What to do with torrents that aren't getting to the 1.0 share ratio
So I'm a new man and I seed torrents now after years of not recognising the importance of it (forgive me father for I have sinned).
I know the etiquette is at least 1x share ratio, and for ones I know have VERY few seeders I generally just keep those running.

the issue is I'm starting to run low on space. 
I like to rename the torrent files and move them into my folder structure for my plex library. Obviously renaming and moving them then causes the client issues in finding the original files to seed, and so I copy the downloaded files into my file structure for plex and do the renaming with the duplicates. I then delete (most of) the files in my torrent download directory once they hit that golden number 1 share ratio.
However, while I have seeding turned on for them all, a lot of these just aren't utilised enough and I'd say 80% are below 0.5 with no sign of quick increase. 

any advice here? I imagine I'm probably doing this all wrong
i use BiglyBT after having used Vuze for a long time.

apologies for the noobism.
Fuck, never mind; just found out I embarrassed myself. Sorry. TL;DR. Smile.

EDIT: Might be a stupid question, but what kinds of "advice" are you looking for?

From what I gather, you can delete your torrents, save it, buy another hard drive, put the files on a free space, and reload the torrents in the client by specifying the new location.

It should work that way.

Rule of thumb: wait for a month for the share ratio to rise to be sure that the torrent is not finished.

You see, a torrent can stop uploading and it doesn't have to be your fault. People might lose interest and that can be a big reason.
Nobody is gonna come after you for not meeting a certain ratio. It's all up to you and your convenience / discretion.

Personally, I put my torrent downloads on a 500gb internal hdd (recycled from a dead craptop) dedicated to just that purpose. If ti fails it wont kill my system and I will likely be able to recuperate anything important. I keep stuff seeding there if it's rare, without minding the ratio. When it gets time to free up space I get rid of the ones that have reached a ratio of at least 1.5, but that's just my own target. I then have a 2tb external drive for stuff I wanna keep, organized and often renamed, easy to plug into my media center or chuck in a bag and plug into any machine where I go.
This is really good advice. I never thought to use a spare HDD for my torrent download folder. I'll definitely do this. Thanks guys

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