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Poll: Do you buy music CDs?
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Do you still buy music CDs?
Have not bought a CD in about a decade. I don't even have a way of playing them at all. Same with movies and games, I just download everything. Physical media is dead.
You know malloc_free, I beg to differ.

I still use physical media because I want to keep a tangible collection somewhere on my shelf and can catalogue it.

Be it copied or bought, I like the feeling of emulating a personal library.

It sounds silly, but it's true.
RobertX that doesn't sound silly at all. Once I used to have a large collection of CDs and DVDs. I used to like to have the special editions of stuff with fancy packaging and bonus material. My house was broken into and my entire library was taken (I kept the discs in big wallets, made it easy to nick). Since then I have just not felt the need to have physical copies of anything. Actually the same goes with books too - I just read ebooks on my phone. For some reason I have lost any attachment to physical media. I just let go of the need to hold the thing in my hands to know that I owned it.

One good reason physical media should die - land fill. Nothing lasts forever, and it all ends up in the trash eventually anyway, be it disc or dead tree. Same goes with the things that are used to play them - you don't need to buy a blu ray or cd player, just have a PC/smartphone. Also it is possible to easily back up your collection just in case the worst should happen. Insurance companies don't really give you much for media. Another plus is that if a newer version of a movie is released (i.e. in 4k) you will be able to stream at the new resolution, rather than be stuck with an old outdated copy.

We as the human race need to look at reducing our footprint on this planet. Moving away from ANY physical media (including magazines and newspapers) should be a common goal. We now have the tools to achieve that. OK so it is only a start really - the amount of crap we produce from food packaging is monumental - but it is a step in the right direction.
Who's the fucker that did that? He broke into your house just to get your discs? I would find him and lynch him.

Anyhow, I am considering a portable music player or a Smartphone to listen to when exercising, so i guess I'm leaning towards your opinions.

But I will still hang on to my CD/DVD collection.

malloc_free, do you still buy anything these days? Just curious, not an interrogation.
Yes, if I had found the fucker who broke in, he would have been in a world of hurt.

To be honest, I am pretty poor these days so I pretty much just pirate everything, except for the occasional game. When I was employed and had cash I bought most stuff. I was a good little consumer. Just rollin' with the times I guess. If my position improves I will go back I guess.
malloc_free, work for free! Smile Just kidding!

I used to burn audio files to CD and put it in my DVD player.

Now, I don't really do that. I just burn to video, software, and games.

Does anyone here still use portable music players like iPods?
I suspect that most people nowadays just use their smartphones for music. I had an iPod classic waaaay back in 2008-09, but once I bought a smartphone it was just another thing to carry around.
(Sep 11, 2019, 03:52 am)malloc_free Wrote: I bought a smartphone

To be honest, smartphones are not really good music players.  They don't have a very good sound.  If you want something decent then I would stay away from smartphones and ipods and consider something a bit more better and something that has a better DAC cos smartphones are simply not that great.
Hell no, why in the hell I would do that?
i buy cds if its a artist i really want to support, digital is nice, but theres something special about having a physical copy

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