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Full Version: New TPB accounts available
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Winston is working on reopening registrations on TPB, which have been closed since May 2019.

In the meantime, he's given us a tool to create new user accounts.

If you want to start uploading but don't have an account, you can now have one by posting in Account Issues. Just name your thread after your forum username (eg 'Timmy's account issues thread'), and state your preferred TPB username with an email address that we can put on the account. One of us will then check if the username is already in use and get back to you. If you already upload to other public torrent sites and want to post links to your accounts there, that's great, but it's not essential.

Be patient in waiting for a reply. It may take a few days because we expect the Account Issues forum to be busier than usual. It's already the busiest subforum on suprbay.

Do not PM staff and crew and start pestering them for an account. If you do, you'll be ignored and slapped.

Do not ask when registrations will open fully because none of us know. More on that when it happens.

Please note that the commenting function will not be returning so you should only apply if you wish to upload.

Edit: All new accounts will have a torrent limit of 50 uploads per day. Should anyone have designs on becoming a prolific scene uploader, you can request the limit be lifted once your account is established.
Thanks for the news, Spud17!

It's a sigh of relief for everyone!
TNX...good day today.. GOD bless TPB :-)
Good news  Smile
(Jun 27, 2023, 07:11 am)Spud17 Wrote: [ -> ]Winston is working on reopening registrations on TPB, which have been closed since May 2019.

That's interesting. I posted this question in a thread that got no responses and I'm pretty sure I already asked this question a few years ago here, again to no responses. (

If new accounts are going to be available, can we assume seeder counts could start growing, as well as the torrents themselves?

Wonderful News Smile
I will certainly be applying. I'm sure this will bring new life into the pirate bay
The banner in the Account Issues forum says that registrations are disabled now, how come?
Sounds awesome Big Grin
edit : OK I'm requesting one now !
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