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Full Version: Coronavirus COVID-19
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Come on, this is a current global disease outbreak.

Any useful infos, tips and tricks or maybe comments on this?
Buy a mask for yourself when in Public, you need a N95 Respirator Mask, N95 means it's not oil resistant and it's 95% proof to protect you.  Get a tight seal around your face, watch videos on youtube teaching you how to put it on your face.  Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.  It might cost you a little bit of money but could save your life.
I managed to get thru the SARS epidemic by cleaning every surface at work and every computer keyboard I touched. Working as the only IT in technical training center with 20 to 25 field technicians coming in weekly from all of the Pacific rim, I had to take precautions. My wife has several immune problems.

After the hepatitis outbreak in San Diego from the masses of homeless, we stopped taking the dog for walks on the public streets and removed our shoes before entering the house. Probably worked as several neighbors ended up in the hospital.

Glad we have moved, not even an international airport for 250 miles and really no one comes out our way except skiers and they are so bundled up that they can't infect anything.... If it ever starts to spread this way, we'll take the trailer out to the back mountains for a few months and wait it out.
And always steer clear of warnings/advice of news sources from television, radio, and the Internet.
(Mar 03, 2020, 15:42 pm)theSEMAR Wrote: [ -> ]Come on, this is a current global disease outbreak.

Any useful infos, tips and tricks or maybe comments on this?

DO NOT rely on Wikipedia for health information EVER!

While there might be some good information on Wikipedia, it also has a well documented history of hostility toward experts that hardly jives well with it being an "encyclopedia".  The site is a playground for hoaxers, trolls, shills, pompous know-it-alls, and just plain crazy people who routinely violate the site's unevenly enforced "editing policies".  Such people do not know what they are talking about, or simply could not care less, whilst they are mucking up articles all over Wikipedia.  If you rely on Wikipedia for coronavirus info, you may as well gargle bleach too.

There is plenty of reliable information available online sponsored by many responsible medical organizations, like the CDC or the Mayo Clinic.  Use that.
Wiki also also a platoon of psyops editors.

The wufli is clearly an *engineered* virus, with *very* strong evidence it was created in Canada, and brought into Wuhan. Evidence also shows that IN Wuhan the Candiians as well as DARPA (military CIA) were all working together end exchanging info with each other and the Chinese. Initial reports, since silenced showed a CRISPR gene engineering tag on the virus, as well as the fact that it had been modified to dock with ACE-2 receptors (the so-called HIV gene additions).

ACE2 is more heavily expressed in asians, smokers, and air pollution regions. Wuhan was the perfect ground zero for this virus.

Speculation is that since the AMERICAN military was in Wuhan in October the virus was released, and an early fall transmission was unnoticed, as it would have appeared as a mild cold/flu. But that since the ACE2 has similarities with beta cell receptors similar to HIV, it infected the immune system, and was not weaponized until a *second* illness caused the deadly reaction known as the *Cytokine Storm*. This would explain healthy people dropping dead in streets. The virus appears able in this latter form to affect all organ systems, including the brain.

Keep in mind that in short order the Chinese were attacked by the swine flu, a trade war, persistant HK disorder, and now the wuflu, and also a plague of locusts. Coincidence?

Iran is also being attacked, hitting hard at its government personell, after its second most important leader was murdered by the chump, and is under embargo.

So is iItaly which was in the process of ignoring chump's wailings and trading with Iran/China.
Coincidence indeed.

If the Second Wave theory is true, expect the Virus to hit the West with minimal effects, and then in a few monthas a miraculous 'vaccine' will appear to protect against the cytokine storm effect.

The elites have a perfect scenario with this bug.
Kill off the useless eaters.
Return China to the rice paddies. And the Iranians to their goats.
Short the stock market, crash it into the dust, buy everything up at pennies on the dollar. They are doing this now with yoyo pump-n-dump.
Sell the vaccines at outrageous profits. Go long on THOSE companies.
Establish the final Feudal Oligarchy.

Putin will be sent to a parsnip farm. With a shovel.

Actually old news, but now its 'official':
(Mar 05, 2020, 15:38 pm)waregim Wrote: [ -> ]Wiki also also a platoon of psyops editors.

The wufli is clearly an *engineered* virus, with *very* strong evidence it was created in Canada, and brought into Wuhan.
 . . . .

Actually old news, but now its 'official':

Those damned Canadians!
[Image: 420-cat.png]
I KNEW it!
That's "strong evidence?"

EDIT: And yes, I would like to meet this "Tyler Durden."

I hear this guy writes columns that only his imaginary friends can read.
There is no Tyler Durden. It is a byline name for *all* the 30+ ZH staff writers.
ZH is considered one to the best financial news sites in the world. Its got a strong knucklewalker libertarian slant, but it ranges from socialist to nazi , along with everything from physicians to CEOs to flat earthers in the comments section. Guaranteed to offend everyone, a theme based on the movie 'Fight Club'.

Quality will range from poor to excellent, dependant on which Tyler writes the article.

Keep in mind that alot of our ops that are illegal over here, such as bio-warfare, are outsourced across borders.
Like the Canukian.
I still remain sceptical, but have an open mind.

Still, I don't think Canadians are the "evil geniuses" anyone makes it out to be.

USA maybe, but we're pretty much the nanny state of the world.

To each his own.
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