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Windows 10 sleeps even when told not to!
I've found complaints on the internet about Win10 sleeping and then shutting off after a few minutes, and some suggested solutions to the problem - Most of them are workarounds like "let's try some fiddling to see if it works" kind of stuff. I've got the issue myself on my new Asus G712 notebook and it's pretty annoying, as are the alleged solutions (as none works). I've set timers to sleep after 1hour, 1 day, not at all, including the hidden "unattended" one, I've got the hibernation off and all. Not even running apps like NoSleep works. 

WHY, why MS wants to seize control of my PC and force me to save energy when I want to leave it running for some time?
I honestly have no idea, I've always been fine myself.  Not had any problems like that and I run multiple versions of Windows 10 new and old and never has anything happened of the sort.  My only complaint was the other week and that was down to shoddy work at AMD and the programmers there had messed up programming the AMD card software so it was their fault and goes out globally to everybody but it wasn't a Win10 issue at all.
(Feb 07, 2021, 07:02 am)dueda Wrote: WHY, why MS wants to seize control of my PC

Gee who would have thought running a closed source OS notorious for violating their users freedom would do any of the sort? Rolleyes

That being said, maybe check and see if there is a power management menu in your BIOS setup?
I just thought that I would mention while you're on the subject of Windows 10.  A while ago I figured this whole Win10 thing out.  Turns out when they do the major updates, what happens is that it spends ages sometimes doing all this updating for the OS.  Turns out it's not really doing that at all what's happening is they are spending ages while you're online you think you're downloading and installing a new version of Windows 10 but infact what is going on is they are having a good look on your computer and spending ages doing that not really installing anything.

I figured it out a few months ago it's just that I can't talk about it because I would reveal the secrets about what's going on so I have to keep my mouth shut but you can actually block all the telemetry and when Windows goes for a major update and spends a bit of time doing that because you've blocked it all from Microsoft it can't do anything like spy on your machine so what happens is it just goes to the new version in literally only a few minutes and that's it really you reboot and then it's working again.

All this nonsense about waiting for ages for a new version to install it's not doing that it's just spying on you.  If you block them they can't do it then so the system defaults back to the desktop again after reboot and then it updates to the new version and says so in the system info.  It's just a front really that's all so they can have a good spy and take anything off they don't agree with but if you're like me you can block them from doing that so there's nothing they can do and then force them to update and give you your computer back.

As far as the problem you seem to be having I would just make sure all power options are deactivated like I said I've never had any problems as I sometimes seed for very long periods so I can't allow such things to happen I have to keep my machines working without fail.
sounds more like an issue with your laptop than Window 10... IF you have set sleep-mode to Never. And since it's a laptop, have you checked for both on power and on battery? have you also checked that no Asus tools so it's not them that's interfering
(Feb 10, 2021, 20:12 pm)Q91 Wrote: have you checked that no Asus tools so it's not them that's interfering

I removed most Asus apps and services, leaving only the drivers (there're a lot of them) and the MyAsus app which is more like a basic customer support app, it doesn't run / has services on the background.
And it appears to be working now. Hard to tell, as other previous remedies made it work / stop working again. Don't know if it will stay normal for long or next Ruindows Fupdate will break it, whatever.
But looks like removing Asus Armory Crate (control panel for Power modes, RGB effects, etc) and the Performance Settings Service (whatever its called) works.

So, Thanks Q!
I have a new asus m15 and it looks like asus took control over the power options completely. All but control of the sleep, screen off and low battery settings. I thought it was Windows for a while, I tried to get some of the settings to activate through command prompts, but even that didn't work.

My system does obey the settings that are available though. Maybe something is wrong, like parental controls -> screen time or something. I found a utility that lets you access power setting I never knew existed, but even that didn't work. I'm not quit ready to uninstall the Asus software just yet, but if you do, you could try this utility:


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