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Full Version: Wrong code
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while uploading i get 'wrong code '........what is problem with it

please fix it .............thanks
Try now Cool
Same problem here.. as we speak.. also.. what goes as announce URI?
Thanks very much ........working Now...
Having this problem as well. :\ I'd appreciate if you could fix it please!
Same problem here... Any solution?
I am same problem also.
I just created an account and I get the Error - wrong code when I try to upload a torrent.
Your ip adresses may have been blacklisted because of unwanted behaviour. You should make ONE post HERE explaining your problem. A moderator will look into it if you are kind enough.
I get the wrong error code when i try to add to index on the uploading page. The stickied threat says i might be banned (just made an account yesterday so i dont see why), but the 'here' in the last post doesnt lead to any thread.

What do i do now?