Coronavirus COVID-19
I do have a question: has any of you guys gone outside since news of the outbreak of the coronavirus has spread so far?

Have you gone out to buy groceries, work, or check out library materials? Have you found it safe to do so?
If you're worried Robert then buy a mask, I have a mask myself but I've not plucked up the courage to go and wear it in public yet.  Might do later on, last time I was out I was dodging everybody left right and centre.

Stay safe Robert, get yourself a good mask before they all run out.  Ebay is the best place but make sure you buy an approved one.  Something which can stop all the particles, being very ill is no fun at all.  Especially the elderly, you could get it and pass it onto somebody older and they could die and you'd feel bad then like it was your fault Sad
people are fighting over loo rolls in supermarkets !

start prepping if you havent already
(Mar 05, 2020, 15:38 pm)waregim Wrote: Wiki also also a platoon of psyops editors.

And forums are full of conspiracy theorists.
What I would suggest is just do what you've gotta do, try and work out a plan of action.  Only go out when you really have to, if you work then follow the instructions of your boss and they will tell you what to do.  Try and avoid going out if it's not necessary, me personally I would not go travelling to public events the risk of catching it would be much greater.  If you have to stock up a bit then do that, you might find that ordering online might be more sensible as people are fighting over products in stores, I think the first thing that went all a bit mad was actually hand wash.  I now hear they want to try and ration on products in stores now.  I'm not sure if this is true but somebody on a site said something along the lines of that when warmer weather comes along this Corona won't survive as much.  More in areas where it's colder it has more chance of getting onto everything.  Wash your hands plenty, buy a good respirator mask if you can, again buy on the net and avoid going shopping.  The more times you go into stores shopping the more chance you risk getting Corona.

The last thing you want to do is pass it onto somebody who doesn't deserve to catch this illness.  Life could become hell for them and most certainly death will happen and then you would have to live for the rest of your life knowing that it was your fault.  Hopefully this will get better soon it could take a year maybe before they can develop a cure to stop this illness.  Probably just try and isolate with the people who you care about your family or best friends.  Make sure you just wash hands as much as possible and practise good personal hygiene at home especially in your kitchen the place where you make your food every day.

If you are careful for the next coming several weeks you might be lucky and not catch it.  It does sound nasty really the whole thing, better to be safe than sorry.  If you've made plans to travel abroad then I would probably cancel those plans.  If you attend a public event then tread with absolute caution, just don't get near anybody distance yourself away from people maybe even wear a mask if you are really worried and if anybody makes fun out of that then just ignore them until they get bored with their jokes.  I think after several weeks things might improve soon, it's a hard life and difficult times but if people work together it's possible we can fight this illness and then put it behind us one day.
Short wave UV lamps would probably be advisable for clothing and refreshing masks (do both sides).

Or a few minutes in the direct sun should help also for surfaces.

Goggles are also advisable as it can pass via eye surface.

My primary concern is the 'Second Wave Theory'.
If true it can present here as a moderate flu, and pass without consequence. And re-emerge at a later time in a more lethal form.
Like the lethal flu pandemic after WWI
Tonight was the first time I wore a mask and sunglasses while grocery shopping.

Don't worry, the place wasn't littered with people.

But I was the only one doing that, so not only does it make me an odd man out, it also made me feel embarrased.
(Mar 17, 2020, 22:19 pm)RobertX Wrote: But I was the only one doing that, so not only does it make me an odd man out, it also made me feel embarrased.

As well as protecting yourself you are also protecting other people in the process.  Good on you.  It's like if there's a virus on your computer you just simply block it and use the correct software to do the job, same principal in this case you are protecting yourself from the virus and blocking any further damage.
I was just talking to Ron, a pen pal that I connected with from another pirate forum in 2003 who lives in the Isle of Man.

His son came down with the virus, but Ron is hopeful that his son is an unlikely casualty because he is 30 and does not have a pre-existing condition. I am hoping that this will pass, as I hope that this will pass for everyone, especially in this forum.

To everyone in this world, all the best.
My advice is to keep living your life, take government advice with a pinch of salt, take good care of yourself (should be doing that anyway), and keep your humour up.

I haven't stopped going out, and if I did, I'd starve to death.

People should be washing their arses after taking a poop regardless of any pandemic, and it's common sense to wash your hands regularly anyway. Keep your homes clean using bleach, white vinegar, and lemon juice. No need to queue up outside B&M or Wilko waiting for their latest delivery of hand sanitiser and disinfectant.

This sums up the hordes of dirty arses panic-buying loo roll perfectly (Turn the volume up on your comp!):

Someone should tell them about the existence of bum wipes and bidets.


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