Looking to go back to college but don't know how.
In 2008, I graduated in a computer programming diploma programme in Canada's Humber College. Since then, I am not able to find work anywhere because of my marks being too low (70%).

I am in fear of losing my apartment and my mother is in need of my care.

I want to go back to college and start over, but I have no money. How would I get the money in the most effective way?

Notice that this is not a Nigerian-style scam as I am not asking for money, I am asking for advice. Don't Void this, mods.

I would find a job, but I could find one, I wouldn't be asking for advice. Then again, a job could help me get the money to take part time courses and improve my craft.

Back then, I was in my mid to late 20s, and had a fresh brain. I was able to pick stuff up concepts off a drop of a hat. Right now, I am still practising, but there are unfamiliar and very complicated concepts like a kernel, a form factor, or cloud computing. Perhaps you should answer the latter.

Well, I hope this message finds SuprBay alive and well. Again, I am not a scammer, nor a digital beggar. I am willing to work hard, whether it is school, volunteer, or work. I don't want anyone to hold my hand, although, ironically, I wouldn't mind holding others' hands.

If you do have questions of this nature, ask. I may be the one looking for advice, but I am not stupid; I want to help as much as getting helped.
What makes you think that going back to school and taking on more debt will fix anything?

Based on your previous grades and what I have seen you post here, you should probably avoid computer tech and programming.

Even if that weren't the case, I would advise considering the trades. They generally pay well and frequently cover your training as well. Figure out which of the crafts you might be interested in and hit up their local union office.
I'm not sure if it helps you but I can say that in regards to myself, over a course of many years I have been to college and trained in different job areas and yes I did get a lot from it.  I was lucky enough to get funding to pay for some of the courses and also people who were willing to help me get a place on certain courses which was great.  Sadly, one woman, who I am speaking about did actually get ill and die.  I guess in life, if you're lucky and you know the right people it can help a lot it's not always what you know but who you know instead.

As I am much older now things have changed.  I do what I have to do now.  I very much doubt that I would attend college again as I already feel that I have enough education under my belt.  I have even found in the past working myself in a college so I could do the technical work with the technicians team.  It was very good for the time I did that, again sadly the guy who I worked for he passed away several years back and he allowed me to gain experience from that working job which I did gain from.  In other areas I have been able to work in computer warehouse environments where I was doing all kinds of IT jobs and it was very good.  Not always will a college teach you that much.  I did infact attend a college some years ago and the course I went on was the same as gaining a couple of A levels.  I did infact leave that course though as it was not enough about computers and more about just doing writing up English all the time like doing an English course I personally felt the course was rubbish and left.  Then had a more hands on kind of training at a level where I could better get my hands on hardware and all kinds of opportunities to learn more about the inner workings of the average PC.

I have gained several qualifications over the years and it has helped me at least these days to understand what I'm doing myself with my own gear.  College just doesn't always teach you everything you're better in a real situation where you can hands on skills that you need to learn properly.

I know that some people choose to go to University when they are young but it never suited me I would have hated it and also would have racked up such a huge debt which I wouldn't have wanted to do.  Even though when I was younger people told me I could have done that and gone to Uni, maybe they were just being encouraging in some way.

If you indeed looking after somebody then it's important to think about that and make sure you give the people involved the right kind of support they need.  Especially family they should always come first really college courses don't always need to be that important.  It depends on whether you can get funding to help and if that's not available then I would suggest thinking of an alternative instead.
I am unfamilar wwith the Canadian educational system. You might be able to get grants to attend a business school. Be wary of their promises, as I taught at one - and they were just about money. A certificate from one of those could overcome college grades.

In the IT field it is important to specialize in areas where you have an aptitude in. For example Python is more verbally oriented than the mathematical C/Java languages.

The problem of course is living costs. Job shoppers can get cheap Indian programmers for about $20 or less per hour. With the plague everyone and their brother is 'learning to code' after the layoffs in the service industry.

There are plenty of online courses by Udemy, Lynda, and Tutsgalaxy on the Other section in the forum covering all areas of programming, marketing, and even carpentry. I had a colleague a while back who got an IT job at a hospital by building a very useful Java database program (in H2). Basically: Learn a language, and create an impressive program which could shine in any resume. Easier, of course, said than done.

If you speak Chinese, you might be able to find employment simply using language skills, especially in ad/marketing of 5 eyes countries trying to market in China. US banks now have greater access to the mainland, and will probably need local help in dealing with their China offices and CCP beaurocracy.
I speak Chinese; mainly Cantonese, and a little Mandarin. I am not going to the Mainland!

Thank you for the (honest) answer, Moe, and I will consider it while eating crow.

I guess you all have 4.0 GPAs.
(Jan 04, 2021, 21:14 pm)RobertX Wrote: I guess you all have 4.0 GPAs.

No dude, but refusing to know and accept your own strengths and weaknesses will be nothing but headaches.

I started college, had to take a few math classes to fulfill some credit requirements, and realized that I was in the wrong place.

I quickly changed course, saved myself a lot of expense, and have a job that doesn't require a college degree. I have no debt and live a comfortable life.

Throwing money at a degree program with no plan for what happens afterwards doesn't work. If you have a plan, and a degree will help, then by all means go for it. If you want a job that pays well and doesn't require a degree, go look a the trades.
Tell me more about your story.

And what is considered a "trade?" Is computer programming not a trade?

EDIT: I'm not trying to be sarcastic or resentful. I am interested to hear about your exploits in a successful career. I honestly don't know what a trade is, or rather, what you are pinpointing.

And this:

(Jan 04, 2021, 23:14 pm)Moe Wrote: I quickly changed course, saved myself a lot of expense, and have a job that doesn't require a college degree. I have no debt and live a comfortable life.

If you didn't require a college degree, why would you change to another course?
A skilled trade includes, but isn't limited to, carpenter, electrician, plumber, welder, mechanic, HVAC tech, etc. Trade unions will help get you trained and find you work.

I stuck around because I made a few good connections at the school that were helpful to me at the time and, ironically enough, got me a job at the school while I was a student so I pretty much broke even. As a community school, it wasn't terribly expensive to begin with. But the degree itself ultimately was meaningless.
Well thanks, Moe.

Thank you all, and don't be afraid of adding your voice to all these other recommendations.

Still taking them! Smile

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