If an intruder comes into your home what would you say, do etc.?
My mom would call 911 me maybe same.
If it ware a bee, I'd trap it with a glass, slide a coaster over the top of the glass, and then release it outside.

If it were a cockroach, I'd spray it.

If it were a blue whale...well, I'd most likely have been squashed flat so I expect I would just ooze body fluids.
I figure if it was Shakespeare, I could prepare us a meal, and find out what plays of his have gone missing. Also, where he hung out since he wasn't one of the loud and lively theatrical set, like boisterous Ben Jonson, Philip Henslowe or Robert Herrick, who went to the Mermaid and Devil Taverns for all sorts of drink, food, wit, and wenching.
OP - are you the same guy who's posted this same thread on other forums - like this one?

You doing a survey, or are you just bored shitless?
There is a rule of thumb for people in my family. If you do good to others usually good returns to you! It is not always the case so always be cautious and careful! However usually do not go making trouble on other peoples' territory#
OP just wants to know what kind of reception to expect when he drops by.

OP, just drop your pants and join in.
This really did happen to me 32 years ago! Someone came by my parents home and threatened to go to their work to kill them if I do not give them what I can. I INSTANT ran into the home, terrified, and reached into my dad's pocket and took every bit out!!! I came out and gave it to him (could have been her). Then that person left.

My dad came home and just happened to check his pocket and found nothing and everything missing. He wrongly thought my mother took it and from that day our lives were hell!
(Mar 18, 2017, 16:02 pm)Spud17 Wrote: OP - are you the same guy who's posted this same thread on other forums - like this one?

You doing a survey, or are you just bored shitless?

Oh...if it were a troll, I'd cast it into the Void. You're not a troll, are you, "Jason"?
I had someone break into my house one time. I had parked my car next door instead of in my own driveway, and so they thought I wasn't home. I heard someone busting into my back door, and I ran over and when they opened it they saw me and ran away. I would have shot them if I had had a gun, and I wish I had one then. I would have shot them, and saved lots of other people trouble with them breaking into their house.

I knew who it was and he got arrested, but I still wish I would have shot him. He deserved it. Punk.
You should count yourself lucky that you didn't, or you would be charged with second degree murder.

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