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How TPB's forum can be as "successful" as KAT's forum
Create threads that consist of nothing at all but links to three other threads, have staff bump them every single day, and encourage members to bump them in between staff bumps a la https://kickass.to/community/show/it-s-i...e/?page=75

Wow, that place is so busy it must be good, right? Rolleyes Surely it is not simply filled with mindless cretins?
How very dare you tar "mindless cretins" with the same brush as KAT's forum members Angry
As no one has posted in this thread for 10 minutes, it must be time for a bump.
I believe the proper internet term is "circle jerk."

I did try to visit their forums once. It's great that they have a strong community and I do wish them well, but I personally couldn't tolerate that level of self congratulatory bullshit.
KAT forums is pure garbage - as is their whole member ranking concept based on 'rep' points and basement-bois sitting in a few hot threads copy/pasted by complete idiot tools and doing nothing but paste links to other forum topics or give out some vague half answer BS. The whole 'rep' system is a joke - like 98% of their so-called 'Super User' membership. rofl
I could hate on their setup all day, but I do use their site to upload my stuff and sometimes take to cracking some SU egos. They went ape shit bashing TPB when the site got raided, all these sycophants claiming loyalty and 'love' for KAT and so on and how TPB was dead or it 'sucks now' etc. - I pulled my guns and told them where to put their KAT love...
Whole thing is PC gone bonkers too in the forums. Can't hardly have a discussion or disagreement without some candyass getting his bunghole puckered and crying a river to a MOD and claiming I'm a 'bully', 'I'm 'mean' or they claim they are 'offended'. Can't tell you how many SU's hate on me. Like IGAF....shit, I had a toolboi try to troll me through PMs yesterday asking why i -1'ed his torrent.....pfffftttt...
Different sites, different cultures: the more the better if for no other reason than that we wouldn't want those people posting here (and they wouldn't enjoy it if they did, any more than we enjoy their forum). KAT is nice but fluffy, we're honest but brutally so.

Rather than simply laughing at the weakness of one site how about sharing the strengths and weaknesses of various other sites. EZTV is the first place I go for TV shows, ahead of even TPB, but obviously they have no other content. tbh I've never even looked at their forum. Anyone?
Quote:How TPB's forum can be as "successful" as KAT's forum

It can't actually, you know we lack super ingredient called n00bs and Super N00bs. I remember last month someone PMed me on KAT and said I shouldn't post on TPB! I said why? And his reply was, "Torrents on TPB have very slow speed and the torrents he downloaded (from me) from KAT is fast."  From that day I regularly go to hospital for my mental health test. KAT is dangerous for mental health. lolz (just kiddin')  Tongue
KAT is good place but they have many guys who don't think what they are posting (in forums) and what they really want to say. Sites like KAT, ET etc are true pirated sites; TPB in my eyes is Political site. And, their Torrent Day movement was quite senseless. (sorry but that's wht I think) Encourage people to post more so that staff can delete more next day. In my eyes to use sites that support DMCA are like living on my knees for whole life. No sorry I'd love to die first. 

Anyways, I know alteast two dozens of such sites whose community curse TPB for being buggish, sluggish, rubbish, strict (staff) and rude community and wish TPB a quick death but at the same time the Admin/sys. ops of those sites pray (almost) everyday for TPB to stay online, coz they'll be the direct target otherwise. The only difference is; few comment on it publicly and many don't. 
I posted a reply comment to the following notice on KAT forum:
Quote:IMPORTANT: The Isle of Man Domain has been seized, we will be moving to kat.cr shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

I said, " So, I hear that KAT DMCA compliance is really working out,eh?" Tongue
(Their .IM domain they tried to go to got snatched.)

Of course, they have ultra sensitive bungholes so it got censored.

Forum Thread:https://kickass.to/community/show/need-help-ask-super-users-experienced-site-members-here-v6/?page=695#post16408427
Carjacker, you are one troublesome S.O.B.

In the ideal world, everyone has the right to suck as much as they want if they don't bother us.

MAFIAA and copyright trolls violated that rule, obviously. Big Grin
he he i just had to reply .  Big Grin

you could see in plain sight the difference of some with real intellectual thought and some with strict ego and self indulgence .

TPb and KAT both are a Online society and the user in them thrive to survive and help others , why would anyone even consider going through so much to upload a goddamn f*** torrent .
if you really think,it's not easy. we all had to start somewhere , we all have been NoOb and SuperNoob .

i don't think anyone ever have been born with this ability .

it's either because mostly they try to make name out of themselves or they are some that really want to make a change for a better world .
so a brutal Society would achieve this goal better or a fun and helping society .

I think BOTH , it's just like yin-yang philosophy,none can survive without the other one .

"truth those who seek the truth but doubt those who think they have found it ."  Big Grin

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