New TPB accounts available
Despite making it quite clear in the first post of this thread about where to request an account, several members have ignored what I've said and posted an account request in this forum - Site Issues.

Site Issues is a public forum and can be seen by everyone.

You should be posting in Account Issues, which is a private forum.

I realise one or two of you are a bit giddy and excited about getting a TPB account, but if you can't follow simple instructions, we're not going to help you. If you are overcome with Icanhaztypingitis and post your request in Site Issues, your thread will be trashed.
Glad that I got this opportunity to register  Big Grin
Thanks for this opportunity Cool
so hyped!
OMG thanks for this opportunity for my register.  Big Grin
Can you disclose as to why TPB registrations are back?

EDIT: And so suddenly?
So suddenly ? Its been years, hardly sudden.
(Jun 29, 2023, 07:58 am)RobertX Wrote: Can you disclose as to why TPB registrations are back?

EDIT: And so suddenly?
thank you so much for this!

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