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Poll: Do you buy music CDs?
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Do you still buy music CDs?
Where do you get vinyl records and record players?
(Jul 11, 2020, 13:44 pm)RobertX Wrote: Where do you get vinyl records and record players?

they still make and sell both. otaku and fan service.

i still buy cds... mostly rare stuff that’s out of print for request filling purposes and my own personal nostalgia.

here’s a trip for you: my boss still has a cd visor organizer in her car and uses it regularly even though her car stereo supports streaming... she says they sound better. Wink
Vinyl is still valuable for those who remember the 70s. My brother is still buying such records through eBay.
What's the motive for buying vinyls and turntables? Is it to enjoy the classic feeling?

I'm not opposed to it, I'm just curious. However, I still record my wrestling PPV shows on VHS. The quality is not even VCD calibre, but it does work.

Also, I still buy VHS movies in secondhand shops.

The video quality is bad, and the audio quality is worse, but I like technology, and this was advanced technology. As long as I can play my videos in a certain way, and learn new things in the process, I am not opposed to it.
(Jul 13, 2020, 15:54 pm)RobertX Wrote: What's the motive for buying vinyls and turntables? Is it to enjoy the classic feeling?

I think it's mainly cos you get more frequency, more above.
Recently started purchasing again but only to upload more obscure releases Big Grin
Here in Canada's second-largest shopping mall, Square One, has no competition when it comes to selling videos and music. There used to be three centres for getting your fix: Walmart, HMV, and Starstruck Entertainment (there might be four or more, but I didn't keep count). Now there's only Walmart. The prices are driven to its record highest, but what I want are either not there or disorganised.

I think I'd rather just download from somewhere like iTunes and pay them instead of finding what I want from an untidy shit pile sea of mediocre albums.

To their defence, once upon a time, Walmart didn't drive high prices for stuff sold years ago. Must be the lack of competition that they have over the few years that have gone by.
Buy to share. Big Grin
Good point, soundping, you have to buy something in order to share it, unless you have a friend who works on the inside.
I still like vinyl if I can get it, but cds.... I might as well get digital downloads. Tapes of obscure bands are cool. I have some 8-tracks and some reel to reels too. Usually I like to preview stuff before I buy it, and always vinyl. I have been burned in the past with one hit wonders (the rest of the album sucks).

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