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So have you seen the latest headlines? Russia has lost? Russian nukes being dismantled by international heroes? Putin hauled out of a filthy spider hole and frog marched to the gallows rope? Nope. It's Britney Griner traded for Russian arms dealer. Joy to the world, we have all been saved. Bells ringing and media celebration and high fives on all the TVs. Don't it just make you feel so proud and giddy for the future of mankind? Libtards are proud. They are dancing in the streets. Because they don't have a clue what they really did. The world really isn't better, it's now worse. An entitled hash smoker exchanged for a high powered arms dealer. And it's so familiar, don't it seem? Obama gave $400 million cash to Iran. And we still got Iran troubles today. Obama freed 5 Taliban prisoners to get back one selfish libtard soldier that deserted his post and surrendered to the Taliban. An actual American hero was killed trying to get that moron back. The freed Taliban are now running Afghanistan. And people have the stupidity to say that libtards will save the world. Libtards didn't save Kashogii from Saudi Arabia. After all that fake bluster to one up Trump, Biden granted Saudi Arabia immunity from prosecution. And they didn't save our own Ambassador from a Lybian mob when he begged Obamas white house for help. Libtards are incompetent. The only priority they have is the liberal agenda that continually buys them victory in voting. No matter the cost. Putin is no doubt laughing his ass off in his reserved Putin kind of way. Putin is playing the world like a fiddle, as he continues to blow the crap out of Ukraine.

I feel so bad for Trump right now. Threw everything he is on the line to Make America Great Again. And his reward from BOTH Libtards and the GOP is the quest to destroy all things Trump. Everything he sold is now fraud. What he built is now illegal emoluments violations. His women have all been raped. His complaints are now insurrection. And the things he collects are seized as state secrets. Yup, plan is to do all that is possible to frog march Trump to prison for the rest of his life. That's what he gets for stealing the election from libtard Clinton. Who at the least was a member of the government elite that both sides identify with.

Has anybody heard any leaking going on from inside the White House lately? We all know there is something wrong with the whole Biden picture. The stupidity of his decisions, the craziness of his motions and sayings, the drivel from the vice president, and what's going on with his flawed family members. The fact is that the Biden house is locked up tight and there aint no way Biden is watching all the doors. The fact is that the government is owned by the libtards, and they all got Bidens back. So there is not much leaking. And any leakers are found out and quickly booted. The Biden teem even had the door man booted on his first day and found himself locked out of the white house. A trusted cronny had to rush around from the back side to let Biden in. Trump never got the dignity of that kind of protection. The GOP had no interest in helping an outsider deal with the common problems of the government. Both sides had a big stake in hoping Trump falls on his face, as traitors all around him stuck their feet out on Trump at every turn. Aint that a sad picture of what is going on to protect the free world?

No doubt Trump says stuff that people don't agree with. Made worse by the media that actually ADDs words to what he says, to make the headlines especially worse. Its a vicious world that we all built. I don't back all the things Trump believes or says. But people are free to say what they want in a free speech society. I want him to drain the swamp. But I won't go nuclear on Jews. But I would let Ye buy me lunch and I won't be talking about nuclear Jews. And I won't be drinking or injecting lysol to cure Covid. But I will support fiscal responsibility and strong borders. The good points of what Trump is REALLY interested in. All that other silly talk is just harmless babble. I remember Reagan harmlessly babble about Russia being nuked in an hour as a joke. Ment nothing to me but Russia didn't like being the butt of that joke. But we saw what Reagan was REALLY interested in. Tearing down the wall. So 3/4 of Trumps trouble is really media incitement. And libtards are splitting hairs and gathering the masses of libtards to help put him away. A goon squad infected with Trump derangement syndrum.

Anyways, the laws don't work the same for libtards. Trump was right. The other presidents hauled away presidential booty. But it's covered up as best as humanly possible. Or more likely, just another perk of being a president that nobody really cared to chase. Somehow, the cover up for the Clintons was botched and it came out that the Clintons carted off everything that wasn't nailed down. But there was no FBI raid. The media could not be ignored and the Clintons sent a moving truck worth of stuff back. And that was the end of it. They said there was no more stuff and the FBI believed them. Fast forwards to this decade. The Clintons paid to invent the Pee report on the made up Russia Collusion illusion. I was never surprised. I always knew that a finger wagging Clinton, that could tell the country he never cheated, was no doubt holding a presidential trove of stuff that our rigged government had no plans to chase after.

And that is all bad news for the rest of the free world. Made very clear with todays world events. Ukraine trying to keep the free worlds attention to the nuclear problem, when the US is more bent on putting Trump in prison. And it's the media that's really running the show. Getting anonamous players to whisper a crooked line, and then spinning a tale of world class criminality out of it. With the launch of special investigations as a result. Biden aint really doing any of this. He just props himself up at the podium with that grin of his so he doesn't have to say something that is incoherent. Biden the puppet, as the media is running the country. Maybe that's why the world isn't thinking about nuclear war. The craziness is so bizzar that nobody knows what's coming and going. And people still need to get food for the fridge. Food is alot easier to deal with than craziness. And that's just what the media hopes for, as they take over the world. Just vote the medias vote and go back to your homes where you belong.

Anyways, America is in crazy land right now and the rest of the free world is Americas puppet. And that's why Putin aint really loosing. He's not happy that free world craziness is dumping a ton of weapons into this mess, but he's got a ton of weapons of his own. And plenty of bodies to throw at the problem. As has happened time and again, the free world public interest will be ground down by the media hysteria, and he will be left to finally finish what he intended from the start. Without shooting off his nukes.

And Americas craziness has no end in sight, as the media whips up new scandals from the tid bits that seem to stick to the walls. The libtards are in unison with the media. The most powerful Republican in Trump will be convicted of everything in New York because New York is mostly libtards. Trump as a company will collapse as libtards ban all Trump business. Trump as a person in New York and Georgia will be convicted and shipped to prison because again, the jury will be libtard haters. The word "perk" in every company in this country is criminal tax evasion in all things Trump. History may eventually set it strait about the vilification of the outsider that tried to drain the government swamp, but the man himself may simply die of a heart attack before they close the bars on him. And all his kids will scatter into obscurity, as they hide whatever wealth they retain from vengeful and media backed libtards.

Oh yea. And Putin wins, as North Korea learns, as does China, and Iran, and Pakistan, and Syria, etc...

As for the GOP, they are in disarray with back stabbers and RINOs mixed in the bunch. They are Kinda like Ukraine. Infested with traitors and doomed as a nation when the weapons start to fade away.

People do support the GOP, but will eventually be outnumbered as free handouts, convict voting rights and mass immigration laws crank up libtard voting rosters to numbers that will be unbeatable.

As for Americas future, I suspect an eventual collapse. Just Like Greece. The rich will leave rather than spread their wealth to free handout libtards. Then we will have inflation that makes today look like an over priced garage sale. China will rush in with products heavily over priced, but still a bargain from the local alternative. China will drain the cash out of America, and the libtards will have few solutions, like what's going on now. Then American default, and China and Russia will buy up the American fire sale and carve us up like a Christmas turkey. The new world order. Tyrants running the world. With iron fists and egos and nuclear weapons.

As for the world future, hard to say, but none of it good. Tyrants die and chaos ensues. Some nukes go off, and massive die out happens, as food production collapses. If there are Remote survivors, then man may end up starting all this over again for the next 200 year democratic experiment. And global warming does its thing as everybody left simply adapts to it. Just like the dinosaurs did.
Thank you for that awesome well written article. I was beginning to think there wasnt many level headed people out there who see the whole shit show and the fall of our great country. The plot will thicken after Jan 6 when we take back control of the house. But watch the left pull a clown out of the bag and pull some shady shit with the media on how its the rights fault for everything, and the sad part is that all the libtards  will go along with it, i am sure its from the vax they received with a chip in it. Ever notice how alot of people will walk around with their head done and then all of a sudden they awake and look up when you walk past them, like they can since no chip person just walked by them.

Love how Elon Musk is bringing up evidence on Hunters laptop, I am sure the Feds will find a way to shit that down. So much corruption going on, there is little hope on reversing what the Left did in the last two years, Now they are ramping up Stratosphere aerosol injection to block the sun rays to control climate using/used Sulfur Dioxide, Thats step one, the next step is to fly planes above the these man made clouds and see them with Silver Iodide to make it rain chemicals down on us, they been doing it for years, but has just come to admit they are getting ready to start the program. One can got to sat feed and actually see the planes leaving chemtrails in real time. Have you rain water checked for metals. They have resorted to putting these agents in the jet fuel so all the planes can spray, looking at radarbox thats alot of planes.  But all that is just a couple of grains in their pile of Assault on America.

Where did all the bitcoin go that the left was sending to Ukraine for laundering. Alot of wealthy Dems now with only a  125-250 grand a year salary, amazing what insider trading can do for ya.
Yea, the libtards are kings of sneaky tricks. Look at Manchin. He struck a deal to finally allow libtards pork legislation and then got tricked out of it. His prize of coal industry guarantees in his state were flushed down the commode. That's why Kristen Sinema just bailed on the Democraps. The writing was on the wall that they will cut her loose at the next election. Now she will split the Democrap vote and they can't do much to stop her. Manchin swore he wouldn't do that, but he had better wise up. Or he will be kicked to the curb. None of that helps the GOP since they gain nothing. But it's all just minor upheaval with the Democraps. The GOP is a fricken mess. Loyalty has lost its meaning to them, so they will be the butt of negative media press that turns GOP voters off. The Dem agenda is to sell out my tax dollar treasury to buy more libtard votes. And the GOP has no weapon to fight free money handouts. It's as tragically simple as that. The corruption of the American people that used to be too proud to take free money.

I don't buy into all the conspiracies like con trails and stuff like that. Liberals are just too lazy and dumb to make stuff like that happen, when all they have to do is dump my tax dollars on all the concentrated cities. It's like magic that they then win all the cities. Clinton had a spectacular time selling out America when he dismantled Bushs army that Clinton claimed we had no need for. All that unspent defense dollars was diverted to replenish social handouts to "stimulate" the economy. Then as soon as Bush 2 showed up, we had no defense for the bombing of the World Trade Center. Thousands of people were stripped of their constitutional rights to life by Clinton and the libtards, and never even knew it. Now libtards are desperate to open the floodgates to new libtard immigrant voters. And terrorists are desperate to sneak in and rob thousands more Americans of their Constitutional rights. Because we will always be infidels.

China sees that America is for sale and for free. That's why TikTok is all over the place. And Chinese police stations were opened in our cities. They are moving in so they know all about us when their time comes. Made so easy by leaders too busy trying to destroy the Trumps. Russia will expand their plans as well after they get a breakthru with Ukraine. There's massive riches to be had there, so Russia will really be supercharged after they haul in that prize. Then it's anybodies guess what comes next. But it will be chaos anew as China pounces on Taiwan in coordination with Russias next move. And libtards aint got a clue to deal with it.

Now that Joe has pissed off Saudi Arabia even after he dropped charges against them for the execution of an American reporter by proceeding to
assist Ukraine's war with Russia that they are now joining the Bricks with China and creating their own currency backed by gold and oil along with 13 other countries, even Japan have dumped their US bonds, heck for that matter so are the US feds. What are your thoughts on this?
(Dec 13, 2022, 05:11 am)Macncheeze Wrote: Now that Joe has pissed off Saudi Arabia even after he  dropped charges against them for the execution of an American reporter by proceeding to
assist Ukraine's war with Russia that they are now joining the Bricks with China and creating their own currency backed by gold and oil along with 13 other countries, even Japan have dumped their US bonds, heck for that matter so are the US feds. What are your thoughts on this?

I've already posted on this further back in the thread. This whole thing is a worldwide libtard cluster fuck. From libtard Ukrainians selling off their army to pay their socialist handouts, living a life of denial that Russians would never invade, refusing to evacuate non combatants and watching them be mutilated and cooked in ovens, watching America tuck tail and let people fall off planes in mid flight, insane libtard media posting fake news of Russia loosing, libtards ignoring the nuclear threat and dumping untold billions in weapons to the Ukrainians to keep the angry bees buzzing, and endless libtard sanctions on Russia that end up doing more harm to us than they do to Russians.

This whole fiasco is dead people propped up on sticks. Sucking down our economies and tempting nuclear armageddon. At the same time, all the worlds tyrants get a free show into how to win against American might. Making tyrants bolder and more powerful. War is no longer just about killing soldiers. It's mostly about eroding the will to fight. Russians have plenty of food and fuel they stole from Ukraine. While America was paying $5gal for gas. And getting sick of doing so. Now it's so clear that Russian oil sales are not stopping, that gas prices are plunging again from the reality that nothing has changed in the fuel supply. The sanctions have mostly been a joke. And Russians have been pounding away with old weapons that the media laugh at. While the free world holds low key meetings to figure out why they are running out of weapons to "give" to Ukraine. So it's pretty clear the the free world is being squeezed more than the Russians, as the new congress has announced that the war support is going to be reevaluated.

So what are the world tyrants learning? Cheap old weapons in quantity are very effective against unaffordable top tech war machines. And having cutoff switches to the free world economy makes sanctions pretty much worthless. Oh and having nukes at the ready means you can be hill billies and still fight off the Americans. It makes war basically a Mexican standoff. While the soldiers run around and steal the treasure.

China is the next biggest tyrant nation that is learning all kinds of things that we should not be teaching them. Libtards are outraged by what "Secrets" Trump had in his closet. But see no problems in showing China what it takes to beat us. And the results of all this free education is the move of tyrants to ban together in support and trade. So they can build their own switches to cut away the threat of sanctions. Just like the Russians did. As they race full speed to increase their nuclear weapons. Once all tyrants get setup like the Russians are setup, then there is no more deterrent for all tyrants to invade and pillage, just like the Russians been doing. America may have the most impressive might, but it's pretty useless if China stops selling to us. America is in no way prepared to make all the "made in china" stuff. And I can easily see our libtard government surrender a conflict with huge losses simply because the American people are running out of toilet paper and Iphones.

Hellooo everybody. Hellooo Kevin Hart. From that commercial... So we got the holiday season on top of everything. A season that has nothing to do with what's going on in the world today. Why not just call it what it is in the Three Stooges Christmas season. Where we pretend to be a people of compassion and support. While we know but refuse to see people that are starving and freezing from insane behavior perpetrated from every viewpoint you take. It's been weeks since the last post. But in no way is there a lack of utter shame to point out. I got enough material totally piling up to make the threads biggest post many times over. And it would still be a post that leaves so much out. That's what happens when so many people vanish every day and are covered over to hide their stench. Can you imagine what kind of Holiday season they were having? And that's my point. Rage the machine and post a selfie with a Santa hat on.

Don't ever forget. There is no right side to all of this. It's a cluster fuck from all directions. Huge piles of dead animals are washing up on the beaches. So you see, a cluster fuck from even an animals point of view. People used to lament how humanity was tricked into allowing the holocaust of WW2 to run it's course. And acted with world righteousness as self appointed executioners went on a hanging spree as if all the wrongs were finally made right.

But now we got that shit going on all over again. And this isn't the first time. It's just the first time where it's simply impossible to actually hide it. And the worldwide media has responded by activating the hypnotizing machine. What you see isn't real. Trump is a clown. He will never win. Biden is the pope. And his son is actually jesus who lost his laplop. Be American and join the Defund the police protests. But don't be a traitor by joining the Capital protests. Don't try to figure anything out. Just stare at the pattern on your TV and you will know all you need to know. Important people are already solving all the problems. And all bad actors will be crushed and buried. So smile and hug your families, and be thankful in the spirit of the thankful holiday season.

But if your dying and your family is on fire, have the decency to jump into the septic tank. So we don't have to look at you while we do Xmas...

Nobody is more Anti Russian than I have always been. Not by bigotry, but by inhuman deeds. Just like being Anti Ted Bundy. Nobody would ever be labeled a bigot for being a Ted Bundy hater. But now we got this Zelenski-Biden freak show being lavished on us by the libtard media. Libtards sucking each others dick for the sole purpose of taking away more of MY tax dollars. With no accountability and an FTX-Democrap-Zelenski Crypto circle jerk being exposed by the crooked collapse. It's got me holding up my jaw as I walk around because I got no clue what to do about it. Libtards begging to keep sending the blank checks to blow up Russians...Because the Russians are "loosing"...With no credible signs that the Russians are in fact loosing. It leaves me so conflicted as to what our $80 Billion dollars has really been buying. We been sending mostly old old old weapons stocks to the Ukrainians that had only coke bottle bombs before. Seeming top shelf Javelins with worn out batteries. Old style Howitzers with all the computer tech stripped off. And cheap tiny drones that are hand launched. Other missile systems we "arranged" are old old Soviet systems that were mothballed by allied countries that traded them for Modern American systems that we would have sent them anyway. In fact most all weapons sent to Ukraine have been old old soviet stocks because that is all the Ukrainians are familiar with using. There are no M16 ammunition stock piles in Ukraine. So there are no M16s either. Ukrainians get the old AK47s that cost a dime a dozen by todays tech standards. Which brings us right back to where is all the money going, and why isn't Russians really loosing?

Zelenski got in front of the libtard microphone in DC and said these words: “Your support is crucial, not just to stand in such a fight, but to get to the turning point to win on the battlefield,” Zelenskiy said in his 27-minute speech. ‘Your money is not charity, it’s investment in global security.”

So, despite all the libtard Fake News, and the $80 Billion dollars that have vanished, it would appear from Zelenskis words that we have not actually gotten to a "turning point" in the Russian war yet. Have I ever uttered a peep here that gives a hint that this surprises me? And what about his last sentence. I have an especially hard time with that one. He claims my money is not charity, but an "investment" in global security. Yea, I am having a hard time with that. For some odd reason, the blood in my veins seems to be heating up. How can that be? Is it possible that I'm being feed a load of horse shit? And my body is rejecting it?...

Lets just forget for a moment that we are party to a massive grizzly bear poking and killer bee agitating contest. Lets just look at the battle cry from Ukraines "fearless leader". The guy that has never shot at anybody as he stays holed up in the middle of a city. He's not anybodies General in the purist sense. He's like an "Honorary General" because he begs for free weapons that they don't have. Weapons they used to have, were sold off over the decades to pay the mounting bills of the libtard way of life. Free handouts for everybody indefinitely. The country was so hopelessly disarmed that they made thousands of coke bottle bombs in a comic initial defense. Ill post a link at the tragedy of coke bombs against tanks. The truth the libtard media kept buried. So we got all this, and the libtards engage in a back patting contest, and I'm still looking at all this and holding my jaw up. Because nobody will answer the question. What did $80 billion dollars buy?...

I already posted Russels video of the latest American war machine. State of the art bang bang that's too fast and too invisible for Russians to beat. With an outrageous price tag of $800 million each. Holly crap. What a money pit. But you know, Ukraine could have had a hundred of those by now. Blowing up everything Russian, and even Putin too. And the war could be over by now. Either by Russian surrender or by global nuclear detonation. But that's not what's going on. There are no new aircraft, or missiles, or tanks, or ships. Just lots of hand held small arms equipment, and Arab style IEDs. All costing $80 Billion dollars. With a ton more begging going on, and no demonstration of accountability.

I can't help but see that the horse is stinkin to high heaven and nobody is even trying to stuff the stink back into the horse. That is how stupid the ruling party thinks the voters are. Promise the free handouts and the voters will look the other way. While the libtard party to grab more cash plays out on world TV. This aint no loan that Ukraine is talking about. It's a demand for endless free money to save a country too lazy on free money to invest in their own "global security". So why should my tax dollars be spent to buy them global security that they refused to build for themselves? And I'm not even considering the world peril of nuclear holocaust that looms over us each day that our free gift of weapons blows up more Ruskies.

So the insanity continues with no end in sight. Congress has a small shake up that may make changes, but you really can't stuff the stink back into the horse. Not a stink of this size. Libtards have created one hell of a mess. And Trump and his supporters are being railroaded into prison life or death. A lesson to all that dare challenge the libtards. Its all rigged, libtards own the system, and they will take all the money until there's no more money to take. And I'm talking about the free world money. Aint nobody taking Russias money, same goes with China and all their new friends. Libtards may think they rule the world, but they are just idiots in great numbers. And the stupidity that's taking over the free world will be crushed by the sneaky tyrants that break all the rules.

Here you go. The fecklessness of the coke bottle war...

Key Ukrainian city's rapid fall leaves unanswered questions

Merry Xmas everybody. And keep a thought to all those that didn't escape to see another Xmas. Because in a world war, we could all be desperate for an escape.
A friend of mine is a retired Colonel in the Army. A Trump supporter was telling him that if Ukraine wanted our help, they should have got it in writing. My friend responded, "They did."

We signed a treaty with Ukraine, the UK, and Russia in 1994 to provide defense if they sent all their nukes back to Russia. They did. Us coming to the aide of Ukraine is us fulfilling our obligation as set out by a signed treaty. Our national honor and reputation is at stake.
(Dec 25, 2022, 21:34 pm)Iliketacos Wrote: A friend of mine is a retired Colonel in the Army. A Trump supporter was telling him that if Ukraine wanted our help, they should have got it in writing. My friend responded, "They did."

We signed a treaty with Ukraine, the UK, and Russia in 1994 to provide defense if they sent all their nukes back to Russia. They did. Us coming to the aide of Ukraine is us fulfilling our obligation as set out by a signed treaty. Our national honor and reputation is at stake.

Did you read this? It has not been a relavent read to whats been going on so far. And why do you think a Trump supporter is relevent info for this conversation? Kim Kardashian could have talked to your Colonel and it would have made no extra difference. This document is the Nuke reductions treaty, that so far has not been broken. It says any country that attacks or threatens Ukraine with Nuclear weapons will be in big trouble by the other nuclear powers. Hmmmm. Well since nobody has even threatened Ukraine with nukes, then nobody has any obligation to do squat for Ukraine. And that's the end of that. But you can go to youtube and playback Biden mouthing off to the world that "grave consequences" will happen if Russia shoots nukes at Ukraine. And as brain dead as Biden is, I kinda believe that Biden would shoot off all our nukes if a Russian nuke exploded in Ukraine. But I just want all this to be over before idiots screw things up hopelessly.

In the mean time, the war goes on solely because Ukraine is willing to blow up Russians with our weapons we give them for free. Hard to say how long before Russia finds a way to hit us hard in retaliation. They are no doubt hard at work looking for a target that they can hit unseen. Like one of our submarines. Or a carrier group out of range of our satelites. A hit kinda like a hit on the Nord stream pipelines. Its blown up and everybody saying not me.

Anyways, Ukraine had a 800,000 man army with 350 ships, 1600 aircraft, and 14000 armored vehicles when they declared their independence from the USSR. The biggest army anywhere. But they also went into economic crisis that they had no money to fix. So they sold off most all their conventional arms in a big downsizing, rather than develop the ultra rich lands that they owned. And now we all got what we got. The never ending whine of people with no bank vaults being robbed by bank robbers. Can't help but blame both sides for that stupidity.
No, it doesn't only concern someone attacking Ukraine with nukes. Specifically it says, "obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or politiclal independance of Ukraine.... Refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise of Ukraine of the rights inherant in its sovereignty...."
It later talks about not using nukes against a non nule country, but economic coercion and "force" don't depend on nukes to be a problem.

"the war goes on solely because Ukraine is willing to blow up Russians with our weapons we give them for free." You forgot a small thing. Ukraine is willing to blow up Russians in Ukrainian territory after Russia invaded then and attacked them first. FOrgetting that part is a little silly.
(Dec 28, 2022, 00:50 am)Iliketacos Wrote: No, it doesn't only concern someone attacking Ukraine with nukes. Specifically it says, "obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or politiclal independance of Ukraine.... Refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise of Ukraine of the rights inherant in its sovereignty...."
It later talks about not using nukes against a non nule country, but economic coercion and "force" don't depend on nukes to be a problem.

"the war goes on solely because Ukraine is willing to blow up Russians with our weapons we give them for free." You forgot a small thing. Ukraine is willing to blow up Russians in Ukrainian territory after Russia invaded then and attacked them first. FOrgetting that part is a little silly.

"and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations." Now don't be forgetting to include this part of it. Cherry picking is not allowed when trying to nit pick an argument.

In any court of laws, context is EVERYTHING. And clearly the context of this treaty is nuclear weapons. Not any ole weapon. So. Ukraine is NOT protected from being shot at by BB guns, cap guns, pop guns, potato guns, long guns, extra long guns, huge guns, flying guns, howitzer guns, missile guns, and every other gun that is of a non nuclear nature. Because Ukraine could get conventional weapons for their own protection at any time of their choosing. But they can't get nukes after they gave them up, so this security guarantee gives them protection against a nuke attack on them. 

So there you go. The reason nobody in the world other than Ukraine has been shooting at the Russians openly. And can't lawfully do so. Russians may choose to break international laws, but we can't be doing so if we expect to hold them accountable for their illegal activities. The genocide stuff they do and the use of banned weapons that are laid out in other treaties not mentioned in this treaty.

Clearly nobody has forgotten anything. Even the Ruskies have not forgotten why they can't nuke parts of Ukraine. Or they would have done so already.
I think there's an old song I used to hear on the radio with lyrics that said "In the year 2525"... I highly doubt that we will be around then as free thinking intelligent beings. Any stragglers left will be desperate animals living from hole to hole. Eating or being eaten. We have too many enemies before us with no plan to defeat. Bio enemies man made and evolutionary. With their own instincts to eat us down to survive. AI enemies that will spring up way faster than we can react. Space enemies in falling rocks already on paths of global destruction. And then there is mans worst enemy, himself. Bent on sewing the seeds of self destruction. Yup, it would seem that we are making it hard just to get to 2025. Hah

So as we somehow made it thru another year in the spec of time as rulers of this world, it should be humbling to see that we have meerly gotten started. After all, we have barely tens of thousands of years under our belt compared to hundreds of millions of years of beastly dinosaur rule. One could think that we are the mighty kings, when you survey the tall cities, the marvel of machines, and the happenings in the space around us. All within the spec of time that we ruled.

But mans deeds don't end there. He has been unable to eliminate his violent animal instincts. And as such, has created mighty seeds of destruction that stand ready to destroy all that mans rein has built in those thousands of years. So by any civilized standard, the dinosaurs may always be the undisputed kings of planet earth. But a rather meaningless title when the sun eventually burns out and incinerates all the planets around it. So it would seem, that even the mighty dinosaurs are at the mercy of any being that can conquer their inner demons and carry the knowledge of the life of earth out into the universe. And it's possible that alien beings will be the ones to dig us all up and carry away our knowledge before it's burned to cinders.

So, as we say our sayings and drink our little drinks, let us strive and hope to make a new year that is indeed better than the one that has just past. Because it looks to me like the road we are building is heading for the cliffs.


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