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Plugins on Daz 4.9
Will old plugins from 4.8 below work on 4.9? Some of them require serial no and since 4.9 start to use daz cloud stuff, I'm afraid that they might not pass verification.
To my knowledge most newer plug-ins were built on the Daz 4.5 Software Development Kit. if they are built for Daz 4.5 or above then they should work.

The "Cloud Stuff" you refer to is, as far as I know, only related to certain Daz content ('Daz Connect Only'). Despite popular belief, Daz Studio does NOT need to be connected to the interwebz constantly. The only time you need to connect is if you have purchased a Daz Connect Only product. You don't even have to connect in order to download it through Studio. You can download an offline version of the product and install it manually. You DO however need to connect in order to validate that product. Certain files in the product are encrypted. Daz Studio will unlock those products (assuming they have been purchased legitimately) when you connect. You can then disconnect and use the products without a problem.

That being said, some plug-ins do have their own cloud verification process in order to validate serials/unlock codes, etc. These, however, tend to be unrelated to Daz Studio and the verification is based at the creator's website, not with Daz.
Yeah some of the plugins have their own verification and that is my concern. I hope they will get work on 4.9 as well. I'm thinking of upgrading to 4.9 because from what I've read, improved performance on 3delight and iray. Thanks for the reply.
(Aug 16, 2016, 04:44 am)akizz Wrote: Yeah some of the plugins have their own verification and that is my concern. I hope they will get work on 4.9 as well. I'm thinking of upgrading to 4.9 because from what I've read, improved performance on 3delight and iray. Thanks for the reply.

So far as I can tell they all still work.

Put it this way, the ones I had on 48 betas & releases still work on 49 betas & releases.
External, third party plugin verification by definition has nothing to do with your concern about Daz Connect. If it works on 4.8, there's no reason it should be any different on 4.9 because third party verification, again, by definition, has nothing to do with Daz Studio or its updates. I'm repeating it because you seemed to miss it being pointed out previously in the first response. Likewise, unless you have a plugin that has broken over every single major revision since 4.5 thus far, it should work fine.
With the exception of first party plugins (like Measure Metrics and Mimic Live), nearly all plugins are built against the Public SDK, which hasn't had a revision of any kind really in forever (it's still at 4.5.something). And even some of that first party stuff works, as long as you don't go with an older installation than the version it was built against. Example: I copied Measure Metrics newest version over to the Public Release (Beta), and it would fail to load because of version mismatch (makes sense, public release versus beta). Found my old install of the beta that had an ancient version of Measure Metrics (like from when it was new). Copied that plugin and overwrote the new one, BAM! Measure Metrics in the beta.
Connect is literally a means of cloud delivery/DRM for content. Just content. Even the serial number system for Daz Studio itself is a simple check against a whitelist, else all those fancy serials posted everywhere like CGPersia wouldn't work. And they do. Long story short, you are making a way bigger deal out of Connect than it could possibly be, and trying to make it a factor where it isn't, and has no logical reason to be. You are either worried about Connect spying on you, or you are worried about plugins breaking. They have nothing to do with each other, in any case, and neither is likely to happen without some active user involvement.
You don't have to repeat it again. I understand it after one read. I'm just telling what my early concerns are. I'm not sure how I made this a big deal. I'm just asking.
It wasn't intended to be harsh or anything. You asked about plugins not working because of Connect, and De4lt pointed out it was unrelated. You then reiterated that your concern was third party plugins not working/activating without giving an alternate reason why, which implied the concern was still Connect. To me, it seemed you didn't understand they weren't related, and as there has been a lot of misconception about what Connect is/does, it is often viewed as something that is a much bigger deal than it really is, which was all I meant my statement regarding a big deal to mean. It wasn't necessarily just to clarify for you in case you were still misunderstanding, it was also to ensure anyone else who came across the thread later on would understand they are entirely unrelated. I also covered plugin compatibility with newer versions of Studio, since the thread title itself is pretty open. None of it was meant as a personal attack, just ensuring the information was understood by yourself and any future visitors, hopefully.
Okay then. Thank you for the reply. Case closed.

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