Russians are buying more plant milk
Russians have begun to consume more vegetable milk: last year's sales growth amounted to 123%. This data is given in the research, which was received by "Gazeta.Ru" from the online grocery delivery service SberMarket.

The research, conducted by the company, was timed to coincide with the Day of Milk, which is celebrated all over the world on June 1. According to the results of the study, over the past year, the demand for vegetable milk has grown by 123%.

It is noted that Russians like coconut milk the most. In second place now is soy milk, in third place is almond milk. Fourth most popular is oat milk, and the bottom of the top five is hazelnut milk.

According to the service, the consumption of plant-based milk has increased 4.5 times since July 2020. The popularity of alternative milk is growing even though its price is higher than usual: a package of vegetable drink costs an average of 158 rubles 20 kopecks.

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