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Full Version: Programming on Cell Phones
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Hey guys,

My programming skill is rusting badly, so I would like to do something new. I have decided to do cell phone programming like Android.

How do I start?
You mean programming on Android or programming for Android?
What's the difference?

Well, I want to make apps for it.
If i understand it correctly...

"For" android means you make apps for it. Just like what you want. ^_^
"On"means you program android itself. Like Forking it maybe. ^_^
I think this should be a fine start:

Also, the entire website will help you: is another cool site Smile
Thanks, will check.
The offical page has great guides if you already have a basic understanding of programming.
I bookmarked this thread thanks to the OP and all the posters.
If anyone wants to develop for iOS the documentation is here:
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