, and all their friends can see we are powerless and all the crazy crap we "punish" them with is a total joke. Nobody even talks about "sanctions" any more. Who saw that coming a hundred posts ago? Did you hear the latest "punishment"? Putin has been indicted for war crimes. That's what he gets for stealing our high tech drone. Hah. What a never ending joke.

Folks, while our balls are turning blue, the tyrants of the world are moving to take over the world. Russia will slowly gobble up all of Europe, While China will gobble up the US and all the other High tech countries. They will work very hard to make it happen without firing nukes. After all, they really want our stuff. But it makes no difference to you and me if loyalty squads move in to assassinate people that don't bend over. Even whole towns that drop dead to clear the way for regional take over. Towns where word don't get out. Where regions are left wondering why there is silence, or planted fake news agents spread normal explanations like the fake news crap spread in Ukraine. It's clear that fake news works to keep chaos in control of people to be conquered. And that's why all the tyrants are lying all the time. It works to control their target audience.

So you see folks, this is where Earth is heading. It's not expected to be a quick conquest, but a slow and patient plan. A plan where Europe will be continually squeezed of energy and services. Then environmental factors will take extra heavy tolls. And the restless people will protest for change. Today Europe is a headless chicken running around. The US is the only pilot. And the plane is flying a crazy path all over the place. There is no plan or direction. The US is split right down the middle with the libtards desperate to import more numbers that will swing control permanently in their direction. The Chinese will eye America from a goods supply point of view. China will seize Taiwan to seize control of American technology. A foothold at first, but in time a much more invasive infilteration into our way of life. So much peaceful invasion bought by money that China would eventually be running America. Leading America, and saving Americans with china technology that would be easy to shutoff. The takeover of America by extortion. A very patient but insidious plan. A plan hard to stop as inclusion lets them surround us. 

None of this would be possible if not for socialism. It's a deceptive way of life. It sounds very enlightening, but it's vulnerable to endless abuse. Breeding the independence out of a population, so they become dependent. A type of people that are most easy to conquer. Give them food and shelter and they become anybodies soldier. And that is the danger of liberals. A people bent on entitlements. So much so that they would beg, borrow, and steal to grab and keep power. The power of the treasury purse. Then they can buy all the poor people. Save the planet to buy the young people. Bait a bigot war to buy the minorities. Bait a gender war to buy all the women. And bait all aliens to flood in to claim free money. So that is Americas big grand plan right now. Because the liberals actually stole the presidential election. Its hard to say if they actually stole vote, but they certainly flooded the country with mailin ballots that were never intended to be used as they were. Add to that, the Trillion dollar liberal Media juggernaut that plastered the world with fake news to smear Trump. And the liberal elements of the "justice department" hiding negative liberal information and pumping up negative conservative fake news. Then there is the liberal element infesting the inner working of our government that leaked endless info and even fake situations to sew chaos and distrust in the peoples government. And there is no doubt more subtrafuge that went on that has yet to be discovered. So yes, the peoples election was absolutely stolen thru mass deception. A deception process that China and Russia are no doubt very familiar with.

So the libtards gained control and raided our treasury to shore up their heavily spent out machinery. Then they embarked on their adgenda to march the path of forever liberal control. To flood our population with liberal immigrants in numbers that are unbeatable. Importing and buying votes with my tax dollars. But things don't always go as planned. Russia invaded Ukraine because Putin figured something out. He saw Americas balls turning blue. And he pounced. Libtards were caught flat footed. They fled Afghanistan to free up cash for their big vote bribery scam. And they heard the begging of their libtard friends in Ukraine. And they seethed with hatred for Putin helping Trump. And the libtards got baited into the ego trip of ending not just Trumps life, but even Putins too. Both heads on the mantle of power they planned to steal with our tax dollars.

But they fell right into a catch 22. There is not enough money to buy everything. They assured the people that the war is about over. And keep draining our treasury cash. But it's not. Ukraine sees the Putin hate in the Libtard eyes, and plays their own game. Fake news of imminent victory, if somebody can only send them the world for free. And the war never ends. furthering the joke on everybody. Putin miscalculating. Ukraine miscalculating, China miscalculating. And America miscalculation. The biggest war of incompetence probably in all of history. That could have left everybody everywhere laughing if it weren't for all the nukes ready to go off. Holly shit. The biggest shit show in human history where nobody has anything to be proud of.

We beat the Germans and freed the Jews. That was pride. We stopped N Korea. That was pride. Vietnam kicked our butt. That was their Pride. England beat the Faulklands. English pride. Afghanistan ran us out. Taliban are glowing with pride. We kicked Iraq out. America was proud to see Hussain hang. The north won the civil war. America mostly proud it ended slavery. America kicks the British out. America is proud to be America. And now we got this shit show going on. America threatened to not send big weapons, Ukraine mostly unarmed and getting their population kidnapped and liquidated, Russians get their tanks blown to hell on world TV, and China can only run their boats round and round Taiwan like a bunch of angry indians with bows and arrows. This whole thing is shame on all sides.

Yup, its all like that old TV show F-troop. Anybody remember that gem? The last character Corporal Agon just passed away recently. "where indian fights are a colorful sight and nobody gets a lickin, where pale face and redskin all turn chicken"... Libtards today would no doubt be outraged by that deplorable racist TV show. Whipping up the anger to secure the indian vote. Along with donations of my tax dollars to seal the deal. If there was tax dollars. But this ego war that Putin knew he could win is costing America so much that our banks are starting to collapse. Holly shit. And that transatory inflation spike just won't go away like Biden said it would. Mother fuck. And half the country had to file bankruptcy because the libtards threatened impeachment if the country wasn't shut down. Fuck me. So yup, I wish we had F-troop. Because what we got now in castrations, genocide, and blatant wholesale destruction has no pride going on by any side. Humanity right now has been whittled down to one goal. Last man standing wins.

So whose asking the question, what do they win? Nobody. Because that winner is the looser. Same as all the dead bodies around him. So somebody in all this craziness had better surrender. For the sake of humankind. Aint that a bitch of a choice? Yup, and somebody better surrender if humans are dumb enough to let things go this far. Admit that you are as dumb as all the others and finally do something smart. Blow your own head off to end the war. Then there are men left over to ponder on their stupidity and try to build back better. Just goes to show that humans are doomed without self sacrifice.

So lets pretend an alien stopped the whole world for a moment and make a decision. One that can save the world that we spent thousands of years building. Lets put all the libtards in prison and start cleaning up the world. No more free handouts for anybody that is not sick and old. All others pull their own weight for themselves and the costs to run our society of responsible conservatives. We can all still be free but we are not entitled to have others simply carry us. Then we can stop giving away money to people that are not entitled to take it. That would save so much money that we might actually be able to stop global warming. If you actually believe in that kind of stuff...

Oh yea, and free the libtards, as each learns how to work for a living, hah. All the worlds tyrants would be quaking in their shoes if this were to happen. Because tyrants can only beat fools.

Yup, it can't be ignored that not only is the country split, but the GOP is split too. The old guard GOP is actually lining up behind the liberals to egg on this crazy war and also kick on President Trump. Liberals and GOP, hand in hand when we the people are desperate for an end to war. It just goes to show how deep the corruption goes in our government. But there is an easy solution. Forget about the media fake news and forget about Trumps actual quirks. Everybody has their quirks. But Trump is the only leader we have that is hell bent on ending this war immediately. And he will stick it to any other politician on both sides that gets in his way. The peoples way. When it comes to stopping this insane war.

There is no doubt that Biden rolled out the red carpet to one hell of a mess. But I am sure Trump can make a huge difference to de-escalate this disaster. And then put all other tyrants on notice to back off. Then Trump can get back to the swamp draining that will be needed to build our government into strong leadership again. Europe has refused to pay their fair share to keep the world safe. As before, Trump will be all over that so we don't end up being the worlds policeman.

Trump is the peoples president. He's what we desperately need when our government is failing us. When nuclear war is hanging on our back door, I couldn't care less what he pays a hooker, what documents he keeps as souvenirs, how much he sells his property for, or how many vaginas he grabbed. And neither should anybody else. Because there won't be many vaginas left to argue about, if all those nukes go off.

You have to stop the video to see the flash on the screen to know the point of some of these videos. And it's clear kids today know nothing of WW2. Comedians on TV stop kids on the street and they say all kinds of funny things they think WW2 is. Some kids don't even know what 9/11 is. That's a shame that history is not being taught to kids very well, but liberals have been throwing out history material to make room for things like "All About Queers" classes. Cursive writing classes have been thrown out to make room for "America owes Reparations" classes. So I am not surprised when I see postings that America is the Evil for nuking Japan to end WW2. Or conquer Saddam Hussain for invading Kuwait. America will not wait for Iran to nuke Isreal. And neither will Isreal. So to keep Isreal from nuking Iran, we as Americans must show Iran that we will keep them chained down in non violent ways. Non violent for now. Because Iran continues to say Death to America, and death to Isreal. And we believe they mean it. So peace thru strength and build bigger guns. But stop stupid people from becoming leaders. Because the gun doesn't kill unless a person pulls the trigger.

So we keep our hands on our guns. And demand that we teach dumb kids better. I assume this is an old video made before Russia started killing women and kidnapping children. Oh, and its not right to be cutting mens penises off and raping them either.

This is just one of a million tragic stories in the cosmos. Lots of these stories go unrecorded and never acknowledged. Hard to say if mankind will ever evolve to the point where all people can be recorded and claim a permanent place in the history of human evolution. But we do have the story of this one Afghan girl that became educated before it was all dismantled again. She knew enough to flee to Iran. Figured out that it was not much better there either. Then tried to flee to the free world society, so she could learn to be a NASA astronaut. She almost made it.

Dreams of space that ended in shipwreck off Italy

It's such a tragic loss. The human race has been diminished by this loss. And we will never know if the course of human history has been fatally set back by the loss of what she could have accomplished. And the same goes for all those in Ukraine whose lives have been snuft out by all this crazy fighting. Its just so useless what's been going on. You could say that the hate for Trump has been so engulfing that it's cost the lives of thousands and thousand of people all over the world. People don't want to bother to think like that. But it really is the reality we have. Bidens people did all that they did so they could haul Trump away and fly all of our planes out of Afghanistan while people were still hanging onto them. It was a money grab maneuver. Bidens people stopped the money to spend it on handouts at home. But then Bidens arch enemy changed all his plans. And all that war money was now being sent to blow up Russians. An endless flow of Russians. An endless war that has only one outcome. The slow extinction of more people.

It would never have happened if Trump was not swindled out of power. Now the tyrants are taking control. And life has gotten vastly cheaper. The de-evolution of man. It's like America was ripped open by a coup. And the worlds crooks are rushing in to grab the spoils. As selfish stupid US leaders send out the troops to get Trump...for paying a hooker for her silence.

The young dreamer astronaut is dead, while the hooker tweets her laughter and ridicule. I can hardly wait to head to mars. Even in spirit...
The world is in peril and we got endless postings here. In fact, every day can be a posting day to point out the utter shame and calamity to all life on this planet. There is literally something here for every focus group humans have ever created. Cooking with Vladimir on half of a stove. Sex without a dick. Grade School Life - hide and seek from Russian kidnapper games. Pet show life - New breeds that don't make tasty treats. Yup, war is most certainly the endless gab that refuses to believe that nukes will bring silence. Why else won't the media do jack squat to bring those in control to their senses?

So lets take a moment to point out the basics that get lost in all the calamity. First, it's the President that declares war and orders troops on the move immediately. BOOM. That's done. Come what may. Second, the President demands economic structure that pays for the Presidents troops. If economics are shot, then the troops are shot. There is no army on an empty stomach. End of Basics.

That's it folks. That is the President of the United States, right there naked before your eyes. So if YOU want a future for yourself and your kids, Vote a President that will best keep you and your kids alive. Then you and your kids can be living participants to all things live people argue about. It's pretty much that simple. And in todays world, it's even simpler. We got one President we already threw out that wanted to be the war ending President. And we got the same Ex President that desperately wants to come back to stop more wars. And that man, TRUMP, is the ONLY guy we got on the floor begging us to let him stop the wars. So choices of Presidents don't really get easier than that, if your goal is a future for your family.

But if you are already a walking zombie, then you are more interested in saving the "soul" of America so you got lots of company when you suddenly start floating up up and away...

So forget about religion, global warming, human rights, entitlements, etc, etc, from the Presidents point of view. Because when we got the war thing all bottled up, we can all hire lawyers and yell at Congressmen to dive into all those other issues, to make our life a better quality. And yell at the President to not interfere in all those other arguments. Only then do we have the best shot at a world that COULD be a better place.

So you see why I couldn't give a rats ass how many hookers Trump pays for? Or how many Kim Jun Ung love letters he pilfers from his own office? Or how much he says his New York properties are worth? Or how much he bitches about missing votes in Georgia? It's all just petty BS compared to nukes going off. Choices today just don't get any simpler.

So forget about everything else and vote the President that will BEST keep the dogs of war at bay. And never be so blind to think the world won't try to shoot at us to get what you and me have. 100% of war is a war of haves versus have nots, no matter what anybody says. Current war included. Russia has already stolen the treasures of Ukraine. It could even be argued that Ukraine gave away their treasures thru stupidity and denial. It's done. Possession is 9/10s of the law. Elect Trump and end this nuclear insanity. He's the only person all sides will believe and respect. The best guarantee of our own safety AND security. After all, Trump aint a war monger. He wants peace and lots of money that goes with peace. He's like Ultra pragmatic John Lenin. Trump will work his magic for peace deals. And I see no peace path Trump could take that would not be worth it. This is not politics folks, this is the future of life on this planet that is at stake.


I just saw a video of Dee Snyder, the heavy metal guy of Twisted Sister. He was on Trumps TV show and were friends. WERE being the important word. He told Trump to stop using his music. Snyder does not back Trump any more because he sees Trump as a bigot that is not inclusive. He sees Trump as a violence monger that won't restrict gun laws. That is Dee Snyder.

Never once did Dee Snyder offer up any ideas about nuclear war. Ukraine is not even on Dee Snyders brain. He hates the president because Queers are under attack for beating all the girls in sports. And a hand full of lunatics are shooting up gatherings here and there. He sees Trump as the leader of all that stuff. He hates the border wall and we should not be keeping people out. I bet John Lenin is sitting on Dee Snyders shoulders with a big smile on his face. The 40 something interview woman even said that since Dee is so politically "astute", that maybe he should run for president. Dee said he doesn't want the job, but that alone may make him the perfect president.

These stupid libtards aint got the first clue. All the worlds Tyrants would shift into crazy mode if Dee Snyder were elected President. We would have instant Tyrant super buddies as their sabotage squads invaded our territories. They would seize on our stupidity to work hard to neuter all of our nukes. They would promise the world, just to invade our economy. And they would be hard at work dismantling all that makes America great, as fast as possible. Till they had the advantage in all future domination plans. And when somebody finally yanks Dee Snyder out of the White House, it may be too late to stop a sudden offensive by all the worlds Tyrants, that Dee Snyder empowered.

All because Dee Snyder doesn't like how Trump treats queers and gun owners. That is the narrow minded stupidity of being a libtard. A luxury they have because of the security Trump left behind. A security that is already being dismantled. China balloon already got a long look at our forces after a year of Ukraine supply. We are running out of everything. Weapons makers can't increase production without a 5 year commitment of increased buying. A commitment Biden can't make, since we already over $30 Trillion in debt. So we are running out. While Ukraine begs for more. It will take years to replace all that we gave away so far. And China with its balloon is believing it. So how the hell are we supposed to protect Taiwan? It's the impossible pickle, that the libtards running the show, are putting us into. And the Tyrants all know it. And that is why Ukraine was lost long ago, by their own incompetence. Russia doesn't need top line tanks in any way. They just have to keep what they got blasting away. As the weapons supply to Ukraine slowly dries up.

Russia owns Ukraine. We got to pull the plug and help those people out of there. And then we can start building our own forces back up. And somebody like Dee Snyder for president could end up being the last American president in history.

well it's not a problem for me if they are obliged to bring something over from
every time they Post something pro Putin lol.
because there they have the best stuff and every Russian is automatically entitled to register on Baidu while most of us Europeans aren't. we simply cannot get to those stuff. for some reason the Chinese have the most and newest stuff for flight simulation

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