Do you guys listen to Chinese Music?
It can be anything, folk songs, opera, Mandarin pop, Cantonese pop, music from other dialects like Min, Wu, or Hakka, anything!

Growing up, even in Canada, I've been listening to a lot of Chinese music, I guess a tribute to the multicultural environment provided by a Canadian society, I even listen to that than American pop culture music like gangsta rap and death metal.

I know Chinese people don't make their presence known in SuprBay, but if you need my help in finding a song in Cantonese or Mandarin, I believe I can prove resourceful in these matters.

Let's talk, collaborate, and help each other.
I've just been trying to find new music in general, so far I fell in love with Armin Van Buuren Balance album, he's from holland and not china so obv he doesnt count.
Well it is off-topic, but thanks for sharing anyways.

Do you know that Armin Van Buuren torrents are being shared in the "Promote Your Torrents" section?

It's here:
I watched a classic chinese opera live back in the late 90ties - the peony pavilion. Was a 3 day marathon. Pretty intense. Took a while to get into it what with all the strange archaic chinese stuff, but after a few hours I was hooked. I'm not big on the chinese/taiwanese pop music. I had a malay/chinese gf in singapore once. She loved that shit. I didn't. But we both liked bowie so...
I only listen to chinese music like one or two times. I prefer Western Music and lately i have been listen a lot to Gangsta Rap.

Zhao Wei (Vicky Zhao), i like when she sings that song.

I like this one: the theme song of Infernal Affairs starring/sung by Andy Lau and Tony Leung. They had two versions of the same song: Cantonese and Mandarin.

You see, both Lau and Leung may be Communist lapdogs in China to rake up more dough for recognition by the Mainland fans, but they are pretty talented, much like how Chris Benoit is a suicidal wife-beating child-murderer, but I still respect his accomplishments. Do I find that hard to believe? No.

That subject can be argued at another time at another place; I was just trying to articulate the point that talent does not equal to political affiliation.

Another one, by the Hong Kong band "Beyond." In 1993, the former leader Wong Ka Kui fell off a stage and was deceased in the band's performance in Japan. This song is about freedom. Most of their songs, including this one, are banned from broadcast in Mainland China due to their messages. This is exactly why any Communist regime, anywhere, is dangerous to the world.

Just voicing my opinions, by the way, but they are real to me.
"Ming Tian Hui Gan Hao," or "Tomorrow will be better."

Not the original artists, but I thought you'd want English subtitles, something I neglected to add.

Here it is:

I suppose most (90%+) of the world will never be exposed to any kind of Chinese art. Thanks to teenish female bands and hyped mobile phones, Korea is much more known.
In South America at least, the only thing Chinese are the laundries and restaurants in most cities downtown districts.
Good Chinese art comes from the past.

These days, the HK stars who made themselves famous are trying hard to fall in favour of the Communists.

But once they were pretty good.

If you are looking to delve into music, do try 80s-90s Canto/Mandopop.

EDIT: I'm open to requests! Send them all in!

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