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batch merging .srt files with mp4 episodes
(May 16, 2020, 00:25 am)SectorVector Wrote: The script you are using is for Windows Command shell.
It has different syntax than Powershell. Hence the error.

Type 'start cmd' and try your scripts in that.
Or start the cmd shell from Windows menu.

Suggest you write your script in a batch file and run it, rather than typing it on the command shell.
Ok, well, I needed more to keep me busy during the covid thing, looks like I've found it Wink  and it's way better than baking, eating, and baking some more Rolleyes Thank you again and I'll give this a try first, then look up about the batch-file.

(May 16, 2020, 01:39 am)waregim Wrote: To clarify:

Windows Power Shell is a totally different language than the Batch language that is default on every PC. Powershell needs to be installed, and requires special .NET libraries.

Batch files end in .BAT. As mentioned you need to run Cmd.exe. you will come up with a black screen and a C:> prompt. This means you are at the black heart of the M$ beast. And have the most contol over it. It is known as Console Mode.
With FAR you do not need to run CMD.exe, even in the normal Graphics mode. Just create a link to the desktop for it.

If you are going to be doing scripting in Console Mode, I highly recommend installing Far Manager. It runs in both Console and Graphics mode, and will make managing files and scripts infinitely easier.

Power Shell has a much more complex language than Batch, but I would personally recommend using the time to learn Python instead. But for now, Batch will suffice.

Do NOT use a wordprocessor for Batch files (or any script file). Use notepad.exe, or other *text* editors.

Also: Set Windows (as well as FAR) to ALWAYS show file extensions. What comes after the last dot. This is critical for P2P because lately sporgers have been using the .lnk extension for video files, which can run their boogers.

Only certain file extensions can be run as 'commands'. The rest like videos, are data, or library routines.
I think I'll have two cups of coffee before I tackle this one Wink but I do get some of it.  Thank you and appreciate your input as well.  I do love learning new things about computers.  Barely scratched the surface, and only get into the deep end when I need/want something done and somehow I know there's got to be a way.  I just don't know it yet Wink
It appears you are using Win 10 and new to all this.
Here's the best i could do to help.

Press Win + r (Win + r means, press Windows key and 'r' together.)
A window will pop up.
Type cmd in that and hit Enter.

You should now have the DOS CMD window.
The black window with c:> prompt.

Search the Net for "learn dos batch script".

Here is one.
Study the following two sections:
- 'Batch file - Introduction'
- 'Batch file - Loops'

Try to run some of the programs, with DOS CMD.

Install MKVToolNix.
In DOS CMD, get this to work.
C:\> <path-to-mkvmerge>/mkvmerge -o muxed.mp4 my_show_S01E01.mp4 my_show_S01E01.srt

where muxed.mp4 is the output file
my_show_S01E01.mp4 should be replaced with the MP4 file you have
my_show_S01E01.srt should be replaced with the .srt file you have, corresponding to that video.

Once done, and only then, go back to the script posted by waregim in Post #4 and get it to work.

If it is all too much for you, just merge it one by one and get on with it. :-)

If you have questions about Batch Scripting, it may be better to create a separate thread.


To bulk rename mkv to mp4 in DOS CMD, use ren (short for rename)

ren *.mkv *.mp4

Rename files including those in sub-directories.
for /R %x in (*.mkv) do ren "%x" *.mp4


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