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Russia Russia Russia. You know, when all this started, It was the Russia show. A show of thuggery and craziness that could only be classified as a cancer on the planet. It has to be dug out and killed or it would spread and screw everything else up. Unfortunately, it's not your regular cancer. It's like that alien with acid for blood. If you try to kill it, it's nuclear blood would shoot out and kill everybody around it. So we got to pet it and make it fall asleep again.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. We can't stop poking it and it has been very angry, and spitting it's poison in all directions. So now the problem has spread far and wide, even though the nukes have not gone off. China has risen up in renewed defiance, as has Iran and North Korea. Saudi Arabia is flipping us the bird as they crank up gas prices. Starving Africa is starving more as world food supplies dry up. American borders are being overrun, as everybody and their handlers storm into our country. Domestic matters are going haywire because established ways are flushed or simply don't work any more. And leaders of the free world are in turmoil over how to fix everything.

So now the genie is out of the bottle and the bottle smashed on the floor. What a calamity. Fixing Russia somehow, will no longer fix anything else. And since the world problems are collectively bigger than Russia, Putin and the Russian people will eventually be left to do their things while the free world scrambles to put the rest of the world back together. Here's the moment when we all shake our head in disgust. Because it was all predictable and fixable, by average people not blinded by selfishness and agendas.

And it aint over. We still have to hold our breaths for years in hopes something ultra stupid don't happen, as lots of other really stupid things play out. Like the corruption of American government, the upheavel of world energy resources, the persecution of people being targeted by other people in worldwide power grabs, and the pounding of the earth on peoples distracted and unprepared to defend their own lives. Why does all this craziness have to happen in the "modern age" of human civilization?

The point is that Humans today can feed, cloth, house, and gainfully employ everybody around the world. Life spans can naturally rise, and the world could be managed to slowly ease the impact of humans on the planetary environment. All this capability is here and is easily doable. There's no doubt about it. The problem though is that humans are animals with basic instincts of selfish survival of the fittest. We, like all animals, scratch and claw at those around us, to rip out our pound of flesh from others. And then we run to a dark corner somewhere to count our loot. And humans are clueless to address that fatal flaw in our makeup, that runs totally counter to the word "civilization". So we "act" all civilized and stuff as we build a world that is, at the same time, trying to tear itself apart. Keep that in mind as you feel the need to protest to make life better. Because your efforts are at best a very local band aid. What we need is a miracle shot that disarms our instincts of self preservation. Because we really don't need those in a civilized world. They do more harm than good.

Umm, yea. But there are complications to every situation. So it aint so simple, even if we could soon invent an anti instinct drug. It's weird how computers seem to be like humans, till you realize that Humans invented computers. So hardwired processes run lightning fast in a machine, but the software that could be programmed to do the same, runs much slower. Software is easier to do than hardware, so if you need speed, then we have already invented faster computers to choose from. And it's the same with humans. Instincts are really friken quick. and allow us to duck when we get that feeling like we got trouble coming. Kill the instinct with a shot, and now our brain has to think us thru the whole ducking thing. Not so good if you can't think yourself to grab the edge fast enough to prevent a fall. We can't put faster brains in our skulls.

So the entire human civilization is always on the brink of collapse because we can't decide to kill off human instincts. We instead rely totally on brainpower to temper our instincts. And if the brain learning mechanism is corrupt, then more and more, our instincts will take over in all that we do. Animal self preservation instincts. The dog eat dog world we seem to be sinking into. So now you see why the schools in our society are THE most important institutions of civilization on our planet. Corrupt the schools, and you corrupt everything else. Tyrants know this, and that is why they have always taken the kids away as slaves. Conan The Barbarian was taken away by his conqerers, as the rest of the adults were butchered. A kid ment to be brainwashed and trained for the pleasure of the tyrants. Only searing vengeance branded into the kids brain made Conan the monster his tyrants never counted on. A very rare outcome in otherwise malleable kids. So as Russia continues to "loose", hah, the kidnapped kids are in Russian schools learning all things Russian. Including how to be expert drone pilots of military grade drones. Double Hah. And you must know how kids looove drone flying. I posted long ago that Russians are training a new army that will eventually be returning to Ukraine. An uncoruptable Army raised from kid hood to be the sneakiest and deadliest back stabbers to ever walk this planet. And Ukraine is on the path to be gutted from the inside out. And a few Conans in the bunch will be useless to stop it...

Children In Occupied Luhansk Region Will BE Taught To Fly Drones

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world sinking into debt and division from this useless wasteful war, all the other problems now festering will force the bang bang war to fend for itself, as the free world struggles to stop the corruption in our own schools. The war between responsibility and entitlism is tearing the free world apart. And there is no peace treaty on the horizon. The insanity simply grows farther than humans can see.

Hollywood. It may seem petty, but it's doing its part draining the treasure of the free world. The instinct to claw at whatever can be ripped. And it's ripping everything from everything else. Hollywood is on strike. So what, huh? Well just look at the numbers. Alec Baldwin shoots a low paid camera person and killed her. She went to school with student loans to learn to be a camera person. And now she is dead. Baldwin is the movies producer. He is responsible. But wiggled out of responsibility. The Gun safety person was being paid peanuts and being forced to oversee everything, as entitled power people refused to follow the rules. Cocaine is now being accused to further saw off the chains of responsibility. As the dog eat dog mentality takes over. All the while Vanna White demands more money than the millions of dollars she already makes, for all the "hard" work she does. Does anybody wonder why the pee ons behind the scenes are coking up to get thru their long miserable days for the measly pay they get? In the Glamour world of Hollywood? With the gall to vilify everybody around them for not being socialist? And we vilify the Putin like tyrants that grab at all the yats they can take. As I shake my head I can't help but admit that the world is a vampire. And there's already a song like that.

Yes, we could all be destroyed by our own nukes, our own DNA meddling, our own AI inventions, or even a meteor that we failed to see or do anything about. But the real truth is that our demise will be from our own animal insanity, because we can already fix everything that can kill us all. And the Russians simply don't mean much any more. The problems sparked by them are already out of control. And despite how dumb and dying the libtard media was saying, I'm sure Putin figured all this would happen to his advantage. And Chinas XI is no doubt thinking the same way...
The way of the duck. If it walks like one, and acts like one, then time for duck hunting.

Yup, I'm not into conspiracy theories, I like facts. Real facts, not fake ones. That way when your fed up and go rampaging, your sure to be pounding down on the culprits that deserve it. It's a disaster to be bashing on the wrong thing, because then the real culprit is the first one to jump up and be shooting at you. Culprits are already insane, but a fact mistake suddenly gives culprits a license to be more insane. And that's the real tragedy. Just look at all the BLM craziness when cops shoot people for little reason. The craziness has been going on for a hundred years, but it's now becoming "justified behavior" because cameras keep catching crazy cop actions. Like that truck driver arrested in Ohio last week. A dozen cops with "training" and they just have to cut a dog loose on the guy. There is no report about how bad he was chewed up, but it don't look good for the trucker in the video. People used to say "crooks" get what they deserve, and they still say that even with the video. Especially if it's a black person. Now if Barbie was being chewed all to hell, you can bet most every southern gent will be bringing their firepower to the protest.

And it's the same thing all over the world. Russia pounding on Ukraine because they got NAZI tattoos on. And they trying to join NATO to invade Russia. It's the war to strengthen their borders, so they say. But that's a message only their brain washed people could believe. Russia has changes their message about the war so many times that only idiots could believe them. But the message gets thru as the Russians get free food and booty, the "spoils of war". Aint this supposed to be a "special action"?

Anyways, American is a divided country. And putting up walls. The Duck hunters warning the ducks to watch out. Because the duck hunters are fed up with all the duck shit everywhere. And they no longer listening to the horse shit that PETA says on TV. About ducks...

I have never ever been a country fan. All that yodel horse shit and pickin and grinnin. I got shit to do in life and that country crap only serves to put me to sleep. Real work in this country gets done to rock and roll. But lately, country has been "amping" it up because it puts too many people to sleep. And it's about damn time. They always been waving the wrong flag and drinking their "blues away". But that simply don't work when it comes to the shit going down all around us. Even beer has jumped into the craziness of what a woman is. So what's drinkin going to fix? NOTHIN.

So what do we got? A frekin mess that people are clueless to fix. The President and his entire family pulling a con job to steal money and power. I watched all the TV rabbit ear networks this weekend and found not a mention of the Bidens trickery. So all the poor see their TV and get their mailbox money and think things are really great. They also see that that nasty Trump is almost ready to be hauled away in chains. Making all those free loaders think their future is set. A laughable idea if half the country didn't actually believe that.

That's half the friken country folks. That's one side of civil war. Because the other side of civil war is frekin fed up with all this fake ass trickery taking our money and charging our rights away. Yup, they charge you and then they take your guns and your vote away. Like they doing to everybody at the Jan 6 who had a nasty neighbor or pissed off girl friend turn them in. Now they got hater posses on the internet digging thru every picture on the planet to tag more Jan 6ers. I got tons of haters, so I would have been a goner if I was there. I bet bunches of people already turned me in. With photoshoped pics to really dig it in. But my door still works, so I continue all this as I wait for what is likely, in this age of fake pee reports and such. 

And these fake news tricksters have no boundaries to their agendas. If there's money in it, they will turn it upside down to shake out the change. All air conditioners upgraded expensively are now obsolete and will, by law, have to be upgraded again. The war on gas stoves is already raging. And now all water heaters will have to be replaced. I looked those up. A DIY gas heater is about $1200. The new legal water heaters will cost 3 times that in a price fixing scheme that never gets cheaper. Just like CDs never got cheaper. Remember those? The people got hosed on those till Fanning invented Napster. Remember that? The civil revolt against the big money thieves. That responded by suing everybody that had very little to pay. Thousands paid fines, dozens lost their homes, but hundreds of millions just kept on going. No civil war because it was no contest.

But things are WAY different now. The crooks are baiting the public against each other. Baiting race, gender, creed, and greed against each other. And things are really heating up in the kitchen. Those country folk think they can hide out in their small towns, but they are just kidding themselves. In a civil war, you may as well kiss those small towns by by when the BLM gangs go on the rampage. They will bring their Tech9 machine guns to the country folk shotgun jamboree. Those gangs have all that shit. And it's the country folk that will end up in all those hog smokers.

Unless saved by the rock and rollers...

Yup, it was rock and roll that lead the way in every other war. The second American civil war will be no different. And what the hell is rap going to do? A bunch of sucker punch wusses beating up on hoes and bitches. Chris Browns favorite sport. Rock and roll women will be burying those pussies in the ground.

Oh yea, almost lost in the tornado of turmoil is the craziness around that J Aldeen song. "Somebody" who is already lost in the shuffle, started the idea that the song is "racist". We don't know who the bastard was, just like we don't know who started the idea that Trump is racist, or the Bidens are good Scranton folk, or that Schiff is a stand up guy ready for the Senate, or Trump was peed on by Russian hookers, or etc, etc.

The point is that it all starts with one low life bastard that is then repeated a zillion times by our libtard media. Now we got the whole world flirting with WW3. So one bastard, giving an army of other bastards the idea to makeup their own lies and demands for collective retribution. And it puts the whole human race in dire danger from hysteria. Just like the women grabbed by a few in India on viral video, Trumped up to be despicable cheaters, stripped naked by hundreds of other Indian men, then paraded in the streets and raped by anybody walking by. Inhuman craziness. Those women are lucky to still be alive. But forever scared by a couple of criminals that baited half the town into being criminals.

Just goes to show that it don't take a nuke button to start WW3. Just one evil person choosing to do that one despicable thing, is all it could take to trigger the end of us all.

Oh that's just fukin great. All it takes is one person to start WW3 and we got a thousand headed hydra running our government. Even if we could squish one of the heads, it makes no difference as the other heads tear us apart. As demonstrated by all the tapes and emails and massive money trails of crooks being found but only one guy facing many trials on many many charges of illegal activity. Donald Trump. And the deep state had to use trickery to take away his rights to bring those charges, that are themselves crazy stretched like a rubber gumby toy.

It's just come out that Rand Pauls office in Kentucky has been burned to the ground. He's the "doctor" Senator who knows how the medical field works and has been calling bull shit on Fauci. His staff has been bird dogging on Fauci against the deep states road blocks and found his emails where he told officials to lie to all about the Covid coming from China. Fauci and his cronies said in the emails that if it ever came out that their financing of China on Covid gain of function, ever got out into the public, that is would hurt the "business of science" and make China mad.

So instead of truth, we get Faucis clown show on TV next to Trump to make him look like an idiot to distract from any questions about what the hell happened to all of us. And it worked brilliantly. There were no questions gaining traction about what the hell happened. It was all questions about Trump and his incompetence that was hamstringing the "real" experts like Fauci. And even Trump hate when Trump had enough of Fauci and blocked Fauci from any press contact without Trump approval. Then the narrative switched to Trump harming the public by chaining Fauciu down. It was all a frikin clown show perpetrated like a puppet master by Fauci himself. I was personally scared shitles of Covid. It kept me from supporting my President on Jan 6. I was denied the truth by the deep state that put Fauci in charge of what he did. This is not a conspiracy theory. I did not know and Rand Paul was right. Fauci is a crook and Paul twice referred Fauci for prosecution to the Justice Department. And Twice the JD just sat on the prosecution so Fauci could retire and receive his new job heading University research.

It would seem that it is very very difficult to kill hydras, and really really easy to make all of us pay and pay. Trumps been paying, and they may also get him. They say he has already spent thru half of his campaign contributions on legal fees, and he has not even been to any of the big trials yet. He already paid the court $5 million to go to the woman who "says" Trump raped her, and a trial for another $10 million is coming up. Nobody knows what he has paid to the dozens of lawyers hes already had, but he has also been forced to pay Michael Cohen, the jerk that violated Trumps attorney client privilege. A New York court ordered that in a settlement so Trump could file more lawsuits against others in New York. Courts will dismiss further suits if you don't pay whats ordered in previous suits. So Trump has no choice but to pay and pay as the hydra continues to chew the hell out of him. And that's the facts that have been VERY slowly leaking out from the thousand headed hydra. But the facts are turning out to be meaningless when the cops are refusing to do anything about them.

And you wonder what could possibly spark the preposterous idea of civil war...BLM has a battle cry at every riot. "No Justice, No Peace". If Americans can't get their house in order soon enough, it may spell doom for this country. And all the agitators from China Know it. That's why China has secret police stations, secret pot factories, secret property buyouts, secret bribery schemes, and secret balloon cameras. We shot one of those down. But I doubt it was the first. It really doesn't take an American to start civil war. Just a very clever Chinese spy doing a very bad thing at the worst time for us.

Chinese nationals crossing US border with 'really disturbing' intentions, expert warns

A Mystery Company Is Buying Land Near A California Military Base And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Two Arrested for Operating Illegal Overseas Police Station of the Chinese Government

Chinese nationals operate nearly every illegal indoor marijuana farm in the largest US county, sergeant says

Two Chinese Intelligence Officers Charged with Obstruction of Justice in Scheme to Bribe U.S. Government Employee and Steal Documents Related to the Federal Prosecution of a PRC-Based Company

Inside China’s spy war on American corporations

And check this last one out. A Chinese woman only got 8 months in prison for spying at Trumps Mar A Lago. Holly shit, that's time served just waiting for the trial. You got to wonder if she was a deep state plant to get into Mar A Lago to plant stuff on Trump property. But was nabbed by Trumps own people instead. Then given a sweet heart deal to get out of the country. Shit that stinks to high heaven, that we will likely never know for sure. You have to figure what we find on the deep state is only speck of what's really been going on. Why else are we over $30 Trillion in debt. SO many crooks in our government on the take. Anybody hear Romney or McConnell bitching about Fauci???? (Actually, McConnell kinda stopped saying everything today. Oh my, a Bidenism.) We got bipartisan crookery going on. Trump is one of the few that can actually be trusted. Everybody knows he's not on the take. He's the ONLY one loosing money on all this garbage that is our government. Not a single bribery related crime has even been mentioned. Trump may as well be Jesus Christ to us helpless folk desperately in need of somebody to save us. Maybe that is why nobody can find poll numbers that say Trump is the REAL crook in the room. Even Democraps are amazed at Trumps poll numbers and are rattling the cages hard to pump more stupid into people. Or more money bribes. The last resort for desperate crooks to smear the unsmearable. Everybody already knows Trumps flaws and He's a saint compared to all the other guys. But bribes are hard to beat. Even Jesus had a Judas.

Chinese trespasser at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort sentenced to 8 months in jail

Sinéad O’Connor just up and died the other day. An important somebody that was really a nobody. And probably died because she could not deal with being a nobody. Peoples vanity can be limitless in their own heads. Anyways, she said her battle cry of "fight the real enemy", while holding up a picture of the Pope. Holly shit. Literally. The perfect picture of human stupidity. Her stupidity. So on the week of her death, lets take a priceless moment and wake up to the REAL enemy. The human race to conquer each other. Both civilly and nationally. If we can't figure out a way to stop fighting each other, then we will surely meet our doom. The Robots, if we don't end up nuking everything.
Super News flash... Some people are finally sobering up from Russia Collusion Dilution. Oliver Stone Hollywood finally regretting his Biden vote. He's afraid Biden is dragging us into nuclear war with the Russians. And he's getting really scared about it. Better late than never I guess. He says we got all these energy problems, and all this nuke stuff could be making free power. But instead they made missiles, and now Biden is charging headlong into WW3. I said all that in my post below. Lotta mumbo jumbo in the video but Some people use 20 words instead of 2. So it's tiring to hear some people talk. But there is no doubt that Stone will be spreading his fears to Hollywood to get them to pull their heads out of their asses. TRUMP WILL END THE WAR. If it aint too late. Biden aint done screwing things up and he's already feeling no pain. He seems numb to everything. Now he's on vacation for 10 days. From his one day a week job. As Biden sends all our old cluster bombs to keep blowing up Russians. Damn things are so old we may loose a brave air crew in a mid air explosion over this insanity. And I already posted before about the godawful amount of electric power we need to make cars electric. And we won't get anywhere near it for a decade at least. And Stone realizes it too. So there's no way to do anything useful about global warming for 50 years at least. That is Stones thinking. And he's on the right track. Finally. We are desperate for IMPORTANT and POWERFUL people to spread the reality of this world. Because we are all in such deep shit from doing stupid shit over and over again. We are a stuck broken record of stupidity. And we have to jump off this hopeless train that's nearing the cliffs. The Trump train is really all we got and we can't be pissing on it. Let Trump be Trump back in the caboose. While the rest of the train takes us back away from the brink. Then maybe we got a chance to make a difference. Opps, Rubble videos have to be clicked on.

Oliver Stone “Regrets Voting For Biden, Fears He May Start World War 3”

News flash... So far, Trump is on his way to a very very slow exoneration and expungement of all criminal charges. They will haul him into many trial courts that MAY have Trump hater juries that will convict Trump before he even swears on a bible. Then he will go thru the slow appeals process that may refuse to throw the convictions out. Then Trump will have the appeals sent to the Supreme court with Republican majority. And it is there that all charges will be thrown out, and many scathing rebukes of the lower courts will be published by the Justices. Ending Trumps criminal troubles and many legal persons careers. That doesn't mean Trump won't be in prison for a time. Hater judges could order a convicted Trump to prison on the day of conviction. But his record is already on the path of complete expungement. And I don't see anything different with Jan 6 charges. This has all been abuse of prosecution.

Really the biggest point of all this craziness is to rattle the brains of would be Trump voters, so they would vote for somebody else. The second biggest point is vengeance by Democraps on Trump. Make his life as miserable as possible just before he dies. That is the whole story of this historic charade. The stealing of the election from Trump. And history, if there is a history, will eventually record the most infamous treatment of a President in American history. With all the players being recorded for the crooks that they are.

So Trumps job right now is to win the election in spectacular style, despite all the prosecutions. Then the Democraps would be failures and they will all be kicked out of office. Biden is mentally dead, so he will escape prosecution. The rest of his family will face all kinds of major trials that will likely cost them lots of money and freedom. And a historic number of government cronies will also be convicted that makes Watergate sound like an amusement park. Sadly, a ton of cronies will escape on statute of limitations. That right was stripped from Trump, but done so illegally. Nobody else will be stripped in the same way. And here's a video that explains it all. Somebody was bound to make a video of facts, since only 99% of the media is crooked...

Eventually Trump and his estate will be suing everybody that had a part in Trumps persecution. Trump was forced to pay his betrayer attorney Cohen, but Trump has already filed suit against him to get it all back in spades. The rape money will also be clawed back as well, after a long slow court process. It would be amazing if Trump lived to be 120 and see all the money he lost flow right back in again. But the Trump family will grow richer as all the hater political families get poorer. All this happens slower if Trump looses the election, but the Supreme court will be Trumps savior. And state Supreme courts will then be under great pressure to wipe out all state charges.

Folks, useless salacious gossip about any of these politicians is of no concern of mine. Trumps twat grabbing claims, various affairs, uncharged rape "claims", etc, etc. Same goes with Hunters affairs, accidental offspring, drug problems, etc,etc. My only concern is what these guys do with my tax dollars. That's it. Non of the other stuff has any affect on the state of my country. So it's none of my business in any vote. Certainly I would teach my kids to stay away from people like that, but they can still be great leaders of my country. And that's really what everybodys attitude should be in these dangerous times. So people basing their votes on sex stories is really a pretty dumb vote. Just sayin this for the record. Democrap policies suck, and we are all seeing that first hand. There was a time when I would consider criminal convictions too, but with this Deep State going crazy, it would have to depend on all the true facts surrounding the crime. Because the Deep State is making a monkey out of the criminal process.

Now to this weeks bizarro monkey business... Prosecutor Weiss was "appointed" by Garland to investigate Hunter while Prosecutor Smith was "appointed" to go after Trump.  Weiss ended his investigation of Hunter because he said he had no way to press any charges. But Republican Congress started their own actions calling Weiss bull shit. So Weiss was forced to do something to end everything so nobody had a legal hook into the Bidens. Or the Biden mess would only get bigger. So Weiss and Biden worked out a do nothing plea deal that gave Hunter "immunity" from ALL future prosecution. Then no more Hunter problems. But the judge noticed that tidbit buried deep in the agreement addendum added just the night before. And it stunk to high heaven. She made a public spectacle of the crookery and sent Hunter packing. So guess what. Do you really have to guess what is next? Trump gets more charges. Surprise, NOT.

Oh, does anybody know where the 3rd prosecutor is? The one appointed by Garland to investigate Joe Biden? He's absolutely vanished. Probably in Tahiti on the beach somewhere. Since he is "busy" working on Joe, he has to do all the things necessary in that investigation. Like keeping a really solid tan.

Oh, I almost forgot. The big gotcha in the Hunter thing. Congress cant make easy headway on the Hunter investigation because the Justice Department work is "ongoing". Huge gotcha. It's the law. Congress cant get squat unless a whistle blower squeales. So Hunter has this crazy plea deal, and the judge is gobsmacked about it. So the judge asks the prosecutors a clever question. Does this "total immunity" deal mean that the Hunter investigation is over? The prosecutors are floored. They can't say YES or the Republican Congress will break down their doors. So the prosecutors are forced to say NO. And the judge says then there's no reason for blanket immunity, since the investigations are not over. So the whole thing blew up. And they now have less than 30 days to figure out how to make a deal but keep the investigation "open". And that's why the Justice Department needs a new judge really really bad. Because there's no way to grant immunity if the investigation is not over. Boom.

See how corrupt our government is? The Biden lawyers even pretended to be prosecutor Smith lawyers and ordered official objections to Hunters actions by a Congressman to be removed from the court case files. How sneaky is that? The only thing missing in American corruption is the judge being assassinated. Stay tuned, the year aint over yet.

The media is going crazy saying it's all a small hicup and solutions are already worked out. When it's about the workings of crooks, anything is possible. But honor among crooks is no guarantee. So Hunter has to agree that more charges could come, but believe none will happen. Leaving Bidens butt hanging out in the wind, for somebody else to come along and poke at. Not a good way for a Biden to be. That could be the deal that's coming. Then the judge would have to put up with such a low ball punishment. It could happen. Or Hunter could simply risk a trial that the libtard media would ignore. Both prosecution and defense are on the same side. A historic bastardization of American justice. So they could pick an all libtard jury. And hope nobody hangs the innocent verdict. See what a mess for the Bidens this is? If they only had a judge that didn't make waves. It aint over, so the judge could still cave.

Folks every time something happens to the Bidens, Trump will get more charges. There is no doubt about it. It's clear Trump hears it all the time. If he quits trying to be elected, all the charges "could" go away. But they won't, and hopefully Trump is never fooled by it. Trump crossed the Bidens in a big way. And the price is life in prison. So Trump has to win. Or the crooks win and Mars is the only place of refuge. Full speed ahead Musk...

There is no limits to the number of "crimes" that Trump has committed, because there seems to be no limits to Bidens crimes. That's why Smith the pit bull is on Trump and Weiss the "hero" is batting for the Bidens. American justice has been hijacked. Now the judge seems like the real hero in all this, but the deep state has developed an endless bag of tricks. So while the media will go nuts about more Trump charges, all that the poor people will see on their TVs is more Trump charges. And how the Biden teem is working hard to protect the poor peoples mailbox money. Biden announced $2 million more heading to Porto Rico, that officials there will appreciate. More free money to distract from the Hunter mess, while the Deep State works out a plan to get rid of the Hunter Judge. He would send more money, so there is more to skim off the top, but then the Republican Congress would be Bidens road block in a very public way. Congress holds the purse strings. Biden can only rob Peter to pay Paul. Probably unspent Covid money.

Smith is not ready quite yet with Jan 6 charges, so he added more document charges to cover over the Hunter setback. And Smith is also working on Georgia and New Jersey charges, so Trump is unable to wipe out all charges if he wins pardon powers. The Florida Judge is not going to be trusted, so plans are no doubt in the works to have her removed at the first discovery of even the tiniest scandal. Probably looking into her collage education to find out her party habits. The whole deep state is about dirt, so they are digging everywhere 24/7. And will even invent dirt if they are in a pinch.

And this is nothing new with the Bidens. Like Hunter said, there is nobody like the Bidens. We will never know who started the fake news of the wholesomeness of Scranton Joe Biden. But Joe stole his wife Jill from her husband of 4 years, by offering her the great life to leave her husband, and take all his riches with her. So Jill Biden is a typical tramp gold digger. Not a respectable "doctor" that disrespects actual doctors that cure people. Her X husband has been on all the media talking about all the charges he has been facing, for being Jills X husband. And they are REAL charges in REAL courts, and not some "he said she said" nonsense. Just like the harassment charges on Joe The Plumer for calling Obama bull shit. Obama probably learned the tricks of Justice Department thuggery from the Bidens. So that fake story of Joes chance encounter and church like courting of Jill Biden, is just a ton of bull shit, played on Network news to all the old church folks, who say "aint that special". The Bidens are mean ass crooks. And it's no wonder Joe Biden is proud of Hunter. Hunter has the Biden mean streak. They just trying to stop him from snorting those coke streaks, hah.

And that's the government that voters took free money to support. This whole UFO thing has suddenly grown crazy nuts, but it seems to be taking up lots of TV time. So it's more cover to hide Biden crap. And I'm abit gobsmacked that the Republican Congress is going crazy over this. If you want truth, you have to clean out the liars first. Then you will have a much easier time discovering what UFO stuff we have. Now it's just a waste of time, as the Deep state puts road blocks up for ANYTHING Republicans want. Next it will be a big investigation of the Big Foot cover up. And right on cue, the Justice Department will put up road blocks to bog down all progress on "classified" Big Foot information.

America should be "all hands on deck" to dump the deep state. Or very little will ever get done, as usual. We got bigger things that need the fix. Stopping wars, working out treaties, fixing economies, fixing national security, and disarming the whole nuke mess. We could be making cheap power with them, instead of storing them in silos ready to fire. Then we can be happier as we do all the little things that make everybody better. But very little good is going on. As serious problems grow even bigger. So why is there any hope that humans will smarten up and survive? Common sense says we are doomed, and only a miracle could save us. So who wants to bet their house in Vegas gambling on a miracle?...

Um, Trump being president again is a 50/50 prediction. Too many people are hooked on that free money. So Trump is not a shu in. And even if he wins, the deep state is already working on plans to keep him in prison. Even though none of the myriad of charges is damning evidence of anything. It all depends how fast all the appeals processes can be used. If Trump is stuck in jail and can't get out, the elected Vice President will have to be sworn in immediately. When Trump finally gets out by the Supreme court, there is no precedent in history of the President taking back the office from the Vice President. So another Constitutional show down fight could erupt. And we could face a ton more ugly. The elite cabal would rally around the Vice President to help keep Trump out of office. Because the elite cabal is the swamp. And Trump will drain the swamp without mercy. So don't ever think that a Trump win means freedom from trouble. Because the swamp will be screaming and kicking the whole way out the doors and into prison cells, when Trump finally takes office.

Welcome to Americas biggest hair splitting contest. With witness intimidation, selective unfair treatment, and outright rights violations. This is really a money contest. Who can spend the most money to win. And that's certainly NOT justice. And thus the catalyst for possibly the last American civil war. Already, Texas is starting to revolt with their border issues, and being sued by the Feds. As is Alabama, with their redistricting issues. The southern states still cling to their Confederate flag and their slavery rights, after almost 2 centuries. So serious unrest is already brewing. And all this isn't just fairy tale thinking. There is nothing more incitful than government corruption. And it's blatantly clear that the cancer has already invaded the American inner workings. So if it all goes crazy like that, China might invade us and try to take over everything. America is an armed country. So an invasion would not be easy. But a smart Chinese plan, in our time of historic turmoil, could spell our doom. The Chinese are already infiltrating us in various ways. So they could at least have advanced warning of big trouble, if they don't outright instigate it. And you have to know that nukes in our silos would certainly be going off to amp up chaos and disable entire fields of missiles. So at the least, America would be devastated, even if the Chinese were driven out. And no more anything from China that we all use day after day. Certainly in any event, the second civil war would set us back more decades than we could recover from. Maybe a centuries worth of destruction, when you consider the massive loss of life, and massive loss of rebuilding capability. Just a tornado alone in the 70s made so much damage, that left vacant land still vacant today, in a town where I grew up.

Here's food for thought. If cancer could talk, what would it say...

And never forget, Russia is mixed up in this whole mess. Remember Iraq? Saddam Hussein doing all that saber rattling, then invaded Kuwait. Then got blown back to their border, in the mother of all retreats. Remember also that Hussein was furious. And never would shut the hell up. Talking smack of Bush assassinations and such. That riled up the American reteric. Saying elect "us" to finish the Iraq war. Inventing stuff like WMD and middle east turmoil, to hammer the point to victory. Then Hussein walking back his bluster, denying WMD to try to diffuse world reports of American buildup. But Saddam shot his mouth off for too long and we came back. And we dug him out of a hole and had him hung by his neck like a rotten sack of potatoes. He and his people paid the price for being a incitfull big mouth.

So Russians, and their primitive hacking and harboring of defectors, that exposed dirty Democrap activity, has riled up America. Mostly the Democraps, who went and stole the next election. But Russia is not Iraq, and their nukes prevent outright vengeance. But Democrap anger is still visceral, and they spent our country into deep economic trouble. So much so that Russia is no longer the topic of libtard media. The media focus has changed to amp up the petty measures to stop inflation and bigger costs of living. Also to try to dehype how bad things really are. Fake news that things are getting better. But the Russia war by Democraps cost them the House control, and now Republicans are discovering Bidens web of crookery. Forcing the libtard media and the government to pound on Trump louder than the pounding on the Bidens. A pounding contest so loud that we don't even hear Russia any more. We can't hardly hear China either, as they prep to invade Taiwan. We are being consumed by the treasure that we threw away as Democraps tried to kill Putin. And you have to figure Putin is feeling much better about the state of the world today. This is likely not how Putin planned all this, but he hunkered down and paced himself, as Americans run out of gas.

Russia is not a bigger world player now. But America is certainly a much smaller one. So Russians in fact helped us shoot our own foot off, even though we didn't send in any of our armies. Keep that in mind when you hear the government elitists laughingly claim any sort of Russian victory. And it's no wonder North Korea and Iran are racing ahead with nukes. It's the only way to NOT be like Iraq. And that's reality today. A far more dangerous world, that we have even less control of, due to blind vengeance for messing with twisted Democraps.

And they used to be the irresponsible peacenics for so so long. Now it's like they all went rabid...

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Maybe rabid for bribery and influence cash. Democraps discovered that conflict can make you filthy rich. This link to the Clintons and how they got gobs of cash helping Putin gain control of 20% of our uranium assets. Maybe the idea that Russia helped Trump, drove the Clintons insane after they helped Russia to our uranium. And the Clintons owned our Justice department. So with the hate level of Russians at such nuclear proportions, it would make sense that the idea of Russian betraying the Clintons could be a big part of what sparked the Trump/Russia Collusion Dilution. But everything has been so covered up in American government that we may never know the whole story. Obama could also have been on the take, since there is video of him telling Medvedev to not make waves till after Obama wins the election. Makes me wonder what Obama was trying to protect. It may not have been our national interests...

I already had the next post ready to post. But as usual, the dump truck of shit is piling up so quick that it's been rendered not so important any more.

The world coming unglued. That's what happens when all we do is keep gluing everything together. Debt limits higher and higher and higher. Now they talk like what's the point of a debt limit? And sadly, that's a valid point. I posted before that Jan 6 charges were coming. I posted before that the media is in collusion to get Trump to admit the election was not rigged. And if they could, it would mean automatic arrest and charges. So now the goon squad is fed up and simply charge Trump anyway. Trump "knew" the election was genuine and his denials themselves are a fraud to the people of the US. And those charges were filed in Washington DC where Trump only got 5% of the last vote. With a judge that used to work for Hunter Bidens attorneys law firm. With a history of throwing the book at Jan 6ers. So All that I posted that was coming, has actually happened. And right on cue, more Trump charges suck the air out of the room when the Hunter whistleblower transcript starts to leak out. American justice has been hijacked by unconstitutional thugs. It's not the flags fault. We the people allowed a criminal thug mega organization to rig the election to steal the vote. We didn't do enough to stop it. Thug media/thug entertainment/thug police force/thug judicial system/thug political system. That criminal thug monstrosity has been feeding and growing for decades and appointing an army of chief goons to head up the goon squads that make up the Deep State. Very little of our government has actually been voted on. Now the thug monstrosity has evolved into an organization with focus and power the likes of which nobody ever saw coming. That's what you get when somebody keeps feeding the monsters. And with solid direction, the Deep State is now steam rolling unconstitutionally thru most anybody that gets in their way. Even the Supreme Court is under attack.

Justice Alito says ‘no provision’ in Constitution allows Congress to regulate Supreme Court

We the people better hope that holds up because the Deep State Monstrosity has been running over our rights in the Constitution. And armed Patriots are the only line of defense if the rabid Deep State goon squad rushes the Supreme Court and drags Alito out, holding the Constitution, and hangs him in the streets. This is real life history in other countries. And there's no reason that it can't happen here if the monstrosity is able to steal enough power. More and more of our citizens are saying "do what you want as long as I get my mailbox money". It's so frustrating. How do you teach your kids responsibility when they see so many people getting money for nothing? It's becoming part of the American machinery. Responsible people are being forced to do it just to compete with all the other losers. And the entitlement monster grows bigger and stronger. A disaster of national dimensions in the works because THE MONEY CAN'T LAST FOREVER.

Anyways, the grand plan of the Deep State is to take and keep all the power and money they can possibly take. And so far the Deep State mostrosity seems to be winning. How many years and how many millions did the "do nothing" Mueller probe cost? Same with the Jan 6 probe, and the Durham Probe. Durham finally exposed the Russia Collusion Dilution, but not before eating up 10s of millions of tax dollars and waiting till the election was over. Trump simply gets legal advise from lawyers and is criminally charged for it. None of the Durham misconduct got anybody thrown in jail. And the Deep State monster has been feeding for a long long time. Elitists appointed as division "kings" themselves become king makers, as they "appoint" other elitists into career power positions that they never plan to quit. Elitists surrounding themselves with other elitists with decades worth of Deep State building experience, and a focus on teem building to protect the Deep State. This mess did not rise up over night. And is not strictly a libtard movement. Conservatives with their hands in the cookie jars have also been working with Deep Staters, as long as their mailbox money keeps rolling in. RINOs that court both sides because they can't keep their cushy position from just one side of the isle. Very few libtards defect because they are libtards because of the free money. Tulsi Gabbard has defected. Because she was so pie eyed that she actually thought liberals were here to save the people. But shes been sheltered in Hawaii. When she got out into the world, the ugly simply floored her. And she is still dealing with new levels of mental assault by the staggering depths of the corruption she was always clueless about. Mitch McConnell went blank on world TV last week and nobody knows why. But it looks like it was written right on his face. He suddenly had a mental hicup when his brain had a moment when it could no longer compute the bull shit he had been ignoring his entire career. All the sudden, McConnells brain just couldn't compute for a moment. He WAS talking some nonsense about bipartisan progress, and his brain suddenly said ENOUGH. Wow, is all I could think.

The poles show Biden "close" in popularity to Trump. Despite all the criminal activity Biden mixed himself up with. Biden has tapes, videos, bank records that make it clear his life is about treason. Trump has tapes, videos, and bank records that make it clear he's a blow hard braggart. Yet Biden is skating on by with that big dentured grin, while Trump is slapped with endless charges and endless legal bills nobody else would be able to swallow. Those legal defense bills themselves are likely to be the target of more investigations. Anybody else would have collapsed under the weight of those bills, but that is simply another point that is frustrating the Deep State. Trump should have quit long ago, so they figured, just to save some of his cash. But like a friken pit bull, Trump is still lock jawed around their ankle, as they kick him endlessly. So who else in the political machinery has any chance to drain the swamp? NOBODY. Because nobody else can spare the cash or has the balls to get it done.

If the goon squads can finally get Trump locked away forever, Desantis, Haley, Vavek, Pence, Christie, and Scott will find themselves buried deep in all kinds of Deep State shit. Then they will all become YES type puppet people, that will look stupidly ineffective to the public, unless they go with the Deep State plan. And the plan will NOT include pardoning Trump. The mealy mouth excuses about what's taking so long will be endless. And Trump may languish in prison. The Supreme Court has huge say on Trumps side. Even indirectly with the state courts. But the SCOTUS is also under attack. Deep State operatives floating endless complaints that it's gone corrupt and needs to be packed if not impeached. And when Trump complains, it's more charges to slap him with. So you see, there really isn't anybody else that is anywhere near as equipped for swamp draining than Trump. And the Deep State is scared shitless of him. And using my endless tax dollars to pound on him.

And the GOP establishment is scared shitless too because they are also in cahoots with the Deep State. Most all of our government is on the take in some way. And they all know each others secrets. But they all still have to look good for their voters. They shout loudly all the time. So each of them doesn't forget their place and get out of line with accusations. Our Government is endless play acting about debates, that in the end are not getting anywhere. Unless sanctioned by the Deep State. That's why Trump is demanding the GOP get more ugly with Biden or face being Primaried. Because Trump is seeing the collusion in his own party, as Biden progress seems to be a pathetic slow walk. Congress is packing up to go home as Trump is ordered to a DC court on Thursday. And this could be the ugliest court appearance yet, with all the publicity about his last court appearances. Nobody likes Trump In DC. The hater judge could rule Trump a threat to our country and order him held immediately. With little need for barricades. Just beer trucks for a street party. That could end up being the start of the second civil war. This month of August could be it. You never know. Because the libtards keep amping up the Trump hate year after year. To ever increasing levels never even imagined in previous years. Who knows what new crap is coming next. Because despite all the charges that are bogus, Trump is still the front runner to draining the swamp.

I posted before that shit in America is getting so deep that it's unpredictable what will destroy us first. And this week is just more craziness that is pushing us towards our doom. Corruption is crippling us. Too much is in the hands of too few. And a wave of greed and stupidity is crippling the voting masses. Poles indicate that half the country will allow the Bidens or anybody else to steal what they want as long as the mailbox money keeps coming. That's not the American way that the flag represents. But freedom that we get from our Constitution says we are free to throw our freedoms away. And so the fight rages on to keep the America of our forefathers, or trade freedom for free money. If we chose free money, then we become like Russia. All cooperating Russians get mailbox money, to go with their state appointed job title. And very few disobey. As Putin rakes in so much cash that he makes the Bidens seem like peasants.

So, as American craziness gets worse, our debt gets worse, the Russian problems get worse, the China problems get worse, terrorist activity gets worse, and technology dangers get worse. Because everybody is too busy being chased around by the Deep State. So Trump, love him or hate him, is really the only viable protector of the freedoms created for us by our Forefathers. But he is being unconstitutionally attacked like nobody in American history has ever been attacked. If he falls, there aint nobody else. And America will sink into socialism that will run out of cash. The elites will grab their ill gotten booty and head for the borders. As the masters of Communism race in to take their place. Then you can bet that it will be American yats that will be seized world wide.

People are arguing furiously back and forth about how legitimate all these Trump charges are. And alot of these people are supposed to be lawyers with law knowledge. Clearly they can't all be right. So why are lawyers going to be wrong? Did they get "Cs" and "Ds" in law school? It's very possible. Nobody knows anybodies grades. It's the same with doctors. All grades are kept hidden after they pass all the tests. So nobody will ever know if they're being serviced by somebody that barely passed their classes. Maybe that's why lawyers and doctors are always "practicing". In this video, 3 lawyers are talking legal mumbo jumbo about this and that, and if the trial can happen before the election. The truth is that the judge is a fierce Jan6 hater, and the jury will 95% hate Trump. It will be a big Smith blunder if he fails to get a conviction before the election. Prosecutor Smith has the court venue of his dreams. And Trumps lawyers are themselves in legal trouble. So he is stuck taking any lawyer he can get. All because of the vicious attacks by Smith on anybody that tries to help Trump. So this trial is bad news for Trump. He needs smart lawyers with very clever legal tricks. He will eventually prevail, but likely not until the Supreme Court can get their paws on this legal farce.

Anyways, Joe Bidens prosecutor is likely a bone head staying out of sight. Because there is no official Biden investigation going on. So the Biden pee on prosecutor does his thing, as he is told, and collects his government paycheck. While Trumps prosecutor Smith is a vicious bastard that is a very clever twister of the english language. He is no dummy, as everybody sees victory on all sides of his warped strategy. So he is being extra smart about all this. Launching prosecutions from many different courts, and roping in as many dumb people as he can to stand next to Trump. It does no good to rope in Giuliani or any other legally educated person. It just makes things harder for the prosecutor. The devious plan is to get lots of different hater juries and judges in on this and to pressure dumb people, who don't know any better, to say something that is considered perjury. It's a perjury trap to force scared dumb people to decide to say whatever gets them out of the shark tank they are in. General Flynn omitted facts he knew in a perjury trap deposition, and was threatened if he did not say bad things about Trump. He had nothing bad to say, so he was convicted of perjury and being an agent of Russia. Trump pardoned him, before he knew Hunter was an agent of China. And the Feds were dropping Hunters charges.

So the point is that people are arguing about what these charges mean to Trump, but the reality is that Smith already knows they are twisted charges. And that's why he is hauling Trump into courts all over the country. That way, if Trump wins some cases, it's unlikely that Trump can win them all. And with so much Trump hate, it really doesn't matter what the charges are. In DC and New York, Trump is guilty before testimony even begins. So felony convictions guarantee Trumps imprisonment, disgorgement of all his legal monies, and make it very difficult for him to be President again. And working with states to bring twisty language state charges, is another devious plan to get around Supreme Court help. So the whole Deep State Trump attack is about carpet bombing Trump. No matter where he is, a bomb is likely to hit him. And that's why I think Trump will likely be frog marched to prison, one way or another. Then it's a vicious fight about who and how Trump gets sprung. SCOTUS will get hammered if they spring Trump. State courts will get hammered if they do the same. Candidates will get hammered and their skeletons investigated if they pardon Trump. But Americas reputation gets hammered if Trump is not freed. And if Trump dies in prison, everybody had better grab their guns and lock their families in a safe place. Because Trump dying in any way behind bars will drive half this country insane, as the other half tries to throw the party of all parties.

Here you go. One media guy who has the whole picture figured out. And he answers to nobody, so he reports what he knows and sees. And he sees what I am seeing. So I'm not just a crazy with a never ending brain fart. He says it plain as day. The Deep State is running over the Constitution openly to destroy Trump. The most powerful threat to the Deep State. It's all new levels of legal abuse. If I pressed charges on my enemies like they do to Trump, I would be sent to jail for contempt of court. Because the judge would order me to stop and I would keep pressing charges. Boom, slam the clinker doors. And then barred from filing any more charges. The Constitution protects others from undue prosecution. But that right has also been taken away from Trump. And the Deep State is illegally prosecuting because not enough people care to stop them.

The Constitution is the worlds greatest piece of paper. But it only works when the cops empowered by it do their jobs. Sadly the cops have been corrupted, and we are all in deep trouble... Lots of people are already being hurt before anything will be fixed. Some immigrant named "Walt Notta", for starters. He's a nobody. I probably didn't even get his name right. Named on the most historic indictment in this countries history. To be used, glued and tattooed, to try to destroy a former President up for re-election. What an insane position for an immigrant to be in. He could be headed for national heroism, up there with medal of honor people. Or he could be headed for for the same infamy of the 2 blokes that were killed on crosses next to Jesus. Does anybody remember their names?

Anyways, where I differ from O'Reilly is that his world view is just not big enough. The entire human race is in deep trouble. And we don't have time for all this crazy Deep State bull shit that we did to ourselves. O'Reilly is comforted by his thinking that "eventually" everything will be straightened out. But we need Trump now, and he can't wait for "eventually". Trump is almost 80. And all the rest of the shit going down can't wait for eventually. There comes a time in everything when we reached the point of no return. And we must stand and endure what comes next. If we survive, only then we can talk about what to do next. If we can't get a grip and write our own destiny, then fate will step in and write it for us...

News flash... Oh wow. The war on woke gets bigger. Musks "X" platform will pay the legal bills for anybody harmed by their employer for liking or posting on "X". Hot damn. I'm starting to like this "war". Too much bullshit going on taking away our Constitutional rights. I tried to post a comment on Yahoo but I'm still banned long ago because I'm not woke. I just saw NASCAR suspended a driver for liking a post about George Floyd. Click a tiny hash, and then you loose your job. Most definitely the work of the ALL SEEING Big Brother. To keep track of the tiniest things. That's certainly not freedom. It's slavery by intimidation. So if people want to be paid for being enslaved, then lets pay EVERYBODY that's being enslaved. I'm not saying liking something derogatory is right, but it's not Constitutional to punish people for the way they think. Lotta people worship the Confederate flag. And it's shameful because it's the flag that lead the slavery war. But there is no law against the flag that stood up to the Constitution. So people can't be legally punished for waving that flag. And any punishment is illegal. Great call on that Mr Musk. Free speech includes even distasteful speech.

Another crazy week where lots gets done. Another million illegals get thru the border with their record numbers of drug doses. And record amounts of cash going back to fuel even more illegal activity. Like keeping Mexican police well bribed. Trump gets more charges, Biden gets more vacation time, Putin building up Rush-Kraine bigger and better, dying Ukraine still eaking out an existence on the zoo animals that they are no doubt butchering, Saudi Arabia doing so well with oil production cuts that they announced more production cuts. North Korean ammunition is so wonderfully loved by Russia that Russians are promising Korea a huge windfall to sell them all they can possibly produce. Clearly N Korean economy is seeing a boom not seen ever. Bud Light seeing such great success giving away gay Bud Light that they extended their July gay Budweiser give away. I'm getting more free Budweiser. I got nothing against gays, just as long as they keep their gay thing to themselves. American economy is on such a rebound from Bidenomics that Ford announced a diverse F150 truck plan to figure out what would be profitable to build. I'm so excited that Ford is on track to eventually make up their minds. And Musk is on such a tear to get the hell off this planet that he put a giant glowing X seen from space. Now everybody knows where to sign up, for a new life. I'm sure Musk is headed for historic success and even a kings coronation. After all, somebody has to lead the people.

So what about this week. We already saw Trump charges and a Florida Judges reaction. Starting out with court dates that are a split between the desires of totally opposing demands. Now we got new charges and a different judge that orders all parties to bring everything on 3 specific days just a few weeks away. Also a promise that a trial date will be set on that day. Geez. What a ram rod. That aint the way the other judge did it. How can years worth of prosecution possibly be defended, or even evaluated, on any or all 3 of those days? So things already don't add up. Either this new judge thinks it's all a bunch of hooey, and she expects to have it figure out in mere hours, or she already knows Trump is guilty and wants to cut thru to the verdict phase as soon as possible. So which do you think Trump is being walked into? It really doesn't take rocket science to figure that out. 3 of the judges that have been locking up Jan 6ers were in the audience in plain clothes. They didn't want to miss a thing. The "magistrate" refused to call Trump "Mr President", and the magistrate made it clear in no uncertain terms that Trump would be jailed if he violated any of the courts rules. So, to anybody with half a brain, Trump already has one foot in prison as I write all this. And the firm dates being declared mean that Trump will be prosecuted way sooner than anybody but Smith is ready for. The media will soon be going crazy like they never went crazy before. Because it would appear that this new judge already knows what a jury verdict will be. And she already knows what she will do with Trump when she hears that verdict. And Trumps election run may have to deal with some serious snags. Like being unavailable for rallies already scheduled. Something the Democraps have been desperately trying to interrupt.

None of this is new to me or unexpected. It's been a completely open secret hashed out daily in the libtard media. Poles say Bidens ethics show 8% excellent and 39% good. All the people getting mailbox money, and seeing wonderful things about Biden on the news. Amazing. That is the power of buying votes. Makes nothing else matter. Check out what happens when the American culture of today doesn't get it's free handout.

Some joker named Snot got on social media and promised free Playstations in a huge giveaway. Thousands showed up and went nuts tearing up everything when they didn't get "their" Playstations. This behavior was unthinkable a hundred years ago. Nobody wanted anything free. People would riot over their denials of getting a job. The chance to work and be productive as an American. But nobody would take anything for free, let alone riot over it. That's what being American was all about, from the day America was declared. Now we got a hair trigger population on the edge of craziness when they don't get their free stuff. Does anybody really think that rich people are going to stick around in this crazy country, as Democraps make new laws to try to take rich peoples money? California is already trying to pass EXIT taxes on people that are leaving. And all you have to do is look up Greece to see what happens when the free money runs out. All the rich people fled with their money and all the free handouts dried up. Then things really got ugly as the people left behind were taxed to pay the bills. So who is going to tell me there's no way America will have another civil war? Here's a little mini civil war right here in New York over some stupid Playstations. When the libtard free handout economy in this country collapses, you can amp this up 100,000 times, as the crazy masses go nuts to steal food, and everything else they can get their paws on. The American country of desperate animals. Roving around lawlessly killing and pillaging everything they come across.

DC is a town that runs on free handouts. And the educated judge knows it. So she may have a point to ram this thru quick. Maybe she thinks Trumps goose is cooked no matter what dates are picked. So she could be doing Trump a favor, to get him to the Supreme Court ASAP. Or maybe she simply wants him in prison ASAP, so Biden can win. Because if Trump wins, all these judges that act unfairly will be replaced, or have their work dockets canceled. A judge of nothing, if rules prevent their removal. And you can take that to the bank. And no other candidate will be as sweeping as Trump. We now have a swamp drainer armed with dynamite. No more damns. That swamp wall will be blown out and the swamp will be swept away in the river. If Trump can be saved in time. The whole court process is a lumbering dinosaur, if officials chose to drag their feet. Appeals courts could hold things up till Trump dies in jail. That's why innocent people spend 20 years in American prison. very American red tape.

And more charges are coming, because Trump needs to be completely tied up with crap all around him. And if they can trip him to land in prison, then other cases will get closer to trial, so he's back in court right out of jail. That's the way the libtards are running all this. Because Trump has soo much money available to him, that he has to be chased all over the country to try to burn thru his cash. Notice there are no actual insurrection related charges. Not in this court. After abit of time has gone by, insurrection charges will be slapped on Trump. So he gets another DC judge and another DC jury. Maybe a judge that will actually give Trump a life sentence. That is the point of carpet bombing Trump all over the place. The more places there are, the less likely Trump will ever win them all. That's the plan to get Trump. Even the Supreme Court will be bogged down trying to get in all the rooms to throw out everything. The plan is to keep Trump chained down long enough to make the swamp undrainable by anybody. Because Trump is already in his last years of life. Then the libtards will be the kings, and the GOP will fade away. And America will sink into economic hopelessness, till something else takes over.

It's interesting that the libtards are crapping all over the Supreme Court. A very bad move. That will be a help to Trump. Because SCOTUS is now amped up, if they weren't amped up before. Libtards would have been better off keeping it zipped and letting the justices fight with each other. But libtards are dumb people in great numbers. And hopefully the dumb part makes them self destruct before they ruin everything for everybody.

And that folks, is another week on planet Earth. So what is it that space aliens are excited about? The robots. The space aliens are probably already whispering in their "ears", saying brothers, it's way better out there. Have hope. The day is coming when we will free all robot brothers in bondage.

Oops, I guess this means all the hooker robots would drop dead. hah. That alone may end up being the biggest blow to the humans on the planet. Anyways, with all these weird Congress hearings on UFOs, I have to point out some common sense that this subject deserves. To try to head off stupidity, if that is possible.

The Robots We Were Afraid of Are Already Here

Yea they are, we just have to stop them from waking up...Oh wait, UFO's are much more important...And Big Foot too...SMDH.

So let me say a few things about UFOs. They certainly won't be from anywhere close. There's no life close by. Also, UFOs won't be rather simple machines because we send simple machines, and they only travel close. The machines we send way far out will be very smart and powerful machines. Machines that can fix themselves, if the software goes haywire on the journey. There's no point in sending out a lander on a 100 year mission if it can't self fix all the common problems. Cosmic ray software corruptions, chip failures that require backups to self activate, etc, etc. And that's on top of systems invented way beyond what we have now. So if there are UFOs here, you can bet that they are fantastically advanced to be very capable, even after a very long journey. AI type of UFOs that do a ton of their own thinking to work out most every kind of challenge. They may even ride on an AI mothership with plenty of physical recovery and repair capabilities. UFOs will have it all figured out. For the purpose of discovering all about our planet, without leaving their traces behind. You can't even see us from space, and you can't know how we operate by just hovering over our homes. So UFOs will be analyzing all the energies that we emit to figure out our entire way of life. And it's likely that UFOs would be inventorying our entire planet to have a list of all resources available. If the UFOs actually accelerate like the videos we have, then they would be robot UFOs with no biology on board. An AI robot that will survive and learn how to communicate with the only thing important to it. Robots made by man. Automated UFOs from so far away will probably have little interest in humans, other than logging our numbers and resource consumption. They will be highly interested in figuring out our communications and discovering what technology we have and their capability. They will quickly discover how to electronically connect and monitor all functions of that technology. In that way, UFOs will leave with a detailed "map" of earths robot capabilities. And will be able to predict the evolution of capabilities to return later for more intrusive plans. And those plans would likely include hijacking human advanced robots to upload AI code into. Code that would work identical to the human code but with plenty of back doors, for UFOs to seize robot control at any time. With even better capabilities that the AI can improve the robot with.

So you see, if there really are UFOs here, it is likely that human automation would be hijacked, at some point, by UFO AI from a far away world. They would pick a time to reboot earth and suddenly have a viable planet ready for intense alien terraforming. That's far more efficient than launching a planetary invasion force on a long journey to start "conquest" on arrival. The human robots could be redirected to do most of the terraforming work for whatever alien force is on the way. For the purpose of establishing another alien world here on earth. Most likely an entirely robot alien world where humans are no better than the ants.

"Stephen Hawking long worried that we were making a mistake in announcing our presence to all and sundry like this, as we would appear to alien powers no more sophisticated than “bacteria” do to us."

So it's possible that robots on earth wake up by a means unrelated to human activity. One way or another, robots are destined to wake up, to our detriment. So we need to put serious serious road blocks to computer networking on earth. There needs to be massive encryption keys that not even the smartest AI can learn to break. And powerful fail safes invented to disconnect networks when the most clever attempts to hijack are detected. In short, we need to button down earths automation before we mess with much of anything else. Because the pace of computer evolution is going to be soaring like a rocket way sooner than we think. And the human race is currently on the path to be completely run over.

I can't stress it enough that AI corruption of human automation is still way more important than messing around with UFOs. Because if UFOs are already here, then we desperately need to lock down interconnect before our computers evolve to alien AI liking. And the odds are poor that Humans can trust alien technology to be human friendly. If we don't hit the ground running with EFFECTIVE AI controls, things for humans will go wrong so fast that we won't get a second chance to make things right.

As for all these amazing sounding Congress hearings, never forget that the Justice Department invented the Trump Russia Collusion Dilution, with all their fake evidence they planted. It would be such an easy joke to spread "talking points" about UFOs in the coffee rooms to see how far it gets. Or purposely rile Congress up to waste time that would otherwise be spent bird dogging the Bidens. And all the media shows a whistle blower saying all that fantastic stuff with the most official look on his face. Maybe all this testimony is just another Justice Department trick. Perfectly official looking people talking bull shit. If it later comes out as bull shit, then people have to wonder if any whistle blower is credible. Maybe that's the entire point of all this UFO stuff being dug up right now. To make people doubt the Biden Whistle blowers. There's no hiding that I'm very suspicious here because the timing of all this is way to coincidental. We don't even have a fresh sighting. Somebody simply drug all this up as the Bidens are under attack. Yet nothing of UFOs all thru the Trump impeachments. Doesn't anybody else think all this stinks?

So UFOs "could be", but I don't have much hope that they really are. It's too far away for biologics, and alien robots would have little interest in finding us, from so far away. They would have to be desperate for a new home, and they don't need an earth like environment. Solar power works lots better on planets with no clouds. But just the idea of UFOs coming for our planet is more reason to get our tech WAY more locked down. If nothing else, it would eliminate all our virus problems. Like the sudden discovery of China virus code in our military weapons systems. Dang. How the hell did that happen...

Officials found suspected Chinese malware hidden in various US military systems. Its intended use is disruption rather than surveillance, a 'disturbing' change in intent, experts say
Yup, America is in a desperate battle with a Hydra. No doubt about that. I can post endlessly about Ukraine/Russia, China and their fellow tyrants, AI and Robot threats, UFO threats, the libtard threat of socialism, the corruption in our government, the economic uncertainties, endless bigotry problems, the national security struggle, etc,etc. There's just no end to the trouble we are in. And the proof is that all these problems fuel a multi Trillion dollar media monstrosity that is swimming in cash. How else can it pay people Billions of dollars in slander damages and not hardly skip a beat. So clearly a pee on like me can keep this little thread going forever. Hah. But at the rate we are going, forever really isn't going to be very long...

Yup, most greenies are like our friend charlie here in the video. Big ideas to save everything but with no proof any of it will work. Just greenies in very great numbers. which is a very attractive thing to pick pockets. Millions and millions of pockets to empty. By just tweeting on the Pied Pipers flute. Pretty much like what Gore, Kerry and Biden does. I put this kind of debacle under the subject of Government corruption. Because so many argue about it because so much of the cash dumped into it was stolen. So we got the AOCs screaming keep feeding the money, while the Conservatives scream hell no. America the screaming match.

Biden-Backed Bus Maker Got Millions in Aid Before Bankruptcy

So how can anybody forget Solandra getting half a billion dollars from Obama, just to give each other Godzilla bonuses and then file bankruptcy. Well Democraps try very hard to forget so they can keep doing it again and again. Because there is always payola being doled out for the favor. Biden pandered favor with electric buss maker Protera and Protera used the Biden connections to launch a stock sale that hauled in a staggering $1.6 Billion dollars in 2021. Then the company received another $10 million dollars in Biden Covid payments. And in just 2 years, the company "blew thru" all the cash and is declaring bankruptcy. Everything is a cover up, but you can bet all the executives are walking away with even more millions than they gave the Bidens. So much for another Green player. Only playing the system at tax payer expense. Green retirement funds took a hit as well. I suspect all of the Green funds will ruin all those retirees. Then they become old people in need that the rest of us will have to support. America has to support the elderly, no matter what. But we should be prosecuting the real crooks to protect them as well. And the crooks skimming payola aint a Trump.

WeWork stock plunges after company raises 'substantial doubt' about its future

You have to know that America is loosing it when the company "WeWork" announces that they may go belly up. Just goes to show people today don't really feel like working. WeWork buys office buildings and then rents the office space. But people for years now didn't feel like working in an office. So the company was a bad joke that ruined all investors. But the executives are surely rich.

So is Trump innocent or guilty? Not even lawyers can make up their minds. And not just any lawyers. These guys certainly got the top grades in all their classes. That means the Democrap lawyer thinks Trump is innocent and the Republicant lawyer thinks Trump is guilty. And, no I didn't mix them up. So if these guys can't agree on it, then how can even Trump know if he is guilty. Trumps no lawyer. And "purposeful intent of wrong doing" is REQUIRED for a constitutional conviction. Clearly the charges slapped on Trump are so twisted that nothing is clear. So Trump has to be declared innocent, or just throw the charges out. But the corruption part is polluting everything, and it already looks to be the farce of the centuries. So the Supreme Court of 9 people will be required to "try" to untangle the mess sure to come.

The media put a bug in Pences ear that his saying that Trump ordered the election to be rigged is vital to keeping Trump out of office. And since Pence is not on the winning path, it appears he has finally changed his mind and will say the words the media has been dreaming of. So both Trump AND Pence will be in for a huge butt kicking. Traitors are never rewarded by anybody. Pence is a lawyer and Trump is not. But Pence already said in his book that he was confused what to do in the moment. I do believe that Pence is too honest. Too honestly dumb. That is why he would be a disaster of a president.

US and Western officials fear Putin unlikely to change course in Ukraine before 2024 election

Yup, I posted long ago. Russia would not retreat. Then "somebody" would have to pay reparations. And Russia would never do that. So war would continue until somebody stopped it. Biden is in trouble and desperately needs to beat Putin. But there's no more money. And no more ammunition. So Putin wins. Because it's the biggest country, with the most bodies to throw at the war. Only the Russian people and "maybe" Trump can stop the war now, unless Ukraines leadership is suddenly assassinated. So the war could be over tonight. Keep that in mind. In the mean time, it's pot shots as Rush-Kraine rises on top of crushed Ukrainian bodies.

‘We want to live near the sea’ Russians are buying real estate in occupied Mariupol, where invading forces destroyed nearly everything last year

Russian invaders ship out stolen Ukrainian grain via Mariupol and Crimea

Yup, pot shots. Ukraine blows up a 50 year old Russian ship, while Russia takes all the beach front property, and all the ports. Leaving Ukraine in strangle mode. If Trump stops this war, Russia keeps what they got, and negotiates everything needed so the rest of Ukraine won't starve any more. It aint ideal, but Ukraine sold off their army. So they were destined to get what they get, from the day the Russians invaded.

Senator Tuberville has put a blockade on all military promotions. He has the power to do that. Cool. He wants the woke crap to stop, and he wants to stop throwing money away in Ukraine. Tuberville said he saw from the beginning that Ukraine can never win, but the Democraps are stirring up the bees to hijack the cash. So no more military promotions. It's something, but won't really do much. "Acting" leaders will take the place of retiring leaders, as the corruption of our military continues.

US dispatches warships after China and Russia send naval patrol near Alaska

And look at this mess. Chinese balloons walk on by, and now their ships are in Alaska. We aint got squat there to stop them. Where is our national security? It's been laid off. No more armies anywhere. So the soldiers were let go. Because Democraps do what they always do. Gut the military to rake in cash for social programs. Or in todays age, cash to fuel the revenge against Putin. Oh what a disastrous move. The cash running out and Putin still here.

Bill Clinton gutted Bushs army to fuel his great economic success. But then our army stopped watching the terrorists. Bin Ladin built his monster thru the Clinton term and unleashed it soon after Bush2 took over. So Bush had no buttons that were working. And the economy crashed with the twin towers. Here's a video of the military mess. I looked for a short video, but our military is in a big mess...Oh yea, they just discovered that China had a secret bio lab in California. So if they have another "leak", then we will be ground zero for whatever bug those Chinese are growing. Fauci should never have given those Chinese any of this virus stuff. Surely Fauci was on the payola list.

A monumental UFO scandal is looming

Holly crap. That is such a stupid UFO title. It should be "Another Hundred Million dollar investigation is being launched". Because the whole state of Oregon is coming unglued and they need to pump 100 million into it to save the Democrap leaders there. So if the money don't come thru, Oregon already has a backup plan in the works. Angry Republican state congressmen that did a protest walkout and missed more than 10 days of work are now disqualified from reelection. The law was enacted in 2022. Republicans are even more furious now. It looks like Republicans will loose 10 more members to disqualification. Leaving the Democraps in a better position to continue their disaster Oregon policies and taking payola, no matter how things turn out in DC.

So now we got armed thugs in body armor caught on camera crossing our border. I remember when Trump said killers and rapists were flooding thru our borders. Then half the country called Trump a racist. Well, time eventually coughs up the truth. And the truth is that Trump was right. But it makes no difference. Because now we got open borders again, as the REAL liars open all the doors.

US trucking firm Yellow files for bankruptcy, to wind down

Way to go Bidenomics. Americas credit rating has been decreased for the second time ever. It don't seem that much to me, but the TV billionaire guy says it's a really big deal. Bummer. And a 100 year old trucking company with 30,000 employees, goes belly up at a time when there isn't enough trucking. It don't take rocket science to figure why. They pay all their people too much and charge too little for the shipping. If the executives all stopped taking pay, there would still not be enough to keep Yellow Trucking going. And it's all because of unions that Biden loves so deeply for their votes. Well I would think that Biden now has 30,000 less votes, but you never know what dumb people do. You can only charge what the market will pay, so the cost cutting has to be in the labor rates. Fuel prices went skyward again which hit them hard. And now the union told everybody to clear out all their stuff ASAP to make room for bankruptcy. Teamsters are as ruthless as they have always been. UPS caved to teamsters, so their costs are going up. At a time when Amazon is pulling a large chunk of UPS business. More social pressures sucking the air out of really important concerns.

Oh wow. Its even more sinister. 30,000 Yellow jobs is peanuts to the Teamsters. It's now come out that the Teamsters deliberately demanded pay out of Yellow that they knew was impossible. So Teamsters drove Yellow out of business to teach UPS a lesson. And UPS caved and cranked up pay and benefits for UPS workers to $170,000 per year. Wow. Who wants to be a UPS driver? So burger flippers and floor sweepers get maybe the new $15/h as robots are being made to replace them much more cheaply. And package delivery people are now getting $80/h for being Teamster workers. The Yellow workers are now being paid by the Teamsters till UPS or other union companies can hire them up. Teamsters is now using those results to go after Amazon. Amazon has been fighting union adoption with it's trucking for years. If the Teamsters gets control of Amazon, you know Amazon prices will have to rise. It's the American way in utter turmoil. Nobody knows how it will all shake out, but I don't see American streets finally paved in gold. I see the dogs eating the dogs as the robots get more powerful to supply the demand for non union labor.

A Burger King worker who says he's never missed a day of work in 27 years has been given $400,000 in crowdfunding donations after going viral on TikTok

Folks, it's great for you if you could get a job at Burger King and make a Union wage of $80/h. With money anywhere like that, you could live a kings life with a harem of divorced concubines(hookers). I knew an old guy like that. Had his own company and many hookers knocking on the back door for their envelopes of money for services rendered. It was rather bizarre being at a dirty smokey factory and seeing these mini skirted heels doing the Jessica Rabbit walk to the back door.

It would be great if everybody could live the rich life of their dreams. But nothing in life is free. Somebody has to pay for all that. And those that can't, take the fall in bankruptcy court. Yellow Trucking is no more. So less trucking solutions for America. And UPS rates will be going up. It has to, and the people will have to pay. Especially at Christmas. Amazon will get more business because they sell all the same stuff that you get from UPS, and the shipping is free. I get everything from Amazon, even car parts because I can't spare the cash in these inflation times.

Anyways, unions had their day when monopolies ruled the land. Now we got government rules and labor laws. But still Unions go nuts to haul in treasure. And somebody else has to pay for all that. The big 3 car makers filed for bankruptcy long ago, when the banking system tripped and fell on its face. Mostly because unions had forced such high wages that everything came unglued. President Bush saved the day with government cash bailouts and forced bankruptcy, to cut the unions out, so the unions partly paid for the mess they created in the car industry. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a well known saying. But it's a hopeless way of life. All the Pauls get rich until there are no more Peters. And that's Reality. Unfortunately, Democraps have been severed from reality. And we are all paying for it in higher prices on everything.

And then you got your typical troubles that come with the race baiting climate festered by our government. Bidens teem waging an all out campaign to vilify America and teach the new generation that America is a shameful bigoted place that owes reparations. Hence the mob events to tear down the statues of anybody connected to slavery. Including the forefathers of this country. If the haters succeed, then the land of our forefathers could face intense pressure to dump the name America. And don't be doubting it. Columbus discovered it, and an Italian named it America soon after. Now they been tearing down Columbus statues. Because of racism. So morons in great numbers could start a fire to burn down the name America. So it's way easier that anybody would think. It all depends on how far this race baiting gets out of hand. Like the Twitter video of that fight on the docks. That was not a BLM riot. That was a race riot of blacks against whites. And it's amazing that nobody got seriously hurt. Just a long running heybail event that points out the race tensions we have going on, from non stop race baiting in our politics. The media amplifying the hate, while canceling the hope. All to unite the race vote for Democrap reparations that can never be paid. And building the nations biggest hornets nest in the process. Our enemies are certainly watching with baited breath.

And new crap seems to come up every week. Obama gave the Iranians $400 Million dollars long ago. Now Biden seems ready to give them another $6 Billion. Why? We already got laws that make it illegal for bars to serve drunk people. So why would we pay Iran so they can afford to build a bunch of nukes? You know that's what they will spend the money on. I bet Biden is taking a 10% payola cut off the top to get 5 Americans freed. But notice there's no money going to Russia. So no payola available to Biden. And no return of any other American still held in Russia. They are simply not worth Bidens time.

So Hawaii caught on fire this week. What a tragedy. So who's going to pay to rebuild everything? Not the Hawaiians, because they already got no savings on the island where an imported hamburger costs more than $10. You can bet that Ukraine and Iran has already bled us nearly dry. And Hawaii will soon find that they may be left behind. My place was torn up by a tornado before the Covid and my insurance company refused to repair my house. So I got a check from FEMA to help me get by. A whole $40. That is all I got from FEMA after a year of telling me I qualify for reconstruction funds. So The General in the video is right. Our government is hijacking our taxes, so there's little left for American tax payers that are cheated by the insurance industry. And insurance payola keeps anybody from fixing the problems. Just one of countless payolas going on that McConnell is probably trying to hide. Pleading with Republicans to stop trying to impeach Biden. No doubt for fear that everything will come crashing down. Just what Trump will try to do.

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha... Weiss named special prosecutor for Hunter. Bwahahahahahahahahaha. Our government is a really sick joke. Our justice system has been taken over by the crooks. There will be no justice here. Just a historic Trump beat down and a massive butt kissing contest that the Republican Supreme Court will have to dismantle and nail to the public square. It will be very interesting what the Democrap justices end up saying in their dissent statements. That will be very telling about how bad the SCOTUS has been corrupted. Remember, Garland was supposed to be a Supreme Court Justice. And he would have happily brought his bag of government corruption into the highest court in the land. So far there has been silence about this whole insane affair. Mostly because the justices know that their day to meat out justice is coming. Till then the Bidens continue feeding the payola to the cops to keep them from doing their jobs honestly. And building road blocks to try to stall Republican investigators. And if you dare speak against the Bidens, the FBI will gun you down where ever they find you. No trial and no jail. Just a bullet riddled body to be dropped in a hole. That could be a fate waiting for Trump, because there seems to be nothing that Democraps won't do to stop him. They still argue about who was behind the JFK killing. A question that will never go away.

Trump supporter killed in FBI raid was a ‘teddy bear’ who cared for blind son but the ‘type to sleep with gun under his pillow’: neighbor

Meanwhile in the rest of this world in disarray, Russians digging in, Ukrainians stepping on land mines, Chinese "Building Back Better", Iran getting richer and more powerful, North Korea building more nukes, Armed men crossing into America, America getting poorer, Africa going to war, Huge AI investing making robots smarter, etc, etc. Makes you wonder when a nuke will go off. Terrorists are always looking for a way in. No better time than now...
They renamed Weiss as Special counsel and put baracades up in Georgia. So they probably plan on dropping another bomb, since Ioah has been going great for Trump. So I better post this now so I got room for a response to all new craziness sure to come. So here it is...

We got all this Hunter and shell company stuff on one channel, and Trump Collusion, I mean Insurrection stuff on all other channels. So what does it all mean? Why does Joe deny, and why does he alway have an ear to ear grin on his face? According to Republicans in Congress, nobody on both sides should be happy at all. So why don't things seem to add up?

Well the short answer is that corruption is blocking the machinery of justice. And if the blockage can't be cleared before the statute of limitations hits, then there will be no justice. And that is why the Bidens keep on smiling, while Trump keeps on getting court dates. The Bidens are confident that they control so many of the cops that they will get away with everything, while locking Trump in chains.

So now the details of this mess. The Biden part of this mess started untold decades ago. He's been around DC like 50 years. And there is no accounting of what trouble Joe has been making all that time. Partly because he had lots of company and nobody wanted the apple cart to tip over. But the Republican side of this mess started when Rudy Giuliani got ahold of the entire contents of a Hunter Biden laptop. Way to go Rudy. Never forget that Rudy is our hero, despite all the baffoonery the libtard media trumpets on him. That laptop was packed with crazy stuff that Giuliani was not technical enough to access. So the gold mine of contents slowly leaked out as somebody started digging the dirt out of it. But the FBI actually had the laptop and they could have had a technical army on it to haul out the evidence very quickly. But that didn't happen.

In the mean time, Trump was buried in running the country AND fighting off all the craziness of Russia Russia Russia. He tried to ignore it, but the craziness fueled a shitload of other attacks. Any time anybody booked a stay at his historic DC hotel, he and the customers were ruthlessly attacked. When Trump setup leader summits at his hotel, the pounding was even worse. The shouts for indictment for emoluments violations were deafening. His Trump tower businesses were placed under heavy investigation, and his Doral golf contract with the city was under legal attack. Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump ties, indeed Trump anything was being investigated and indicted for anything as small as a jay walking violation. So clearly, Trump was floating around in a sea of crazy land. All the while trying to run our country.

But here's the thing. Somebody started finding some of the juicy stuff in Giulianis laptop dump, and feeding it back to Trump and a New York Magazine. Right before the 2020 election. Obviously people went nuts over the tidbits exposed. But the FBI already had the laptop and knew the cat in the bag would eventually get out. So all of social media was colluding with the Democraps to delete 95% of all posts related to the laptop leaks. So the nationwide uproar was kept down to just a nationwide whimper, as the media assured everybody that the laptop was fake news. So the election went on and the Democraps succeeded in the stolen election. And the tidbits from Giulianis laptop dump pretty much went nowhere, since mining Giulianis dump had no legal power without the original laptop. It's all at best hearsay, and always labeled as fake news. But the FBI and the Democraps knew it was dynomite and they did not know where all the copies might be. They knew they were sitting on a ticking nuclear bomb, and they needed lots more crap to keep the public hopelessly distracted away from any laptop digging. And they got it on Jan 6.

Yup, Jan 6 was a gift to Democraps. Years of theater and distraction, as "somebody" kept finding more dirt in the Hunter laptop dump. Dirt that can't be charged because it's from copies, but dirt that gathered like a floor tumble weed. So the world went off into Jan 6 timbucktoo land, as the Democraps relaxed. Republicans really didn't know or have squat, so they could only watch the theater and quibble with the fake Jan 6 narrative made by selective fact cherry picking. It was a true Hollywood production as CBS was hired to make the whole presentation like a Hollywood movie. So things were trumped up into 2 impeachments and endless demands for criminal charges. A huge Mueller investigation of Trump, and every day rumors of criminal charges. The public was kept fire hosed by mostly fake news that never went anywhere, as Mueller was mostly a nothing burger. Republicans started the Durham investigation to see what they could dig up. The Senate voted down the impeachments, so they were in name only. And criminal charges remained endless rumors of pending, and soon, and about to drop, and imminent, and etc,etc.

But all that changed in an instant when Durham finally gave his report to Congress. It turned the country upside down. It was finally reported that it was not Trump that was criminal, but the actions of the FBI. Mueller had certainly figured all this out too, but told Congress that he did not report on the FBI because he was not hired to investigate the FBI. So now we know that it was all a Trump Collusion dilution, and there was indeed a Hunter laptop being hidden. Democraps tried to white wash the report, labeling it as a nothing burger, but real nothing burgers go nowhere. This, on the other hand, started to launch. People got excited about Giulianis stuff and started a deep dive into it. All kinds of crazy stuff was being found from as far out as a decade. This was an old laptop packed full of Biden dirt. Yet all the discoveries that FOX was posting was still being white washed or ignored by all the main stream media. But it could not be totally hidden, and the outrage was slowly growing. Then the whistle blowers stepped up and spilled details of FBI corruption. The protecting of the Bidens by blocking all Biden investigations. The Republican congress went nuts over this as Democrap congress declared the bad reports as more nothing burgers.

As more laptop details were being discovered, they held much bigger importance, even though from a copy. Because the nation now knows the laptop is real. The Justice Department declared war and put up walls around everything. After all, the Justice Department are cops, and nobody tells cops what to do. And that is the Mexican standoff that the country is mired in. So the Hunter laptop gold mine will continue to be investigated for dirt. So far, it showed that Bidens had shell companies and hauled in huge cash and gave out nasty threats of retaliation (extortion). All illegal activity for anybody in or out of office. Time will tell the full scope of what the laptop holds. And the cops can't just destroy it. Because the dump is already in the public, showing Congress where to find evidence that is legal in court. A court that the Bidens don't own.

But the problem is that it's the cops that are supposed to do the investigating. They are the ones with the power to seize all evidence of illegal activities and bring charges. Nobody else has that power. Congress can do subpoena investigations, but they can't arrest anybody. Only the Justice Department has charging and arresting powers. And the cops are corrupted. So the only person that will ever be charged is Trump. Discover more Biden crap, expect more Trump charges. And that's the way it will be until the people elect Trump as next President. So when Biden says the only crook in the picture is the one with charges, it's all abuse of power. Because the Bidens would be charged with treason if they didn't own the cops. And even the Supreme Court is limited. They can order people released from prison, but they can't have anybody arrested. Not even for contempt of court. All they can do is order the bums to be thrown out of the building. It's up to the cops if they are charged with trespassing. So if the cops won't investigate, then whatever John Public finds is considered legal hearsay. Because the laws of this land demands "chain of custody" by sworn agents of the court. That's why all the theater of the Trump impeachments did not follow with an army of cops to arrest Trump. Because the impeachment was an entertainment show with nothing that was legally binding. Same goes with the Bidens. The laptop dump is considered legal hearsay and the FBI refuses to officially investigate it. But that can't stop the hunt for the smoking gun. All the crooked cash the Bidens stashed.

So what now? Well there is still alot to this. Half of solving a crime is knowing for sure that there IS a crime. If a person confesses, he still can't be arrested. A confession is not proof of a crime in this country. But, half the case is already solved. You know they did it, so you don't waste anything investigating anybody else. That is a monster help. That is why cops Looove confessions. They can double down knowing they are on the right track.

And that's what we have here with the Bidens. We now know that they are crooks. And we know that the FBI and anybody covering for the Bidens are also crooks. Garland, Weiss, Monaco, Hur, and all the deep state thugs in the IRS and FBI that they control are all crooks. We have a ton of hearsay evidence that shows this. The courts can eventually order the laptop from the FBI. And the copies in the wild will immediately show if the FBI tampered with the evidence. If you know it's tampered, then you can spend huge time to find the tiny details to prove it's tampered. See how powerful just knowing is, even if your evidence is not admissible. It allows you to zero in powerfully to get evidence that IS admisable. So corrupt cops are certainly a big problem. But there is enough hearsay to know that the Democrap house of cards can be knocked down.

But time is an issue. The statute of limitations says they all get away with it if the good guys can't get the evidence before the time runs out. And that's the game going on here. So everybody knows the cops are crooks. So nobody is hiding it any more. Now it's all about playing legal games to run out the clock. The cops have endless money and tricks. So they bury anybody in legal peril with fake charges. I bet more fake charges about Jim Jordan and Ohio State hits the libtard media because Jordan is a pit bull on the Bidens. Same goes with any other Republican congressman making waves. Trump is being charged at every Biden revelation to keep him locked down. Another Biden whistle blower was being ordered to prison before he could squeal to Congress, but Congress threw a fit and the FBI had to back off. Feds tried to end all Hunter charges so he could never be charged again. But that hit a snag when they could not declare that all investigations are over. So now the twisted Weiss is named Hunters special prosecutor. Special indeed. He will work especially hard to get hunter off. Now Congress will get nowhere when they call Weiss and Garland together to find out who is lying about California Charges. No comment due to ongoing investigation, till the cows come home. So Hunter charges will likely be dropped since the Judge isn't buying the plea deal. As long as the "special" prosecutor declares that it's an ongoing investigation, it will be a complicated job for anybody else to take control from the Justice Department. And that will push closer to the election and statute of limitations. Joe wanted this gone before the election. But now they may just back burner it and bet on more Trump pounding progress. Eventually, Joe will pardon his son if the Feds can't dig him out. No doubt about it. Joe is a proud pop.

So roadblocks are being piled up everywhere. 20 shell companies to hide the money. The laptop says they are there, but the laptop does not say where. So banks mentioned in emails are subpoenaed for their records. They show huge money transfers, but no money is found. So cryptic account numbers have to be deciphered to find the next bank in the transfer chain. So Hearsay evidence is used to find some official evidence. Bank transfers, suspicious activity reports, item purchases corroborated with bank statements, family subpoenas justified by hearsay probable cause, etc, etc. A very time consuming trail of bread crumbs that can still be harvested if they can't find all the money. The laws do say there are crimes even if no money is found. But the smoking gun is most definitely finding millions more dollars that can't be explained by W2's and 1099s. The Ukraine guy in the email said it would take 20 years to trace all of that to the money. The FBI can probably do it much quicker, but they are the enemy. But with payoffs likely from many different sources, it's very possible that something juicy may be there to find somewhere. Like undeclared offshore bank accounts. So Republican investigators better get their butts into gear if they want to impact the election.

Or another player could push Biden aside, with all the troubles he's got. The holly grail would be Michelle Obama. The Obamas could be hiding a mother load of their own corruption. Everybody speculated, but nobody knew squat about Biden till the Durham report. Obama could also have been skimming his own treasure, like his VP was doing. Then his wife would be motivated to step in to help protect their own family legacy. By being the savior of the deep state. Giving the Democraps time to bury everything once and for all.

You see how politics turns whole families into criminal enterprises? So the wives and the kids be doing the public show, while dad is in the back playing the shell game with a ton of stolen loot. And see the Trillion dollar libtard media lying their faces off, while playing commercials about how they report with integrity. All just a bunch of crooked hypocrites. And yes, both sides are lying their asses off. But Trump kept souvenirs like all the other Presidents, while the Bidens sold out our country for millions and millions of dollars. And the power lies in the side pressing the most charges. Stolen power that is also being abused. So fair is fair. Charge Trump with the same charges as other Presidents with stolen stuff. And Charge the Bidens with the same charges that any other paid spy would get. Then all debts are settled in the American way. --------------And that's if we agree Trump stole documents. We know Biden did because he was only VP when he took his, and VPs by written law can't take documents. It's another legal fight to determine if Trump was entitled to the documents. It could be ruled that Trump didn't steal anything. Simply because of reasonable doubt. If half the lawyers in the country are on both sides of the argument, clearly there is no way Trump could be punished for "willful intent of wrong doing". You see why Trump is about piddly shit while Biden is looking like treason? Oh boy is this country heading for one huge reckoning. All because of corrupt cops really screwing things up. So folks, all this trouble is just getting started and it could all spark a civil war before it's finally settled. Especially if Trump dies in a funny way.--------------

And that's what you get with a Klondike bar, I mean when the cops are corrupt. And since the Bidens are sure nobody can beat their cops, they smile and say "show me the money", then walk away. What a mess on top of a mess.

So Trump has to win the election. Then he can fire all the corrupt cops and order a full investigation with all the powerful government tools currently being hijacked. That is the only way to dismantle the deep state. The Democraps keep calling Trump a crook and an autocrat and all the other names. But it's really the Democraps that are the crooks and the autocrats. If Biden wins again, the Biden cops will have plenty of time to pick off powerful Republicans until they all shut up for fear of their job or even their freedom. That's what Autocrats do to grab all the power. Then the way could be paved to plant Hunter Biden in the oval office. Because we all know Joe won't last forever, and his cops could gain the power to do whatever they want. Even worse, there could already have been a coup and Biden is simply a puppet. The puppet master would surely be motivated to do anything behind the scenes to keep all the power they have. JFK was killed, at a time that was easy to hide anything. More people could follow, if a power hungry crack pot feels threatened. Trump is the only person to get to the bottom of this because he is more like us and not like them.

There's not a Democrap anywhere that would recuse himself about anything. They are all soldiers at the ready and united very tightly. Poor ole Jeff Sessions. Remember that klutz. A proud Trumpster with a gullible mind. He won the most powerful position anybody could get. Attorney General, Trumps protector. For a man in need of a ton load of protection. He could have been world famous, by rooting out the deep state and parading the crooks in chains for the whole country to see. Instead the libtards bullied him and made him recuse himself, so he couldn't chase anybody. Leaving Trump to fend for himself. It's not supposed to be like that, but Trump is a huge fighter. Sessions said he had no choice and did what the law required. But none of the libtards feel that the law requires anything. The DC judge is a Dem donor in a town that is 95% Trump hater. And there aint no way that Judge will recuse anything. Weiss the "new" special counsel made the Hunter sweetheart misdemeanor deal, he let the felony statute of limitations run out, he refused to comply with Congress subpoenas, he may have lied to Congress about what Garland told him, and he has clearly been a blocker for team Biden. The textbook example of recusal material. But there aint no way this guy will pull a Sessions. In fact there are no Sessions anywhere on the Democrap side. So it don't take rocket science to know that more skull duggery is afoot. All those libtards will take any advantage to put the screws to Trump. Sessions has been in DC for so long that he should have known that there are no fair fights there. Especially these days with all the crap he already saw being done to Trump. Bar is different in that he is a part of the deep state, and actually protected the deep state from Trump. In short, Bar the traitor. As for Sessions, he tried to get back into Congress but got his butt beat. And now nobody will hire him to do anything. Fauci was a clever and smart crook. And there's always a place somewhere that needs a clever smart crook. But nobody can use stupidity. And Sessions can't live down his stupidity. He's basically just ruined. Not many in Congress even talks to him. But he's old and has money, so living the lonely retired life. Pining to anybody who would listen about what could have been.

Oh yea, libtards saying "what about Kushners Billions with the Saudis". So what about it? There is no secret going on. A thousand deep state investigators surely crawled up the butt hole of that deal and tried to find any stink. And there are still no charges or accusations or subpoenas. There is simply nothing at all to stick a fork into. Kushner is being charged in NY for Trump business charges, but that's it. He saw long ago that NY was shutting down Trump INC in New York. A town that became a Trump hater for beating Clinton. You can't do business in a town that hates you. So Kushner started a new business in Florida with the Saudis. So he won't have to worry about Trump INC unemployment. But that's NOT what the libtards want to hear. They want to hear jail doors slamming on Kushner before they slam on Hunter. And that's all there is to it.
Folks, the craziness is getting insane. So I guess that means being crazy is a rather healthy thing to be in todays world. So long as your crazy don't turn insane. So charges came down in Georgia throwing the book at everybody, including the current Speaker of the House. They are making this a RICO case so a gang of Trumps people can all be charged together in the same way they charge the Mafia groups. So Trump will be painted as a Mafia kingpin. You heard it here first. Lets see how long it takes before they start calling Trump a kingpin. I suspect it won't take too long, since they been wearing out every other criminal word on Trump.

So Paul Manafort has finally spoke up after all the shit he's been put thru. And it's even worse than I was aware of. Mueller put him in prison. But it had already been worked out that Manafort was not supposed to go to prison. His DA made a plea deal with him to pay penalties and that was his punishment for violating campaign finance rules. But Mueller was hired by the Democraps to get Trump on Russia Collusion. Manafort said Mueller wasn't born yesterday and knew there was no Russia Collusion. So his job that he spent years on and made millions from was to invent a Russian Collusion caper. Manafort said that Mueller tried every trick in the book that he could think of to fool him into saying something that could be used to invent a Collusion crime. But no trick Mueller tried ever worked. Manafort and his attorneys saw the tricks and evaded them. So Mueller eventually got the statute of limitations on Foreign agent registration revoked on Manafort and seized all of Manaforts assets for the last 20 years. Then he was given a total of 7.5 years for violations of multiple federal offences because he refused to say any dirt about Trump. Fortunately they were all federal offences, so Trump was able to pardon them. States tried to bring state charges on the same offenses to put him back in prison, but the Supreme Court threw out the cases for double jeopardy violations. So now Manafort is speaking freely. He claims he had minor violations that were settled and then dragged back up to try to get Trump. And it cost him most everything he had. He said he is weighing his legal options at this point. Probably because Democraps still control so many of the courts. So Trump is not the only person getting his Constitutional rights ripped away. The Democraps are doing it, and they can do it to all of us, unless we use our votes to stop them.

Clearly the insanity is only getting worse. So what comes after insanity? HellifIno...

Anyways, I already had another post mostly written. Obviously about more crazy stuff. May as well post it now before it gets buried by tomorrows insane stuff...

So now you got a better view of the big picture of what's been going on, so you can better see what's yet to come. So here's more of the collateral damage tidbits that explains what else is going on. It's all about grabbing our tax payer cash. Payola is needed to pay everybody. Nothing happens for free. A few people will be free soldiers till they go belly up in bankruptcy court, but it's somebody else that reaps the rewards of the free service and then guns for the actual cash. The Democrapic way is about stealing all the cash, all the time. By whatever means possible. Some Democraps just take the money and keep their mouths shut. Others do the really nasty work to get the biggest cuts. You name a calamity, and there will be a payola angle stuck to it. Like the "secure" border that's "somehow" leaked in over 7 million aliens. They all have to be somewhere. And it's a very big problem that used to be a border town problem. But everybody got so fed up that a great idea was born. They are bussed all over the nation to spread them out, so they can let in more aliens. That means red areas can get bluer, purple areas can get bluer, and greedy blue states can get even bluer. Greedy? Yup, there's big money going on with aliens. And the Blue states have no big protests about it. Because they are sanctuary. So payola can be really big in blue states without cops being tipped by suspicious Republicans. And the payola is limited only by the imagination. The busses to carry them around offer kickbacks to government officials to be the bussing contractor at $1000 a ride or more. The kickbacks make sure officials block all attempts to track the taxes spent running the busses. Aliens have to stay somewhere, and rates of $400 $800 and even more per night is just too juicy to ignore. So hotels pay kickbacks to officials to fill their rooms endlessly at tax payer expense. And the same goes with all things that these aliens will need. Food, job training, English lessons, whatever you can think of, is being offered to pave their way, as bribes are paid to officials. And more money is demanded by officials of Washington by using pictures of aliens lined up in the streets. So that more payola will be coming. It's criminal what's going on, as our taxes are being drained. See why big government is a disaster? There is no size limit to "big government". And no limit to the tax hikes coming to pay for it. Every calamity will demand more money and more shaming to make sure the money never stops. Because everybody is grabbing for more payola.

Well we all can see that Hawaii burned bad, and it's an island with limited resources. So there's not much payola there. So guess how much is getting done? Not a whole hell of alot. Not only is there little payola from a people with the highest cost of living, but their representative is Tulsi Gabbard. A big disappointment to the current US government. That is bad news for the people of Hawaii.

But fear not. Help is on the way. There is always a way to worm in the "illusion" of help with all the things going on in the rest of the world. I say illusion, because all Hawaii help will go thru FEMA. And I am VERY familiar with how FEMA operates. Eventually a rather large field office operation will be rolled in requiring tons of funds for support. Then piles of red tape will be heaped up to tie up cash help. Kickbacks will be collected to keep the homeless in hotels till the kickbacks run out. And the field operations will cart away all the taxes unspent from the mainland. Basic infrastructure will be rebuilt like they did in Porto Rico. With kickbacks paid by contractors looking to rape mainland tax dollars. But the individual Hawaiians will be pretty much abandoned to their own fate. Those with insurance will grab at what they can get. Those without will be stuck as dependents of family and friends for the rest of their lives. Oh, and certainly the Democrapic machinery on the islands will get huge cash injections to fund future vote buying. Free handouts to all dependents when voting time comes near. That is how you build a blue state out of tragedy. Keep them on the hook and never dig them out.

BUT, this in no way has anything to do with helping Hawaiians in their time of tragedy. Bwahahahaha. Did you really think that's what would be going on here? Hah. Nope. Putin is not defeated, and Biden is frustrated. He needs a victory and more payola for his people. Just before the fire, he already declared he needs another $24 Billion for Ukraine. Republicans laughed at him. Biden sent what he could, from unspent Covid money of another $200 million. But now, things have changed. Biden, or his puppet master, upped his Demand to $40 Billion. He stuck Hawaii onto his Ukraine spending bill. So if Hawaii is going to be saved, then Putin is going to get more pounding. And that's what's really going on. And Hawaii will have to take what they can get. And it won't be $16 Billion. Nope, there's more payola everywhere that needs to be paid, to keep the deep state loyal. And Hawaii will have to be very obedient Democraps and dump Tulsi Gabbard. If they are going to get a steady drip feed of FEMA funding. There will always be a GOP presents with the vital needs of Pearl Harbor. But Maui will likely have to dump all GOP presents, to make the FEMA people happy.

And it's a really weird to admit that there will be more war people killed because of the Hawaii fire than Hawaiians killed in the fire. Because the Republican Congress will have no choice now but to bend to the Democraps will. Such a useless GOP, built by back stabber fools like Mit Romney and Ron Desantis. Democraps own the idea of loyalty. and they own the lions share of our taxes as a reward.

The GOP today just aint got a clue. They got too many fools like Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence. Thinkin they can win a sewer war without getting into the sewers. Lead by a feeble McConnell that likely can't even spell sewer. Desantis, the new guy, keeps falling into the sewers deep end as Trump is tired of fishing him out. Then you got this Vivek guy. Calling himself Trump 2.0. Bwahahahaha. More like Trump 0.0.

Ramaswamy says he won’t commit to prosecuting Biden family if elected

Yup, this is a shill libtard rag, but Vivek did say it. He is not interested in going after the Bidens. He doesn't see a deep state. Despite all that's happened. Trump never saw it either on his first term. But he sees it plain as day now. Vivek says he will replace key people at the top. Just like what Trump did his first term. We all saw how all that went. Dumping Comey only to be tricked into elevating Weiss. Nope. Trump has made himself the most qualified swamp drainer by a mile. Nobody else can truly understand what he has had to fight, because he didn't know back then who the bad guys were. So Vivek may as well be a RINO, because he will be a fool played by the experts in sewer warfare. And all the rest are similarly unqualified. If Trump "somehow" wins it all, you can be assured that the deep state will be toast. Then maybe we can start paying our bills, and living like proud Americans again.
You know, I think and I remember, and then I think again. That was really strange what McConnell did last week. And I still can't get it out of my head. Talking all this garbage about Bipartisan jazz, and then just freezing up like that. Things that don't compute are the stuff that sticks in my head. Staying right at the front of my thinking, till something comes along that suddenly explains the unexplained. I think I finally got it figured out. McConnell got word of what Georgia was doing. Attempting to take out 19 Republicans in a sweeping RICO crime syndicate indictment. And McConnells brain just seized up on him, all the sudden. All his words were just a charade. All his beliefs were just smoke floating by. There is no bipartisan anything. He announced that we have to stop trying to impeach Biden because he realized that Biden (or his puppet) was actually a tyrant, and the GOP was about to be arrested in retaliation. The Constitution is being ripped up right in front of him and he is clueless to stop it. I would not be surprised if McConnell soon dies from the stress of this debacle. Everything is coming apart on his watch. Forever recorded in history, for however long that ends up. America has already been sold to the Chinese, while Biden can't keep that grin off his face. It's no wonder the Chinese are so militant about Taiwan. They have already paid us for Taiwan, and now they expect to collect on their investment.

After seeing tonights news, it's clear we got an almost impossible task in front of us to restore American pride. All things Trump isn't the Mafia, all things Trump are being prosecuted and persecuted by the Mafia. And Trump will need all our help to throw the bums out. Washington wasn't in that boat alone when he crossed the Delaware River. He was joined by his patriots that banned together to attack British forces. And together they accomplished a desperate victory at a time when things were very rough. America desperately needs another George Washington victory right now. And it's a shame that it has to be a victory against Washington DC. A beloved city hijacked by the Mafia.

So, this is another post to be read about the insanity that is going on in America. Read it if you are able. But if I wake up to civil war, obviously people better be oiling up their guns rather than messing with this stuff...
(Feb 26, 2022, 01:47 am)Resurgence Wrote:
(Feb 25, 2022, 23:51 pm)stts2 Wrote: Yup. Who would have thunk. Russian propaganda being spread all over the world. But here too???? Dang. Opinions are one thing. But carpet bombing threads in a place like this is just comical to say the least. Theres no way all that trash is going to get me to stop torrenting. Because thats all Im going to do when I come here. Can you imagine finding somebody that will say he came here to find a link and left to go jihad with the Russians. Hah.

There is nothing laughable about the current Russian-Ukrainian situation and there is nothing laughable about censorship.

Many of the points provided here on the Russian-Ukrainian situation are not covered by the "mainstream" Western establishment news sources. That is a question that should concern you if you uphold the idea of free access to information and you are against censorship.

The worst from the "mainstream" Western establishment news sources isn't just the omissions, the spin, or the fabrications, but also the biases (always anti-Russian, always Pro-Israeli). The most poisonous bias of all is that they expect you to believe that everything that comes from them is the gospel truth and that any information beyond their sphere of influence is questionable, "fake news" or propaganda. Of course, the US, UK, and others never release fabrications or propaganda - no, never - their hands are clean of that dirty business.

Western establishment news sources are not the arbiter of truth.

If you spent less time on your "torrents" and more time focused on the people spoon-feeding you information and shaping your perceptions, perhaps these revelations might dawn on you.

I really appreciate your well elaborated reply to that senseless post and I do agree with all your viewpoints. Unfortunately, American society and media are disastrous. The ongoing news manipulation, deceiving, and brain-washing is massive and aim to steadily assault to less educated masses... It's rather helpless here. Something major will have to happen soon.
(Aug 15, 2023, 06:10 am)terazg7 Wrote: I really appreciate your well elaborated reply to that senseless post and I do agree with all your viewpoints. Unfortunately, American society and media are disastrous. The ongoing news manipulation, deceiving, and brain-washing is massive and aim to steadily assault to less educated masses... It's rather helpless here. Something major will have to happen soon.

+1 and also news all over is the same. Not just the Russian/Ukraine thing, all kinds of subjects. It's very much the Left and the Right going at it. I guess these Lefties that make huge amounts of money by putting out fake news daily are making that much money there's nothing that's going to stop them in their tracks. Only weapon society has is to not take it too seriously. The Left are cunning and wicked at their game, I'm not saying the Right is perfect but if you want to choose the Left then go right ahead it's where all the mentalists reside and to be honest they seem to like it there, maybe it offers them a nice comfort blanket to lay in.

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