Poll: What music genre do you enjoy the most?
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4 11.76%
10 29.41%
3 8.82%
1 2.94%
4 11.76%
3 8.82%
4 11.76%
2 5.88%
Other (please specify)
3 8.82%
Total 34 vote(s) 100%
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What music genre do you enjoy the most?
Feel free to vote and comment on your favorite music genre or pick the genre that best fits your subgenre! Let's see which genre comes out on top.

Remember, subgenre is not listed in the poll, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!
My votes:

1) Rap: From probably 1988-2010 (with the only rap group exception being Czarface that came out in 2013). the Golden age of rap where Lyrics and style meant something. No Autotune, mumble rap or whatever you wanna say it bastardized into today.

2) Electronic: probably my favorite time was from around 2007-2015, but all styles as long as the song was good.

3)Other: 90s Grunge/alternative. nuff said

these are prob my top 3 in no paticular order, because whatever i'm in the mood for becomes my favorite at the time.
Choosing a genre is not going to happen. There is good music and the there is shit. The 90% rule applies. And that is optimistic. Like LZA I had my grunge period. Only one that sticks is Beck and he was never really real grunge. I mean no disrespect for soundgarden and what have you. But if we are talking that era, Beck's stuff holds up for me as way above evrybodys heads at the time. His laterr stuff is shit tho

I used to listen to heavy metal same period. Guns and ac/dc are great fun when youre tipsy and feel like swinging your dick around. Then again I'd really rather listen to the old school ac/dc for that. Death meatal and thrash metal and what not. They are good for letting out some steam i guess. There are albums I still enjoy playing in my head, but when i put them on to listen im like nah bro. Except megadeth of course- up and until countdown lol

To be honest i dont put music to listen much. I have spent most of my life listening playing and teaching music and it gets to a point where its sort of trivial and ridiculous. Especially the prerecorded type. And I feel like the music i can put on and enjoy is mostly stuff i remember loving when i was a teenager- which has more to do with my memories than the actual music itself.

Listening and/or playing live music is a different thing. Music has this ability to unite people. And being on stage as the catalyst is really sweet, but again I find I have to go with crowdpleasers, which shines aforementioned ridiculous light on everything.

I made a discovery just the other day tho, an album i never knew of nor heard before, and I couldnt hit the stop button cause it made me feel so sweet. Now try to categorize this: Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Penguin Cafe Orchestra (1981). What gets my heart singing are these factors: Mostly live mostly acoustic, lots of improvisation but super simple no fancypants, some nutjob experiements with electronics along with cellos and mandolins, very folky yet straight up fuck you all tradition with a jovial smile- right up my alley Smile

But mostly I just put on songs in my head (involuntarily since as long as i can remember). And getting older having other music interrupt is like... interruption. How many times do you get interrupted and find the interruption pleasing and worth your attention?

See Ive been a busker half my life too, and busking is the art of interrupting people without annoying them, to the point of them opening their wallets. And when you get good you realize what sort of banalities work well. And you get tired of those but you have to do them, like a prostitute not enjoying sex anymore. Freebird anyone?

Sorry about the rant.

TL;DR: Music is a potentially lovely thing and in some cases sweeter than life itself, but as with all things in life *at least* 90% of it is shit, regardless of genre
What I voted + Blues+folk music
Consumer tastes vary over time
I like pretty much everything except rap/hip-hop, but my absolute favorite music is 80's pop
1. Rock - most of the time
2. Country - love to play it when on a joyride
3. Classical - love to listen to this genre in the morning when I just woke up
5. Jazz or Blues - play it on Saturday or Sunday when I want to relax

Lately, I got into some peculiar ones I should say, I started to love them such as Reggae, and Spanish Punk.
Classical Music, but Classic Rock is a close second.
I tend to rock and pop which is a very broad definition, but it is what it is...
Don't listen to music at home, only in the car/train.
(Mar 20, 2024, 20:37 pm)dueda Wrote: I tend to rock and pop which is a very broad definition, but it is what it is...
Don't listen to music at home, only in the car/train.

Ah... We are not the same person, I see Heart

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