What Russians Themselves Think of Their Own Government's Propaganda Machine

NFKRZ is a Russian Youtuber who left Russia, but not because of his heroism, instead he saw the writing on the wall of the Russian Federation.

Very funny video.
I am not sure on the video, not too interested to watch at the moment.

What new will I hear? I am a native Russia's Russian, from Kamchatsky Krai, that's the right down part, that looks like a, well, "head." Don't recommend to go here, this place sucks: It is advertised as a great place, in reality nothing to be proud of.

The gov't propaganda is insane, the level of insanity tops the worst in 2014, where it gone a new level of bad that it forced me to learn English (my school wasn't teaching it well) and try to find out other ways of getting sources. It is, indeed, like 1984, except this madness has the modern technology. The "good" news is the gov't kind of broke on finances, incapable to do China-style full censorship/surveillance, plus the CPU bans, corporate boycotts, and of course sanctions, all of that made its intention to be the "Big Brother" wrecked. Did it affect usual folks? Yes, we cannot buy tech as it used to be ourselves, everything became worse. Not like tech is on the priority list, to survive from a salary to the next is more important. But, I think, let it be broke, better than to have total 1984 in its worst wraith. Of course I am preparing to leave. Like, excuse me, I am no Navalny to play a hero in jail or be poisoned by radioactive tea: I consider this way ineffective.

Independent media do exist, a little. Pushed out of the country, blocked by ISPs, to access news without a VPN is unreal. Very few okayish available. The scale of these media, let alone quality, is not compatible to what the global Internet gives. The overall situation is very bad, makes the country weaker long-term: A proper criticism of a project or a decision of any high-ranking person is a great way to counter flaws, become better, as the whole. When an entity in power misuses it to "hear no criticism," they have bad advices, self-deceived, bad intel, make sillies mistakes not possible in a free competitive environment. The same to usual product competition: Monopolies lead to low quality, stagnation. This is the reason why I shake my head on isolationism that the gov't started to push harder in the 2010s, it doesn't defend our interests, it makes Russia worse.

If Russia was a free society without totalitarian corruption at the core and without propaganda daily, a war could not happen in the 1st place. Unfortunately we are not in such a reality.

To sum up: Russia's gov't-run propaganda machine destroys Russia.
(Aug 21, 2022, 12:47 pm)Slow Mo Wrote: I am not sure on the video, not too interested to watch at the moment.

My recommendation:  Do not watch without getting high first.  Seriously.
come here to look for a less whack Reddit on these types of topic. Looking good so far
(Sep 22, 2022, 21:19 pm)The Guardian Wrote: In the far-eastern city of Khabarovsk, one man was detained for a sign that read: “Mobilise yourself, you lice-infested rat.”

Now that's bravery!

No this scammer like many other YouTubers left to open a bank account in another country for cashing in his YouTube Ads money for doing anti Russian videos, because pro or neutral Russian videos will get you demonetarized or even banned.
This Weed guy is scared to be mobilized, because when they check and notice that someone on social security makes money on the sideline from anti Russian videos then I'm sure they will mobilized him. ?
In my option any country should cancel any social security for such people for life.

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