Poll: What do you use to code GUI applications?
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Favourite Programming Language to design GUI Applications
I've been back to coding using a text editor, and it has paid off.

However, I know that I will have to cross paths with GUI programming.

I happened to come across Gambas, a distant, open source cousin of Visual Basic. It has a set of features like coding QT applications and GTK.

What do you guys use to make graphically-based applications?
Visual Studio, has to be the most epic free thing ever.
I use Notepad that comes with Microsoft Windows 8 and Borland Turbo C 2.01 compiler along with Borland Turbo Assembler 4.1 compiler. Although it is 16bit softwares that are produce I use WinRAR 3.93 to activate DOSBox 0.74 so that the 16bit GUI can interface with 32/64bit Windows. It is really a long ways around it however short of making a true 32bit/64bit application that is all I know.
Visual Studio is easier to understand and learn.

As an alternative, I would suggest AutoIT.
I have used GW Basic then Visual basic. After that moved to C and C++. But my favorites languages are Java and PHP.
I use Notepad that comes with Microsoft Windows 10

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