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Word was "leaked" that Edward Snowden was made a Russian citizen. Clearly it was intended to poke at the Biden teams ribs. Putin has no other use for somebody like Snowden. He defected long ago and there has been no real desire to send him back to the US. He is just a tool now to be used. As is the lesbian basketball player. No real desire to send her back either. Just a tool to fester family angst to wear down support of what Biden is doing. Too bad Griner was not smart enough to know this before going to live in Russia. It still blows my mind that people today are still so stupid. But then again there are idiots that think that the moon landings were fake. So why should I be surprised at what anybody does. But it's very interesting that Snowden has a much better life in Russia than Griner does. For now. Because there are no guarantees in Russia. I wonder if Snowden is now eligible for the Russian army draft. Hah, that would be a trip if he is sent to fight Ukraine. And Russia is sending convicted criminals to fight in Ukraine. That would be a trip if Griner is sent to fight in Ukraine. Just goes to show that all bets are off when it comes to Russians.

Anyways, there's a big mess going on and the world is trying hard to ignore it while watching the Kardashians. But that's not what our feckless leaders were telling us...

I sure as hell didn't vote for that idiot. But it don't matter because the election was stolen anyways. Stolen by the Trillion dollar media megaphone that kept saying that nobody will vote for Trump. Stolen by Hollywood entertainment that said laugh, as Trump is dragged to prison. Stolen by the Democraps that said Trump was ripping off the tax payers. And stolen as big tech cancel culture was canceling all the big Trump supporters. Yup, it was a national blackmail campaign that was going on to scare the public away from a Trump vote. And if that wasn't enough, the Democraps were changing state laws in mid election to roll out unsecured mailin ballots in numbers impossible to fully verify. Yup, the fix was in, the moment the cameras recorded the crying of the Democraps when Billary was defeated fair and square on the Republican side.

And that's why Russia is blowing the hell out of Ukraine. Because Putin wasn't fooled by any of this American crap. He knew Biden was a gimp. And after that video seen round the world, Putin had other news for Americas stolen election. The perfect time to be Putin the Great. Too bad for him that the entire Russian government was spending more on those Yats than they were on the Russian military. As per their own Ambassador that has since defected. Yup, the poor progress is proof that the Ambassadors claim was not just disgruntled employee talk.

But that don't mean Russia has lost. It just means it's one hell of a mess. And that makes it even worse for everybody because it's not going to end anytime soon. Russia still owns this war. Anthony Blinken just said on 60 minutes that if Russia stops shooting then the war is over. But if Ukraine stops shooting then Ukraine is over. So there is somebody in the US Government that sees things as they really are.

Ukraine put themselves and the rest of the world in a very bad way. And the world is stuck with the predicament. While Russia is stuck with their stupidity in slow walking the war. Possibly hamstrung by raping military funds for yat building. So it's now a US war against Russia. A proxy war with Ukrainians doing the actual shooting. Russians now doing a national draft to double its army and the US talking about trying to send in tanks.

Yup, the swamp is looking to get deeper. And it wont end until the Russian people rise up and make it stop...

OR... Trump is reelected and Putin dances in the streets. He will no doubt be so happy that he says Ukraine can have their blown to hell country back. He would no doubt have Griner released, have her tied in a big bright bow and delivered by executive jet to Trumps Mar A Lago. A congratulatory gift to Trump for his victory.

And I am not in dream land. It has happened like that before. Carter hated the Iranians and was feckless to deal with them. But they released all the American hostages as soon as Reagan took office. An olive branch to a new US administration. Notice how Trump has refrained from vilifying Putin in all this craziness. Because Trump knows it will only make things worse.

Trump and the people of Russia are the 2 forces that can stop the world threat of nuclear war. Because as long as this crazy fight goes on, chances increase for an accident to spark armageddon.

In the mean time, the energy war is heating up while furnaces remain shut off. Somebody sabotaged the Nordstream pipeline to Europe and natural gas is now churning up the Baltic sea. Check out the video of the craziness. Its going to be a cold winter for not just the Ukrainians. I wonder if Europe is paying Russia for all that spewing gas. Hah. I bet they are. Those poor poor loosing Russians. You know, I think it's time to name this war. We can call it the Backwards War. The war where the people loosing are really the people winning. Hah.

You know, everything that's going on in Russia right now is a direct result of all the crap going on in America right now. You can find arguers everywhere just like you can find socialists everywhere whining because their free handouts are running out. And demanding we get more socialism programs passed. If Russia had the money, they could flood into America on vacation visas and simply buy half this country with free money handout sprees. But the Russian leaders are just too greedy to even think of such a plan. The lunacy of throwing away all that money when they still got more yats to build. Greed is really fouling up the plans on a global scale. So we got all this shooting instead. It don't cost near as much. Russians use really cheap bullets and shells. And the vehicles have been rusting in farm fields for decades anyway. So its a no brainer for the Russians to wage war to grab riches close at hand. In fact, if it weren't for America and its nukes, Russia and China would have long since taken over the whole world. Throwing a Billion cheap bodies into the world domination plan.

Instead, we got the dangerous chaos going on now. A measured and incremental invasion plan. That's gone WAY uglier than anybody ever figured. All sides throwing away the play book and making it up as they go. So we got no idea what's next. History shows that war is over when one side runs out of gas. Cool. The end is near.

Well, they been saying the end is near since all this started. So like how near??? Anybody got a clue?? Well Russians makes their own gas. And Russia is shutting off gas to everybody else. Opps. Those generals on Face The Nation never talked about that. They kept saying Russians are running out of this and running out of that. They even said Russians are running out of soldiers. But they keep coming. I remember in a China war that we got run out of Saigon from the roof tops because they kept "coming"... So all those generals way back then were wrong too. Makes you wonder if we got generals anywhere useful that are actually right. Also makes you wonder what that means for all these nukes everybody has.

Russians are just itching to shoot their nukes. It's mind boggling that they haven't already. And I'm not talking about the final nuke fight. I'm talking the small tactical nukes that would end the Polish border, American arms intrusion, and give giant "fuck you world" footage to the blood thirsty media. If people would just stop watching the Kardashians, they would see the epic shit show that's building up like a volcano.

Instead, everybody putting on Meta dream land goggles to tune out the endless bodies being dumped on top of bodies. Leaving it to anybody else to figure out the next move... Does that really mean ANYBODY?

Elon Musk Has a Controversial Idea to End War in Ukraine

Boy that didn't go over very well. Elon needs to stick his attention full speed into space rockets. We are all going to be needing them way sooner than people think.

Folks, I write all this stuff because there's people everyday getting blown to bits that don't deserve that fate. But in no way do I have an answer to end this holocaust. The loosing Russians have nukes. So they already won. Drop the mic...

The question is, what's next??? Keep feeding weapons to blow away worthless Ruskies? Person by person? And hope that the lunatic leader doesn't trip and fall on the nuke button? The Pope tweeted cease fire for Gods sake. Well that was an empty care package. Maybe that means that God doesn't want a cease fire. People say the world is Gods plan. So the plan must be to decrease the world population. If that's the case, then where is Gods plan going? You see, we are all ants in this shit show. So who ever is up there wearing the giants boots, we still be doing the same thing. Running around and trying not to get stepped on.

So whatever plan is doing all this, I'm thinkin the best we can hope for is the people of Russia somehow put a stop to all this. Without the crazies in that country standing up and saying the world is over and pushing the nuke buttons. But when you got a whole country of brain damaged crazies, from generations of brain wash and abuse, I can't see how anybody in their government buildings can be any better than Putin.

So the war goes on. And we will just have to wait and see who does more dying thru the winter. Maybe that is where God has his say in all this. If you really believe in Gods, that is... Hah.
Russia is loosing...

There are reasons for everything, even if things don't make sense to people from time to time. But in time, most of the truth bubbles up to fill in the details of the story. Like finding skeletons 50 years later. It used to be nearly impossible to figure who they were, much less how they died. But now it's like falling off a log with all these DNA test.

So the pipeline exploded and all the gas is cut off. What a calamity. Especially with winter very near. And nobody is fessing up. Hah. But there is a proposal now being floated. Winter gas "could" be delivered despite the Nord Stream situation. The proposal is to finish Nord Stream 2 and be rewarded with gas. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

And so the tale becomes clear. In time, Nord Stream 1 can certainly be repaired. Then the Ruskies get both the pipelines that they wanted all along. So much for the doom and gloom predictions for the "financiers" of Nord Stream 2. Clever diabolical thinking to the rescue. Hows that for the western Generals and their continuing declarations of Russians running out of everything. It seems to me that its the western coalition that's going to be running out of everything that keeps this war going.

As for the Ruskies and their seemingly crazy losses, well, they are raping the treasures now. So they are getting rewards. And their losses of bodies have never been a concern for them. Russian life is cheap. And the materials they loose are sooo old that even the Ukrainians lament the crap they win in battles. While the Ukrainians loose their life blood and the only treasure they had.

So Putin is playing the patience game and has winter on his side. Ukraine still has no port access and will never have again. As the world "seemingly" puts the economic squeeze on the Russians, the Russians put the energy squeeze on the world, as the Russians pound and wait by hot furnaces thru the cold winter days.

As for Musk and his peace ideas, it is most certainly loathsome. But there is not much the free world can do when thugs have sooo many nukes. And maybe the patience game is why the Ruskies have not used any nukes. They keep doing the most dastardly feats that the honor of the free world would never consider. And that's a huge advantage for those Ruskies. And that's why I keep hoping the Russian people will rise up to stop all this. Because it seems the sad reality is you have to be Russian to beat the Russians.

Team Putin Wakes Up: We Never Should’ve Laughed at Ukraine

Case in point is the newly bombed Crimean bridge with a huge fire in the middle that the media is gleefully posting. Ukraine has been bombing at it for 6 months now, and they finally made a dent in it. No doubt a temporary dent though. Take a close look at those zoomed in fire bridge pics. You can see that it's a small section of a massive train full of supplies that's on fire. Russian supplies in quantity that puts Ukrainian shipments to total shame. And these huge trains have no doubt been traveling back and forth to resupply the Russians all day long, every day since they captured the bridge. A small part of the bridge and maybe a dozen cars were affected by the blast. It looks spectacular, but the Ruskies no doubt already uncoupled the rest of the cars and pulled all those supplies along to their final destination.

That article hypes Russians embarrassing setbacks. Oooh so embarrassing to be hauling away Ukraines treasures. Free world press don't talk about that. But if you read the whole article, it says Russian State TV is broadcasting the pitfalls of the Russian invasion. Like the Russians are on their last nerve over this. What a moronic interpretation. Russian state TV only broadcasts what Putin clears for broadcasting. And what the Russians say on their TV is that their people are fighting hard and the fight IS hard because the Western powers are interfering. The broadcast is to inform the people that they need to be patriotic and support their army fighting for the Russian people. They need to stop thinking about Christmas toys and western high tech stuff and instead be frugal so more resources are available for the troops. Also to be ready when the Army needs more help. That's what the Russian broadcast is really saying. Putin is telling his people to be patient and patriotic for the eventual victory of Russia. And that's the real facts of this libtard slanted article about the war. The same libtards that keep saying Russians are about to loose for 6 months now. The pics show you why Russians aint even near to loosing. Thanks for posting the pics, libtards.

Keep in mind that these attacks by Ukraine are only possible because of the continuing leak of free world arms to Ukraine, that Russia has so far ignored militarily. But the Ruski invasion continues to grow. And it's no wonder, with trains like this to stock pile a force that, in time, will be too big to stop.

So forget about all the talk and all the hype. Most of what you need to know about what's really going on can be found in pics that are hard to successfully fake. Pics show that nobody can use Snake Island. But the Ruskis don't care. They have the bridge and they are cramming it with everything. No doubt they already have plenty of supplies to repair that bridge, already on hand. And I bet they are even building more tracks on that bridge for more train capacity. As the Ruski army in Ukraine keeps getting bigger and bigger, before the winter weather hits. Smart Generals should be worried about the build up before winter. Oh wait. The smart Generals are the silent ones already working on the future plans. The dumb Generals are scratching their asses wondering how impossible it is to smuggle Abrams Battle Tanks in...
Ok, here's the thing. The "why" of "World War Backwards" - WWB. Putins getting old and wants to be a star. He wants to be viewed as somebody important. Somebody respected to a degree. When Trump was president, he was actually getting some of that respect and it was making him feel rather content. So much so that Putin didn't start any trouble for the entire time Trump was President. That's a good thing. Despite all the Democrap lies and fake hype that Trump would start WW3, he actually prevented any serious wars and was actually working to wind down the war with the Arabs. Just one of many many accomplishments that benefited ALL Americans.

Now look what we got. War. Really bad war. With the other biggest nuclear power in the world. And ready to go Armageddon, as per our new President. And what else do we got? Gas prices double what they were, inflation of everything you try to buy, a call to hire 80,000 more IRS agents with guns, all your retirement stocks tanking and tanking, and a desperate hunt nationwide to legally destroy anything connected to our last President. Including the Russians...

This world is really going to shit faster than anytime in my lifetime. All because Democraps are bent on vengeance for kicking Billary to the curb. This country is running head long into the start of a nuclear war to force a regime change of the biggest country in the world. All because Democraps "think" the  Russians helped Trump win the election. And Putin refuses to put up with the disrespect. He can't just look away from it and expect to remain the ruler of Russia. So we now got the 2 big nuclear powers actually playing Russian Roulette. And what's going to happen next? Nobody knows. Because it's Russian Roulet. Your turn...

There was a time when Democraps were the hippy peacenicks and it was the Republicans that were the war mongers. In fact it wasn't just a time, it was a millenial. Dems have always been peacenicks. To a stupid reckless extent. Dumping wars and grabbing the unspent war loot to buy elections with tons of free cash handouts. Not war, socialism. John Lennons psychedelic dream. And it started out to be that way again. The spectacle and stupidity of the retreat from the Arab war. With people falling off of planes on live TV. The grand stupidity that only incompetent peacenicks could do. To this day, the libtard media is ignoring it like they would never ignore it if Trump had done that. That is the real cover up. The only "Big Lie" that's in the room. Democrap blind incompetence.

But things are WAY different now. WAAAY Different from past Democrap feckless regimes. Like comparing Apples to razor blades different. All because of the blind incompetence of Democraps that grabbed all the power. What happens when stupid people get all the power? Tragedy, and you can't know all the damage until you end the tragedy.

The windup for this epic tragedy was started by the Democraps during the Trump term. The visceral hate the Democraps fomented against trump and all those that supported him. The Democraps had their goons tailing all of Trumps supporters. Hunting for dirt. Any dirt, no matter what. Springing perjury traps to invent brand new dirt, to blackmail for even more dirt. Making up dirt, and even paying to have dirt made up. All the while, a suspicious Trump continually voiced his concerns like he was in a deep paranoid spiral. But we now know Trump was right. He was being spied on and endlessly investigated. And the connection of Trump to the Russians and the Collusion Dilution was blasted endlessly into the brain wash machine. And the people got worn out about the same ole crap, every hour of every day, to flip more and more votes for anything but Trump, to stop the brain wash nightmare.

The rest of the world was watching all this insanity, and was so flabbergasted, that they ran out of flabbergast, and tuned out as well. But not Putin. He watched all that in growing anger. He watched stupid peacenicks turn into rabid animals bent on vengeance. He heard all the vile things the Democraps were calling him. Disrespect on top of disrespect. Calls for Russians to pay for what they did. With only the handshake of Trump himself to Putin to keep the waters calm and stable.

It was clear that despite all the uproar, Trump was iron fisted in control. And that actually promoted world peace. Even with North Korea. But it didn't last. Democraps changed the laws, polluted the facts and stole the power to persecute everything connected to Trump. And the free press trumnpeted the promise that the dogs of freedom will be unleashed on Putin. That's all she wrote. Putin sprang up like the "IT" clown in a jack in a box. And now we got an ugly war with no end in sight.

Unbelievable. Folks, I'm no fool and I shit you not. The war isn't about over, but life on this planet is standing on the edge of the cliff. And it don't take much to push it over the edge. Right this minute today. And nobody can truthfully blame Trump. Trump isn't making any of this tragedy happen. You can't stop the hate. It's one of the things humans do best. But we also build. So we must agree as world custodians to build walls to block off hate we can't stop. Russian hate has gone on for millenia. Wall it off. No more interaction. Those people need to stay there for our safety and to fix their own mess. No agreement can be trusted in anybodies lifetime. Border wall. Finish the dang thing and make it solid. Because Russians are not the only people bent on stirring up trouble. Political hate. We need to agree to end the hate and the persecution or agree to wall this country in half. No interaction. That will certainly prevent civil war. Because the way it is now, we could see the day when civil war really gets ugly.

But till then, look at the craziness pushing on us at the cliff...

Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook families nearly $1 billion for hoax claims, jury says

Holly shit. Our legal system is just shattered. People get their dicks sawed off in the world and our courts say this moron has to pay a Billion dollars for hurting peoples feelings?????

'Enough Is Enough': Top Senate Democrat Vows to Block All Future Arms Sales to Saudis

Belarus KGB is waiting for a turning point in the war in winter

Russians build 2 new pontoon bridge crossings in Kherson Oblast

With winter fast approaching, Europe scrambles to prepare for energy shortages

Russian Judge Linked to Top Putin Ally Allegedly Killed in Bridge Bomb

Biden warns there will be 'consequences' for Saudi Arabia after oil production cut

Elon Musk blocks Ukraine from using Starlink in Crimea over concern that Putin could use nuclear weapons: report

Orbán: Trump offers ‘hope for peace’ in Ukraine

What a mess that's just about over, so says the libtard media and feckless American Generals. Even Elon Musk is getting his hands mixed up in the war. Hungarian Prime Minister at a meeting in Germany said Trump is the only hope of ending this insanity. How is that going to happen if Democraps throw Trump in prison for whatever they are Trumping up??? They got all kinds of heinous stuff they stacking up on him. All the past women Trump never married have been raped, all the stuff Trump ever sold is now fraud, all the stuff Trump ever collected is now illegal state secrets, and all the complaining and demanding Trump did about the stolen election is now insurrection. Since Alex Jones has to pay a Billion dollars for hurting peoples feelings, then Trump will have to be executed by slow torture and his body parts sold at auction to gleeful Democraps just itching to get a piece of him...

People are hating on Trump for destroying America. But somebody destroyed equal justice for all, and it wasn't Trump. And this verdict does not bode well for all those connected to fake news that hurts "somebodies" feelings. Free speech has just been declared a ruinous activity that will profit lawyers the most. And lawyers everywhere will be looking to pounce on all aspects of the internet that is connected in any way to fake postings.

SCOTUS is also poised to dig into the legality of Section 230 internet provider protections. It is a bastard protection that exempts providers from being sued, but also gives them the right to censor anything they want. The bottom line is that the industry written law can't win on both counts. Either they keep their immunity and leave people alone, or they loose their immunity and they sensor everybody. The courts and Congress won't allow 230 to stand as is. Either way, huge internet lawsuits will be brewing because of Alex Jones. And internet free speech will be flipped upside down. If we don't have a nuclear war first...

How the Supreme Court could change the internet as we know it
It's so funny to see the left and the right in the USA and Europe fight each other and don't realize that all big pollical parties are controlled by the Rich Cabal.
Most of people here in Europe and the USA are brainwashed beyond repair. You can do anything to them and they will vote the same shit over and over again.
In my country i can easily point out which news channel someone watches by simply ask them a few political questions.
That really isn't the root of the problem. There will always be rich and poor people in any society. The question is who are the dependents and who are the independents. In Russia, all the people are dependents and the top leadership that rules the country are the independents. The government leaders and the Oligarchs reap their riches by working all the people. To keep their system functioning, they have to brainwash and maintain a level of fear throughout the population so that the people perform consistently. And it's necessary that a portion of the product of that performance be given back to the people to keep them healthy and content.

In America, a freedom land, there are also rich and poor people. But they are not a population under a ruler. All the people are independent and perform for themselves. It's a basic right to pursuit their happiness. That's the way the country was started from the beginning. When settlers built their own cabins and farmed their own fields for their own good.

And they taught their kids the same values of hard work and independence. And the strength of community where each was now stronger and could help out others when times got tough. Like a barn raising or harvesting a crop to help out a member who broke a leg or got sick.

But as the generations spawned thru the future, the kids began twisting the American values and taking slaves to do the toil of American living. Eventually slavery was outlawed and people demanded that somebody else had to take the place of what slaves provided. Entitled former slave owners banded together to use their freedom to demand their own representation in the Government works. Eventually the populace of the entitled grew as new generations were taught these despicable values.

Till we got what we have today. Half the country of entitled libtard dependents demanding that the other half of the country of independents support them with free hand outs, cradle to grave. So libtards can live the life of the pot smoking stoners basking in tree huger pursuits. Or laying on the couch with endless beer and "Good times" reruns on the boob tube.

And it is this powerful yet pathetic voter block in this country that Rich Cabal pander too, to gain the power to be lords over ALL of us.

So you see, the Cabals and the corruption in our government is really just a symptom of the degeneration of the people quality of this country. We will never be able to get rid of the crap at the top until we stop making crap at the bottom. Stop these entitlements. Demand work for handouts. Demand education of American values. And demand incentives to stop being libtards. Today, libtards are so handsomely rewarded that even conservatives have to take the handouts just to compete. And if we don't find the majority vote to stop it, then we will eventually collapse under economic ruin. Just like Greece did.

Looky here. Elon Musk is tired of paying the bill so Ukrainians can have vital internet. That's how it goes when entitled libtards demand their freebies. Made worse when entitled libtards feel so snarky that they can insult the product that their benefactors produce. Ukrainians should be kissing the free worlds asses for still being alive today.

Elon Musk says it’s ‘unreasonable’ for SpaceX to ‘burn $20M a month’ to continue providing crucial satellite service to Ukraine
In the nineties the western oligarchs plundered Russia like they did it with so many other countries. That's way this drunken Yeltsin was best friend of the collective west.
The only good thing this drunken Yeltsin did was to back Putin as the new president because he was one of the few that where uncurbable. The collective west thought they could do the same with Putin as they did with Yeltsin. Oh boy how there were wrong, Putin played them like a chess master he is, that's way he is now the most hatted guy in the collective west.

The funny thing is when i visited Russia back in 2018 i saw more similarities how the USA wants to be than what they are now. But Moscow and Saint-Petersburg is also a cheese pool of this generations you describing in your post above.
China is also very very advanced but privacy is not a big deal for them, because the mentally of the people there are different. Which is okay their country their rules.
Plot thickens after Russia's 'dirty bomb' allegation

Now what do you make of that. I posted this probability months ago. I posted that Russians own Ukraines nuke plant. And there was nothing to stop them from carting off some of the nuclear waste and blowing up Ukrainians with it. Laying waste to Ukraines only escape route and then saying it was idiot Ukraine fighters that stole the nuke material and blew themselves up with it.

So that proves it right there. The Ruskies are reading my posts and taking my genius ideas to win the war against the free world. Maybe I should change my avatar to war Guru. Hah. I want my cut of the booty. And I don't want those stupid Rubles either. Cash American dollars in my Swiss bank account. Hah.

Oh wait. Maybe I'm no genius, and it's really the rest of the leadership world that's just dumber than a box of rocks. Too dumb to see what a Ruski would do with somebody elses nuke plant. And all of us are very close to getting burnt to a crisp in a hail of nuke missile detonations. I'll let you guys decide which is more likely.

So while these "discoveries" are suddenly being published, free world news still detailing how Ruskies are loosing and Putin is still dying. More like free world fake news to keep the masses oblivious to the likely hood of our planet being destroyed.

Yea yea, this aint a nuke you say. It's a meteor that's like 10,000 nukes. That cooled the planet for a thousand years. But here's the thing. It has happened before, and we know alot about all the consequences. And it's certain to happen again. One way or another. We aint got 10,000 nukes. We only got like 3000 of them. A third of what happened to the dinosaurs. So I guess that means ice age for only a few hundred years. Maybe not so bad. I get it. But the dinos never had the radiation. And that will last for many thousands of years. Continuing to kill anything that tries to spring up from the rubble. So all those bomb shelters of every type and form are pretty much useless. Any survivor not killed outright, will eventually be radiation poisoned in one way or the other. Radiation water and air seeping in, or poison food found as stored food runs out.

It's just fugly on top of fugly that we are seriously messing around with. We should not be doing all this. There are no winners. The Ukrainians certainly aren't winning. Every day more of their dwindling population vanishes for one reason or another. Every day more Russian soldiers are canon fodder to obliterate Ukrainians. And every day the free world is poking red hot pokers into the worlds biggest killer bee nest. All in the name of power. Don't forget that treasure buys power.

So here we are, with winter around the bend, while the fugly continues to grow and spread like a cancer.

Putin monitors practice launches by Russia's nuclear forces

Russians are advancing on two fronts and preparing defensive positions in Kherson Oblast General Staff

Russians mine dam of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and plan historic catastrophe Zelenskyy

Putin wants to offer Ukraine a pause to prepare for a new offensive

A New U.N. Vote Shows Russia Isn't as Isolated as the West May Like to Think

Exclusive-Russia is prepared to quit Black Sea grains deal, writes to UN with demands

Russian Federation has 2 million mobilised at hand, with potential total of 29 million

Russian occupiers kidnap people and take looted property away by trucks in Kherson Oblast

Renowned conductor Yurii Kerpatenko killed by Russians

Exclusive-Exxon exits Russia empty-handed with oil project 'unilaterally terminated'

Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Says 30% of Power Stations Destroyed

Iran agrees to ship missiles, more drones to Russia, defying the West-sources

‘You Can’t Force Love’: Russian Diplomats Told to Kiss the West Goodbye

Using Adoptions, Russia Turns Ukrainian Children Into Spoils of War

How water has been weaponized in Ukraine

It's amazing about all the posts that Russia is loosing. And yet we see all the stuff the Russians are doing. And all the ways the rest of the world is doing the suffering. If you ask me, it would seem that the free press is actually punking the world. Taunting at nuclear armageddon, for reasons nobody can figure out. Has anybody seen the movie "Tomorrow War"? Hitech Humans against no tech alien animals. We blast the holly hell out of them. But it makes no difference. They just keep coming. Just like the Ruskies...

So you see, the Ruskies have nukes. So they already won. And the rest of the free world is slowly starting to figure this out. As more people die every day...

Macron criticized at home for saying France wouldn’t respond in kind if Russia attacked Ukraine with nukes

Former German Chancellor Merkel defends her government's move to buy massive amounts of Russian gas, saying she has no regrets as it was right for the time

Germany fires cybersecurity chief 'over Russia ties'

Kevin McCarthy signals Republicans could withhold more aid to Ukraine if they win the House: 'It's not a free blank check'

Liz Truss resigns to become shortest serving UK prime minister in history

U.S., Russian defence chiefs speak, call was needed to clear up misunderstandings -Moscow

US Democrats Urge Joe Biden To Negotiate With Russia To End Ukraine War

Democrats retract call for Biden change of course on Ukraine

Look at all that news. It's all cracks forming in the fabric of the free world. The cracks Putin is banking on. Everything we do starts from half a world away. While everything the Ruskies do is back and forth by choo choo train. The Ruskies have all the advantages that count, and Putin knows it. Certainly Putin has been forced to ramp things up way beyond what he planned on. But Putin is the king of the worlds biggest country. So he has plenty of peasants to dump on the problems. Like all the canon fodder aliens in "Tomorrow War".

So as America is bent and consumed with locking Trump in prison, a new world order is rising out of the turmoil. The forces of tyranny are banding together in unison to challenge the rights of the free world.

White House officials thought they'd struck a secret oil deal with Saudi Arabia only for Biden to be humiliated when the kingdom abandoned it: NYT

Analyst acquitted at trial over discredited Trump Pee dossier

Vladimir Putin is safe in power for now, but risks lie ahead, sources say

Family: Saudis sentence US citizen to 16 years over tweets

Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao escorted out of party congress

Kim Jong Un’s Batshit Threats Just Got a Lot Scarier

2 Koreas exchange warning shots along disputed sea boundary

Oh yea, and don't forget, Putin is dying, still...

Vladimir Putin in new video sparks cancer rumors over intravenous marks on hand

Lets pause for a word from our legal department...

I have always posted that Russians need to stay in Russia so they can be of help in cleaning up the mess that is their country. But there is one exception that I do back, and that is for those that seek political asylum. We have laws for that and I support those laws that are part of the country that I helped make. Its possible that there are a ton of political asylum possibilities, but they can all be evaluated by our process. Its another arm in support of human rights that is core to the covenants of the free world.

And now back to our regular show...


I know I know. He not an American. Hes British and you might be saying why the hell is he sticking his nose in our business. And I understand the question totally. But the fact is that if Putin or Biden trips and falls on their nuke buttons, tons of these nukes will most likely be landing in England both on purpose and by accident. So I can see why this guy has a few things to say about the matter. And what he says makes total sense. We are just so fucked.

Anyways, lots been going on since the last post and none of it any good. Hah. The free world jumping with glee that Russia is pulling out of Kherson. Like its some big retreat or something. Well if it was, then we would be even closer to a nuclear war. But its really not that big a deal. War is hell for everybody. That is a given. And this "retreat" is just a part of a normal war. Winter is just about here. And most of the bridges across the river are blown up. So there's huge logistical problems right now trying to supply winter stuff to forces across the river. And since Russians have been unable to establish robust river traffic on top of all the other country side they have taken, they have opted to withdraw to their side of the river before winter hits. That's the side where they are building up huge support for winter living. Of course they are not leaving empty handed. They are hauling away all the treasure and countless numbers of the population that never left. Russians are a very patient bunch of thugs and will no doubt invade again when the situation makes better sense for them.

In the mean time, nothing else has really changed. Russians still blowing up all things Ukrainian, and winter is almost here. With little gas and electric to help Ukrainians survive the cold. While the free world continues to "say" that things in Russia are falling apart.

Biden lost temper with Zelenskyy during phone call over Ukraine aid

The CEO of Airbus says there are 'concerns on the safety side' as domestic air travel in Russia takes off, but sanctions prevent plane maintenance

Russia turns to China for microchips for in-demand domestic bank cards

South Korea scrambles jets after detecting 180 North Korean warplanes north of border

Exclusive: Iran is seeking Russia’s help to bolster its nuclear program, US intel officials believe

Iran now selling missiles to Russia, adding to its kamikaze drones, report

Train crosses North Korea border into Russia after arms report -think tank

U.S. privately asks Ukraine to show Russia it's open to talks -Washington Post

Russians blow up communication towers of Ukrainian operators in Kherson Oblast

Russians stop movement of ship, which could be used to reach left bank of Kherson Oblast

And thats just Russia related news. The war is tearing the guts out of the rest of the world too.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping's power grab fueled a $6 trillion stock selloff and the yuan's decline. These 4 charts capture the market meltdown.

"MAGA Hot Babe" with 26,000 followers is a China operative

TikTok National Security Concerns Resurface: What You Need to Know

North Korea unleashes biggest 1-day missile barrage; South Korea responds with missile launches

Officials: Saudis tell US that Iran may attack the kingdom

Biden froze out China’s ambassador. He may regret that.

U.S. says China resisting nuclear talks after Xi vow to boost deterrent

Pentagon: A North Korea nuclear attack would ‘result in the end of the Kim regime’

Remember When Obama Promised to 'Eliminate North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Programs'?

US sent plane with $400 million in cash to Iran

Brittney Griner faces bleak life in Russian penal colony

Brittney Griner says she will protest during the national anthem all season

Yea, cant be talking about those dastardly Russians without a mention of our patriots that those nasty Russians kidnapped from Arizona. Just goes to show we need big walls at our borders. The nerve of those Ruski cronies. Say what? Ruskies didnt kidnap her? Where did you hear that? How the hell else did she get to Russia if she wasn't kidnapped? Say what? She bought a ticket to fly to Russia? After she sat on the American flag to protest? You gotta be shittin me. Aint no way an American can be that stupid. You say shes mixed up with Black Lives Matter? And shes changing her pronouns too? Oh lordy lordy. Im suddenly feeling light headed. I got to be dreaming. I must have ran into the door and knocked myself out. So when I wake up, all this will be gone and my home and my country is in brotherhood with the rest of the world. Yea that's it. That's the ticket. Somebody wake me up already. Im done with this crazy ass nightmare. First thing I do when I wake up is find me a shrink asap. I must have a major screw loose to be dreaming a whole lunatic world...


So have you seen the latest headlines? Russia has lost? Russian nukes being dismantled by international heroes? Putin hauled out of a filthy spider hole and frog marched to the gallows rope? Nope. It's Britney Griner traded for Russian arms dealer. Joy to the world, we have all been saved. Bells ringing and media celebration and high fives on all the TVs. Don't it just make you feel so proud and giddy for the future of mankind? Libtards are proud. They are dancing in the streets. Because they don't have a clue what they really did. The world really isn't better, it's now worse. An entitled hash smoker exchanged for a high powered arms dealer. Somebody Putin can use right this minute for his domination plans. And what did we get? A poster child hero for the pot smoking masses. And a shout out to all of queerdom to make sure you vote libtard at the next election. And it's so familiar, don't it seem? Obama gave $400 million cash to Iran. And we still got Iran troubles today. Obama freed 5 Taliban prisoners to get back one selfish libtard soldier that deserted his post and surrendered to the Taliban. An actual American hero was killed trying to get that moron back. The freed Taliban are now running Afghanistan. And people have the stupidity to say that libtards will save the world. Libtards didn't save Kashogii from Saudi Arabia. After all that fake bluster to one up Trump, Biden granted Saudi Arabia immunity from prosecution. And they didn't save our own Ambassador from a Lybian mob when he begged Obamas white house for help. Libtards are incompetent. The only priority they have is the liberal agenda that continually buys them victory in voting. No matter the cost. Putin is no doubt laughing his ass off in his reserved Putin kind of way. Putin is playing the world like a fiddle, as he continues to blow the crap out of Ukraine.

I feel so bad for Trump right now. Threw everything he is on the line to Make America Great Again. And his reward from BOTH Libtards and the GOP is the quest to destroy all things Trump. Everything he sold is now fraud. What he built is now illegal emoluments violations. His women have all been raped. His complaints are now insurrection. And the things he collects are seized as state secrets. Yup, plan is to do all that is possible to frog march Trump to prison for the rest of his life. That's what he gets for stealing the election from libtard Clinton. Who at the least was a member of the government elite that both sides identify with.

Has anybody heard any leaking going on from inside the White House lately? We all know there is something wrong with the whole Biden picture. The stupidity of his decisions, the craziness of his motions and sayings, the drivel from the vice president, and what's going on with his flawed family members. The fact is that the Biden house is locked up tight and there aint no way Biden is watching all the doors. The fact is that the government is owned by the libtards, and they all got Bidens back. So there is not much leaking. And any leakers are found out and quickly booted. The Biden teem even had the door man booted on his first day and found himself locked out of the white house. A trusted cronny had to rush around from the back side to let Biden in. Trump never got the dignity of that kind of protection. The GOP had no interest in helping an outsider deal with the common problems of the government. Both sides had a big stake in hoping Trump falls on his face, as traitors all around him stuck their feet out on Trump at every turn. Aint that a sad picture of what is going on to protect the free world?

No doubt Trump says stuff that people don't agree with. Made worse by the media that actually ADDs words to what he says, to make the headlines especially worse. Its a vicious world that we all built. I don't back all the things Trump believes or says. But people are free to say what they want in a free speech society. I want him to drain the swamp. But I won't go nuclear on Jews. But I would let Ye buy me lunch and I won't be talking about nuclear Jews. And I won't be drinking or injecting lysol to cure Covid. But I will support fiscal responsibility and strong borders. The good points of what Trump is REALLY interested in. All that other silly talk is just harmless babble. I remember Reagan harmlessly babble about Russia being nuked in an hour as a joke. Ment nothing to me but Russia didn't like being the butt of that joke. But we saw what Reagan was REALLY interested in. Tearing down the wall. So 3/4 of Trumps trouble is really media incitement. And libtards are splitting hairs and gathering the masses of libtards to help put him away. A goon squad infected with Trump derangement syndrum.

Anyways, the laws don't work the same for libtards. Trump was right. The other presidents hauled away presidential booty. But it's covered up as best as humanly possible. Or more likely, just another perk of being a president that nobody really cared to chase. Somehow, the cover up for the Clintons was botched and it came out that the Clintons carted off everything that wasn't nailed down. But there was no FBI raid. The media could not be ignored and the Clintons sent a moving truck worth of stuff back. And that was the end of it. They said there was no more stuff and the FBI believed them. Fast forwards to this decade. The Clintons paid to invent the Pee report on the made up Russia Collusion illusion. I was never surprised. I always knew that a finger wagging Clinton, that could tell the country he never cheated, was no doubt holding a presidential trove of stuff that our rigged government had no plans to chase after.

And that is all bad news for the rest of the free world. Made very clear with todays world events. Ukraine trying to keep the free worlds attention to the nuclear problem, when the US is more bent on putting Trump in prison. And it's the media that's really running the show. Getting anonamous players to whisper a crooked line, and then spinning a tale of world class criminality out of it. With the launch of special investigations as a result. Biden aint really doing any of this. He just props himself up at the podium with that grin of his so he doesn't have to say something that is incoherent. Biden the puppet, as the media is running the country. Maybe that's why the world isn't thinking about nuclear war. The craziness is so bizzar that nobody knows what's coming and going. And people still need to get food for the fridge. Food is alot easier to deal with than craziness. And that's just what the media hopes for, as they take over the world. Just vote the medias vote and go back to your homes where you belong.

Anyways, America is in crazy land right now and the rest of the free world is Americas puppet. And that's why Putin aint really loosing. He's not happy that free world craziness is dumping a ton of weapons into this mess, but he's got a ton of weapons of his own. And plenty of bodies to throw at the problem. As has happened time and again, the free world public interest will be ground down by the media hysteria, and he will be left to finally finish what he intended from the start. Without shooting off his nukes.

And Americas craziness has no end in sight, as the media whips up new scandals from the tid bits that seem to stick to the walls. The libtards are in unison with the media. The most powerful Republican in Trump will be convicted of everything in New York because New York is mostly libtards. Trump as a company will collapse as libtards ban all Trump business. Trump as a person in New York and Georgia will be convicted and shipped to prison because again, the jury will be libtard haters. The word "perk" in every company in this country is criminal tax evasion in all things Trump. History may eventually set it strait about the vilification of the outsider that tried to drain the government swamp, but the man himself may simply die of a heart attack before they close the bars on him. And all his kids will scatter into obscurity, as they hide whatever wealth they retain from vengeful and media backed libtards.

Oh yea. And Putin wins, as North Korea learns, as does China, and Iran, and Pakistan, and Syria, etc...

As for the GOP, they are in disarray with back stabbers and RINOs mixed in the bunch. They are Kinda like Ukraine. Infested with traitors and doomed as a nation when the weapons start to fade away.

People do support the GOP, but will eventually be outnumbered as free handouts, convict voting rights and mass immigration laws crank up libtard voting rosters to numbers that will be unbeatable.

As for Americas future, I suspect an eventual collapse. Just Like Greece. The rich will leave rather than spread their wealth to free handout libtards. Then we will have inflation that makes today look like an over priced garage sale. China will rush in with products heavily over priced, but still a bargain from the local alternative. China will drain the cash out of America, and the libtards will have few solutions, like what's going on now. Then American default, and China and Russia will buy up the American fire sale and carve us up like a Christmas turkey. The new world order. Tyrants running the world. With iron fists and egos and nuclear weapons.

As for the world future, hard to say, but none of it good. Tyrants die and chaos ensues. Some nukes go off, and massive die out happens, as food production collapses. If there are Remote survivors, then man may end up starting all this over again for the next 200 year democratic experiment. And global warming does its thing as everybody left simply adapts to it. Just like the dinosaurs did.

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