Programming on Cell Phones
Sorry for ditching the thread.

Does Linux Mint have IDEs to make Android apps out of the box?

I would be inclined to do so if it does, just like it has pretty much everything.
I am pretty sure there is a way because Android is based off Linux. I don't know how, but google might.
(Delayed reply. Maybe it might be of help to you / someone.)

Kotlin language is preferred by many over Java, if you are starting from scratch.
"Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva" appears to be a good book to start.

As for IDE, try Android Studio. It is the 'official' one. Eclipse is apparently 'buggy' but  catching up.

As for resources, 'Android development for Beginners' by Google is widely recommended.
See: TPB Torrents

This tutorial to create and run a simple Hello world app, might be helpful.

Can a plugin for Netbeans help?

If so, which one?
(Dec 25, 2015, 19:39 pm)RobertX Wrote: Hey guys,
My programming skill is rusting badly, so I would like to do something new. I have decided to do cell phone programming like Android.
How do I start?

Hello, if you want to start with cell phone programming, I can recommend the following. I had an experience at university and my friends are developers. 
To start choose a programming language: Android development is done mostly in Java or Kotlin. If you at least get the basics in these languages it will be much easier for you to get started. Then you need to install Android Studio IDE (it includes a code editor, emulator, and debugging tools).
Learn the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Then start to develop simple apps. Also, highly neglected: to join the Android app development community. There are many online forums, blogs, and social media groups, where you can connect with developers. And if you don't have enough experience or skills yet, don't hesitate to contact professionals who offer Android app development services, you can find many quality developers when searching in platform (Clutch, Crunchbase). But if you want to continue by yourself, remember that learning Android development takes time and effort. Start with small projects, and gradually improve your skills. With the right amount of dedication, you develop the apps you want
Thank you for the response to a very old thread, artlaz, but I will excuse it because it is still on my mind as of late.

Right now, I've taken up spoken languages like Chinese and French, but getting experience on something like programming Android apps may still be in the cards for me.

Should I get a cell to test out my programs or does it matter?

I'm not experienced in using modern cellphones like smarttphones, but I'll try to get one soon.

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