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(Jun 10, 2020, 17:42 pm)Fant0men Wrote:
(Jun 10, 2020, 17:38 pm)RodneyYouPlonker Wrote: That information is actually incorrect, 720p Blu Rays do actually exist it's just that you don't realise.  At least now you know, I guess we can't always know everything that's why it's a good idea to post about it.

Okay then. Didn't know that since I've never run into one myself.


According to this link there are only two resolutions on commercial BluRay discs, 1080p and 2160p. So, I don't know if I believe what you say, that there supposedly also exists 720p discs. Maybe there are 720p bootleg discs and things like that, but I find it hard to believe that any movie studio would want to release a 720p BluRay. Even when BluRay was a new video format, 1080p (full HD) was already a standard, so why would they ever release a movie with lower res than that?

Because there is more than just movies in the world.  For some reason you assume that only Movies are put onto Disc, there is infact more going on than you realise.
Indeed, I have some enormous tutorials that I would love to downsize to fit on a DVD. Only reguirments is that screenshots and Powerpoints be readable on a monitor. Or small laptop.
Small update to the script...

# 2020-06-15
# Added a new variable that will work as a switch, deciding whether or
# not to pass the subtitles from the input file to HandBrake, or mux
# them in separately (with mkvmerge) when the encoding is done. This is
# done to prevent sync issues with some input files.
I visited my brother recently and he has WSL installed on his Win10 laptop, so I had a quick look at it. Turns out my script will run in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) without modification. For all the Windows 10 users out there, who would like to have a nice automated x265 / HEVC ripper, you can run my script in WSL.

You would need to install the needed dependencies through the package manager of whatever Linux distro you choose to install through WSL. If you choose Ubuntu or Debian, the package manager is apt. The script will tell you if any dependencies are missing, they aren't many, and they can be quickly and easily installed through apt, or whatever package manager you get based on the distro of choice.

Cygwin is an alternative for WSL and *should* run your script.

I do not know if the version of 'WSL' in Win7 Ultimate would also run the script. I disabled it after it insisted on running servers and daemons. Cygwin comes when called.
(Jun 30, 2020, 12:08 pm)waregim Wrote: Cygwin is an alternative for WSL and *should* run your script.

I do not know if the version of 'WSL' in Win7 Ultimate would also run the script. I disabled it after it insisted on running servers and daemons. Cygwin comes when called.

Does Cygwin come with a package manager and sed, curl? It's the dependencies of the script that might be an issue for Cygwin. Does Cygwin come with a regular *nix root filesystem structure? The script needs /dev/shm and a /home/insert-user directory.
If you want windows peeps to run the script, wouldn't writing a script for windows work better than WSL or Cygwin?

Anyway, just popped in to say congrats on the purple badge.
Or Macs for that matter; Handbrake supports computers run by OSX.

Purple badges are a dramatic improvement, but not as good as green badges. Big Grin

Just kidding.
I thought the badges were Pink either that or I'm having some kind of important eye sight problem?
Yep, Trusted skulls are pink, VIP ones are green.

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