Coronavirus COVID-19
It seems that the worry now is that there's going to be a shortage of food next.  It's not the virus you want to worry about it's the fact you won't be able to get any food soon cos most people have already gone and bought it all.  Not long and we'll all be dead soon and starved of food.  Nothing left to eat you'll probably waste away in your home clinging onto your favourite object.  It's safe to say at this stage now and going from what I've seen already on the internet, we're all pretty f**ked.
Think Venezuela but with a twist.

If food supplies shut down our supplies and source oif fresh eggs should hold us through for at least two months. It wont be pleasant but will be tolerable.

This is not the time to concentrate on healthy food. White rice, lard (or oil), beans, and a good supply of water. If you cant get rubbing alcohol, get denatured, and mix it 3 parts solvent:1 part water.
For disinfection - *not wounds*.

Denatured can also be used as a fuel to cook your rice and lard should the electricity go out.

There are 5 varieties of the flu, with 2-3 in china, one in Taiwan and Australia, 2-3 in Europe. Only the US has all 5 (leading to suspicions it originated here....).

Not all varieties are as nasty as the Chinese or the Iranina(whose serotype is not published). The good news is that for most folks it should present itself as a mildly more annoying flu, and as long as you dont get pneumonia, all should be well.

If you get a dry cough, as well as other flu symptoms, get on antibiotics immediately. The wuflu rarely kills. Bacterial pneumonia does. And if antibiotics are given too long, it then becomes fungal pneumonia, almost invariably fatal.

The dry cough will feel like an irritiation in the upper chest, not in the throat.
If you have ever been prescribed an ACE Inhibitor for blood pressure, it would be similar inthis side effect.

Here, Walmart has delivery services (for a fee) as well as a free option to order online and deliver to your car. Hopefully tescos will copy this.

We also have a 24 hour drugstore, with drive though service (though that has reduced hours).

Most places are under a state of emergency. Wearing masks is actually the only intelligent thing to do, and do keep a distance from others if possible. Remember this is also a peak time for Colds/Flu, and we here are acurrently experiencing one, and the lil lady is still panicking, though I've assured here the symptoms are consistent with only a mild cold, which we typically shae off adter a few days.

However, i amparticularly at high risk and will be absolutely minimizing my ventures outside my home property. And then, with my n95, which we acquired years ago!
waregim, I depend on healthy food to survive; I am a type-2 diabetic.

I would love to eat white rice again, but if I go over my amount, I can die just as I would if the coronavirus runs its course inside me.

Does Walmart still sell substandard masks? Last I heard, some of them are easily ripped open by accident.

Sorry, I've been skimming over the text quickly, so you would forgive me for asking many questions. Just too tired.
Go full keto then.

Pickle every protein/fat in sight that you think might not last a few months in the refridgerator.
And be prepared if the grid goes down!
Vinegar, salt, some sugar, ph meter = keep the piclikng solution below 4.5 and try to refrigerate.
I would pickle eggs, pork belly, ham (thechnically already pickled).

Complex starches like leafy veggies should be OK.

For sweetener use Stevia. It has a low glycemic index, and supposedly can reduce glycemic response.

There are tales of a high fruit/veggie 'smoothie' diet greatly reducing insulin needs. Supposedly by reducing inflammation from corpotrate crap that causes autoimmune reactions on pancreatic beta cells.

We havent been on Wlamart since the craziness started, but we did see 'P95' masks at Loews which were probably junk. And overpriced.
I think the best thing now at this stage when you go out there get your mask on.  Your N95 mask or whatever you need to wear.  People will give you funny looks when they see you but so what?  Just don't worry about what they are thinking worry about yourself.  All these people who are going out and not wearing masks are risking spreading the virus.  I would take really drastic measures at this stage.  We don't know what's going to happen really and going to get supplies is getting much worse now.  Not sure where all this is heading but it's looking pretty bad especially since yesterday.  The time to start to worry a bit is now really obviously depending where you live also.  Just get that mask on, if you were sensible you would have got one earlier on.  Yes they give you funny looks and it's not surprising they do that.  You are safe if you're protecting yourself.  Make sure when you get home give your hands a good wash before you do anything else.

It's amazing how many different looks that people will give you and different reactions to your mask wearing, just ignore those reactions it's not important what is important is not catching this thing and not passing it onto especially older people and not giving them a bad time.  The non mask wearers haven't even probably woken up yet more to all this, the reason why they don't bother.
Welp, 21 million Californians are in lock down now, glad I moved away from the coast to high desert.
Now the whole state - 41 million
World Health Organization (WHO) said it did not expect a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, to become available in less than 18 months

But maybe the results of this research are useful for handling people who suffered COVID-19:
Favipiravir versus Arbidol for COVID-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Key points
Question: How about the efficacy and safety of favipiravir to treat COVID-19 patients?
Findings: In ordinary COVID-19 patients untreated with antiviral previously, favipiravir has higher 7 day’s clinical recovery rate and more effectively reduced incidence of fever, cough except some antiviral-associated adverse effects.
Meaning: Favipiravir can be considered as a preferred treatment approach to ordinary COVID-19 pneumonia.
I've heard a rumor from someone supposedly in the know that works in the govt. that tomorrow night, the US will invoke the Stafford Act and close down the entire country except for Essential workers... NY is a mess Friends I know say they see people walking around like nothing is happening... They finally closed the beaches in Florida since the stupid spring breakers ignore the warnings.

We'll see if that is true or not tomorrow. I know Reuters said that a hoax... so maybe it's untrue...
So its a serious thing now. Lot of misinfo around. I hear dont worry and than NO freak out. So is it the Stand or what? Where is the Walking Dude...
(Mar 21, 2020, 15:53 pm)theSEMAR Wrote: World Health Organization (WHO) said it did not expect a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, to become available in less than 18 months

I wouldn't rely on WHO figures any more, theSEMAR.

They lied once so they can't really be trusted.

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