Introduction Thread - New members say hi here!
(Oct 27, 2013, 14:33 pm)ShadyJay Wrote: Can I make random post about the word "Penis"?

Join the void. There is a whole thread just for penis.
Well, I am not a new member to the SB and TPB world. I want to introduce myself to those on this board who do not know me.

I am readyman. I have been a part of TPB for 6 years and a part of SB for 5. I have uploaded many torrents, some more popular than others. I am good at tutorialing in Games, Cracking, Virtual Drives, Applications, and Website Design/Development. My goal here at SB and on TPB is not to be the best uploader or poster, but to be the best I can, and help the best I can. If anyone needs help with anything, even if I do not know it, I can find it. You can ask any veteran of TPB and of SB, they know who I am. I am (to some) a good user, and a trustworthy source of torrents, information and resources. Contact me any time here, or on eJOINme. Peace out!


Nice to meet you all, i am kingashi, not new to tpb but not even old enough...
Hi all Big Grin
Any Tasty Hobbits in the House ?
OOOps, Sorry 4 the inner Voice.

Re-Registered - - Nice New L@@K Guys

Hello All - - - Old and New. Rolleyes
Hey guys Big Grin
Hello everyone! I was gabbymanipula from the old server and glad to meet you people Smile
Hi Everyone, I was a guest on the old server. I thought I would join and show some appreciation for everything you guys do Big Grin Thanks!!
Howdy howdy howdy
Hi to all. New and Old Wink

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