So,,, Bezos is getting super-duper $$$$$RICH$$$$$
But he's a good guy right?  Nobody's complaining about BEZOS!!! Don't you FEEL GREAT when you think of Bezos?  His overworked  employees have to wear diapers cause they're afraid to use the bathroom because they'll get fired, but that's OK, he's GREAT?  Employees making WAY LESS than $15 an hour???  Hell, McD's employees do a lot better???  GREAT???

So that's the S-WORD, uh,  slav3ry, right?  Uh Ohhh, lots of brown people work for Bezos, and he's definitely white, male,  and BALD, maybe he's a racist????  Hmmmm......   Have all the union bosses been paid off?  Are they all white too??? 

Yep, don't hear anybody complaining about Bezos, well, except for Trump...
$15 an hour is kings ransom; try to live with $15 a month in some really bad spot of the world.

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