Looking for a good operating system? Look no further, Windows has your back!
Do you hate FOSS? Do you hate privacy? Do you hate easy things? Do you hate customizable things? Do you love adware? Do you love getting viruses? Do you hate stability? Do you hate actual operating systems?

Sounds like what you need is not an OS, but an abstraction of an OS!

Windows 10 can fulfill all of your needs if you answered yes to any of the preceding questions! It offers:
  • An abstraction of an operating system, so you don't have to deal with those pesky thoughts of "God, I hate having control over my OS!"
  • Free adware with installation! All Windows 10 computers come preloaded with Cortana, a mandatory helper that you can't disable, that helps you in no way but watches you in every way!
  • A convoluted package manager! Hate the simplicity of GNU/Linux package managers such as Dnfdragora, or Pacman, or even the Mac OS App Store? With the Windows 10 package manager, not only are you not able to view the contents of the packages or customize them in any way, you also don't have the temptation to try because Windows 10 is an abstraction layer, meaning you couldn't see that information even if you wanted to!
  • Did someone say trackers? Every package you download comes with Windows proprietary trackers, so you never have to worry about being private. What do they do with your information? They sell it to advertisers of course!
  • Many programs that can be downloaded from the internet! Yes, the internet! Worry about not having viruses on your computer? Want to be like all the cool kids who have viruses? You can download programs from any website anywhere online and subject yourself to, well, whatever may be in the program! It's not like you can check what is in it; no one develops FOSS for windows anyway!
  • A force updater! Hate having control of what version of the operating system you're on? Luckily, Windows 10 will force you to update to the newest version! Our motto is: "Busy writing a paper? Filling out a form for a big job offer? In the middle of a game you're about to beat? Fuck you! I'm updating!"
  • Countless blue screens every week. If you use your system too much, Windows will remind you that you should not be using it! It is a sentient OS, and it hates you, specifically you! Our motto is: "Busy writing a paper? Filling out a form for a big job offer? In the middle of a game you're about to beat? Fuck you! I'm going to crash!"
Do those features sound great but you want more viruses? Then upgrade to Windows 7! It has almost all of the features of Windows 10, but where it lacks in features it makes up for in its amazingly bad interface, and 10x as many viruses! We specifically designed Windows 7 to not be supported after 4 years so that all security vulnerabilities would never be patched!


For real though, no sane person can use this piece of shit. I got told I lacked the critical information last time. Fuck you and your shitty os. I got told it was impossible to set up a printer in linux. Its not. Fuck you and your shitty printer. Linuxmasterrace isnt a meme anymore. I am coming for you and I wont stop until all you proprietary software loving bill gates boot licking fags switch.

Oh and you get more frames in games on linux. Thanks for not making a bloated piece of shit linus.

real /void

Edit: I'll add this at the top for those of you who don't want to read the whole thread because it is important and needs to be said. I'm sure that there are many different types of people one here, from skeptics like Rodney, to "argumentative" (I say this lightly) people like soulcity, to even straightup racists; I'm sure we all remember quikksand. But the one thing we all have in common is piracy. I know that Rodney alone has probably seeded terabytes of files on TPB, and for that I have great respect for him. We disregard intellectual property when it comes to media, but it seems that we end there when we really should be pushing for more free and open source software.

If we care so much about tearing down the convention of intellectual property but turn around and use Windows, Google Chrome, iPhones, what are we doing? Can we really claim to hold the moral high ground in our opposition to intellectual property if we don't extend that to programs? Sure we pirate windows, but we still can't see what it is doing to our computer. We don't demand more from software developers, from the world even, we just steal their black box solution. And that is not good enough. We should be demanding things be free and open source. Proprietary software developers say:
  • FOSS is unreliable because there isn't a central authority that monitors it
This is false, I shouldn't even have to say why. Everyone looking at the code means you have millions of penetration testers, for free.
  • FOSS discourages competition because there isn't as much money involved. No companies wanting to sell more products means no more advancement.
Jesus. have you seen how many linux distributions there are? When a company makes the software they strive for advancement because they want more profit. When we're talking about FOSS, people don't care about profits. They advance for the betterment of themselves and others. They do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because they're trying to make a buck. And even then, they still make money. Many distributions have paid versions that come with more built-in features, and that money goes to supporting the software devs, not a large corporation paying the person who wrote 15% of their code $20/hour. And the best part, those built in features, you can make them yourself if you're so inclined. You don't have to pay them. It is a choice, and because it is a choice and not required, is why I do it.

The principle of FOSS and our common goals are very closely related and if we want to be morally consistent we cannot be content with being able to steal the black box solution. We must push people to open the black box. You remember when Intel lost its shit when the Lakes ex confidential files were leaked? That needs to be done more. Don't use closed source software if you can. Use AMD, use Firefox, use Tor, use Linux. It is the moral thing to do.
Very creative.

I just got dropped on my head and now I think I can get a cure from my new Windows 10 operating system update.
(Oct 05, 2020, 23:18 pm)RobertX Wrote: Very creative.

I just got dropped on my head and now I think I can get a cure from my new Windows 10 operating system update.

If I call you a fag this thread will probably be moved to void so I will refrain.

Big Grin all jokes aside, what are your thoughts on Win10 and proprietary software in general?
Nothing really, except it's very bloaty, and Windows 7 has double the features that Windows 10 has, including that Windows 7 is faster and its crown media player prince actually has DVD support. I doubt that Microsoft can't pay the licence for DVD or Blu Ray support. I mean, why? Is a licence for DVD and Blu Ray use going to bankrupt the company? What a load of shit.

But really, besides the lack of support, I don't see the reason to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10; Linux Mint can already do the trick. The only thing keeping me from going to Windows 10, or later Windows OSs, is ConvertXtoDVD and games. Other than that, I have an extra computer loaded with Linux Mint for the rest of my applications and Wine for games.

You present a convincing case in a very (and I stress very) creative fashion, and I think that the leak should help Microsoft to actually reform. Let others show you (not you, hyp) how an OS should be done, if GNU/Linux distributions haven't already.

Well, all jokes aside, I hope this doesn't get Voided, but that hope is hanging by a thread. Sad

EDIT: I already told you that I believe you, why call me a fag?
(Oct 06, 2020, 00:40 am)RobertX Wrote: EDIT: I already told you that I believe you, why call me a fag?

Haha sorry I had a bit of void-ness in me. Apologies.
That's true xd

luckily with "Winaero Tweaker" some of that shit can be fixed,
though i'm in love with arch linux.
Personally, I like Linux Mint.
Install printer on windows: Wait 30+ minutes for windows update to tell you it can't find a suitable driver. Then download 60+mb exe from HP or whomever (if that printer is till supported) with a 10kb driver and 59mb telemetry shit that stays in your systray monitoring everything you do and phoning home while eating up resources. AND THE PRINTER WONT WORK WITHOUT THE SPYWARE!

Install printer on loonix: Open generic drivers that works with 99% of printers are already in the repos (and likely bundled with your distro). Just open 'printers' from settings and chances are the system already detected it and chose the appropriate driver.
Why is this thread not in the Void?
(Oct 06, 2020, 09:41 am)Q91 Wrote: Why is this thread not in the Void?

It is Smile

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