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So a druggie got convicted for lying on a gun application and being a druggie in possession of a gun. For Trump, if it were him, they would have also convicted him for having gun in waist band, laying gun on its side, blowing smoke off it's barrel, smiling with gun in hand, smoking with gun in hand, having eyes only half open with gun in hand, and lots of other violation that I never even thought of. And that's the point. What happens to Trump will always be different to what happens to Bidens. And the rest of us eventually. Because they have to come after us so they can say it aint just Trump. And indeed Biden went to an anti gun rally after the verdict and yelled that he would ban anything over 14 shots. He said if you need more than that then your a really bad shot. My gun holds more than that.

So what's next? Is anybody supposed to care? The evidence was plain, Hunter was an idiot criminal, and he basically confessed to everything. So he pays the price and that is that. But this aint just anybody, so things will be different. His dad could say tough love, spend a few months in jail. After all, his son did embarrass the hell out of pops and he griped about giving half his money to pops. That could leave the old man abit peeved. Because all that cash came from selling pops name and power. Hunter aint giving pops anything, it's really the other way around. So there is that. The family beef.

But it can all be gone at the stroke of a pen. So there is that also. Maybe a little heart to heart father son talk is on the plate to reclaim the family pecking order. Especially when old people that can't talk straight sometimes loose control to cocky offspring that get court orders of senility. It happens all the time.

And then there's all that crazy secret service crap that has to be dealt with. So there's that too. So for tough love, secret service headache, election coming up, elitist treatment, a druggie in need of help, I can figure that Hunter will get home detention of a short amount of time with long probation time. Then he can swim, bar-b-que, phone in hookers, and all the stuff you do at home. While pops can get on national TV and tell the country that his son is getting the help he needs, etc, etc.

And with a mostly libtard media, they will be more than happy to never mention the name Hunter ever again. Biden crisis over. Well, except for Republicans. Biden lied to congress and they can't seem to get any Democrap liars in prison. So they now have a new target. Hard to say how all that goes with Merrick Garland refusing to jail Democraps. Yes we have a conviction that amazes me in and of itself. But it's really no big deal of a conviction, that is already on the edge of the trash can. And Garland knows it. Eventually Biden will go on a pardon party and anybody Democrap will be anointed with lifetime innocence. And that's the way it is in America. The Trump appointed Judge will have to decide the sentence and will have little choice but to chose home detention because of the secret service headaches and the pressure of Biden city to go easy on first time offenders.

See how all this is just a sad joke that really wasn't worth anybodies time? Even the jurors interviewed said this trial was a tax waste. So they voted guilty because he already confessed and they were done to go home. This was nothing more than a plea bargain case that Hunter refused to take a deal on. And now a Trump judge will have her say.

Don't forget there's still Tax charges on Hunter coming up. And after this surprise Hunter spanking, aint no way the Bidens will want any more secrets to come out in a trial. So they will work with Garland and the courts to settle on a plea deal that keeps everything else under the carpet. Back taxes and penalties, that kind of deal. Wesley Snipes spent 4 years in prison for tax charges, so you know he will be irritated by what deal garland works out for Hunter.

Oh, and guess what. They are digging hard to go after Trump on gun charges. Because everything else is falling apart. They better hurry up. Time is about up.

As always, there is one other thing. Why wouldn't there be. This clusterfuck is a multi headed hydra. And it still wiggles big time till you cut off ALL the heads. So there was a complete trial and ALL evidence was brought out. Including that "Fake Russian disinformation" laptop that Biden did 2020 election interference on. It was debate central on world TV. The REALLY big lie. It's now officially ruled as untainted evidence in the possession of the corrupt DOJ. So Trumps DOJ can comb thru it and find out more crimes to publicly expose the Bidens. Obviously I expect Biden to eventually pardon himself and everybody else, so there won't be more prosecutions out of it, but at least we will know what there is to know.

So what was Trumps New York conviction all about? It was about hooker payments that state officials prosecuted for illegally interfering with the 2016 Federal election of Trump. So Biden did documents, election interference, allowed Palestinian and BLM riots, and colluded with Georgia and New York prosecutors. So there you go. More grounds to throw out Trump convictions. The Democraps clearly prosecute Trump for the same stuff they do. And there will be a complete wipe away of Trump prosecutions because of the egregious abuses of the justice system.

So in the end Biden will have to pardon all his people, and then when Trump wins, he will end up pardoning all his people. And that is how the lawfare war will end. Each side unable to put the other in jail. Just goes to show what a mess our justice system is. And if the fates are cruel and Trump were to suddenly die, then all prosecutions and convictions are wiped away like they never happened. That's the way it is in America when you die before all avenues of appeal are exhausted.

It makes me angry what has been going on, but it's a fact of American life. And all Trump prosecutions being wiped will also be a fact of American life. It's the nature of the beast that Americans hate of each other has built. And if we didn't want all this shit, we should not have allowed it to be built like this in the first place. Laws and loop holes passed by trickery and the never ending snickering of Jamie Raskin.

So really all of this craziness is a corruption party that everybody was dragged into. Everybody is all lined up shoulder to shoulder, and before it's over, each person will be crowned with some kind of hat. The prosecutors, judges, politicians and even the justices. All the evidence has now been coming out that could not be hidden any longer. So all those in the party will be judged by what they did and crowned with the hat that they made for themselves. The laptop is here, Biden is a liar, he gets the crook hat. Garland with all his excuses, now has to deal with Hunters Congress lying. What he does will once and for all crown his double talking head. Fanni Willis is already being crowned. All the rest of the prosecutors will be crowned by the Supreme court. And he who objects to the crowning of crooks in the Supreme Court will themselves be crowned. Because crooks need to get what's coming to them or America will turn into one great big Gazan clusterfuck. The place where criminals seem to think they can get away with anything.

So for the short term, it's more Chaos. Bidens team was set to carpet bomb the country with Trump is a felon ads. They were going to pull out all the stops. But now Hunter is a felon. Like since yesterday. So what does that mean for this weeks ads? hah. Well that was wasted money. They would be laughed at coast to coast to do felon ads for the foreseeable future. It's lawfare. They made Trump a felon, so the other side made Hunter a felon. So the seriousness has been turned into a cartoon caper. In the mean time, Trump works towards getting his stuff thrown out, while Hunter is shit out of luck. Aint no way Biden can pardon anybody until after the election. So the Chaos continues as Trump polls inch further higher. And that's the way it is till the next big thing drops. Maybe gun charges on Trump, but that means gun charges on everybody else, in all of Trumps future ads. So you see how Democrap attacks are a double edged sword? Seems like they cut themselves as much as Trump.

The White House isn't ruling out a potential commutation for Hunter Biden after his conviction

If they do this before the election, then they either feel that their ballot stuffing is unbeatable, or they are even worse idiots than we knew. He can't be pounding on Trump while bald face pardoning his own shit. Americans will go into outrage over it.

Four Connecticut Dems are charged after video showed them stuffing a ballot box and triggering a new mayoral election

It's easier catching idiots doing this. But the Biden team is sure not to be hiring idiots. Only the cream of the crop of ballot stuffers need apply.

Ocasio-Cortez, Raskin to introduce legislation to ‘rein in a fundamentally unaccountable and rogue’ Supreme Court

Yup, I posted before that Democraps will be going after the "rogue" Supreme Court to stop them from messing up Trump prosecutions. Prosecutions that will no doubt spread thru the rest of the GOP with a packed Democrapic Supreme Court.

McConnell: Liberals threatening to bury democracy in bureaucracy

Yup, Democraps are using the system against the GOP and the GOP has been steam rolled because of it. Too bad McConnell did little to stop the Democrapic abuses early on. His biggest yet few wins was blocking Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court. But that was by accident. McConnell didn't have a clue how crooked Garland was. He only stopped him because Obama wanted Garland on the bench real bad. And McConnell hated Obama. That's the twisted logic that saved the country from Trump dying in Prison. Because Garland would then have thrown the other GOP justices under the buss to be impeached. No doubt about it. The sweeping out of the GOP in the Supreme Court, and the end of the Constitution as it has always been. So I guess we do have that to thank McConnell for. So let him retire well and get out of the way.

Merrick Garland...

So the GOP managed to get all their remaining members to vote Garland in contempt for refusing to give up evidence on Biden. This is the guy that was almost a Supreme Court Justice. He himself has now broken the law and he is proud of it. Laws for we but not for he. It's the same old tale with Democraps. And it's kicking our country to the curb. The idea is that you can't run the country if your in prison. So that's how Democraps plan to eventually win it all. Throw all their opponents in prison. With "novel" laws invented just for YOU. And you and you and you. And it's amazing that they invent all these tricks now, and try them on the most powerful rich dude in the country. Donald J trump. It would seem that he is the only person that can beat back a relentless attack. Rubio would collapse under this attack because he has little money. Same goes with Desantis and any other GOP that might have challenged Biden. Bidens corrupt DOJ would have invented "novel" crimes just for them. They would have found any kind of irregularity and Trumped it up into heinous Federal crimes. Like spending problems. That is a common violation. Aint nobody without some kind of sin. And that's the angle that Democraps chisel open.

In an unfortunate stunt, Republicans hold AG Garland in contempt

So I guess now the House will refer Merrick Garland criminal charges to Merrick Garland for prosecution. And they will be flushed even quicker than Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment. Well at least the criminality is on the record. And that actually means alot. Because Trump is now a felon. And there were plans in the works to use that. But now that Hunter is a felon, all the plans have changed. Even though nobody has even been sentenced yet. So don't let anybody snow job you into thinking that the GOP maneuvers are a waste of time and taxes. Because these criminal labels, that can't be easily removed, really do change everything.

DOJ memo says Garland cannot be prosecuted for contempt over Biden-Hur audio

Yup, that good ole "Executive privilege". So why don't that work with Trump? He has spent countless millions of dollars fighting Documents charges that Trump claimed was "executive privilege". Either prosecute them all or prosecute nobody. There is no in between that is Constitutional. More laws for we but not for he. Biden never had "executive privilege" power when he did documents and they still won't charge him. The Supreme Court is set to drop the hammer on all this bull shit.

Lone Republican to oppose Garland contempt: ‘Enough is enough’

Yup, we still got RINOs infesting the ranks to sabotage GOP efforts from the inside. This guy Joyce is a blind fool. Refusing to vote Contempt because he thinks it's unfair to Garland. GOP didn't start this lawfare crap. And the GOP won't be able to stop it unless they stop their own bleed out first. Knock off the other guys shooting our people. Or we will loose control forever and only GOP will be prosecuted from now on. There HAS to be a balance of justice or the scales will tip so heavy that nobody will balance them again.

Trump ally Steve Bannon files emergency motion seeking to stay out of prison

This Joyce idiot should be kicked out of the GOP. They do it to our people, so we have to be resolute to do it to their people. It's outrageous to say the GOP is treating Garland unfairly. Utterly outrageous. And all this crap about Jordan refusing to testify about Trump was mostly about Democraps wanting to grill him under oath about his Ohio State involvement when women athletes were being molested. That is one nasty slippery slope. What did he know and when did he know it. There is no winning that fight and Democraps that want his butt know it. And besides, Obamas Eric Holder gave the GOP Congress the finger before anybody else. Laws for we but not for he. Obama really ramped up the war against Constitutional America and all things that make it. "I didn't build my house" and "you didn't build that company", and all that socialist drivel.

Gaza criminals...

Hamas terrorists are playing the West for fools

The Latest | Biden says no Gaza cease-fire deal soon, as mediators work to bridge gaps

"U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday he doesn’t expect to seal a Gaza cease-fire deal in the near future, as an American-backed proposal with global support has not been fully embraced by Israel or Hamas."

Yea, I'm so fed up with pussy footing around with those crooked Gazans. We are seeing on world TV why no other Arab nation wants anything to do with Gazans. Leave them in Gaza and let them poke at Israelis forever. That's the plan of all other Arabs. Then no other Arab nation has to be dumped into turmoil by a criminal culture that would wreck the civilized norms that the other Arab nations are trying to keep oiled up.

So the UN that already called Israel a criminal nation has jumped on this this "cease fire war is over" plan that Biden is betting his whole presidency on. He screwed up Afghanistan permanently, as the crooks are building their army and becoming great again. Learning all new lessons of the power of tunnels and stockpiling a decade of food and weapons. Then in war they can eat like pigs and cry about famine to get the fools of the world beating on each others heads.

So they got this sham deal thing being desperately passed around. Already passed by a useless 14-0 UN vote. Israelis aint falling for it and are pounding right now as I type this. But on the other side you got criminal Gazans with full bellies but bombs raining down. So things could be better for them. That's what they "could" be thinking. But it has now come out that Ya Ya Sin War has already said that large numbers of civilians killed, is a good thing for Gaza. So with that in mind, there will be a cease fire IF all Israelis leave permanently, "somebody" rebuilds Gaza, all the most dangerous prisoners Israelis hold are released, all borders are opened to free and completely unrestricted trade, and the blockade is completely ended. When all this is agreed to, then there will be a criminal Gazan cease fire. That's what Ya Ya Sin War is saying. And I already posted before that this is what criminal Gazan demands were going to be. Because it is the only way criminals can stay free and secure to try to nuke Israel some other day. And criminal Gazans say these demands are no big deal and should be immediately enforced. And if they are not, then be prepared to see more civilians blown up by "somebody". If the Israelis don't do it, then the criminal Gazans will. We already saw Arab snipers killing civilians from roof tops and blame it on Israelis.

So you see, Bidens team has not the first clue of what they been doing. Gazans are already fed up with laptop lyin Blinkin and his pathetic trickery. All he did was embolden the criminals to dig in and continue fighting and wait for Biden to cave in or loose his election. And as the criminal Gazans make a monkey out of Biden, the rest of the world is getting fearful that this shit will spread. Putting even more pressure on Israelis to abandon Israel if they don't want to be murdered again. Then the thousand year war continues, as the Arabs would prefer. And the Gazans want Russia, China, and Turkey to be the treaty enforcers. Not the Americans. So there you go. This is why Israelis say they need 7 more months to blast these crooks all to hell. And I already agreed with them 7 months before. Crooks get what they get when they act the savage beast. Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Anyways, that's what's going on. Hard to say what happens because trickery could make something happen that doesn't last for very long. But Natty Yahoo says he is still gunning for the criminal Gazans no matter what the treaty says. And Americas current government is thinking of negotiating with crooks. So who knows what catastrophe is being cooked up next. Aint no way criminals will give up all hostages. They still make movies about American hostages never returned from the Vietnam war. Left to whatever abandoned fate they suffered. Israelis are being pushed into that same closet. But Trump is getting closer. And that will change everything. So it could be that the bombing doesn't stop till Trump shows up. Then Criminal Gazans will be in much worse shape. And that reality is being considered right now by criminal Gazans. They have to trick the bombing to stop. And that is their top goal.

Hamas says it accepts UN cease-fire resolution, but Blinken an obstacle to negotiations

So the criminal Gazans "say" they accept the UN cease fire because it says all sides cease fire and then begin negotiating. That is the cease fire trick that criminal Gazans have been looking for. If there is no cease fire then Gazans will blame Israelis and Americans and then blow up a dump truck of babies to further freak out the world. And this is the legacy of Bidens stolen presidential stupidity.

Gazans in rare criticism of Hamas over truce delay

"Hamas has made a "mockery of us, our pain and the destruction of our lives", said Abu Eyad, 55, who lives in north Gaza."

"Abu Eyad, whose three children live with different relatives at separate locations, took aim at Hamas's political leadership hosted by Qatar, saying they were "sleeping comfortably, eating and drinking"."

Anyways, this can't go on fighting forever at the rate that Israelis are pounding. There will come a time when the Gazans are fed up and they will go down into the tunnels and haul all the criminals up. That's really the best and only way to end this war. When the Gazan people finally give up on the culture of hate.

""We are tired, we are dead, we are destroyed and our tragedies are countless," said Abu Shaker, 35."

""What are you waiting for?" he asked, addressing the militant group. "What do you want? The war must end at any cost. We cannot bear it any longer.""


Putin's fleet of warships in Cuba is direct warning to Biden, experts say

You bet. Putin is now surrounding all of his properties and sticking his elbows out. The election is getting nearer and Putin is dumping more shit on dying Bidens plate. Putin expects Biden to amp up Russia hate as the election gets near. And Putin is already moving in to counter that hate. Hard to say what more he has planned, but the idea is to take all that he can before Biden is gone. It's possible that after Kennedy repelled Russia in the Cuban missile crisis, that Putin will now bring missiles to Cuba to make sure the world knows what Biden has ruined. And Trump is not expected to force Russia to give anything back. Because Trump is pragmatic and knows that Russia already won mostly due to Bidens abject stupidity. Same goes with Afghanistan. Biden ruined it and we will never go back now. It is what it is.


GOP rep: Hunter Biden conviction ‘creates an opening’ for Michelle Obama

Geez, this has always been the Democraps wish list, and she has always refused. Biden has created one hell of a mess. And who is excited about inheriting it? Nobody but Trump. Obama is clueless about all this, but she could rally the Democraps way better than Biden can. So anything is possible in these desperate times. Certainly no other Democrap wants to end their careers getting all splattered up in this shit. But Obama doesn't want to be a politician. So she could try to stop Trump for one term as puppet handlers actually run the country. It would likely be Barack Husseins 3rd term. So who knows. But it would rile up the GOP in great anger. Sullying the office of the President by inserting a political idiot to run for Biden. Like trying to make Goldie Hawn president. So it would be one hell of a nasty fight, and her husband can't fight it for her. So I think it is simply too nasty now for anybody but the fiercest politicians. I mean Desantis debated Gavin Newscum and his wife hauled him away saying they were done. The Newscum team couldn't take the heat.

That titanic sub implosion...

Yea that debacle pretty much vanished as the internet went nuts on "theories". I was waiting for news that Prince harry was seen wrenching on it before it went out. Well finally after over a year, officials came out and said that whole sub is exploding transcript from the sub was all Fake News. Hah, I posted that long ago on Youtube before I was kicked off. Oh I got all the hate comments from idiots that were amazed by that transcript. And that wasn't even AI. Everything in the transcript was made from the technical info that was already posted on the internet. How communications work, the kinds of words, etc, etc. So it was easy for those with that knowledge to fake all that craziness that they faked. And it's been like that since the sub exploded. And all the families had to endure the endless stupidity of the imagination of the panic that must have gone on. Even the Titanic director weighted in that he was appalled at what "likely" went on from reading that Fake Transcript. The Fakers hit a grand slam home run on that stupidity, making the world go crazy.

So now "officials" felt it was time to put an end to the craziness for the good of the family. Bwahahahahahaha. Why do we call people "officials" when they are mostly as dumb as everybody else? I vote for "reality titles". Then we can call them "Head Morons". Then we can better understand what we are likely to get from them.

So nothing has changed except that these family members with great sadness now retreat to their cabins in the woods to be away from the world of mean and nasty morons. A breed of "deplorables" that have been supercharged by the internet craziness. Hillary coined the term so may as well use it in a more useful way. Setting a good example and all, hah.

So yea, in the grand scheme of things, nothing has changed. The shit that man makes will still be exploding, going splat on mountain sides, and every other kind of destruction that comes when man disturbs entropy. It hit the news again that the Russian module of the Space Station is cracking all to hell and leaking it's air. And nobody can figure how to stop it. Every crack they fix just cracks more. So now they close the hatch on it as a safety measure. But nobody knows how safe that is. They don't depressurize the module, so it can still go boom. And they are actually worried about that. So we already got boom under water, and we got slow motion boom happening over our heads. And that's the way it is. Things all over ready to go boom. Oh, except Musks rocket. That thing got burnt like a crispy critter and still didn't go boom. Just goes to show there is hope on the horizon from somebody we can truly call a savior. Musk could actually save us, at the rate he is going, hah. Oh yea, the Boeing ship finally launched and its got all kinds of leaks too, hah. Helium, so it's not major, but they should have named that ship "Trouble", because that's it's biggest claim to infamy.
So Trump made a triumphant return to Capital hill to meet with all the top GOP lawmakers to establish the game plan from here on out. Trump is already the party herald and it seems clear that the GOP is accepting that. McConnell and Thune are the biggest Trump opponents yet they sat at his side right and left. So the message was loud and clear that they are all on the same teem. There was one member from California that voted to impeach Trump and Trump made it clear that he is not on their team. So by making that public, they all know that the GOP needs a new California representative. RINOs need not apply. And Trump was very clear about what it would take to boost party unity. And I am very glad to hear that Trump has the right ideas in his head. The days of social junkets and fake smile glad handing are over. The GOP requires soldiers ready to hit the ground running to fix all the crap that is smothering everybody. And that is the kind of government that I want my taxes paying for.

Democraps for that matter were all about hate because that is how their platform works. Fear monger the votes to steal all of our tax dollars. Pelosi warned that Trump the Felon is looking to finish the insurrection he started years ago. And there is no math on the planet that says Trump could actually win by votes. Trump says Pelosis daughter actually said in another life, they could be a romantic power house. I have no idea if that is true but it really amped up the anger in the Pelosi camp. Which was probably the real goal of the story. Keep sticking it into her boney ribs.

Inside Trump’s gripe-filled meeting with House GOP and his reunion with McConnell

Crazy crap...

Alex Jones’ personal assets to be sold to pay $1.5B Sandy Hook debt. Company bankruptcy is dismissed

So Info Wars goes on for now, but everything else is being taken immediately. But a new attack on Info Wars to shut it down will be filed very shortly. It's a right wing media mouth piece, so it has to be gutted by all means possible.

This folks is why you hide your assets when you smell something funny going on. I'm sure the My Pillow guy has moved ALL his cash out of the country at this point. You can tell because he has been slowly winding down his pillow operations and calling it "normal scale down". The My Pillow guy is smart and I got a selfie with him. But his pillow is dumb so I never bought one of those. Hah. My Pillow is being sued for a Billion dollars for his words about voting machines. And since FOX paid a Billion dollars, it don't take rocket science to know what is coming. I got a funny feeling that Jones never hid anything and he told the judge the Gods Honest Truth and it cost him dearly. So truth is also being weaponized these days. You tell the truth, they say thank you very much, now Ivan will bend you over for what's coming. It's simply a disaster to be honest any more. And Trump knew this long ago. This is why Trump admits to NOTHING AT ALL. EVER. And the media pulls its hair out over him. They never could get Trump on camera to admit he knew he lost the election. And they tried to get that footage so so hard. Then prosecutors would use that footage to charge Trump with defrauding the American people. Another pretzel twisty federal crime that would have really sunk Trump. widespread Fraud is much worse than paying a hooker that isn't technically a hooker. So to hell with honest, make them prove you did it and hope you are not as dumb as Hunter Biden.

Hunter lied about everything, which is worse than simply denying everything. There is no law against saying you are not guilty. See what I mean. Hunter lied so much that he sued Giuliani for slander to get his Billion dollars from him. But the laptop was real, so Hunter has just now dismissed that lawsuit. Giuliani could sue Hunter for defamation, but Giuliani is bankrupt and you can't sue Bidens. So Giuliani still had all the lawyer bill pain. As for asset (money) hiding, even burying it in a place you won't forget is highly effective. Then just say you got a gambling habit and lost your money while in some form of grief. Yup, you play the game of the world we got, not the Utopian world people say we're supposed to be. It is what it is.

Sotomayor rips Thomas’s bump stocks ruling in scathing dissent read from bench

Woohoo. And bumpstocks are back. The Feds got the mailing list of all bumpstock buyers, so if you didn't surrender your stock, you were liable for Federal Gun violations. So everybody lost a Billion dollars in bump stocks and your not getting it back. It is what it is. Now if you buried your bumpstock somewhere not to be found, then you still own a bumpstock. See how American life is these days? It don't pay being honest. This chic in the video is a trip. I seen her videos a decade ago and they are still here. She is the reason I got Thureon Defense stuck in my brain.

Anyways, the libtard justices are furious as they have never been furious before. And that folks is a sign. Tempers are flaring in the Supreme Court. And it aint about bump stocks. That's just a trigger. They been fighting about Trump. And it don't look like it's going the libtard way. So expect epic fireworks to be coming up shortly like nobody has seen in their lifetimes. Oh it will send shock waves across the country, especially with the libtard media looking to be on the wrong end of what's coming. Media hate for the "rigged" Supreme Court will go nuclear, with all the craziness that goes with it.

Gaza crap...

More stories come out about "innocent Gazans" from the live hostages rescued. Simply loathsome people of men women and children. One hostage said there are no "innocent" civilians in Gaza. So the horrors he endured have certainly turned him into a life long Gazan hater. And I expect that same attitude will be of every hostage that comes out alive. Life long fear and hate of Gazans like they never knew they could hate before. And these WERE gullible peace loving hippies at a festival just a mile from the border wall of animal city.

Israel Deletes X Video That Reportedly Says There Are ‘No Innocent Civilians’ in Gaza

Clearly the propaganda war is white hot and Israelis are aware that their bomb suppliers are not in the mood to listen to truth. So even they have to hold back evidence until a time when the evidence will be looked at. Till then, some evidence is too horrible for the free world to bare. It's too inflammatory to the goal of bomb resupply. And that is all Israelis want out of this. To be well supplied so they can keep hunting for their hostages.

Stories of abuse came out after just 45 days in the first hostage release. Now we have stories of 6 months of abuse. A more complete picture that is still being heavily censored to not further endangered those still inside. Stories of captives in civilian homes while being treated as animals and slaves. And the fact that half of the hostages may already be dead, says everything about the brutality going on in Gaza. So I am in no way "pleasantly surprised" by any of this. It's a miracle that Israelis invaded such densely populated area and go ALL the people out they had been searching for. Absolute miracle and top shelf war skills. Those Israelis are miracle workers.

Israeli hostage faced ‘punishments’ during eight months in Hamas captivity, family says

And to compare wars in general, the Russian massacre and the Israeli pounding, it's like night and day comparisons. Russian tanks explode so spectacularly, while Israeli tanks hold up very well despite even closer battles. Defending against the same RPGs that the Russians can't deal with. The only thing the Russians have going on is the shear numbers in their fighting units. You simply can't beat the numbers without superior weapons. Russians refuse to say what their death count is but people say it's easily in the hundreds of thousands dead. While Israelis are nowhere near 500 after 7 months. It's just amazing performance. And the Israelis are not done amazing. They are closing in on the heart of the criminals and can expect huge progress with the destruction of the largest war stockpiles.

The only thing I wonder about is that messages from Sin War make it seem like he aint worried about anything. So the war must not be anywhere near where he is at. Either he is way deeper than anybody can reach, or he can still journey through long tunnels still undamaged. So Israelis need to continue catching live prisoners for interrogation. So they can find out what is going on. The humanitarian aid is also bring in fuel. So it's possible the undamaged tunnels are being powered with generator power from stolen humanitarian fuel. Drones could look for them from the hot exhaust that has to come out. But they could exhaust into buildings vacated, making detection even harder.

Biden crap...

Biden says he won't commute his son's sentence in his federal gun case

Who knows till the election is over. But the game of chicken is still on at full speed. Biden has sent a message to the Trump gun judge to watch out with her sentence. And the hooker judge is watching too. If Biden goes to jail, so is Trump. And if the Supreme Court bails Trump out, Biden will pardon Hunter. Eye for an Eye. And that's just fine with Trump. At least for now. Of course they could cut Hunter loose and jail Trump, but that would only make it easier for the Supreme Court to cut Trump loose. The Trump pit bulls got a hold of Biden and now it's a Mexican standoff. When this is all over you can bet Biden will be writing alot of Hunter out of his will. But then again Hunter may not care with all the cash he raked in.

In-N-Out raises California prices of Double-Double after minimum wage law

I aint much of a cook but I have this decades old Black and Decker tiny broiler. I heat up car parts or any other thing in it to do the things I do. I even heated up a squirrel I caught with it. It was fall and cold and a squirrel was trying to chew it's way into my house. I put a live trap up and bam, I got me a squirrel. But they don't last long in a cage. They go wild in there and break their backs. Then they just look up at you with huge black eyes as they sit there and freeze to death. Even if it's a warm windy day, they freeze to death because their dead muscles can't make body heat, as the breeze carries their heat away. It's the sad way with squirrels.

Anyways, I caught the varmint and I wasn't leaving in the middle of the night to release him far away. So to settle him down for the night, I put his trap on top of the Black and Decker broiler on low. so the heat rising up kept him warm without running around in the cage to stay warm. So he didn't break his neck and he got a new home the next day.

Anyways anyways, the grocery had 75% off on burger patties and I said why not. So
I got them and a pack of cheap buns. I didn't want to make a production out of it so I grabbed the Bar-B-Que sauce in the fridge and a square of aluminum foil and stuck all that in the tiny broiler at like 500 degrees. I hate waiting when food smell is in the air. 10 minutes later, the patty was cooked in a pool of boiling beef grease. I forked out the cooked patty and stuck it on the bun. Yummy. A quarter pound burger for like 50 cents. And now I'm eating them up way faster than I should. And I think they taste better than McDs $10 burgers. Maybe no pink slime. And I still have no dishes to clean up. I actually stick the foil square in the freezer so it don't go rancid, and keep cooking burgers on it. Haven't knocked a hole in it yet.

So that is Bidenomics. Teaching me how NOT to buy stuff for Bidens prices. Maybe it's not so bad. I even save on the Biden gas I would have spent on one trip for one burger. Maybe next time I'll get a tomato with my beef patties. But then again, they aint 75% off every day. So who knows.
Biden campaign says its raised over $28 million ahead of Hollywood fundraiser featuring Obama, dozens of celebrity supporters

So, looking at the worst case scenario, if Biden is crippled some way, death, disease, whatever, Democraps HAVE to do something. So you know there has to be big plans in the works to deal with it. And there has to be plans because Kamala Harris is waiting for her shot to be President. And that is NOT good news for Democraps. For one, nobody will be telling Kamala what to do. And all the puppet master jazz she sees on Biden will be absolutely thrown out the door. So there is that situation.

But you know, nothing can happen without huge campaign funds. So Obama is smack in the middle of a massive Democrapic fund raising system. In fact Obama could actually be running the whole thing. We all know Biden aint doing squat. And what would Obama do, if he sees with his own eyes, that Biden aint going to make it, despite a massive campaign treasure chest? I suspect his wife will use it herself. Because she aint going to be running the country, her husband would be and she lives with him. So she has nothing to fear about the job. She just has to read the speeches by the best speech writers money can buy, and then go back to her white house home. On like the 3rd floor where nobody else is allowed.

So it may be no fun at all to be the cleanup president after the Biden debacle, but at least they can better bury all the skeletons they left behind and secure their legacy. Otherwise, the Republicans are ready to sweep thru all of government and really dig up dirt.

The GOP can't get Garland to hand over the Biden tapes to hear his actual mental state, but now it's come out that the GOP will have a vote next week to send the Sargent at Arms to haul Garland and the tapes over to Congress. These are armed Capital cops that are sent to the DOJ building under Congressional orders. This has not been done in anybodies lifetime. Hard to say if the DOJ even lets them in the building, but if this is an effective maneuver, the GOP could get the Biden tapes to play for the whole country to hear. And it is expected to be really ugly. So much so that the GOP thinks Democraps will have to yank Biden off the ticket if they want any chance of winning the election. Geez. It's wild what this country has come to. Can you imagine FOX media showing Garland being hauled away in handcuffs? Like payback for cops raiding Mar-A-Lago. That was on all the libtard TVs.

GOP Rep says House sergeant-at-arms should take Garland into custody

And that would only be a taste of what's coming. Libtards and their shifty twistyness aint stoppin. I can see complete anarchy going off that has cops from both sides pounding down the doors on the other side every other day. Brag keeps bragging that he sued Trump 700 times during his first term, they will no doubt sue him 7000 times if he wins a second term. With all the chaos that goes with that level of hate.

The Resistance to a New Trump Administration Has Already Started

"“He is no normal candidate, this is no normal election, and these are no normal preparations for merely coming out on the wrong side of a national referendum on policy choices,” Bassin said."

Geez, these libtards are deranged. And they vilify Trump for questioning the results. The fact is that libtards prosecute Trump for all things the libtards been doing. And it seems it will come down to whose cops are the strongest cops in this civil war to come.

But there's another situation nobody talks about. Joe Bidens wife. Clearly she is mixed up in this mess up to her eye balls. At his side ready to catch his falling over. It could he that she stands ready to squeal and holler if anybody tries to take Joes place. Especially aimed against Kamala. You have to figure that Kamala and Jill Biden absolutely hate each other. Seething hate. Jealous hate. Yet they each are forced to tolerate the other. And it all starts from Jill Biden. Joes Protector and possibly the current President actually running the country. So when you take somebody like that, and bring them close to the Vice President, who has been labeled the laughing stock of the country, you know that we got the makings of histories biggest cat fight brewing. I mean it has to be like that. Jill Biden threw her first husband under the buss to jump on this political gravy train. Now she is the queen of philandering wives and she will do whatever to protect her lifetime Caviar meal ticket. She has crime family written all over her face. She knows every detail of the bribes and influence millions, that the Bidens raked in. And it shows, as she flew back from France just to sit right in front of Hunter at his trial. And when the trial was over, she flew right back to France. Jill Biden was holding hands and zipping mouths on both sides of this planet. So only a fool would dismiss Jill Biden as a top shelf player in this American catastrophe. And this is in Kamala Harrises face every day. Despite being first in line behind Joe Biden.

Yep, the American government is certainly a stick of dynamite right now, and players are desperate to keep the smokers away. And you can bet on it because it's the nature of the beast the Democraps built.

Anyways, Kamala wins if Biden drops dead. And she gets to call all the shots. But Kamala is stuck as long as Jill Biden keeps Joe moving. President Jill Biden. You know that has to piss Kamala off. Because Joe aint dropping dead, he's fading away...And the Obamas are fully aware of this sticky entanglement.


Another week is starting up and another Thursday is winding up to be THE Thursday when we find out if Trump is cleared to run for President. All he needs is any ruling that keeps his immunity as a possibility. That is all the win Trump needs. There's no more time for another court to try to iron that out before the election, and Trump won't be trapped in courts, rather than campaigning. But the court has not been sheepish so far. They slammed their hammer down on Roe, and they slammed their hammer down on bump stocks. It's possible they say screw other courts and slam their hammer down on immunity haters. Putting a stake in the beasts that abuse our laws for election interference. Then there will be the reading of the opinions that founded the rulings. Sometimes, it's all silence. Nobody has anything to say and the ruling is final. But this ruling is so epic, that nobody can stay silent on it. So much pretzel twisting took place to get us here, that somebody has to say something earth shattering about it. And there aint no way anybody is going to high five what was done to these laws just to get the first man. And that's the point. Do we now start chasing all other people like this, or does the court point the finger of shame to stop this crap once and for all.

We already got a bunch of signaling from justices around this issue. And we already see Democraps openly attacking the directions of this court. It's pretty clear that the Supreme Court is ready to exert their control and authority to change the direction of the fights. Because this affects them hugely with the threat of court packing waiting in the wings. More abuse of the laws by the Democraps that would neuter the power and authority of the Supreme Court. One of the 3 branches of government that is not supposed to be neutered by the others. So there you go. Nobody knows what will happen next, but you have to figure that it all seems to be tilting Trumps way. For the good of the Constitution and America as laid out by our fore fathers.

Pretzel twisting never was the intent of our founding fathers. Laws were ment to be clear and easy to follow. Just look at bump stocks that pissed off the libtard justices. The Auto law says the trigger is only pulled once for all the shots. While Semi Autos means a trigger pull for each bullet. So that's it. The trigger is pulled each time with a bump stock. The law is clear and nobody can claim otherwise. It's up to Congress to decide to actually change the law to ban bump stocks. The finger pulls the trigger and the stock helps the finger pull the trigger faster. So it's still Semi Auto.

George Conway predicts Trump will ‘lose big’ in Supreme Court immunity case

This guy is a lawyer that is supposed to know better. But nothing he says makes any legal sense. I'm a nobody and think what I think. We will soon see who is right.

Trump's lawyers urge judge to reject special counsel's request for gag order in classified docs case

Of course we got more shit coming up. The argument to jail Trump for gag order violations in Florida if he utters a peep about the FBI at any time. Clearly Trumps campaign message craps all over the corrupt DOJ and FBI. Jack Smith is trying to stop that message, and he thinks he can get Trump in jail for a campaign slip up. Trump in jail is the best way to stop his campaign, so the Democraps think. Trumps teem filed arguments Friday and the first debate is June 27. So a decision from Judge Cannon in Florida may not be far off. Or she could stall it and piss off Jack Smith, as Trump blasts the corrupt DOJ at the debate anyway, hah.


While the world goes crazy, Israelis continue to take care of business. Like a non stop pit bull. It don't quit until it's mouthful stops moving. So Bidens food dock had to be hauled away again. It was getting beat up by the water action. So that's $1 billion that is mostly useless. The actual cash was no doubt pilfered for election needs, as the ragtag dock plans collapsed from incompetence. This is probably the first time in history that our military setup just one dock for a war. And since we got a woke army now, they spent all their training time making gay facilities for gay needs. So they got what they got.

In the mean time, internal disarray caused by Biden threats to hold back treaty weapons has caused Israelis to "pause" the war in a corridor that allows more aid to rush in. But the bombing continues in the more dangerous areas. I can see that being good for now. All the areas need to be destroyed to ruin the criminal army, so they can concentrate on Rafah while the people go north to get aid. That helps get more people to evacuate.

It was also announced that a foreign made armored personnel carrier exploded killing all those inside. They aint supposed to explode like that, so investigations will determine where the weak point is with those vehicles. It's possible that explosives being transported were not properly stowed in a strong box on the inside. Obviously procedures would be re-evaluated in that area. Or it's possible there is a weakness in the vehicle to certain ordinance in the war. It was not an American made vehicle, so anything is possible.

But the war goes on and the criminal army gets smaller. And that's the way it is. Reality is just so predictable because it's real, hah.
And, here's another thing nobody talks about. What will happen if Trump wins? Lots and lots of stuff in a very fast fashion. But, one thing in particular, is what happens at Trumps inauguration? Does anybody even need a guess what will happen? Biden and his team aint going to be there. We all know that, but it won't stop the insane craziness of the media and it's vilification. For one, Trump aint inviting him. Second, Biden aint asking for an invite. So the 2 will have media headlines fighting over who dis-invited who. Trump can be conciliatory after a hard fight, like with McConnell, JD Vance, Rubio, Lindsey Graham, etc, etc. But I can't see Trump ever shaking Bidens hand for as long as he lives. And when he is dead, I can't even see Trump lowering the flag to half staff. And the hate goes both ways. After 900 years of charges, I would be personally pissed as a voter if Trump didn't spit on the SOBs coffin. There has been no politician in any history I can think of that has acted as loathsome as Biden. And it is Trumps time to make sure Biden pays for his insane behavior. Of course ANY receipts dumped onto the Bidens will be vilified as vengeance by the other side. So be it. They are free to call it whatever they want. Just like the other half of the country calls Bidens attacks a witch hunt. Of course pardons will block any REAL paybacks, but the little things can impart a measure of national satisfaction.

Anyways, I missed the first Inauguration because I was in Mexico at the time. I saw a little on a TV, but haters kept unplugging the TVs. And that's the way it was. But I did buy a Mexican newspaper that had Trump in the headline and his standing at a podium, so I was sure it was Mexicans lamenting that Trump was about to make Mexico pay for the wall, hah.

But speaking of "paying", haters are always griping about how Trump uses "tricks" to pay his legal bills. Well first off, I don't see them as "his" legal bills. Trump ran for president to make life better for us. So Trump should not be liable to pay all these bills out of his own pocket. That's like making our soldiers pay for their own hospital bills after being all shot up. That's an utterly insane demand. But the whole point of lawfare is to make Trump loose by draining him of all his cash. Why else did they steal $83 million from him for fake civil sex assault, and take $550 million from him for real estate pricing. If they did all of that to the max AND made Trump pay all his legal costs personally, then indeed Trump would have run out of cash and he would have no lawyers for Florida, Georgia, and DC. But Campaign finance is a separate entity than Trump the accused. So there's no way Trumps haters can stop other entities from paying Trumps bills. Just like the fake rape victim had some rich mogul paying her lawsuit bills to win her fake rape lawsuit. It all works the same way on both sides. The cities prosecuting Trump are also getting donations from their rich partners to make sure no expense is spared to prosecute Trump. So there you go. There are a dozen ways Trump can keep his lawyers paid, and that's why they charge him $3000 an hour. Because somebody somewhere will be paying it. Other people targeted by lawsuits do GoFundMe campaigns to help pay their legal bills. And some judges have even amped up punishment in an attempt to seize the GoFundMe accounts, so there is no money left for attorneys fees. That's why lawyers now insist that they setup those GoFundMe accounts in their names. And then keeping all the cash, especially when donations went over the top. The legal system is one greedy crooked cash thief. And it will always be like that. And not even Trump gets any kind of volume discount breaks.

Trump's conviction in New York extends losing streak with jurors to 0-42 in recent cases

So does this mean anything? Yes it does. It means Democraps are digging the hole they are in even deeper. Because we all knew long ago that Trump would be found guilty of most of the 900 years of charges they prosecuted him with, if they got to a jury. That's why these are called rigged charges. The REAL justice happens in the appeals process. That's the process where all 900 years will be thrown out and Trump gets a ton of his money back. From there Trump gets to sue for all the pain he was put thru. And he is on track to be re-elected too. So this "Fake News" article is just CBS getting their thrills now because it will all eventually disappear. And if the appeals court puts up more road blocks that stall Trumps trials, that means the appeals court is leaving it up to voters as to what they want. Elect Trump to pardon himself, or defeat him to make him go thru the appeals process. Because the Supreme Court for sure does not want to be deciding elections. The lower courts should be the same way, but we already know there is corruption and election interference in the lower courts.

So we got tens of tons of Fake News flying all around Trump...

"Brazen Corruption" yet no corruption charges. "Exploits and Loopholes", "cults", "Un-American" actions, "Billionaires" helping him, "meandering" walk, "CEOs" unhappy with him, "Republican Voters" against him, "Supporters" walk out on him, "Trump Media Stock" tanking, "Trump Buried" in legal trouble, "Republicans loosing Credibility" over Trump, "Trump Plots Capture" of the DOJ, "Vets Slam Trump", "Devastating Trump Moment", "Ticket To Prison", "Millions paid" to Pro Trump witnesses, "Trump Got Due Process", "Trump Shares" twelve fingers, "Trump Sex" with his daughter, "Washington Law" against felons in office, etc, etc.

Then we got all this from the top Trump hater media organization...

CNN Poll: Few think Trump is being treated the same as other defendants
Biden’s young voter problem keeps getting worse
Joe Biden Drop in Black Voter Support Leaves CNN Analyst 'Speechless'
New poll raises concern about Biden's 2024 prospects

So you got Fake News, and you got real news. So which one will be the one that wins elections? Well CNN hates Trump and they have decided that hiding Truth will not help to defeat Trump. So CNN is now posting the naked ugly Truth about Biden in the hopes that the Obamas wake up to the reality that Trump is STILL winning despite all the prosecutions. CNN says that the people see all this and they are no longer happy with what Biden is doing. And I have always believed that Biden aint Making America Great Again. So the Fake News is simply a bad joke that wastes time and space. Like what Comical Ali was to the betterment of Iran and Saddam Hussein. Hussein was hanged, and Iran is a puppet state of Iraq.

CNN will host the one and only debate of Trump and Biden. I expect Biden will be pulled off the Democrapic ticket and replaced by somebody else. I saw the video in California of Obama personally leading Biden by the hand off the stage. So Obama has no doubts about the current state of Joe Biden, and Biden won't be getting better as more time goes by. So Obama has no choice but to convince Democrapic leaders to decide on doing "something", if they want any chance of beating Trump. To be a fly on the wall when Barack was talking to Michelle while on the way home. If Drugs could keep Biden in the game, doctors would keep him drugged up all the time. But they must be very concerned about the danger to him even for the few times they juiced him up. So it's hopeless to expect a shot for every public campaign confrontation.

And none of all that hater Fake News changes any of this.

How the Supreme Court could decide Trump’s blockbuster fight for immunity

I don't know what is going on with CNN, but for some reason, they are starting to put out more real facts rather than Fake News. This is a good article facts wise. It lays out all the factual scenarios. And they make legal sense.

CNN still insists Trump knew he lost the election and is liable for defrauding the US voters. But it will take a trial thru the whole appeals process to decide if that case is fact. So much has been said in all these years that it's hard to say if Trump could be firmly convicted of that claim. Nobody seems to be able to broadcast any clearly undisputed admission.

Anyways, CNN may be realizing the possibility of a Trump win and wants to curry favor to step in front of FOX to grab exclusive Presidential media rights. CNN has been landing some major Trump media wins of late. There's always ulterior motives to all behavior in politics. But take the facts while we got them. I never throw out messages just because messengers stink. Although lots of others do. The only way to get the whole truth these days is to read it all and pick out the facts.

Anyways, however it goes, we are only days away and the signaling is sounding Trumpian like. Democraps may have kept silent on the whole Biden swap issue till they heard what the Supreme Court would say. So the whole world could be changed by what the Supreme Court is about to say.

New York’s highest court leaves Trump gag order in hush money case in effect

Yup, the whole New York court system is bent on making Trump pay. And like the Rape trial where he is forbidden from denying the rigged ruling, the New York Supreme Court refuses to let Trump say anything about his rigged felony convictions. So it's more concrete indications that the US Supreme Court is the only viable institution that can set things straight again. And the Supreme Court has no choice but to act decisively.

One casualty of the Gag order is the dying out of the news of the possible jury leak on Faceplant. Trump is forbidden from uttering a word about it. And the libtard media doesn't want to ever mention it again. So nobody will know much about any of this. And Trump can't in any way spur a vigorous investigation about the illegal postings. Only his lawyers can file all the legal demands that they are allowed to do to figure out what is going on. And if New York stone walls Trumps team like the DOJ stonewalls everything, Trump is powerless to do anything about it in any quick fashion. FOX the corporation is no Trump fan, so they won't be much help either. Keep in mind that Hunter has now been convicted only because Trump would never shut up about him. Without Trump and his never ending attacks that officials could not shut down, Hunter may have skated by with the sweetest immunity deal anybody in this country has ever gotten.


Democrats could replace Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton, columnist argues: 'Why not?'

Well this idea would make things worse for Democraps. They are already loosing black voters, so dumping Harris will simply speedup that process. Everything Democraps could do makes it worse for them, except replacing Biden with Obama. That aint the perfect solution, but it's their only chance to take back more voters than they would loose. Of course this would scream to start investigations about who is REALLY to be President. Maybe too big a scandal to even attempt. A whole new level of fugly to play out with the Obamas tossed smack in the middle of historic hate. Biden is so radioactive now that few Democraps have the courage to get anywhere near this fan with shit piled high all around it.


The more they pound, the more they find. They pounded 550 criminal Gazans they could find and countless more killed in building and tunnel destruction. Israelis say many fighters fled as the Rafah pounding started. The Israelis seized 2 of 4 Rafah sectors and are pounding the other 2. Israelis have seized hundreds of rockets along the Egypt border and more that 200 tunnel shafts to tunnels way below going in all directions. Israelis identifies 25 long tunnels that head into Egypt and Israelis suspect weapons have been coming from "somebody" in Egypt thru these tunnels. It's no wonder Egypt is desperately trying to stop this war. Israelis are likely to head to Egypt thru these tunnels. Despite all the reporting, nobody has actually seen Ya Ya Sin War for over a year. So it's possible has has not even been in Gaza this whole time. Maybe even in a palace like bunker under the Sinai where nobody can bomb. Hell, most of the hostages could be there too. Israelis are hard on the hunt to figure all this out.

IDF says half of Hamas’s forces in Rafah dismantled, at least 550 gunmen killed

Well, rogue factions of the Israeli government ordered this war pause last week and now Natty Yahoo disbands the entire war counsel. Hard to say what that means to this "pause" but Yahoo says he is angry about the pause. In view of the fact he has found ties to Egypt, he wants to start pounding his way into Egypt to find the truth. Yet he keeps running into officials don't don't seem to want the truth to come out. Give criminals what they want to get "some" of the hostages back, and let the truth remain buried. Only an idiot would believe they will ever get all the hostages back. And Natty Yahoo is dumping all the idiots. Now the idiots demand immediate elections and riots in the streets to force elections.

It looks to me like there are traitors in the Israeli government desperate to hide what's been going on. I have experience with this kind of thing. I have seen it before. Last week when Garland refused to give up the Biden tapes, last month when we found out the DOJ planted the famous "documents" photo, last year when they found Bidens documents, the years before when Hunters laptop was discovered, etc, etc. Yup, I am an expert at spotting the signs that corruption have infested the machinery. And there could be payola at the bottom of these corruptions. Like the payola going on in the the US government with Bidens countless shell companies. They accuse Trump of being a traitor when it is in fact the accusers that are the traitors. Natty Yahoo is charged with crimes, and now things look very fishy with his accusers. And that aint all. Because then you have to wonder where all this corruption is coming from...Anybody mention world tyrants?

Israel's Netanyahu blames Biden for withholding weapons. US officials say that's not the whole story

Yup, may as well coin the name Joe Stonewall Biden. Full of excuses why things don't "seem" to be happening as expected. Stonewalling Florida, stonewalling congress, and stonewalling Israel.

"“It’s inconceivable that in the past few months, the administration has been withholding weapons and ammunitions to Israel,” Netanyahu said, adding, “Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job a lot faster.”"


Does anybody REALLY know what's going on over there? Is's actually kinda the size of Gaza with 2.5 million people. And they are filthy rich with a socialism free money lifestyle paid for with natural gas profits. The same family has ruled that country for like 200 years. The population is mostly immigrants brought in as servants with the native population only about half a million people. There are 2 sets of laws there in these modern times. Laws for them that are brutal for mundane violations, and laws for the rest of us who visit and can't be having our hands cut off. Years ago, a dead fetus was found in a plane toilet and Qatar cops grabbed hundreds of women off the plane and strip searched them all with invasive examinations to see if any of them was the culprit. The outrage flew and it was all covered up. But you can see that these smiley glad handlers dance on the edge of insanity. They seem to be terrorist supporters, but keep showing up as smiley conflict mediators. Now they are the 8 star hotel hosts of the criminal Gazans, as they "Say" they are on nobodies side. Things just don't seem to add up here, as you would think with a country saying they are everybodies friend. Basically they are a typical barbaric Arab country trying to keep the profits up from the human rights oriented free world. So we got no idea how genuine they are about civilized change.

And they seem to be sticking their fingers in everybodies pies. They have been Muslim Brotherhood supporters that pissed off Egypt. So they had to glad hand and smoothed that over. They are hosts to most of Americas major Universities with satellite campuses in their own country. The donations to these Universities has been in the Billions of dollars. And now we got all these riots hating on Israelis. Carnegie Mellon University is in Qatar, as is Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Texas A&M University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Cornell University. And they all went nuclear with riots in America. So you see, Arab influence in America has been a very well orchestrated top secret plan that corrupted our kids long before we actually knew this was happening. The multi headed beast was fully grown and fully fed before anybody knew there was even a beast.

Awash in Qatari money, have US campuses become incubators for Doha’s interests?

So what the hell is going on, and why is Qatar on some pillar of trust? The day will come when Israelis demand the leaders of the criminal Gazans face justice. And Israelis will likely have to go into Qatar to get them. Unless Qatar quits being a host to criminals and hands them over. Time is coming soon to find out who these people really are. In fact, time is coming soon to be finding out every damn thing that's been hidden for so long. And that's a good thing for world peace.

Turkey's Erdogan thinks Hamas unlikely to move out of Qatar


DOJ unseals indictment against Texas doctor who blew whistle on gender-affirming care for minors

Yup, Lawfare is now being waged on the American people. This brand new doctor aint got a clue what he has stepped into. Be he will learn very quick as his bank account gets drained. And that's the point. Make you go broke so your life won't function any more. Then whatever threat you are is stopped. In this case, his threat to Democraps. Democraps evaded the laws and did their nasty work anyway, while this doctor took notice and collected evidence. Now the doctor is charged with pretzeled felonies that will cost him all his cash to defend. He can't be a doctor while his cash isn't his any more. He can't pay his normal bills, buy better transportation, buy better living arrangements, etc, etc. Who can do any of that when they have to store what cash they have to pay for legal bills? I stopped doing any buying of any kind because I have to pay all the fees to sue my crooked business partner. So everything is changed for me. And it will be changed for at least a year and no doubt more. And if he flees to a state with no tracker rights, I have to pay to find him so I can keep suing him to get back my money he stole. Legal charges are another whole rats nest. You can never sue the DOJ to get all your expenses back even if you win. When you win, you still loose. That's the whole point of lawfare. And the GOP has NEVER done any legislative work of any kind that would prevent this Democrapic abuse from starting up. Now Democraps are seizing control this way and the GOP is on the wrong side of the fence. Trump is already telling Speaker Johnson to do "something" about Trumps convictions. He can't fight all the Democraps alone. He is only one man.

Gaetz says Ethics Committee opening ‘new frivolous investigations’

Biden is now making executive orders to legalize half a million aliens so they can vote. They get all kinds of other rights too, but Democraps don't care about that. They need tons of new voters to counter all the wins Trump is racking up. And the GOP will loose too. While they sit there in Congress just sucking on their thumbs and attacking each other. Matt Gaetz would do things to help Trump out but he is now being subpoenaed for more charges of a sex nature. Other sex charges were dropped, but Gaetz is a loud fighter for Trump. So he will be continually charged by haters on all sides to short circuit his help to Trump. Lawfare.

Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a sweeping new plan from Biden
Supreme Court Sends Out an Ominous Sign

Hah, like this aint the first "ominous" sign. Personally I think it's a "delightful" sign. But I'd rather just have the answer that Trump is free to become the next President in a free and fair election. But that decision is best left till the very last second. So that the haters have even less time to try to hate something new up.

So the media thinks either Trump is heading to prison or the Supreme Court is actually "rotten". And they keep citing the hypothetical reason that invalidates Trumps immunity. But the problem is, you don't strike down American rights over any "hypothetical". You can only strike them down with facts. So the majority justices will be looking for facts, while the minority justices "could" rule Trump gets no immunity simply to keep Trump from assassinating his political rivals. But Trump has never before assassinated any of his rivals. The hater media will never say that. They say he "will" assassinate rivals, just like "The View" just claimed Trump will shut down their show. A bunch of stupid bimbos certainly should be shut down, but Trump won't because he never did it before.

So that will be the focus of the majority Supreme Court. They will likely rule that they need more "facts" and will send all this back for a new trial to determine facts. And that effectively ends Trumps prosecutions. because there are not enough facts. The thing you need for Constitutional prosecutions. The prosecutors thought they were being slick to wait till the last minute to mess up Trumps campaign. But they ended up running out of time to find all the facts, and the election will go on and the people will decide if Trump gets to pardon himself.

If the Supreme Court wanted to just pick the next President, they could have already ruled YES or NO immunity by now. So there aint nothing rotten here. The Supreme Court is simply releasing their decision after they make sure they are out of town. Which is a prudent thing, after the craziness of the Roe leak debacle. They could rule immunity to clear the hooker convictions. Because the convictions are already election interference and maybe enough so cost Trump the election. Then the decision is left entirely to the people with Trump zero felony convictions.

Holder worried Supreme Court will come to ‘dangerous’ conclusion on Trump immunity

From the elitist pig that started this whole Contempt the GOP Congress mess, Holder is "worried" that Trump may get the life line that Biden has always had. Laws for we but not for he. I'm simply fed up with the gall of Democraps who "expect" to be above everybody else while declaring the other side is not above the law. If we the people don't stop Democraps and their elitist push to split our laws with an ax, then the day will come when America WILL be a Kingdom at the least, and a Tyrant Nation for all those objecting to being oppressed. Certainly Jan6ers are right now being oppressed, as is President 45. So American Tyranny is already here. The Supreme Court is just about to make a ruling on what to do about it. The elitists say that complainers are just complaining. But if that were the case, then the complaint would not be squarely on the Supreme Courts bench. And now because of the Constitutional power of the Supreme Court, all the elitists can do is whimper and complain over what is likely to happen with the abuses they been flogging us with.

Of course we don't have these decisions just yet, but the bump stock ban has already been struck down into the toilet. Not just simply ruled that maybe we should rethink this thing. Nope. The ban has already been sent to the sewers on it's journey to China. There's not a cop in this nation now with the authority to persecute anybody with any connection to bump stocks. Boom, Just like that. And we are looking set to hear several more booms to come. Like setting off dynamite to obliterate the abuses of todays libtards. A fate very well deserved. Because the Constitution is clear. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness belongs to not just libtards, but to ALL Americans great or small.


'I don't believe in peace now,' released Gaza hostage tells BBC

Freed Israeli hostage says she was held in Gaza hospital, civilian homes

Here you go. Another Peacenic that turned into a Warnic. I posted before that this was happening. This woman is telling her story of the animals that live in Gaza. An inhuman population that is getting right now what they deserve.

When violence and trauma visit American places, a complex question follows: Demolish, or press on?

And it's no difference than what Americans do in their own territory. Parkland. Uvalde. Columbine. Sandy Hook. A supermarket in Buffalo. A church in South Carolina. A synagogue in Pittsburgh. A nightclub in Orlando, Florida. A sorority house in Idaho. Etc, etc

So the houses in Gaza are being destroyed. ALL of them. Blown to so many bits that they can never be used again. Used as jails, torture chambers, criminal hideouts, weapons storage houses, slaughter houses, bandit bunkers, body dump rooms, terrorist schools, etc, etc. The denials are endless, but the facts are being preserved forever. Does anybody think the Jews will ever dispose of the evidence collected? Hah. And what goes on legally in America is no different. The trappings of the criminal culture in America has always been seized and destroyed. In the middle East, the whole of Gaza is a criminal culture. And the trappings of that criminal culture are being seized and destroyed. And just like our jails are full of criminals that whine about how innocent they are, all of Gaza whines about how innocent they are as well. And the world continues to spin round and round.


Russia obliterates front-line Ukraine towns by retrofitting bombs and expanding its air base network

"It took a year for Russia to obliterate Bakhmut, where the bombs were first used. That was followed by destruction in Avdiivka that took months. Then, only weeks were needed to do the same in Vovchansk and Chasiv Yar, according to images analyzed by AP that showed the smoldering ruins of both cities."

Umm, it's been years now and things don't seem to be getting better for Ukraine. Did anybody have the first clue that it would be like this?...

Suicide aint really a good battle strategy unless you can take an effective number of the other guys with you. In the case of Ukraine, that would have to be a rate north of 100 to 1 kill rate. And that just aint happenin. Israelis are doing a 100 to 1 kill rate and we see how that is going. And they are not even trying to obliterate "numbers". They could amp it up to 10,000 to 1 in just an hour or 2 if they wanted.

New North Korea-Russia pact calls for immediate military aid if invaded

And while Russians do all that, they are also making treaties with China and North Korea. At this point I don't think even Trump can fix North Korea. The Democraps have ruined their attitude and they have chosen their path to world domination. They see Russians taking Ukraine. And North Korea wants South Korea really bad. So when China moves on Taiwan, it's possible North Korea could launch an all out attack on South Korea. And with Russia guarding them with nukes, America will be in a bind to try to come to their aid. The Korean war has never been over. It's just been a cease fire so Kim could grow up and get his play time out of the way.

World war on the brink. That's what we got and Europe is shaking in their boots.

Raped by Russian soldiers, Ukraine women speak out to erase stigma\

They are lucky to even be alive. So where is the fake ass UN about Russian atrocities? So the way it is, there's no justice for these crimes. And to fight back and actually smash the criminals is itself a war crime. So you decide for yourself. Would you love to be called a war criminal as you shot a bazooka at the animals that raped your mother and took your sister hostage? I for one would be proud and well armed to deal with any ass hole that tried to stop me. Especially if higher powers were not interested in making things right.


The biggest problem with NASA is that it's run by our government. So when the government changes, so does NASA. SpaceX is this thing that came out of nowhere. Paypal was invented as a payment competitor to credit cards. Competition made possible by Ebay. When Paypal success went nuclear, the inventors sold out and SpaceX was suddenly born. A new task to try to make something else better. Rather than Rocket travel changing with new governments, SpaceX says lets change rocket travel to make it cheaper. A totally preposterous idea that was laughed at by NASA and all the contractors in government congressional districts. And look at what the rest of the worlds space business was doing. They copied NASA in every way, and did the same thing that sucked down all their tax dollars. With the results being malfunctions and danger that left the world with no choice but to pick only a few kinds of people to ride these rockets.

With SpaceX, people now see that anybody can be able to ride these rockets. Indeed Stephen Hawkings bought a ticket to ride but was unable to live long enough for his ride to be built. But old ways die hard. Mostly because of the nasty old spider with the web that sprawls all over the place. SpaceX is punching holes thru the web, but the spider still runs around the holes to grab at the tax dollars it can sink it's claws into.

As such, we got Boeing, and we got "Star liner"? Are they trying to say they are like an air liner? The dang thing can only hold 7 people. Do we call Cessna air liners? I think not. But we don't call Cessna leak mobiles, either. But that's what that "star liner" is turning out to be. A freakin lead mobile with high pressure helium leaks all over the place. At first they said no big deal, they got so much Helium that it would take forever for it to all leak away. But unfortunately, that is not the biggest concern. The problem they are trying to verify is that the leaks could be like jets that rotate the heat shield away from the earth. Not a very desirable position. On top of that, Helium escaping is very very cold and can freeze things up. Things that could then crack and leak even more. Then these new style jets could get even bigger and spin these people round and round. And then they might end up barfing up all that yummy NASA food they been eating. And messing up their budding partnership with Kentucky Fried chicken. Imagine regurgitated chicken pieces floating all around the cameras while trying to make a space commercial. But then again, I guess you could call them Kentucky space fried chicken nuggets, when the whole thing spins wildly out of control into the atmosphere.

And this is the NASA we got today, because our government runs NASA. The capsule was built under Bush 2 to go to the moon. But was cancelled by Obama because his constituents never go to space. But then restarted again when the outrage of the flushing of Americas crown jewel got way too loud. Then it became an asteroid visitor. But then it was again hijacked and repurposed as a general competitor to SpaceX. A redundant space ride in case SpaceX blew up.

So with NASA so jerked around by one government after the other, we got this capsule that finally went up. But they are too afraid to let it come back down. You know, all that pent up Columbia fireball fear. The sad fact is that the capsule prototype has been built tore back down and rebuilt so many times that they got metal fatigue cracks all over the place. And that the cold environment only makes things worse. But all is not lost. They don't have to close their eyes and start the reentry burn like they did with Columbia. They can just book a SpaceX flight lickity split. But is that really what will happen? Who knows. But I do know one thing, People and their tax dollars are just about fed up with our Government messing in the space business. The Space station and the Hubble are just about worn out. And when their time is finished, I suspect that will be the end of NASA as a space provider. NASA may end up being nothing more than an asset landlord renting to the real players showing the world the right way to do space. And that's just the way it is. Especially with national debt heading towards $40 Trillion dollars. Aint no way NASA is sending anybody to Mars with debt looking to be $50 Trillion by the time we get there.

Two astronauts wait to come home as Boeing races to understand spacecraft issues. Here’s what’s at stake
Trump campaign reports having more cash than Biden's campaign

Bwahahahahaha. Trump can't seem to stop making money. Isn't that just "terrible"? Hah. Hater heads nation wide are simply exploding. They been prosecuting the crap out of Trump and they can't seem to take all his money. As soon as they fined him half a Billion dollars, he makes a few Billion more just days later. So the View back then had a stage party that patted each other on the back, and now they whine that Trump will shut their TV show down. Bwahahahahahaha. I posted before that their little hater party would end up this way. And it had nothing to do with lucky wishful thinking. It was predicted by our own Constitution written for us over 200 years ago. The libtards have been unable to tear it up, so Trump and all he stands for is still front and center.

Whoopi Goldberg Makes Rare Friday Appearance On ‘The View’ To Name He Who She Doesn’t Name; Sunny Hostin Predicts Rikers For Trump

Well lets see. Biden is so loved that all of Hollywood got together and donated $30 million dollars. So what does Trump do? The guy so hated according to all the Fake News postings? He gets $50 million dollars from just one guy. Hah. Yup, such is the life of the hated. I saw a Fake News posting that says Banks hated Trump the most for all his crooked financial dealings. Hah. I wish I was "hated" by banks this much. Hated so much that they testify for him at trial and hand him more cash than anybody in my whole town has ever seen.

"A separate filing on Thursday showed conservative billionaire Timothy Mellon, an heir of the Pittsburgh-based Mellon banking family, gave $50 million last month to a pro-Trump super PAC known as MAGA Inc."

Fake News is False News, twisted News, irrelevant news. old news, etc, etc. So we got lots of Trump stock Fake news. Posting about how Trump lost huge from it's tanking. But it's all Fake News. The stock IPO price was $17.50. So all the inside people that got millions of shares at $17.50 saw their shares go quickly to $77, as retail trading went crazy. So lots of those initial investors sold and took their huge profits. A very normal activity. All those people quickly made 4 times their initial buy in. So millions of shares were furiously being sold to all the people furiously buying. But the price has never "tanked" below $17.50. So guess what. Trump gained the premium advantage of being given 36 million more shares for free. So now Trump has even more shares of the company. Trump has to hold for like 6 months before even he can sell shares, but he now has 36 million more shares he can sell for profit, and still hold the controlling stake in the company. So more buying and selling is furiously going on with more sellers than buyers for the time being. All these "institutional investors" taking profits by selling to people that think it will fly way past $100 eventually. Like when Trump is President. I am glad it is "tanking" for now since I can't afford $77 a share price. But eventually soon, the sellers will start running out of shares to sell and the price will soar again. It's how the stock market works. You can't short the stock for the time being, so when the lockup period finally expires, short sellers will move in and drive the price even lower. They always pound on ALL high flying stocks till somebody like Roaring Kitty comes along and chases the short sellers out spectacularly. Truth Social will be a high Flying MeMe stock that may end up going to $1000 a share. Certainly way more expensive than it is now because half the country loves Trump. Oh my god, this stock is set to be one of the greatest crazy price stocks ever. Kinda like Bitcoin that started at $1. And the only thing that trips it up temporarily is Bidens DOJ announcing Truth social investigations of this and that, to try to ruin the stock price. So Truth Social may be seeing the lowest price it will see for a long time to come. Enjoy it while you can. Made affordable to most thanks to Fake News.

Trump to receive 36 million additional shares of Truth Social parent company, worth $1.17 billion

Cuomo: Trump NY hush money case ‘should have never been brought’ forth

Yup, Former New York Governor Cuomo was rail roaded out of office for "claims" of sexual harassment. So he knows first hand what persecution looks like. But he never said squat as his side hunted down Trump. Too late, Trump will beat them all anyway.

So Judge Judy thinks Trumps prosecutions are nothing more than a witch hunt. She says she has no love for Trump but the pretzel twisting of the laws to get him is "nonsense". So there you go. It aint just me that sees this bull shit as an attack on the American way, rather than anything to do with justice. Lots of what I know came from watching Judge Judy. Not so much the details of laws, but the understanding that common sense is a big part of Constitutional justice.

Judge Judy slams hush money case against Trump as ‘nonsense’

"“I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement,” the Amazon Freevee “Judy Justice” personality said of Bragg."

But folks, none of these support comments make any difference to haters. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate. Because this country is in the middle of a cold war. Us against them. The Constitution against the libtards that demand it be torn up and replaced by Socialism. There's no common ground in the ideologies. I will not compromise and agree to tear off corners or stuff like that. If we loose or give up anything, then we eventually loose it all by the power of precedent. That's what libtards are all about. Taking over as rulers of America from now on, or until conquered by our enemies.

Supreme Court...

What the Hell Is Going on With the Supreme Court’s Trump Ruling?

"The court’s deadline to release a decision is next Friday, June 28, but there are fears the conservative majority may have something more sinister up their sleeve."

Why are libtards so stupid? They are all sheeple lead around by the brain washing libtard media. They really believe that Trump is worse than Al Capone, just like Trump keeps saying. So they expected Trump in prison long ago. Yet we got what we got. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Well libtard heads are swelling at the cranial cracks since SCOTUS has not ruled this "easy peasy" decision yet. Keep in mind that all 9 justices already know what's about to happen with Trump AND the Jan6ers. The ruling may have been kept from all but the most trusted staff, since there was an ugly leak before. And that's the way it is in DC right now. The court figures to be adjured on June 28. They already said there is a scheduled announcement day on the 26th, but there are still many rulings yet to release. So they could announce more ruling days in what's left of June. Or they could extend the court period for as long as they want into July.

Yup. None of these dates are in stone. We got the RNC Convention on July 15 and the New York Judge will announce if he intends to mess that up on July 13. Debates are next week and the White House already told the media to give Trump questions that could land him in jail. Like try to get him to say he was proud of the Jan 6 event. That kind of Zero remorse is sure to anger the judge and make him want to slam the jail door on Trump. It's something to be seen on world TV, so why wouldn't Democraps try hard to stir up the hornets. They have been unable to jail Trump any other way.

So if the Democraps get the judge to throw Trump in jail, the Supreme Court will have to do something quick. At a time when they are "supposed" to be on vacation. Lots of political crap gets launched when people are on vacation. Just like lots of political moves are made at the end of the day Friday, so most of the public is too busy to notice. It's a common trick, and the Supreme Court knows it.

So to combat tricks, SCOTUS may rescue Trump entirely now, so they don't have to be back from world travels any time soon. Then the country can go crazy all it wants, while law enforcement deals will the cleanup. That means Trump gets most immunity, but maybe not all immunity. But enough that prosecutions are over. The Prosecutors could file motions for the court to reconsider, and they could actually reconsider, after they get back from vacation, hah. So it's like temporary immunity so Trump can do his elections. I love that idea. Or the SCOTUS could keep themselves on call for the mess yet to come, when the whole thing is sent back for more trials. Because there is still that conviction that Trump is facing jail on. Or SCOTUS could say they aint leaving till sometime in July. But that decision would suck in view of other ways to deal with this. There's nothing on the table that indicates that the SCOTUS is about to throw Trump under the buss, so I'm not even considering that idea. The SCOTUS is here to help Trump. And the more time that goes by, the more the Democraps have tied hands. While Trump does more rallies and debate preparations. He was supposed to be in jail by now, hah.

So the negative indicator here is the refusal to lift the gag order. The Democraps want Trump silenced, one way or another. And throwing him in jail means he is totally silenced. And they can claim he gets what anybody else that challenges Democraps gets. And only SCOTUS can reverse all of that. So Democraps are already balls out in the bard ball game. And SCOTUS needs to step up and knock one out of the park. A clear message to Democraps to stop messing with SCOTUS and Trump, or get the horns. And how about this horn. SCOTUS suddenly ruling that jack Smith and his team is totally Unconstitutional. Wouldn't that be one hell of a horn to skewer crooked Democraps with. It would definitely be a hit knocked all the way into outer space.

"Intentional": Harvard legal scholar says SCOTUS "deliberately delayed" Trump immunity ruling

You want Answers? Can YOU HANDLE the truth?...

Libtards are haters. That is the armored carrier they ride to spread their Bull Shit far and wide. Watch Ben Carson take a Bazooka to hater Bull Shit. Haters pick at boogers while Carson explains the big picture. Of course haters aint listening. They just pick out another booger. One was from 1970 when somebody said Trump didn't hire somebody else. As if Carson would care about who Trump was hiring 50 years ago. Carson says Trump has great kids. The haters said they kill animals from Africa. Carson says so what. Carson says they don't molest or kill kids in the park. The haters are so mad they will never bring Carson back so he can spank them again.

Opps. Charging Trump people doesn't work so well everywhere. It has to be in hater cities or it don't work very well. Florida proves that.

Judge dismisses charges in Nevada pro-Trump fake electors case over venue question

"Defense attorneys bluntly declared the case dead, saying that to bring the case now to another grand jury in another venue such as Nevada's capital city of Carson City would violate a three-year statute of limitations on filing charges that expired in December."

""They're done," said Margaret McLetchie, attorney for Clark County Republican Party Chairman Jesse Law, one of the defendants in the case."

10 Comandments?...

I saw that movie a bunch of times. Charlton Heston is great, whether he battles Egyptians or Apes. He's even in the Planet of Apes remake with Mark Wahlberg. He's uncredited and dressed up as one of the apes. But for him they didn't give him ape teeth, he was filmed with his own teeth. Very unique teeth and I recognized those teeth immediately. He was uncredited, so you had to know him to see his cameo.

Anyways I'm 200% Atheist and Louisiana is going "Ape Shit" about Christian stuff in public schools. That is completely against who I am and Trump supports this. So lets dump Trump, and find somebody else... Bwahahahahahahaha. People, I aint that stupid. Fuck religion. America is on the road to be conquered and there aint no gods that will save us. We have to be smart and save ourselves. So it's Trump full steam ahead. Because he's the only person we got who can crank up our national security by making our enemies shake in their boots. I will let the courts battle over separation of church and state issues. That's their job, not the Presidents job. The President deals with all threats to our safety, foreign and domestic. That means Trumps top job is national security, domestic crime security, and economic security. We loose any of those and there won't be the US of A for much longer. All other issues are secondary and better left to local voters and the courts. And that's the way it has to be. Once we are all safe and secure, we can argue and debate until we are all blue in the face. But you can't do that if you are dead or a slave.


Yup, the hate between Biden and Natty Yahoo is getting nuclear. Biden always hated him because Biden wants the credit for "uniting" the Arab world. But Natty Yahoo aint letting Biden "Unite" the Arab world against Israel. Not even over his dead body. So Natty Yahoo is beating the treaty over Bidens head to make Biden behave. But the trouble will only grow worse in the coming months of Democrap Desperation. And Natty Yahoo has to be sitting on Biden to keep him down till Trump shows up.

Netanyahu and White House continue public disagreement over claim US withholding weapons amid Israel's war with Hamas

Ok, here is some Bla bla bla about Palestinians. Like an educational thing. Palestinians "claim" we free worlders don't know the "real" truths as to why Palestinians are supposed to be the true owners of Israel. Of course they would not call it Israel if it was up to them. But we DO know the truths, and it really boils down to war and who wins wars.

Some right wing Israeli official had a meeting with settlers in West Bank and shot his mouth off to them. In the meeting that somebody recorded, he said the long standing "secret" plan was to establish Israeli governance of West Bank beyond just simply occupation. Well that would sound alarming to people that don't know the history of the territory. It's hard to say why the official seems to be talking like this was some new clandestine thing going on. Maybe to paint himself to be somebody of more importance than he really was. The world is full of big mouth braggarts like this. And a tape of such a braggart could be used to stir up some brand new crisis being brewed up. Roger Stone is like this. He is always shooting his mouth off about this and that. He was even felony convicted because he shot his mouth off and Democraps turned what he said into a crime. But Trump pardoned him because he was simply a fool and not a felon.

Israeli Official Describes Secret Government Bid to Cement Control of West Bank

Anyways, the fact is that the Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 en mass and Israelis blew the hell out of them. As a result of loosing the war, Israelis took a ton of new territory. Israelis actually owned all of the Sinai among other territories. To the winner goes the spoils to do with as they please. Made even more powerful by the fact that Israelis didn't start the war. So to end the war the Arabs were going to keep on loosing, they worked out a truce. No more war if Israelis gave back all the Sinai. So they agreed. But they were allowed to keep the West Bank, and territories to the north. So Israelis gained land that made them more secure. They had the whole river border and a northern buffer zone that helps make them more defendable.

And that's the way it is. There were people in the West Bank and now they were subject to Israeli rule when they WERE subjects of Jordan rule. But the people have been a troublesome lot. Left to govern themselves, they would build a wall to keep Israelis out. But Israelis are the rulers by war treaty. And nothing has canceled that treaty. It's a fact of life that Palestinians refuse to accept. Jordan used to own the land and now Israelis own the land. Palestinians have never owned the land. The Ottomans owned the vast Middle East area till England conquered them. Then after WW2 England and America gave Israel to the Jews that did not include the Jordan owned West Bank. Now Israelis own the West Bank. And because the people there are troublesome to national security, Israel has been settling Israelis in the West Bank to establish a close watching Israeli presents within the Palestinian population. Now that the rest of the world sees these crazy tunnels that Palestinians seem to love to build, it is clear that Israelis are smart to move in there closer.

Now, argument over settlements has been going on for decades. Palestinians continually demand Israelis to leave, but Israelis own the land. Obama came along and really ignited the hornets nest. He created a world wide stink that festers fiercely to this day. Obama claims that Israel had no right to victors war spoils. Obama claims Israelis have no right to defend their territory and they should give up their defense and let their NATO partners do the defending for them. That's what happens when you are being forced to give up your border. To give up West Bank to anybody else means the enemy is dug in very deep into your country. And now that we see what Bidens "superior" military prowess give us, it's clear why Israelis aint giving up any land. Because Israelis know the demand for land won't stop until all Israelis are gone. That whole river to the sea crap.

So folks, informed voting Americans know exactly what is going on in the Middle East. Russians are seizing chunks of Ukraine, from people that never did anything to make Ukraine secure. And to the victor goes the spoils. And there aint squat the free world can do about it now. And that's what Trump will end up saying. And Trump is right. We Americans hate Russia, but that doesn't change reality. The rest of the world can simply look and learn lessons from the whole Ukraine disaster. People only own territory that they can defend. From all enemies foreign and domestic. Because in the end, it has always been a dog eat dog world.

Palestinians were always nomads that never had any desire to defend anything. And now they want something for nothing. Tough shit on them. They should be thankful to be in a time to be part of a DEI society. But instead they demand river to the sea. Well, they are getting river to the sea. Pounded from the river to the sea. Getting the criminal activity pounded out of them.


Geez. So Russia is dropping 6600 pound bombs on civilians while Biden is in a major fight with Israel for defending themselves with 2000 bombs. And Biden pitched a bitch when Israelis 250 pound bomb destroyed more than Biden was expecting. Bidens team say he should be using 45 pound bombs on drones. Holly jumpin Hesus Chrusty.

Video appears to capture the first use of Russia's monstrous 6,600-pound glide bomb in Ukraine and the immense destruction it causes

Russia tells US: we need to talk, but Ukraine must be on agenda

Yup, this is a message for Trump. They are greasing Trumps wheels so he can be ready for negotiating on day one. And Trump knows it. It is what it is, and we have to deal with reality today and figure out a way to make the best of it. The crushed skeletons in Russias new roads will never be dug back up.

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