Wrong code
I get the wrong error code when i try to add to index on the uploading page. The stickied threat says i might be banned (just made an account yesterday so i dont see why).

What do i do now?
You're not banned, but you are using Tor. Tor cannot be used to upload to TPB. Upload directly, or find another proxy.
I just used the piratebrowser and (it seems) succesfully uploaded?
Yes, it looks like it, sometimes you will get lucky and strike a Tor exit node which isn't blocked yet.
I have the same problem.
I can't upload a torrent because everytime i get the "wrong error" code.

Since in my country TPB is blocked, I' ve tried to use proxies, Tor, free VPNs, but that problem isn't solved.

Anyone can help me to solve this issue?
Buy a VPN instead of using a free one (VPN, proxy) - Paid don't get blocked so much. (and/or are unblocked easily)
Hi i try to register for 3 days and always wrong code i suggest for who have problems with wrong code to install chrome extension unblock the pirate bay
at first attempt i finally register now waiting for confirmation email.I hope will come soon... but still waiting.Can i have manual activation on account on pirate bay site the mail is still missing Huh i give you the username or email for activation on PM if is possible thanks.
(Dec 09, 2013, 16:32 pm)NIK Wrote: You're not banned, but you are using Tor. Tor cannot be used to upload to TPB. Upload directly, or find another proxy.

I run a Tor bridge (not an exit node) on a raspberry pi at home to help out the Tor network as a whole. From a completely separate box that is NOT using Tor (doesn't even have the client installed), but behind the same public IP, I'm trying to register an account on TPB. Every single time, I get "wrong code".

Do I have to choose between either A) supporting the Tor network, or B) Being able to register for a TPB account?

(In case it helps: The recaptcha TPB makes you complete in order to submit something via their "Contact us" form *DOES* work for me just fine.)

Got around it by registering via a VPN. TPB needs to be smarter about how they filter out Tor traffic.

Moe edited Dec 19, 2013 16:02 pm this post because:

You IP address is not banned, and it appears you already have an account registered.

Bridges aren't blocked, only exit nodes.

Thank you so much for your advice on what we "need" to do. Obviously, since the torrent site you're running is so much more popular than the one we run, we have a lot to learn from smart guys like you. Rolleyes

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