Favorite sites
Those aren't apps and I swear I saw something in the lines of this before (the name BigDade comes to mind) but couldn't find it.
So, without further ado, I'll start:

Instead of Google Earth, I liked these:

https://www.meteoearth.com and  https://earth.nullschool.net

they're just for weather display, not mapping, and could add time zones and main cities just for reference, but will do for most.
Even though I don't always engage much, this site (TPB) and Suprbay is infact my favourite site because it's the one I'm always loading up in the browser all the time.

Sometimes I go on Facebook but usually I think that FB is crap and there's never anything much going on on there so I just read down the news feed.  Has helped me a few times though finding out about stuff.  Really this is my favourite site because it's where I'm able to do filesharing...
Indeed. But I was thinking besides file sharing, you know, hors concours.

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