Music / Song Identification thread.
(Since there wasn't one I thought I'd create a thread for this, like the movies ID thread.)

Could anyone help me identify the song in this clip.

The sound quality is not great, but I hope there's enough in it.
It is a .wav file (200 KB)

Thank you :-)
the war on drugs - an ocean in between the waves
Lovely. Thank you bob Smile
protip - that segment had a generous amount of audible lyrics, all i had to do was type 'em on google search. Wink
True. I got a couple of words wrong and the search went astray. "misheard lyrics syndrome" :-)
a long time ago piratebay promoted an awsome pirate band, i remember downloading it and it was awsome, sadly for some reason i lost the music and its driving me crazy, i can remember just a few songs but my search for the band has got me nothing, if you guys could point me to the right direction and help me get the name to listen to there music ones more would be realy awsome.
thanks and hope for some one to help me on my quest..... for awsome music
You can see all the bands TPB has promoted, on the promo bay here:

It may take you a while to go through them but without any more information to go in, it's all I can suggest at the moment.
Are you talking about Ye Banished Privateers?
(May 20, 2015, 04:15 am)System Folder Wrote: Are you talking about Ye Banished Privateers?

The only thing I can  its that they have song that its like why cant a woman be a pirate or somthing to do with woman been a pirate
Big Grin  rofl when u r having a song ina head u haven't got it somewhere else  Big Grin 

sorry was just funny Im off now Rolleyes

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