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Complete guide to converting hair in Daz Studio, with morphs intact
Yeah, I just tried to get Hr-045 fitted with morphs, and nothing I tried worked. And I tried everything I could think of. FWIW, I don't think that hair uses bones to pose the tail. It uses morphs. At least, nothing I did with the bones (using the original, unmodified V4 version) did much to the tail; the topmost tail bone in the hierarchy swung the tail a bit, but that was it.

The best result I managed did get all the morphs in, but they ones that affected the tail were broken. They did some weird mutant thing to the tail, didn't look remotely like anything expected. Looked like the tail was melting upwards, lol.

Sorry, I think you just picked the wrong hair. I don't think it's ever going to play nicely with the Transfer Utility or autofit.

Depending on your needs, if you really have to get it working with another figure, you could try something like fitting it to v4, posing it how you want it, and exporting it as geometry. Then use that as a base to work up something as a new figure. Maybe as morphs for a refitted figure. I don't know, this is outside my area. But my guess is it's going to take a lot of work, and some new skill sets.

Actually, depending on how much control you need over the tail, it might not be too hard. I don't know much of anything about rigging in DS, but if you look around you might find a tutorial on how to add a new bone chain to a figure, and assign geometry to it. If you can do that, you should be able to get some basic posing out of the tail, instead of it sticking straight out back like that, lol. I'm guessing that the more bones you add to your tail, the more control you'll have over it. Then you can pose it and save a bunch of presets for the poses you want to keep. And add morphs if you want.

Yeah if you select the tail part and fire up the Joint Editor, you'll see that all of the tail geometry is assigned to the tail part. Tail_1 thru tail_4 don't seem to do anything as far as the JE is concerned. But then again, I barely know anything about the JE, so maybe I have it wrong. I know I haven't been able to determine any purpose at all for those tail_ parts, so far. They don't pose in the Posing Tab, they don't highlight any geometry in the JE, so they have no purpose that I have been able to determine. Even the main tail part is barely a bone, you have to zoom in pretty close to even see that there is a bone in the JE.

Ah, okay, if you're in the JE and you select around the tail_ parts, changing the nodes and parameters, you start to see different "heat maps." So I guess the tail_ parts are used for the morphs.

I started playing with adding bones in the Joint Editor. It's not hard, but it takes a bit of playing around. I gather that the next step is using Weight Mapping to make the bone affect the geometry, but this looks a lot more complicated. I was kind of interested, but not that interested, lol. Maybe if I find a tutorial or a video; the Daz docs don't make good reading.

Anyway, good luck with it (maybe you can learn how to do it, and write a tutorial so I can figure it out!).
Heh thats probably too much work.

Tried it with HR-046, worked with G2F and crashed with G3F.

Guess manual fitting is the way to go.
Yeah manual fitting isn't a bad option with hairs like this, actually, when you really want to get a particular hair to work. I just hate fiddling around with parenting stuff to figures, as a general rule, if I can make it into a conforming figure. So much easier to organize and manage a scene that way.

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