Has anyone ever "fixed" Rifftrax Live Time Chasers?
So the Rifftrax Live of Time Chasers has some parts of the movie with out of sync audio. It's even mentioned on the Rifftrax store page. Has anyone ever tried fixing the sync issues? 

It's not a big deal, but with all of the excellent restoration and remastering work folks on here have done, I was just wondering if this one has ever been tackled and might be available somewhere.
The difficult thing is that the audio on the source material was off, so even if you were to shift everything to resync the movie, you'd still be left with the riffs being out of sync from MKB. I suppose that if someone were to get a hold of the Bluray and sync that audio (Assuming it hasn't already been synced for the Bluray release), then go through the Live show and essentially mute the entire thing except for when MKB are talking, you would wind up with the equivalent of a Just the Jokes audio track. You'd probably have to do a bit of shifting inside of that if RiffTrax edited a few minutes out of the Live show source. That could then be autoducked on top of the movie audio. Even then, you'd probably be left without the overlays of MKB on the side and shots of the audience in the theater, so it would still be pretty much an "Upgrade" rather than a seamless fix. It would be really in depth and tedious, and probably not a high priority with how much other content there is that the audio-ninjas on this forum have to work on.
Like LaGrrande said, as far as the rifftrax live movie file goes either you leave it like it is with the movie partially out of sync or you fix the audio to sync movie and then when they show MKB they will be out of sync. If the official movie blu-ray ever releases, I can fix that audio if needed and then sync the rifftrax live to it. I assume Giancola screwed up the HD transfer that we saw on rifftrax live and thats why it's taking forever to get an official disc (apparently it released finally)
That's about what I figured. I know it's definitely far from trivial to do. Was just curious if anyone had managed it. I've seen some amazing work from some folks here that are already really impressive, so I figured it was worth asking.

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