The saddest song (or music) ever written
I've made this point before, but i'll make it here.  This is not a troll. Hey YA but Outkast has some sad lyrics... They are disguised by an upbeat track:

here is the same song lyrics, different format.  Sound much more depressing:

"thank god for mom and dad sticking to together cuz we don't know how"  Song is about relationship problems
How could have I forgotten this one!

Edit: shit, I am having problems with embedding so there is just a link
(Feb 12, 2018, 08:56 am)Hiroven Wrote:


does wind by akeboshi qualify ?
Another work by Samuel Barber for your consideration: the second movement -- andante sostenuto -- of his Violin Concerto, Op. 14:

The Corrs doing REM's Everybody Hurts has always been a favorite of mine.

I think this song just kind of hits me in the feels because my wife left me and I felt alone when i first heard it but its the only song that made me tear up as an adult. Listening to it in a quiet room or with headphones and eyes closed... its just great for getting in touch with my emotions.

Emma Louise - 1,000 Sundowns

This is really a sad one. But it's good !

Motorpsycho - When You're Dead

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