REQ (RiffTrax Live: Hobgoblins)
Thank you!
Hmm. Seems they're rusty. This one, for me, wasn't all that good.
(Oct 15, 2021, 18:02 pm)BadFilms Wrote:
(Oct 15, 2021, 17:36 pm)tripletap006 Wrote: Better/worse/just different than the MST3K one?

It still has the lack of joke density that's pretty common of Rifftrax

In all seriousness, where do you stand on joke density?  I ask as someone who thought nu-MST3K was WAYYYYY too dense on jokes.  I didnt have time to take in the joke and laugh, nor did I have time to keep up with the actual film.  Maybe I'm just slow.  I do appreciate Rifftrax and The Mads giving things breathing room, so to speak.

Just, you know, random internet thoughts.
I was fine with the density. I like, as you said, the breathing room.

To be fair, I passed out half way through the movie, but what I did see wasn't all that great.

Much appreciated, nonetheless.

edit: I did very much like the mst3k and maybe I'm biased by nostalgia.
Thank you!
Well, re "joke density", sometimes it's like comparing 1931 "Frankenstein" to the 1950's "Curse of Frankenstein", both high quality features, then comparing those to "Frankenstein Unbound", lol
Joke density isnt nearly as important as the banter between the riffers.

This is why I have serious problems watching solo riffs, no matter how much I may enjoy their humor.

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