Need help uploading a few torrents
Firstly, I apologize if this isnt the correct forum for such a request. Feel free to move it to the appropriate forum if needed.

Ive been trying for a couple of years now to get a few torrents uploaded to not only TPB but other torrent sites as well and have not been able to. It seems like all the sites either have registration disabled or torrent uploading disabled. Ive bought a few DVDs and ripped them because i could not find the exact copies (or in one case any copy) that I was looking for on any of the torrent sites that I typically use. I have the torrents files created and Im seeding them but is there any way I could send someone with an existing account the torrents so they can be uploaded to TPB, or anywhere else you want? Id really like to make these available to others somehow. If Im just a noob and Im not understanding how to go about doing this myself then please feel free to point me in the right direction. Smile

Side question, Why do all these sites seem to not be accepting new accounts or uploads? Just curious.

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