Daz Cart Trouble.
Maybe everyone else knows about this problem and how to resolve it, but I didn't and it cost me dear.
Anyway. I was shopping at Daz during the Pre-Christmas 50% off sales, and selected a few of the Now Crowd Billboard items I'd been wanting, but couldn't afford at nearly $30 each. I selected 3 items and put them in my Cart.
Then, realising I hadn't logged in, I did so, and although my Cart had a number 3 on it, my Cart was empty when I clicked on it.
Okay I thought. I'll do it all again and get on with the purchase, but it wouldn't work because it said each of the items I wanted was already in my Cart. But they weren't!
Man I was getting shitty now. Angry 
I sent a Contact email to Daz explaining my problem. Of course Christmas got in the way and it was a few days before they got back to me. They explained it was a glitch in their system, but if I added something else to my Cart, my Cart would Open and all my items would be there. Then just delete the item I didn't want. I did this and it worked fine. Smile
The only problem is, I missed the sale!!! Angry
So take note if you didn't know of this problem before.
I've put the items in my Wish-list now and will wait until another Sale comes along.

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