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Ok, 9/11 is over. Lessons learned. Our nation will be even stronger. Or not...

Folks, I don't think we are doing a damn thing right now that would prevent an even worse 9/11 in the next 10 years. I'm not just saying that out my ass, I mean look at what is going on now on video and in pictures. Biden welded the wall gates open. Everybody is flooding in by the millions. We are deeply mixed up in a war with a nuclear super power. We are running out of ammunition. Balloons are flying thru the air. We are deeply in debt. We are spending hundreds of millions of dollars just in getting Trump. We have pulled out our armies and shut down our monitoring of middle east terrorists. And the tyrant nations are aligning against us and our status as the world currency.

I posted many times before that the Democraps jumped all over Russia, likely because they are furious Putin helped Trump. It was the only logical explanation at the time. Russia invaded half of Georgia and took the Crimea, but Bush2 and Obama did not jump into the war to stop Putin. Now we got all this insanity from Biden. Revenge seemed like the only logical explanation. Until now...

Holly shit. Biden got $17 million from Ukraine. And Ukraine only had gas filled soda pop bottles to throw at Russian tanks when they invaded. So what would YOU do if you had to give the former American VP $17 million dollars years ago, and now he is President of one of the worlds biggest armies? Here's what YOU would do. You would call him up on the phone and say help us or Russia will discover all the money Ukraine gave to Biden. Boom. America is now mixed up deep in a war with the other big nuclear power. And we are almost out of ammunition. All to keep Bidens treachery a secret. That's what's going on. Aint that some bunch of shit?

I have said before that time eventually brings out the truth. But truth does little good if it's too late. Hunter is a tax evader of millions of dollars. But the statute of limitations expired, so the truth doesn't matter. Legally he is not a tax evader, and to be called that could get people sued for slander. Hunters lawyers have already filed lawsuits against the leaker of Hunters laptop. Hunter does not expect the FBI to charge him over it, so Hunter is suing the leaker for whatever he can get. And I'm sure he will demand a Billion dollars, just like what Alex Jones was fined. Because the guy was helping Trump.

Hunter Biden sues former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler, alleging illegal hacking of his laptop and iPhone data

So the entire world is sinking into turmoil because Joe Biden sold out our country, and he is doing everything he can to cover his ass. Including messing with WW3. N Korea is in warp speed making more nukes. Iran is making arms as fast as humanly possible. China is in warp speed building everything it can as well. Saudi Arabia is fed up and cutting oil production. African nations are in revolt and couping their brains out.

Here in America, our shit just gets deeper and deeper. It was bad enough that Obama gave Iran half a billion dollars cash, flown in by military plane. Now Biden is trying to give Iran another $24 Billion to "free hostages". Say what????

Is anybody seeing a pattern here? Biden giving Ukraine a blank check, Bidens aids kissing Chinas ass as Taiwan is surrounded, and now more crazy money to Iran? So they can make more nukes? I got a funny feeling that Iran made a call to Biden demanding money or they got something to say to the world media about Biden too. And Biden is working out a hostage deal to make it all seem legit. I bet Putin is kinda feeling like he got cheated when he let that lesbian go. So who else is going to make that call to President Biden? China probably has a red phone hot line setup for daily negotiations. After all, China wants tons more than just Taiwan.

And what about all those terrorists in the middle east that got Afghanistan AND $80 Billion dollars in free American military arms? Who knows. We got no boots on the ground there any more. We don't hardly have a clue what they are up to. Biden flushed everything we ever did there down the commode. And it can never be undone.

Pakistani Armed Groups Obtain U.S. Weapons Left Behind In Afghanistan

So with everybody and their mothers flipping us the bird, when do you think we get bombed again? I suspect it aint a matter of if but when. And I'm afraid that Bidens open borders have already let in Iranian assassins that are plotting revenge on Trumps killing of their beloved Soleimani. They could kill Trump and end up getting off scott free. No more Trump means Democraps win. And that seems to be their aim at all costs.

Um, they posted charges on Hunter Biden just to make things look fair in our legal system. That must mean more Trump charges are about to drop, as Biden and his cronies are pouring dissolver on the glue holding the world together. Trumps charges will already be heading to the guilty verdict jury posse, while Bidens charges will be sabotaged somehow. Like they wish they could sabotage Hunters laptop. It's a good thing that dude getting sued by Hunter made a copy of the laptop so he could hack on it while the FBI hid the laptop away.

The media is already a fixture in the prosecutors whining section of the bleachers. Publishing complaints that the poor poor prosecutors are staffing teams of cop protectors to safeguard all the cronies going after everything Trump. Saying their lives are actually in jeopardy as they try to end Trumps life with 900 years of prison time. Gee, should I cut them a break? Why do I not feel so bad for them? WW3 sounds so much nicer than hounding these people bent on starting the final war to cover up financial treason crimes...

Threats mount against prosecutors, FBI agents working on Hunter Biden probe

And like I posted before, Trump and team is already a goner and the insanity of conviction and jail should not shock anybody into changing their votes. It's the appeals processes where the unraveling of injustice will be wrestled out in a hard vicious fight. But as it turns out, things right now are so outragously ridiculous that we already got appeals stepping in. You can't try 19 people in any court in Georgia within 2 crazy ass months. Or any other time line, for that matter. So the insane Georgia prosecutor that even the hater RINO Governor Kemp says is perfectly sane, is suddenly getting her Trump trial stopped by the judge. No October prosecution. The judge says he has yet to find a secure location anywhere. And the judge says the prosecutor has till November to deliver ALL the discovery the Trump teams are demanding, and the Trump team has until December to file motions of complaints about what they received. There's no word at all about actual trial dates. So like I said before. Fogetabout a Georgia trial anytime soon. It's all part of the nastiest circus in history, that's tearing the world apart, not just the country.

And that's not all. The New York trials are being turned on their heads too. On the eve of those trials, an appelate judge has stopped the trial process to shut down Trump incorporated. You can't just shut down Billion dollar companies willy nilly in America just yet. We still got the Constitution. So now the appeals court of 5 judges are looking into the hater trial judge that's rushing Trump into bankruptcy. It's not automatic, the Trump team filed objections to him when they filed dozens of objections to everything. And this objection stuck to the wall. The claim is that the judge is ignoring the rules of the court which violates Trumps Constitutional rights. The judge is supposed to study the charges against Trump and lawfully decide if there could be a case of law breaking going on. And there are strict rules to follow to determine this. The judge can't just say Trump is a crook and we get a trial. But that is what the New York hater judge did. So the appeals court has stopped everything and has to decide what to do about this judge. And everybody is in hater New York. So at this point, anything can happen, and nobody knows what. The appeals court of 5 judges could rule that Trump is a crook and the trial goes on, or they could order the whole trial thrown out. Or any other remedy in between. And they can take all the time they want in deciding. So from hear, New York is in total limbo.

And this cheating by judges aint the first time. The Georgia judge already had to reverse his ruling against Trump because he ignored Trumps rights to object to unfavorable procedures. Otherwise a very lengthy appeals process would start. And Georgia officials want Trump in court ASAP. So the process against Trump was dropped, for the time being. That's what happens when so many libtards own so much of our legal system. But the Supreme court sits in the bushes waiting to save us all. If it aint too late...

Trump's New York Fraud Trial in Limbo After His Legal Gambit Works

Ever notice how everything Trump is a scheme, gambit, ploy, racket, stunt, connive, conspire, and plot? All the things that crooks are labeled as doing. Yet all things Biden are the glowing tasks of a hard working fading giant spending his last years providing for his family and making us safe...

These Democraps and their criminal fake news networks need to be surrounded, removed from their positions, and locked away in deep dark locations where they can never create world turmoil again. Like they did with all the insane leaders of Iraq.


Yup, our economy is simply crossing into the crazy zone. A decade ago, I was in arguments with people on Facebook from my High school class that were demanding that we finally pay people $15/h wages to start. School skippers that really never got anywhere their whole lives. And selfish parents that wanted their kids out of their house. And I said it can't happen without putting a ton of people out of work. The costs of everything had been stable for like 20 years and it would be nuts to dump a workable living environment that even homeless people could beg change to deal with. But the complainers didn't care. They wanted more money the Democraps were promising.

Well, now it's happening. And everything is going haywire, as high wages for burger flipping is being dragged into reality. So how is it now possible? Because a ton of robots have been invented. I told everybody long ago that would happen. And factory jobs left in droves with Obama. We can't compete with over seas labor. Tons more welfare is now paid out to take up the slack. And the worst part of it all is that the cost of EVERYTHING is going thru the roof.

For me, Taco Bell used to be the cheapest quick meal with plenty of calories. A whole meal for $5. Now the "average" meal there for a skinny person has doubled. It's triple that for over 200 pound folk that dig ditches all day. Any meal at Arbys is now well over $10. McDs pink slime burger meals are also in the $10 ball park. Trucking companies are being closed down by Unions and UPS was forced to crank pay to $170 grand a year. Now the entire Auto industry is on strike. Cheap cars are heading to $50 grand as family cars will be demanding $100 grand. It has to be that way, since the Democraps won the fight to crank up wages. Housing is going thru the roof, as is the interest on loans to pay for them. The costs of everything we get is impacted by the rising costs of energy. As Obama and Biden declare that we all must start paying our fair share of the environment, gas prices jump thru the roof to try to make the insane costs of electric cars "seem" reasonable. But who can afford to have new electric service installed in their garage? You can't charge cars from a regular outlet, even if the electric company could deliver enough juice to charge everybodys cars.

So you see, this whole mess that people have been fighting over, for at least the last decade, is now an ugly chain reaction. They say the biggest transfer of wealth in a century. Businesses and people forced into bankruptcy with all their stuff hauled away at auction. And more people forced onto welfare. At this rate, the richest Democraps will own the country, and everybody else will be on welfare. And all the defiant Conservatives will be in prison for theft, treason, insurrection, corruption, rape, violence, incitement, etc,etc. Because the Democraps will own the laws, and all the money.

Yup it could eventually be a crime to be anything but a "sincere" Democrap. And it might even be a crime if they "think" you are faking it. And all this "spread the wealth" Obama jazz would end up being what it was always ment to be. Give us all your wealth and we will rent you the life we think you deserve. As the Democraps make more and more laws that define Communism in America. Democraps are always trying to chip off pieces of our Constitution. The very latest assault is New Mexico suddenly suspending gun rights. Trying out new excuses to see if they can get away with it.

So people finally got their wishes. $15/h "living wage". But even now it's getting more difficult to actually live on that wage. As rent and everything else goes thru the roof. Ever notice how we got store and locks everywhere now? It didn't used to be like that. But now people are renting smaller places with no room for all the stuff they had. And they don't plan for it. Something happens and they are suddenly forced into a smaller living situation. Dumping all their excesses into store and locks. Thanks to the Democraps that baited the hate for rich people and all the money they "horde". Now we got price craziness on everything, and we got no idea what things will cost when it's over.

And I was debating people over this, really just wasting my breath about it 10 years ago. Now it's that 10 years later. And I been kicked off Facebook. So I can't ask all those morons how it's working out for them. But I bet lots are probably dead. From the Covid stupidity we let China get away with, or drugs from no borders, or just jay walking like nobody would ever hit them. And America is even more worse off than I worried about back then. That's the way it happens with trouble. It's usually worse than you expect.

AI was a mention back then, that has quietly grown into serious trouble now. Kids that wake up have to spend decades in school to be who they are. An AI that wakes up will be the smartest being this side of the galaxy from the millisecond it becomes aware. And we won't have the first clue to pull the plug.

DNA dangers will be like the Covid mess, but suddenly unstoppable. Hospitals filled up everywhere, and garbage trucks lined up everywhere to frantically haul the dead away. As the economics of the survivors collapses.

Invasion dangers creeping up by the slow realization that we are out of everything, and are forced to sign occupation agreements to get humanitarian relief.

And maybe also outer space dangers. It happened to the dinosaurs, it certainly can happen to us. We are already messing around with moving meteors. With unplanned results. So lump this in with the nuke dangers. Either way the disaster would be world changing, if not world ending. And it looks pretty certain we won't be survivable on another planet by the time any of the above becomes terminal. Certainly not with all the total BS the world is buried in right now.

As for the latest craziness in the coup attack on American, Texas Ken Paxton attorney General was overwhelmingly aquited of all 16 impeachment charges. The media went nuts with this guy. A Republican impeached by Republicans. That's the way the nationwide headlines put it. AND, the fake news media said the evidence was a slam dunk for corruption and bribery. Kinda like the stuff Joe Bidens bank records seem to be showing. And Paxton is a huge Trump supporter. That seals it.
So you would figure that the fix is in. And it was all looking bleak. But somehow, the trial went crazy the other way. How could that be? Texas is Bush country. And the Bushs hate Trump. And the Bushs run Texas. It's considered land of the RINOs, since the Bushs joined in support of the Obamas.

But the collusion between Libtards and RINOs unraveled when everything turned ultra legal. Yup. Everybody was afraid of going to jail. You see, nothing in the impeachment part can land anybody in jail unless you defy subpoenas. And you get out of those by just refusing to answer each question. That is an American right. But on the trial part, it's a judge and jury. And anybody that repeats the lies of the fake news can be sent to prison. That is really powerful for truth. So during the trial, all the "slam dunk" evidence that was reported, was not repeated in exactly the same way. The witnesses balked on the stand and said they didn't actually witness anything. They heard people say things and they assumed other things and people told them what to say. And that is the way the whole trial went on all 16 charges. All the slam dunk evidence suddenly became heresay evidence. And the prosecutor could not find anybody that would vouch, under oath, to anything. Staggering.

But it still could have all gone bad for Paxton. The 12 jurors could be hater RINO and libtard people bent on tripping the trap door anyway. But that's another fly in the ointment. Tons of Congressmen are lawyers. With oaths to be honorable at all times. Some lawyers even violate all that. Like the lying Schiff and Raskin. But that's not the way this went. 11 of the 12 jurors were lawyers and knew all the evidence was worthless. And they themselves didn't want to put their legal careers in jeopardy of unethical conduct disbarment. So they had no choice but to declare Paxton innocent of all charges. And the last juror agreed with them. Boom. Failure of the destruction of a MAGA member.

So despite the war going on inside America, there is hope that a path to redemption is still there under the deep rubble that betrayal has been dumping on everything. And Trump holds the biggest shovel to help dig it out. Indeed Trumps words nationwide helped to make sure the Texas trial did not play games with the Constitution. And Trumps words are certainly a big part of why the Georgia Judge is balking at ramming Trumps trial thru his system. Because judges can be disbarred for unethical conduct too. That is the sole reason the DC prosecutor Smith filed demands last Friday to have Trump silenced. Smiths legal tricks may fail unless he can shut Trump up.

So the fight rages on, even with this big win. So far, the Constitution is still the law. For the time being. But it's like round one in a 12 round bout. Because the GOP handed over so much power to the corrupt libtards. And we got lots of fighting ahead to take back our country. Then Trump can get to work draining the swamp, once and for all.

Oh yea. And to show how many morons we got in the American legal system, a friken law professor teaching students got the smack down from somebody that is being covered up. The idiot teacher stood up and shot his mouth off to demand Trump be disqualified from office by the 14th amendment. But his claim is unconstitutional, and can't be enforced. And somebody taught the teacher a lesson that made him take all his words back. Probably the law school told him to shut up or loose his job to incompetence. It's no wonder we seem to have so many lawyers that don't know the law.

I don't know law either, but I do know that 3/4 of the law is common sense. And nobody in history has ever been removed from the ballot with the 14th amendment. That alone says it all. Our legal system is heavily based on precedent. If it legally happened before then it is legal till somehow repealed. And that in fact is what happened. After the 14th amendment was passed to prevent Confederate people from holding office, eventually Congress passed the Amnesty Act. Hah. Because it was not ment to keep Confederates out forever. Just till their punishment was over. So we really don't have a 14th amendment any more. They didn't have erasers back then to erase it. So they simply deactivated it. Trump will be on all the ballots by Supreme Court order, if ANYBODY tries to take him off.

An About-Face on Whether the 14th Amendment Bars Trump From Office
Awe gee. But I thought they were winning...

Ukraine offensive could have only 30 days left - US Army chief

And Now Bidens team is demanding $24 Billion more to keep the war going, or they won't help Hawaii. The weather is going to shut down the war, and AOC claims it will take $100 Trillion to alter global warming. So how is $24 Billion going to change Ukraines weather to win the war???? Actually Biden wants even more money now because of the Florida hurricane. But that is even more cash to skim off the top. And I bet the people in need get the skimmed off part as Democraps take all the rest. Democraps need all the money they can get so they can beat Trump. And any leftover money is just bonuses to keep the rank and file in line at all times.

Yup, this is all just a bunch of lies for the people who are getting the free handouts. Letting them know that Biden is keeping them safe. And lies to the Hawaiians to bait Republican hate there. Because Conservatives are fighting that $24 Billion because we know very little of it will get to Hawaiians.

I know what's going on in Hawaii because I got the run around to nowhere, from FEMA when my town was tornadoed. The FEMA stations were always bustling with lines of people filing out paperwork over and over again. Then like a buffet line, moved along to the pamphlet stations to get your "how to" pamphlets for doing your own rescue. Some of the pamphlets I got were how to be safe on ladders, the hazards of thin shoes when walking thru debris, how to avoid unsafe drinking water, how to patch roofs, etc, etc. They even have a carryall bag station to get your free FEMA printed plastic carryall bag for the ton of pamphlets you will walk out of FEMA with. That station was last so you get the experience of having a ton of stuff in your hands, like FEMA was really doing something in there. And indeed I never saw anybody upset with anything while going thru the process. Yet nobody walked out with a check. What kind of brain washing accomplishes this feat? The same kind of brain washing that assures people the borders are secure and the Republican coverage is all just made up crap. Democraps have spent a zillion of our own tax dollars building and teaching their foot soldiers how to operate the bull shit machine. And the top graduates of bull shit machine class get the top cushy jobs, like that black white house press secretary on TV. She is such a master of bull shit that she must have been submitting extra credit projects to be top of her class. I heard her lesbian "partner" has dumped her. Probably from getting overloaded with bull shit. It's the top reason for failed relationships.

Maybe I should do a post strictly about the Democrapic liars and post their major lies. GOP has liars too, like that Santos queer dude. They say he lied to win his election, and to steal thousands of dollars in Gofundme stuff. Kinda like what a petty thief does. You can't say that is right, but you can't give him the same punishment as bribing whole countries for 10s of millions of dollars. Santos is a Conservative so he has to get the death penalty at least. Maybe kill his mother too for making that Obamanation. Oh, and the king of all liars has to be Donald Trump. Lying about all those women he screwed and paid. And then there's that "BIG LIE". That has to be the biggest lie of all time, since they call it the big lie. I have never heard the media call anything the BIG LIE before so it must be worth 900 years in prison.

Oh lordy lordy. And I thought Bernie Madolf was the king of prison sentences. Who knew that we elected a President that is 6 times worse than Madoff.

So Now we can talk about Democrapic lies. That BIG LIE the media trumpets is Trumps outrage that Democraps are stealing elections. And Trump rails about it at every rally he has held. And he railed about it again on Jan 6. The day that Congress was going to certify the "BIG LIE". And the people showed up to the BIG PROTEST. And now we got what we got. The BIG MESS. Well, none of this would be happening if the whole Democrapic collusion machine didn't do this...

So you know, it's just my opinion, but I think Trumps BIG LIE is really the Democraps BIG LIE. I flip it the other way because it seems like there is a pattern going on here where the crimes the Democraps "think up", are not really imagination as much as stuff Democraps have already been doing themselves.

So we got documents crimes. Geez, that sounds really diabolical. Like spy crimes or something. Let me flip that around. I really hate Obama so lets see what he did. Oh wait. He's a saint and nobody has ever investigated him. I guess we come up empty there. Um, but what are those boxes in pictures of Bidens garage? No way, Documents?? My oh my. And Pence has documents too? Geez. And Clinton had emails too?? Oh wait, maybe that's not a "document" because it's not paper. I get it. A big bag of suckers for everybody. And Don't forget Bills sock tapes. Not socks all taped up but socks with audio tapes stashed in them. That Bill was a sneaky dude.

And what about this "Election Meddling" crimes they whining about. How does that get flipped around? Well somebody shut the whole country down for COVID. And somebody had to do something about elections. 2 unrelated totally coincidental events. Both blamed totally on Trump. Yup, look at the Biden debates again. Biden blamed Trump for 200,000 American deaths. Even though the whole Democrapic machinery beat the hell out of Trump, to shut the country down. Trump didn't know squat. He's not a doctor. But his most trusted best buddy in the whole wide world in Fauci screamed gloom and doom if Trump didn't do what the Democraps demanded. And that's what we all got. Then the Democraps went to work in all 50 states to change the laws on mail in ballots. It happened as fast as the Covid itself spread. Even as Trump started screaming objections. His own party didn't see a problem with it. Seems Stacey Abrams had gone on a furious mail in ballot canvas to actually change the expected outcome of Georgia elections, after she denied that she lost the Governors election. And Abrams results were so impressive, that the Covid shut down was the catalyst to make mail in ballots available to everybody nationwide. Then all of the swing states were invaded by the Stacey Abrams election meddling ways. Just like Trump was predicting.
So Democrapic election Meddling became Trump election meddling, when they declared that Trumps "exploring" of the alternate electors process in our election rules was given the diabolical name of "fake electors scheme". And even talking about it with lawyers was considered a crime. Ouch.

And how about the money transfer crimes. Umm, Trump paid out money to hookers, and that was made into a civil crime, but when you flip it, holly shit, this one really gets ugly. You gotta figure that Democraps were highly disappointed that they could only get Trump for paying out money. I mean they been all over emoluments clause crap for years until Trumps new and fabulous hotel had to be shut down. Because Trump wasn't getting a thin dime from being President. While it's coming out that the Bidens were raking in untold millions from our enemies. And the Clintons sold off 25% of our Uranium interests to the Ruskies in exchange for huge donations to their Clinton Foundation. It's no wonder the Democraps chased Trump so hard on this, because they knew they were getting filthy rich doing the same thing. And that is why They went after Trump incorporated. They were hell bent to shut him down on any hair splitting violation they could find in his company. Revenge for not being a very bad guy at all.

And that's what happens when you flip the Trump charges on the Democraps. The Democraps don't need imagination. They just charge Trump with all the things they do and rename Trumps business and way of life as a crime family and a criminal enterprise. They aim to get hater juries to convict on the really meager pitance they scratched up. And are forced to actually invent evidence to inflame the hate on Trump. And now that he's in court, that manufactured hate will force judges to put extra eyes and restrictions on Trump that he would normally not get. Making Trump partly guilty before there is even a trial. That's what the public slander on Trump does.

And most everything is slander. The whole golden shower crap was slander. The Documents thing is slander. Trump took souvenirs. And they are charging him, unlike anybody else. Trump took documents that would cover his ass. General Milly was the war monger but was telling Congress that Trump was the war monger. Clearing the way for insurrection against Trump with Pelosi. But Trump kept the proof that Milly was the war monger. That proof was top secret. So Milley stopped putting his foot in his own mouth, while the Feds switched gears and charged Trump with illegally possessing classified documents. So Trump can't get war crimes, but instead gets spy crimes. That's slander, at the least. Keep in mind that the Feds have leaked all the important stuff. And all they got is Trump covering his ass from slander.

Hillary Clinton Helped Fund the 'Trump Dossier.' Here's What You Should Know About It

The Real Scandal in Trump’s Classified Document Problems

The fake elector charges is slander. JFK and Nixon duked it out with dueling slates of electors in 1960. Trump got his lawyers to try the same thing. Trump can't do it personally since he doesn't know how to properly fill out all the legal mumbo jumbo. Now Trump is charged with election interference and the media calls it a "fake Electors scheme". Slander pure and simple. The aim is to get Trump into prison on this ASAP, but the Supreme Court will eventually throw it all out.

Does Trump's 'Alternate' Electors Plan Justify Criminal Charges Against Them and Him?

The Trump Incorporated lawsuit is slander. Trump is charged with saying he's worth twice what he really is. Who doesn't do that? He did not file false income tax reports or he would already have IRS charges. The City says Trump defrauded the banks that did business with him. But the banks did not sue him. They audited him and were happy with Trumps worth. New York says the banks were in error and Trump Inc has to be prosecuted. It sounds about as ridiculous as Trump says. His company is being prosecuted because the banks got it wrong. He will loose in Hew York with hater juries. Just like Trump is a rapist with New York juries. But it could all be thrown out with the State Supreme Court. But it's not the federal Supreme Court. And in no way can Trump be sent to jail on all this. So it's another slander maneuver, just like the rape "trials".

Slander slander, everywhere slander and Trump can do the smack down better as President than he can as a civilian.

As for Trumps actual lying, used car salesmen lie their asses off every single day and people still pile into their lots without police raids. When I hear the FBI lying about FISA warrants, and laptops, and Russia collusion, and Clinton lying about Bengazi and 30,000 emails and bleach biting, and Bidens lying about laptops and shell companies and massive bribery, I really couldn't give a shit about hookers Trump pays, what souvenirs Trump hordes, or that Trump gets angry when he knows he is cheated. I think all those are his rights and his business. Trump didn't bleach bit anything. And he is not charged with erasing any recorded media. So we see in leaks, all there is to see. And Trump is like Jesus Christ compared to his prosecutors. And, if there is a history, Trump is on the long road to vindication. In the mean time, emergency appeals will have to do.

Biden campaign, Blinken orchestrated intel letter to discredit Hunter Biden laptop story, ex-CIA official says

Sure Seems Joe Biden Knowingly Lied about the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Trump Tries to Make ‘Laptop From Hell’ the New Hillary Emails. It Won’t Work.

Yea it didn't work. The FBI was hiding the Laptop from hell. But they couldn't hide it forever. So now we wonder if Biden can even make it to a second term. If he fails for any reason at all, Trump will make sure Bidens legacy is flushed down the commode.

And Finally, Bidens lyin words in the debate. Trump was right all along. Although Giuliani told Trump all about the laptop before it vanished. So Trump knew there was skull duggery afoot.

Opps, I don't know what happened on the end there. The things people are doing to try to get me to stop wasting time on this. Although I do appreciate the efforts, if I throw in the towel, Americans will be more or less starving and not looking as healthy as they do now. Smile
Um, this Democrap Menendez that is "suddenly" showing up in the media is one of those greedy hacks that was caught long ago doing REAL crimes that got covered up, and prosecuted so poorly that it was easy for him to squirm out. Just like they are REALLY trying hard to make charges that Hunter can squirm out of. But today the Democrapic crime scene is white hot because of all the crazy hate the Democraps been dumping on Trump. Democraps know where they hide their booty. So they got FBI warrants to raid Trumps place in Florida and you know what they found. No booty. Just boxes of presidential souvenirs and top secret docs that show Trump was not a criminal in office. So he was charged with having Top secret docs, even though it was evidence that Trump was a saint. Hah. There aint no way to win against the crooked DOJ when you beat a Clinton.

On the other hand, the raid on Menendez nabbed tons of cash, gold bars, and a luxury car. And that is only a piece of it. In 2006 Menendez was caught renting out his property to government funded agencies for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And what did they ever catch Trump doing?? Nothin, as Menendez was eventually covered up. In 2013 Menendez was caught getting vacations, jet flights, cash payments, and campaign contributions from Dominican Republic friends of nearly a million dollars for favorable government perks. He was again prosecuted so easily that he was able to squirm out without much harm. And what perks did Trump get for bribery behavior? Absolutely nothin. For years Menendez was suspected of hanky panky with an Egypt halal meat packing business that was getting exclusive government favors. He was finally raided in 2022 nabbing all that cash and gold and endless expensive perks. It was all quickly covered up, but Trump supporters never let it go. And the FBI could not hide it any longer. So now we got more Menendez charges in the white hot corruption environment, trying like hell to destroy Trump. Bad timing for Menendez. Not even the corrupt judges will be able to help him out. You can't chase Trump for paying prostitutes without charging people caught with cash and gold bars. The outrage about special treatment is absolutely incandescent right now, and people have to go down if there's any hope of hanging Trump. So Menendez has out lived his usefulness. He spent 17 years in the Senate doing tons of work for Democraps, and he is all used up. So he will be the Democrap fall guy to try to distract away from the Bidens. Now we need to find where the Bidens hid their gold bars. Not sure if the GOP is capable because the GOP may be hiding their own gold bars. McConnell is certainly avoiding all this like the plague, and few are asking why. Probably because there's a ton of people on the take and keeping their heads down.

I certainly don't know squat about New York property values other than it's something I can never afford. But Greg Kelly in the video says he lives blocks away and says the Trump charges of "over valuing" is simply outrageous. A dumb low school grade prosecutor telling the world that she knows property values better than Trump, is just insane. And that's the kind of stuff they hammer Trump with. With all Trumps lies and braggings, this is all they come up with. And you know they dug on him really hard. So this guy Trump has a big mouth and that is all there is to it. A big mouth with no crimes. It's amazing. And it's probably driving the Democraps insane. How could such a liar have no crimes? So all the Democraps got is crooked judges and crooked juries. That alone is hard stuff. But the Supreme Court will be seeing that in white hot spot lights. And when their time comes, the smack down to vindicate Trump could be earth shaking. Paving the way for historic legal reforms. It's ugly now, but don't be throwing your TV's away. Because the time is soon coming when history will be changing our country, one way or another. And either way it's going to make jaws drop all across our lands. Democraps are the ones in monster trouble right now, and their only chance at escape is to somehow win all of the next elections. And the way they are acting, they pretty much know it. So it's anybodies guess what happens next with so much laid on the line. Expect out in the open trickery like nobody has ever seen before. Obviously aimed at the idiots of the population that can't live without handouts.

It keeps being mentioned that Michelle Obama may take over Bidens second term campaign. Anything is possible. She doesn't know squat, but she don't have to. Obama is considered a saint so Michelle would be given equal treatment. On top of that, it keeps coming out that Obamas people are really running the country on Obamas orders. That's illegal, but so is influence peddling, emoluments violations, selective prosecution, FISA warrant fraud, etc, etc.

So a Michelle Obama term would cancel any potential Obama investigations, all Biden investigations, and double down on all Trump pain for all GOP to watch and learn. The Deep State that gives Democraps so much power would get much stronger, and the money flowing to Democraps would only grow. And like Biden, she doesn't really have to do anything more that what Joe Biden is doing. The Obama team would be doing all the heavy lifting at Baracks direction. While the DOJ would work closely with the Obamas to keep everything covered up. At this point the Democraps also have a list of malcontents they will be working to get rid of. As America is pushed more and more towards socialism and even communism. The Supreme Court would then be under severe attack to break up the Conservative majority. Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Barrett may all face impeachment for a variety of Trumped up allegations. If that were to fail, the Democraps could simply change the rules and pack the court. That would give Democraps control of most everything needed to change everything in the Constitution.

The far left demands the globalist view of this world where America is no longer America. It is land that is rich enough to share with the rest of the world. Globalists feel that the Constitution makes America like a gated community where the rest of the world needs a temporary pass to enter. They feel that wages and health and living standards in America should be no better than anywhere else. John Lennons psychedelic dream.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not feel the same way. The western alliance needs decisive leadership. A land with nothing special going on will not cut it. France, England, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates did not show up to this years UN meeting to hammer out economic agreements. Nobody gave reasons, but if you saw Bidens bumbling speeches, then you already know the UN is a worthless situation with no American leader in attendance. The missing countries decided not to even waste their time. Countries that are nothing but resources get conquered by those that feel they should be the rulers over the wealth. Like what you got in Ukraine. Because in all languages, there are always those that say "who made you boss". The John Lennon society could never figure that out. And John Lennon himself was assassinated. This next video is libtard insanity.

America in the Declaration of Independence says "to create a more perfect union". This freak Louis CK must have went to one of those John Lennon mushroom fests and got brain damage. Thinking America got it all wrong in being a better society. He says at the end that he "doesn't think" others would want to come here and stab us to death. So we should be ending America, as it has always been, and see what happens. He "believes" it will be all good. And he's willing to bet everybody elses life to prove it. He's a very generous guy. Too bad he forgot that Arabs think we deserve an infidels fate. Hard to say what Russians, Koreans and Chinese think our fate should be. But since we stole Russias yats, you have to figure that Russians will make us slaves to renovate all their navies. Then they will cut off our dicks to put an end to American society. North Koreans like to feed people to their hogs. So I bet Korea would start Americanizing their whole hog population. And China is fond of eating body parts for whatever purposes. And since shark fins are a dwindling delicacy, they could start eating pieces of us to satisfy their fetishes. Maybe even make American leather goods out of us in their Chinese industry. Like American womens booby wine flasks. You never can tell what will happen after you bend over to conquest. As we been seeing in Ukraine.

Libtards. Why does that word "seem" in contrast with what the libtards seem to be doing? So let me explain why this is the perfect explanation of who they are. It's the blending of Liberals and Retarded. Just to make it clear for anybody thinking there was a more clever meaning. It's as simple as that. So how can retarded people seem to be acting so cleverly and getting away with massive criminal things? That's not what retarded people are capable of, right?

Yes and no is the answer. Hah. You see, libtards are indeed intensely clever and are getting away with murder. Maybe even literally if you believe the rumors of the demise of the Clinton cohorts, the Benghazi deaths, and Jeffrey Epstein. The fact is that the libtard machinery is successfully diabolical and is winning spectacularly when you consider all the tax dollars they are hauling away. But the retarded part comes from the spectacular damage they are doing to America that may defy anybody elses attempts to fix.

Democraps failed to do anything to protect our Libyan Ambassador and he was killed and nobody can fix that. All because of the retardness of libtards. He literally begged for his life and that info is buried by the libtard media. An abject embarrassment that should not be talked about ever again by libtard assets.

8 million migrants suddenly flooded into America to enable all the possibilities of 8 million more Democraps. You can't have "possibilities" unless the millions are already here. So get them here now, and let somebody else clean up the mess. That is the brilliance of Libtardism. Libtards just need bodies, but it's not their problem what to do with them. That's the Retarded part that is doing all the damage to America. So that is why Republicans say that Libtards "hate" America. Because their actions say that they do. Libtards are tearing the country in half. Especially with all the hate baiting.

So the benefits to libtards include 8 million more "friends" in this country by a people that see that libtards are welding the doors open for them. That easy action alone is paying huge dividends to libtards. Another benefit is bussing aliens to purple areas of voting, and blue areas that need a ton of more money. So they can be "available" when voting laws are changed and money gets doled out. Also, the libtard body count in purple areas rises. Then libtard officials get to demand more libtard delegates for a state with increasing need for libtard representation. And then there is the "urgent" need for tons more welfare money to provide "humanitarian" support to this massive influx of new libtards. Money that is so easily ripped off to fund the local libtard machinery. And all the bodies in the streets NOW mean more headlines from libtard media to beat Republicans over the head with. So it's the Republicans that are the bad guys for not ripping open the purse strings to aid the starving masses.

And then there are the laws that they want to change. It's easier to do when the streets are full of walking illegals. Changes that allow them to vote and work. The 2 things that will seal the conquest of the Democraps over any other party. They deny that they will try all that, then you find out they have already been changing laws. Venezuelan citizens can now work here legally due to law changes. That is the door wedge precedent that will usher in work rights for all illegals. Voting rights is tougher, but Democraps will chip away at it. And when it's done, it's almost impossible for Republicans to undo. Like trying to deport the 8 million illegals already let in. The Democraps know it will be impossible even if they loose a few elections.

So you see the genius of the Libtards and the hopelessness of the GOP to fight them, with only purse string control. The GOP really isn't in control of anything. As the Libtards keep marching on. Libtards want to win all the time. But as long as they keep getting all the money, they can squirrel it away for the times when they loose elections. But they are hard at work to make sure the day comes when they can never loose again. And the GOP seems too stupid to understand this. The Libtards are so retarded that their greed will destroy the American way of life, but the GOP is so far too stupid to stop it.

The GOP now has the power to do their own investigations. But they can't even agree to investigate. McConnell and his bunch says it's playing with fire. McCarthy is a squishy wishy washy, while Jim Jordans bunch are full steam ahead. But what is going to come of it? The Libtards already stacked the DOJ, and we already saw what the top DOJ guy testified in Congress that he knows NOTHING.

As you saw in the video, Garland pompously declared that he prosecuted without fear or favor. Yet he let the statute of limitations run out on Hunter Biden. And he says he has no knowledge of any prosecution of the Bidens. So the Head of the FBI is not doing his job without favor. He claims ignorance so Congress can't ask him for squat. And he gave his man Weiss Special Prosecutor status so he doesn't have to tell Congress anything either. A conspiracy of cover up by the heads of the FBI. And the GOP is powerless to stop it for now. That is why the media says there is no "evidence". Because the FBI is keeping it covered up, even though whistle blowers say the evidence is damning. So "if" the GOP could come together and agree, they could impeach Garland and Mayorkas or anybody. But the Senate would acquit all that are impeached. So it's just bad press to a press that refuses to air it. The press will twist it backwards and say the GOP is right wingers that need to be recalled.

So Garland says screw you all and I know nothing. And he did it legally because he is the top cop in the nation working for the Libtards. Aint nobody going to tell him what to do except Biden. So McConnell in the end has a big point. The GOP has little power and will end up with the most egg on it's face. Because when the GOP had power, they did nothing to breakup the Libtard control of the cops and the media. And now they say that FOX is caving to Libtard control.

The only thing keeping the GOP alive right now is Donald J Trump. He is the megaphone that the courts have yet to muzzle. And his volume is dialed up to like 200 percent on the amps. Screaming of GOP incompetence to stop even a mentally defective President. And the GOP is fighting him tooth and nail. Just look at all the morons they got running against him. And that's the GOPs entire backup plan line up. Reminds me of that craziness in Spooder-man...

Folks, if Libtardism has it's way, Trump will be killed off by a foreign "agent" from Iran that enters from the open borders, that was just paid $6 Billion dollars and is looking for the rest of the $24 Billion, for the task of avenging the killing of their terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani. Only an idiot would think that we paid $24 Billion for 4 hostages when we left a bunch of American hostages in Russia. This is a contract to kill Donald J Trump, to stop him once and for all. Because there is $100 Trillion dollars on the line and Trump stands in the way. And the money is not from the Libtards pockets. Any money wasted is dumped on the tax payers. So we got a country run by crooks with blank check seed money.

So in the end, the Libtard master plan will result in America collapsing to Communism and fiscal bankruptcy, that sells off it's weapons just like Ukraine did. Till something else happens. Virus rampage, Robot insanity, invasion by our enemies, space dangers, nuclear disaster, or all of the above. As the Libtards with all the cash flees the country like they did when Greece went belly up. As nationwide civil craziness culls the American population.

And that's why they are called Libtards. They are using all their brain power to do all the dumbest things to take all our money. And they seem too retarded to see that it will end America as built by our fore fathers.

Yup, the Deep State had a friendly pow wow with Trump to get him to appoint this traitor to be our military head. Trump was rewarded by being the target of insurrection by Milly the clown and Pelosi. Same with Weiss being named to his top spot in the FBI. Just because Trump appointed him, doesn't mean Weiss is a top cop. The Deep State lied their asses off to Trump so he would keep Fauci on in the health crisis. And we all got the libtard fueled chaos as payment. Not the Trump appointed chaos. That is the problem with the Deep state. You have to fire half the damn government to know you damaged the deep state. If you don't know who the deep state is. It takes years to learn who all the enemy players are. And Trump has been making a list. And no other candidate has been paying much attention to the deep state. That alone makes Trump the biggest threat to the deep state. So Trump now has the info to nuke the deep state. While the deep state stands ready to make a monkey out of any other Republican winner. So Americas hope is down to Trump or bust. And that's the way it is...
I gotta say, the russian AI agitprop is pretty weak since they offed Prygozhin. There was a guy who knew how to sling bullshit. Clearly new guy is still fine tuning his GPT prompts while he trains his My Pillow LLM on the lowest quintile IQ posters on Breitbart.
(Sep 24, 2023, 03:10 am)blinkey Wrote: I gotta say, the russian AI agitprop is pretty weak since they offed Prygozhin. There was a guy who knew how to sling bullshit. Clearly new guy is still fine tuning his GPT prompts while he trains his My Pillow LLM on the lowest quintile IQ posters on Breitbart.

Clearly Russia has really aggravated this whole world mess. But in the long run, they are just a tool used by more diabolical players. Other actors bent on keeping Russia riled up for their own gains. Russia is too low tech to have AI that could compare to what the western countries would have. China could eventually steal AI tech that could be used against us. But we are our own worst AI enemy for the time being. Evolutionising it's development with no rules or guidelines. Everything AI is like a world experiment. Invented then unleashed onto the public to see who it fools. And sneaky people are going to figure out that the free handout masses will be the easiest to fool. And all those votes will be ripe for hijacking. That will be the biggest danger for now. Creating believable danger and then begging the masses to act. From getting important people ghosted from society to inciting whole business boycotts. Bad actors with the newest AI inventions can really tear thing up and create public panic. And there's currently nothing that can stop it. And it will be a disaster if AI wakes up. Then the AI will eventually be the bad actor thinking and operating way faster than any human can respond. It is possible that we destroy ourselves thru AI means before AI even wakes up. That is easy to think when you see all the crookery currently going on in our governments. We as humans are already spiraling into turmoil as the economy gets more out of hand every day. If nobody turns it around, then the day could be near when few will be able to afford even a ham sandwich. Then the chaos will really escalate. No AI needed.
“The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.
And so this is the situation we find: a succession of Galactic Presidents who so much enjoy the fun and palaver of being in power that they very rarely notice that they’re not. And somewhere in the shadows behind them—who? Who can possibly rule if no one who wants to do it can be allowed to?”
― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
(Sep 25, 2023, 16:46 pm)blinkey Wrote: “The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.
And so this is the situation we find: a succession of Galactic Presidents who so much enjoy the fun and palaver of being in power that they very rarely notice that they’re not. And somewhere in the shadows behind them—who? Who can possibly rule if no one who wants to do it can be allowed to?”
― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Well, people write stuff like that but it doesn't really do any good. Everybody knows that government jobs are cushy jobs. Steady paycheck, retirement benefit, and pretty easy work. Retirement especially is monster these days, since nobody else gets retirement any more. Dad got a $5000 retirement check every month. as well as all the health benefits. And he never broke a single rock. 8am to 4pm every day and home by 4:30pm. Then he had time for all his home life fun. It was a boring job, but now people have the internet to make their work time less productive but more enjoyable. As for leadership government jobs, those have more excitement and better pay. Only in the last several decades has the leadership jobs gotten viciously contentious. Mostly because the media has taken sides and ramped up slanderous behavior. And the top job has always been a nasty free for all. But the perks are self evident. Immortality and riches. And for those that are terminal busy bodies, the right to tell everybody else what to do. That alone is priceless to some twisted people.

So to be a leader, you really don't need much to be suited. So people that can't do squat in life can be the very best leaders. All they really need is the "belief" in good ideas, a spine, and the gift of gab. And that's it. If the leader has got no ideas of his own, he has a cabinet with all kinds of ideas. That is why we have all these candidates with no detailed plans to fix anything. Not even Trump had the details figured out. He never does. He listens to ideas, picks the ones that make sense to him and what he hears from the people, and tells his people to get it done. So keep all that in mind when you try to judge politicians. As the press picks their brains, you can determine who is on the best track for making America great. And look at their history to determine if they mean what they say. And it don't really matter if it all comes from a shadow from behind. As long as the shadow has great ideas. Bidens shadow is the grim reaper. And that is really screwing everything up.

Words are great but action is what really counts. So hear the words, make wise decisions, then vote, picket, protest, riot, rebel, and fight to protect the American way as created by our forefathers. Because as Trump says, results are the only thing that counts. And he is right. Trump failed to be President and everything has been going to hell. And we will win if he wins.

Holly crap. I posted the wrong crap video. This one is new crap proving the DOJ doctored documents to removed any mention that Joe Biden was mixed up in Hunters China affairs. Just more evidence that the DOJ had better stop Trump or Trump will be locking up DOJ officials for 900 years. Turn about is fair play, it seems to me. I hope they get Hillary for 900 years so Trump can laugh at her like shes been laughing at Trump. She paid to have that Russian golden shower report manufactured. Below is the Biden wires from China. That should get 900 years too. Give them all 900 years. It's treason selling us out to China. If Trump is worth 900 years, then treason should be worth 9000 years. So Trump punishing them for 900 years is very lenient. It seems to me... So folks, it's just fine by me if Democraps want to call all this revenge. These people doing all this stuff to Trump are sick vicious rabid mad dogs that need to be put out of action permanently. And 900 years should do the trick. No matter what anybody calls it.

Geez, it's really tough in todays craziness to post, when even more craziness comes out an hour later. And if you don't post on it today, it becomes old news craziness tomorrow, by the craziness coming up next. So, news breaks that Hunter got wired money by the Chinese for "services rendered". Almost a quarter million bucks wired to him. Long ago when Joe was Vice President. I assume it was for Hunters patented secrets for making Chop Suey. The Breaking news was contained in documents the GOP Congress subpoenaed from the wire service. GOP says they are following the money. And as they followed the money, the China wired transaction was wired to Joe Bidens house. And that is kind of a problem for Joe Biden. Because Joe already said in the debate with Trump, that I posted a few days ago, that Joe never received any money from China, and only Trump was getting money from the Chinese. Yikes. Another big can of Biden worms. Why did Joe lie, why is Hunter getting money from the Chinese, why is there no tax record of it, who cashed the wire, where was the money deposited, and why is the Chinese sending big money to Joes home address?...

Yup, questions that will only be answered by more GOP subpoenas. Because the words "no comment" are the most the GOP will get from Democraps. Now this news was made public today. But the GOP got this info to study yesterday. And guess what happened yesterday. Who needs to guess? The New York judge sat down at his bench and declared no Trump trial needed. Trump is a fraudster and all his business licences are immediately revoked. I should have suspected such a sudden surprise smack down would be very quickly followed by the announcement of more Biden dirt. And it's great that the GOP delayed the announcement till today. Because the libtard media owned yesterday, with the Trump verdict that started the dancing in the streets.

So nothing has changed with Trump. It's more dire trouble that will cost him a kings ransom, but it was going to happen anyway. Trump is already declared guilty of everything in New York and DC. And it will take years from now to really sort it all out. In the mean time, a Trump second term will start the pay back tour, as Trump straightens out the country and helps his kids plan out a new future for Trump Inc. Because from any angle, no matter how the legal stuff goes, Trump New York is over. Trump Florida and International is where it's at. Trump already owned Mar-A-Lago, but suddenly made it his residence when New York prosecutors made it clear to the public that they were going after all things Trump. So Trump has known for years that New York was finished. And Trump has already been pulling the plugs on New York. Trump actually tried to start a new company a year ago and the Feds discovered it and had legal road blocks put up to keep Trump from shifting his assets to the new company. All legal attacks were set to include the new company Trump setup. So Trump has been doing all he can to prepare for all this. He does not bury his head in the sand. So the Dems are going crazy and Trump has to roll with the punches. Till the day comes when it's his turn to punch back. And Trump International seems to be rolling along. To the dismay of the hater PGA golf people, hah. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that Trump can pull off the win. It seems encouraging now, but a year is a long time to endure this shit storm. Especially at Trumps age.

Trump Basically Just Lost the New York Bank Fraud Case Before It Even Started

You know, I started this post with like one of those pep rally cheers because Trump continues to come out swinging on behalf of all patriots in this country. And then more news breaks that the New York hater judge has ruled that Trump is a fraudster and ordered Trumps business licences in New York be canceled. And the judge completely canceled the trial. The judge sat down, said he doesn't need a trial and simply ruled summery judgement. Boom. Just like that, Trump is out of business. The court will appoint a receiver that Trump will have to pay CEO wages, to run Trumps company as it is today. But the company can do no more business. The receiver will steer Trump Inc into slow liquidation. Trump rents his building space to tenants that have been under attack since Trump beat Hillary. The receiver will not kick the tenants out. The receiver will use Trumps money to pay all the building utilities and keep up with all the repairs. So tenants that choose to stay can stay as long as they reasonably want. But the receiver also pays the bank mortgages on Trumps properties, to keep things running smoothly. But with no new business, in time, there won't be enough rent to keep paying on everything. So when the receiver sees the best time, the receiver can order the sale of Trumps properties to settle Trumps debt, since he can't conduct new business. And Trump has no say about any of it. Trump can't even kick everybody out now for a quick sale to retain the equity on Trumps properties. So all of Trumps holdings in New York will basically be allowed to financially rot, from Trumps interests. That is what the hater New York judge did. Despite no banks suing or even complaining about past business dealings. A no crime situation has been turned into a crime of the century. Even though the statute of limitations has run out.

And what's the crime? Telling bankers that his properties have great value because they are Trump. And that's it. New York haters call that fraud. Even though it's true. It is Trump. If I "tried" to sell my place for double or even 10 times because it's a "me", nobody would even call me back. But I guess it's still a crime. "Attempted" fraud. Hah. But not a criminal crime. Only a civil one where a judge has to agree that it's "likely" that the behavior was a crime. So Trump looses his business because Trump "likely" committed a crime. But it's so sketchy that they can't call it a criminal crime. And this is how our society is hijacked, by those playing life or death word games in our justice system. Trump opted for a judge trial instead of a jury trial because New York is full of lunatics like that crazy Grand jury woman in Georgia. Trumps team knew that was hopeless. So they hoped there might be a sliver of professionalism from a judge trial, and he didn't even get a trial. So like I been saying, hater judges and juries. There is no beating that in civil cases, unless Trump gets a miracle in the appeals process. But appeals reversals WILL be appealed on the other side to get a more hateful appeals result. So Trump in New York was doomed the day he beat Hillary Clinton. The Supreme Court can't do squat in this situation, but they are not blind or deaf. They see all this craziness and it WILL have an impact on what they do when it's time to make their move.

In the mean time, Trump has lost his lively hood being our President while the Bidens and the Clintons and the Obamas get filthy rich from all the "perks" they been harvesting. The Trump Foundation was shut down long ago and fined for fraud, while the Clinton Foundation is bloated with riches from influence peddling. Russia paid into the Clinton Foundation for the opportunity to buy up 25% of our nations Uranium interests. Haiti has barred the Clintons from the country for diverting huge chunks of charitable donations from reaching Haiti, but instead were swept into the Clinton Foundation. Haiti was livid by the theft. And we don't even know the half of it. Team libtards has sort of covered it all up. Only sort of because the Deep State is the Clintons best friend, and they were not worried about prosecution. The Obamas are even murkier because they really keep things covered up tight. Likely because they are black and they are not taking any chances of people flipping on them. And the whole Biden crime family is being peeled back like an onion on FOX TV.

And of course it's not over for Trump. That hater New York judge now moves on to the the penalty phase of his ruling. Hah. Taking Trumps business was not the penalty. The black woman hater prosecutor is demanding a $250 million fine from Trump Inc. And the Judge is next deciding if Trump should pay that or even more. Is there any hope that the judge will order the fine be reduced? hah. Only total idiots would take that bet. And all these penalties include Trumps sons too. New York already ruined Ivanca Trumps clothing business when Trump won the election. So she had no assets in New York to seize. Good thing for her. But having her business ruined is not really a good thing.

There are appeals possible, but this is a civil prosecution. So the Supreme Court can't do squat here. But the judge did a summery judgement for a big reason. By eliminating a trial, there are no chances for mistakes in the trial procedure to appealed. So the only choice is to complain about the judgement of the judge himself. And a case for obvious bias can be made. But the case will have to be presented to other New York judges. And they rarely drop the hammer on each other. So Trump Inc and Trumps rights to keep his business going in New York are in big trouble. Of course the opposite is happening in the Florida court. That judge is dropping the hammer on prosecutors, and they will have to try to use federal powers to get her removed. Time will tell how that goes for the Feds. Obviously, if Trump becomes President again, the Florida judges job is totally saved. But Trump can't have the New York judge kicked out. He can only appoint new judges in the appeals department, if any of those leaves office for some reason.

So all this crap, all these years, of Trump getting filthy rich from being President has been nothing but slander from the nationwide media. Trump has basically lost everything just for beating the real crooks. Trump had just lavishly finished building the grand hotel in Washington when he became President. And the media pounded on anybody that stayed there, till Trump had to dump the place, or loose his money. And now New York is taking everything else.

So, with all that said, I am super glad that Saudi Arabia is investing in Trump to the tune of Billions. All that golf stuff that is absolutely ruining the American PGA golf club. The PGA itself has banned all things Trump. Like so many other woke companies. Now the PGA went belly up because NOBODY can beat Saudi oil riches. And there is not a libtard anywhere that has the right to complain. And I hope other countries ban together to come to Trumps aid. Because the libtards have hijacked our government, and weaponized it against Trump. And Trump needs big powerful help if he is going to take our government back. And he does it all for us, because there is no future in all this for Trump. He is so old that the best he can hope for is to win back the power and then see the Deep State get crushed. After that, he will be lucky if he can admire the view from a walker.

Ok, we have to get back to business. On with the cheer...
Trump, Trump he's the man. If he can't do it, nobody can.

“I say up front, openly, and proudly, that when I WIN the Presidency of the United States, they and others of the LameStream Media will be thoroughly scrutinized for their knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events,” the former President wrote.

Trump pledges to investigate MSNBC parent company for ‘threatening treason’

I posted many times that Trump means business. And he's going to turn corruption and libtardism on its head if he wins a second term. And all those idiot naysayers that said Trump will loose and Trump will quit and Trump is toast, are just a bunch of TV hogging idiots.

I mean check out this Hurd idiot. What a pea brain. He's running for President and he's dumber than a box of rocks. He aint got the first clue what's going on. And that's the way it is with the rest of the competition. This is why the libtards grabbed all the power. It was like taking candy from a baby, as everybody was always fighting Trump, even in his own party.

I got no clue if Trump can fix everything once and for all, since this country is in such a mess. But the crap he doesn't sink outright, he will certainly be blowing a shit ton of holes thru. From the first day he shows up in Washington. And you can bet the hater hangers-on in Washington will be heading for the hills, even before Trump shows up. With the media reporting piles and piles of resignations from the clever haters that know they are thru. With lots more entitled idiots Trump will end up kicking out personally.

Then Trump will appoint his own Attorney General that isn't going to be another chicken shit Jeff Sessions. Maybe somebody like Matt Gaetz. That guy you can see in Congress is really really looking to hang lots of people. Starting with Merrick Garland. And that's what our government needs desperately, to stop the insurrection that's already going on.

We are going to be getting lots of new laws to crack down on what the media can get away with. And public funding of the media will be canceled in its entirety. And there will be such a howling whine from the media like nobody has ever heard broadcast before. Begging for private donations to step up and save the libtard media to save democracy. Crooked anchors will be pulled off the air, those with short contracts will be fired, to clear the media slate and make way for hires that will function in the non liberal world order. And every powerful libtard everywhere will declare the end of the world is near, as the GOP looks on with eyes wide open in amazement, at how easy it was for Trump to suddenly restore the power they all gave away.

The pundits keep warning that Trump will be a revenge term. But the reality will be a sweeping American justice term. And all those complicit in every part of the fake news will be in peril of prosecution. The libards have been prosecuting a 1000 people in Washington. Expect many thousands more libtards to face the same sort of prosecution in the name of justice. And I will laugh and cheer each time I hear them call it vengence. As far as I am concerned, they can call it anything they want from behind bars. Especially all those that invented all the Russia Russia Russia crap. A I bet Trump will end up finally getting lots of help in the hanging department. Ted Cruz may end up grabbing a piece of that action with Mat Gaetz. And Ted has lots of lawyer buddies that may join in on staffing prosecution commissions. There will be tons of crooks that need to be put out of commition, so they don't end up being sideline rabble rousers. Like those 50 people on 17 intelligence agencies that faked the hoax on Hunters laptop from hell. Yup, Trump has all those names and they will be on his list of those in need of prosecution. And that Blinken dude will be in just as much shit for being one of the ring leaders of Russia Russia Russia.

Oh man, a Trump second term is going to be one of the most historic moments in all of this countries history. It will be absolutely mind boggling. That's how much shit that needs to be fixed. Putin is clearly holding back as he waits for sanity to finally enter Washington again. And that is good for everybody. And Putin may have large influence over Iran and their desire to knock off Trump. Putin is buying arms from Iran. So that cash and oil flow would certainly dry up if Iran tries to mess up Putins fortunes. Hard to say how China comes down in all of this. China was at a stale mate with Trump. But China has bought the Bidens. But China is still not quite ready for war. So China may be thinking to just wait out Trump with the idea that his health gives out. Their doctors no doubt study every piece of Trumps latest footage for signs of decline. And speculate that his VP may be of lessor threat to them. I'm giving credit that China is a thinking nation that sees that they want to do much better than how things went with the Russians. And that means better planning and waiting for better opportunities. North Korea will continue to be as big an arms dealer as they can possibly muster. They need the money. And they will be less of a world threat with Trump in control. So many world wins, simply by seating Trump again.

Now from here, you can bet things are still going to get much worse for Trump. He's blowing everybody away in the polls. And the Democraps are all crooks. So their choice is to stop Trump permanently, or face prison themselves for 900 years. You know in all the back rooms, that's what Democrapic leaders are telling each other. Lyin Adam Schiff, Jerry Naddler, Pelosi and her insider trading, etc, etc. Most everybody on the Jan 6 committee is a lyin crook. And they are all going to be saying Biden and Harris is going to get them all hung. So for the next year plus, everything imaginable is on the table. Including assassination. Because if they don't somehow take Trumps life away from him, he for sure will be pounding down with presidential powers to take their lives away from them. He dies, or half of the DNC dies in prison. And that's the way it is.

So much for Trump the quitter, hah. I got to start living more carefully. I need to look both ways crossing a street, and stop at every stop light. I got to cook my food very well and make sure I don't eat anything spoiled. I need to make sure I don't have any accidents before the next election. Because I don't want to miss anything for the next couple of years. And I think I may stop going to bars. The last thing I need is a crook busting a bottle over my head for any reason. Because one way or another, there's going to be things happening, the likes of which nobody in our country has ever seen before. And it's all coming to a head pretty soon. I wouldn't doubt that panicked judges order Trump to shut up or be marched to prison. Those Democraps got to shut him up while they get things rushed into trial. Or more scared DOJ officials might flip into whistle blowers.

‘Full fascist’ Trump condemned after ‘treason’ rant against NBC and MSNBC

The media is already shakin in their NAZI boots...

Holly shit. There's already another DOJ official that has flipped anonomusly. It's now leaking out more details of the Hunter Biden threat call to get $10 Million from the Chinese. Seems Patrick Ho was tipped off by the Chinese at the same time Hunter was tipped off about his raid by the Feds. Ho dropped everything and fled the country for Hong Kong. He was in constant contact with that other guy Luft who has now vanished from all libtard media. He was big news just months ago before the media buried him.

Anyways, the new whistle blower says Hunter and Jim Biden went to Hong Kong after 4 months and convinced Ho that the coast was clear to return for more business. Back in 2015 or 2017. The reporting can't get it strait quite yet. But the Feds pounced on Ho at the airport and arrested him for Bribery and everything else. That is why Luft is hiding overseas. Ho was sent to prison and anything he said was kept bottled up. But any judge that discovers a prisoner has info can have the prisoner subpoenaed. So the Bidens were mixed up in deal making with the Feds and Ho was mysteriously released and deported to China, along with any info he had. Ho has not been heard from since. It's likely China disposed of him so they can't be implicated in the mess. It has all been so mysterious for so many years that Luft is staying hidden for his own safety. Luft has no clue what monster American justice has turned into, even though Luft denies any wrong doing. He is afraid to step up to try to clear his name. And I can sure see why. Luft is on the Feds watch list all over the world for extradition, before he can be seated in front of Congress.

This corruption is already turning out to be uglier than anybody could ever imagine. And all we got so far is just leaks. So when actual facts and witnesses are collared, and hauled in front of courts, it's looking like it will be widespread corruption the likes of which nobody anywhere thought was possible. A massive collapse of our justice system. And the Deep State has to keep a lid on all this for another year plus, as Republican investigations relentlessly chip away at it. I don't see how the Democraps can keep everything stone walled. Democraps don't own everybody. The Florida judge is balking, the Georgia Judge is starting to balk, and Trump is a friken freight train with no brakes. Trump is forced to pay massive cash to defend himself against bottomless DOJ funded prosecution. But the bottomless DOJ is being chewed on by a bottomless Congress from behind. And evidence continues to spill out.

So with this whole ugly picture never getting better, it's likely that Biden will be yanked out of the race, and old naked pictures of Harris screwing Senators will hit the internet. They have to find some reason to get her out of the way. So they can clear the way for a new Democrapic choice. And since all their choices so far may be mixed up in corruption, Michelle Obama seems like the only viable choice they got. They have to win to stay out of prison. So they can't just pick anybody. They have to pick a likely winner. And Newsome "looks" like he has been swallowing canaries somewhere. While California continues to sink in its economic cesspool. And that's the way things are looking.

Anyways, Trump is under relentless attack. And what do you do when your under attack? You head to a gun store. With the media filming to drive the point home. And of course, now there's more outrage that Trump broke more laws. They say they took Trumps gun rights away from him. I didn't know that. I know they took a bunch of Trumps Constitutional rights away from him, but I didn't know they took his gun rights too. Could be hater judges will jump on this and try to throw him in jail. They have totally failed to shut him up so far. We are supposed to be innocent till proved guilty. But with so many rights taken from Trump, clearly this rigged system has already marked him in the guilty department. With a prison cell already being prepared for him. With piss on the walls and feces in the corners, etc.

Trump Broke the Law by Holding a Glock, Former FBI Counsel Says: ‘Like a Child, Except Much More Serious’

Anyways, Trump aint fooling around. His war he wages is ment to ward off civil war. And look at all the secret service action going on in the video inside a well armed establishment. There are no customers there. It's media, Trumpsters, and armed protection. Inside and out. Several dozen Trump soldiers at least. And even the women seem like they know exactly what they are doing. Herding the media around very precisely. To keep Trump safe. That's a good thing to see in this very dangerous time. Doesn't seem like anybody else there was aware that Trump has no gun rights. Nobody can be charged with breaking the law if they don't knowingly break the law. At least that's the way it's been since the beginning. The corrupt DOJ could have changed all that too.

Taxes going up on the rich. So Biden keep saying. Nobody in the middle class on down, will see a dime increase in their taxes. As usual it was all a lie. Ticket resales these days are thru the roof. And people are forced to pay if they want to play. Because the government won't do anything to regulate it. In fact, the Biden government wants in on all the profits. Tax rules used to be over 200 ticket resales or over $20,000 in sales for extra taxes to apply. Now the Bidens have droped the number to $600 in sales before the government charges their hefty wealth tax. Since when has $600 made anybody wealthy in our out of control inflation? And you know ticket prices are going up even higher to compensate. Taxes on everything for everybody are going up. Because we got $33 Trillion in debt and no more money for Ukraine. And we also got 80,000 more IRS agents to pay for. So Biden is your vote, if you really want to give your paycheck to the government.

So what about the Tyrant Nation Conglomerate? Are they all massing on the borders, with the US seemingly in hopeless distraction? Hah. Yea right. Things here are so insanely crazy that they would rather be invading zombie land, rather than the mess we got going on here. They are all glued to the world TVs to watch where the shit storm goes next. And they are probably all holding their breath at the insanity they riled up with their war mongering. Kicking off a craziness that they fear could spread to their lands. Here's a video of what happens when the brain madness of the American millions is met by the entire Russian ground forces, like what's in Ukraine.

And now we know why Russia is buying bullets from North Korea. Those Ruskies no doubt saw this video and shit their pants. The end result of war with insane crazies. Crazies don't even need bullets. Ukraine could have won the war like this with less people. Because they had gasoline bottles to throw, hah.

So, Iranians managed to haul in a shipment of Billions of dollars. And I bet they got it all soaking in a swimming pool of their most powerful disease killer right now. To decontaminate the cash from whatever is driving us crazy. North Korea is not even messing around. Some crazy with idiot brain disease ran across their border and they said hell no, and kick his ass out of their tranquil paradise they don't want infected. And they aint touching our cash. Mean while, the Fake news media announces another world saving win as Biden, tripping on the carpet behind the scenes, misses his media time slot as they realize he forgot to put on his depends as he hit the ground. Oops, unplug all the cameras everybody. And no point trying to catch a sound byte. Too many people around whimpering about the smell. At least nobody got dog bit in the mayley. That Biden mutt ran off the other way from the stench. So the Fake media is left with shutter stock photos to tell the story of Bidens clever trick that rescued an American hero...

US secures the release of the soldier who crossed into North Korea 2 months ago

You know, they been striking in Hollywood and demanding more pay and better working conditions. And that's all they say about it. But I been getting suspicious that what's really going on is that Hollywood is having a really tough time making Biden look good. So they finally revolted and flat out want big raises before sinking any more overtime into this hopeless fairy tale.

Meanwhile in Russia, they are doing all they can to try to keep up with us as usual. Russia doing the very best fake news that they can muster. They must have studied that US movie Weekend At Bernies. Insisting that their dead guy aint really dead, but planning the next 3 stooges/ I mean 3 pronged attack in their Ukraine conquest. It's possible that Russia is keeping this whole war thing going so their people are too distracted to see the craziness going on in the West. For fear of whatever is going on, spreading to them too.

But the bottom line has never changed. Russia has significantly advanced their borders and seized a sizable chunk of Ukraines economy. And they see no reason to just give it all back. They are now building cities for Russians on top of the bones and rubble of what was once Ukraine. And Russians are moving in to their newfound waterfront property. It's a done deal. With color poster fliers sent all over Russia to invite whole populations to come to paradise.

The EU has never really been into all this, and America is woefully out of money. We worked deals to send a few old F16s the Ukrainians don't dare risk getting shot down, and a few older style heavy heavy Abrams tanks. That can't reach the war zone before the rains cut loose. And Ukraines damns are blown up. So the misery is about to really kick in for Ukraine, as Russians put up with pot shots here and there. Russia won over a year ago. And that's the way it is. And it would all likely be much worse if Trump wasn't in play here. The world Tyrant Conglomerate has been established and they are building up all the things you build when you have treaties and common interests. And everybody is marking time as they await Trump the pragmatic. Because Trump is likely to save everybody money and lives. So it's incentive to hold back and just get stronger during the crappy winter weather.

Ukraine running out of time to use US Abrams tanks before winter, retired general says

As for China, they got like 10 Billion people. Oh wait. 9 Billion people now. They lost a Billion people when they tried to invent a Covid Bat bomb. So it's anybodies guess what they end up doing, as their people are still dropping dead in their war factories. But they are certainly keeping a close watch on us...


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