new netflix download feature?
Hi fellas,
just heard that Netflix is currently thinking about an offline playback for its service. That sounds really great, because that was the only thing I highly missed so far!! I 've been looking all the time for a way to record movies, because of data volume problems while I am travelling… but I found nothing suitable so far. Does someone know sth. about this Netflix plans, especially when this download feature will be available for members? Thx.
Is this for real?

No matter what platform you are using, unless you want to legally download something, nearly all media is available to download and store.
When travelling i often use my netbook or tablet to keep the little one happy with "ben and holly" or what ever she like to watch.

Having a download button on Netflix is about 10 years to late.
Downloads from Netflix will probably be available by the end of the year. Here is the article, see yourself:
But an offline service doesn’t mean you are able to capture movies and tv shows forever. Usually they can be viewed offline only for a certain period of time before they were automatically deleted from your devices. If you want to record and save them you will need a third party software:
I agree with hoofa. What took them so long?

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